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Thankful to be alive in Gaza: My family’s story of survival


Hani Almadhoun tells the story of how his family survived the recent Israeli attack on Gaza. His two-year-old nephew Omar, above, rushed home after the fighting ended to find his beloved bike. Almadhoun’s mother told him over the phone, “I wish you were here to see his face when he found it. It’s like he discovered one more reason to live.”

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Conversations with my mom in Gaza

Hani Almadhoun writes about talking to his mother in Gaza during the Israeli attack: “Tonight, I will wear an extra pair of pants, to be ready, in case anything happens to us, I will be decent as I am transported to a local hospital or morgue” she told me. “I want to look good even when I leave this earth.”

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Netanyahu’s political pandering leads to more Palestinian bloodshed

Using the logic of ‘might makes right,’ which plays itself out in cycles of bloodshed, Palestinians have to die. This is the logic of extremes, devoid of dignity, signaling little respect for human rights and the autonomy of democracies. The logic paves a path to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office and overlays that path with Palestinian blood. The motivation behind Netanyahu’s call to arms is the inexorable political pandering to his right-wing coalition, and the lives of Palestinians should not get in his way.

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In Gaza, banks aren’t too big to fail, but too small to function

Every time I send my mother in Gaza a gift for her birthday or Mother’s Day, I have to worry about a bank too small to function. The bank refuses to give her the amount in US dollars and instead … Continue reading

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Why does Israel ban Gazans from recycling?

A little over a year ago when I was visiting my family in Gaza, driving all the way from the southern tip of this narrow strip to the northern tip, “About an hour’s drive”, it was hard to imagine all … Continue reading

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Gaza’s hospitals: Bring your own medicine

In the summer of 2005 when I was visiting my family in Gaza, my 3 year old niece, Roa, had an incident and I took her to the local hospital. The doctor told us he could not see Roa, who … Continue reading

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The Gaza tunnels aren’t just for imports

Every time I or one of my relatives visit our Egyptian cousins in Egypt, they ask us to bring specific goods. Two items they almost ask for hair gel, and denim. It seems a good hair gel is hard to … Continue reading

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Hamas crackdown further limits Gaza’s distractions from the siege

I have been watching with disappointment the news coming from Gaza regarding the government’s crackdown on popular attractions where many Gazans plan their staycations. According to a number of Gaza investors, making a large investment in Gaza requires you to … Continue reading

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