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Ben Lorber is a Jewish community organizer and activist living in Chicago, Illinois.

We say ‘No More!’ to the racism, apartheid, and occupation being committed by the Israeli state in our name

A speech was given by Jews for Justice in Palestine, a Chicago-based collective working in solidarity with Palestinians in their struggle against Israeli occupation, at an emergency protest on Saturday. The demonstration was held to protest Israeli escalation in the West Bank and Gaza and the international media’s biased reporting on the events on the ground.

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‘Mustafa was freedom’: Testimony from an eyewitness in Nabi Saleh


Ibrahim Bornat, an activist from Bil’in, was standing next to Mustafa Tamimi when he was shot by the Israeli military. Here is what he saw.

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Football in Burin

Two Palestinian youth football teams play under threat from local settlers and the Israeli military.

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‘A Needle in the Binding’: The legacy of Palestinian prisoner self-education in Israeli prisons

On the third floor of the Nablus Municipality Library sits a room of over 8,000 books set apart from the rest. They are books that lived with generations of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

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Guardians of the City: An interview with Neturei Karta’s Rabbi Meir Hirsh

An interview with Neturei Karta’s Rabbi Meir Hirsh on the group’s theology and political outlook on Zionism & the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Settlers and supporters descend on Hebron to assert Jewish sovereignty

Over 1,000 supporters joined 700 settlers in Hebron this weekend to celebrate a bible passage they say gives Jews sovereignty over the city.

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The Bedouin struggle for water in the Jordan Valley

Israel’s control, and destruction, of Palestinian Bedouin water wells in the Jordan Valley provides a microcosm of the oppressive occupation.

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Four Freedom Riders, then and now

The upcoming Freedom Rides has tethered itself very tenuously to an event in the past, and has thereby taken a stand in a historical legacy that leaves itself highly open to interpretation. Says Palestinian youth activist and organizer Fadi Quran, “this year marks the … Continue reading

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Freedom Waves prisoners abused and imprisoned; ‘Anonymous’ hackers strike back

In the immediate aftermath of the illegal capture of the Freedom Waves flotillas, Israel’s public image has been tarnished, as reports of violence at sea surface to counteract its claims of a peaceful takeover, and as human rights cyber-resistance group … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street responds to controversy over Gaza flotilla

Editor note: The Occupy Wall Street press team send Ben Lorber the following email in response to questions regarding his post Flotilla controversy within Occupy Wall Street shows Palestine continues to be a fault line: ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Press <[email protected]> … Continue reading

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Flotilla controversy within Occupy Wall Street shows Palestine continues to be a fault line

At about midnight Palestinian time, all was quiet on the Mediterranean Sea. All reports coming from the Tahrir and Saoirse indicated that the two unidentified (possibly Israeli) ships and planes, which had been trailing the humanitarian vessels an hour before, … Continue reading

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‘Freedom Waves to Gaza’ flotilla leaves Turkey headed to Gaza; Organizers: ‘It is time to lift the siege of Gaza which deprives 1.6 million civilians of their rights to travel, work, study, develop their economy and be free.’

On Wednesday, November 2, two international ships left the Turkish harbor to carry humanitarian aid through the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The event, called ‘Freedom Waves for Gaza’,  unites 27 activists from 9 countries, including America, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and … Continue reading

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Refusing to die in silence: Palestinians resist settler violence during the olive harvest

As this year’s olive harvest sends Palestinian families across all of historic Palestine out to their olive trees, a new nonviolent resistance group called Refusing to Die In Silence is patrolling the West Bank, protecting harvesters from increased settler violence.  … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street movement is making room for Palestinian issue

As pro-Palestinian discourse begins to make its voice heard in the worldwide Occupy Wall Street movement, right-wing organizations and individuals in the United States, including the Republican National Committee and the Emergency Committee for Israel, have denounced the protests as … Continue reading

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