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Ian Rhodewalt is a writer and educator from Pennsylvania, USA. He has been living in Ramallah for a year, and is a graduate of Oberlin College. Currently he is working on a book.

Help complete ‘Dancing Under Apartheid: A Poetic Memoir of Palestine’

Mondoweiss blogger Ian Rhodewalt launches a Kickstarter campaign to complete memoir of two years in Palestine

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Joe Pitts and ‘The Family’

Joe Pitts connection to The Family, a secretive elite Christian fundamentalist organization that consists of men in power.

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Congressman Joe Pitts: ‘It is incumbent on Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat to restart a peace process’

Last month, Rep. Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania responded to a constituent complaining of one-sided congressional support for Israel by calling on Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat to restart a peace process. Arafat died in 2004. Sharon is in a vegetative state in an Israeli hospital.

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Funeral march

for Mustafa Tamimi  This land is a slaveship built of prisoner’s       dreams             you can taste the fire of her tears, the panting sunlight washes over the razor wire,       colder than the hands that catch it. You can’t find dreams here … Continue reading

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Personal narratives vs. a colonial reality: Inside the Palestine Writing Workshop

We settle into our chairs, our small talk introductions, as we wait for the table to fill up. The workshop, titled “Family Stories: Writing Fiction and Nonfiction Narrative from Life” with Nancy Kricorian, is being offered by the Palestine Writing … Continue reading

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