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Felice Gelman is a member of the Wespac Middle East committee and is on the board of the Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre

‘No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death…’: Horrifying report from Khuza’a village following Israeli attack

Felice Gelman received a chilling report from her friend Yamen Radwan over Facebook earlier today. Radwan lives in Khuza’a, a village east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, where there have been reports of another possible massacre as part of Israel’s ongoing invasion of Gaza. Radwan wrote Gelman, “Martyrs and the wounded in the streets and under the rubble asking for help no one answered. Shots fired tank shells and sniper most of the houses were destroyed, including my house, #Red_Cross ambulances four times were hits , shot by the occupation forces offender. No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death…” Above, Palestinians flee their homes, presumably in or near Khuza’a, following heavy Israeli shelling during an Israeli ground offensive east of Khan Younis.

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Notes from the cells

Nine women wait in a holding cell at the Cairo airport awaiting their deportation, after they tried to join a women’s delegation to Gaza. What do we have in common? writes Felice Gelman, above left. An interest in calling attention to the terrible plight the women of Gaza face particularly in the face of the tightening siege. The UN has cautioned an humanitarian disaster is imminent. And Israel, Egypt and the US all have their reasons for blockading the strip.

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Israel denies visas to 5 artists seeking to perform with Freedom Theatre

Why cultural boycott matters. Bernard-Henri Levy says boycott is ‘crap,’ but Israel won’t let artists from Arab world come to Palestine to participate in Walk for Water Justice

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What is to be done?: Hebron students debate resistance to occupation


The Freedom Bus Playback Theater tour stopped at Hebron University for a seminar on popular resistance yesterday. It drew about 50 students passionately discussing their frustrations with the occupation and their hopes for resistance.

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Fire, Fire! And no water

The Freedom Bus (sponsored by Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre) traveled to Beit Ummar,  a village surrounded by seven settlements which have confiscated much of Beit Ummar’s land and almost all its water. A fire broke out in the … Continue reading

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‘Freedom Bus’ through the West Bank offers cultural resistance to occupation

The Freedom Theatre has been taking cultural resistance to the countryside with its playback theater project The Freedom Bus. Listening to the stories of occupation and resistance, the Freedom Bus acting troupe uses improvisation and music to reflect, validate, and elaborate on the experiences and emotions of their audience.

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Freedom Theatre co-founder Zubeidi detained by PA 19 more days; on hunger strike to death

Zakaria Zubeidi, co-founder of The Freedom Theatre, was today sentenced to another 19 days in Palestinian Authority prison. Zubeidi responded by declaring that he was resuming a full hunger strike and from this point on would not eat, drink or speak.

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