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The emperor has no footnotes

From Jerome E. Roos at Reflections on a Revolution: Earlier, student activists who occupied the ][London School of Economics] LSE’s Senior Commons room on Tuesday demanded that the School revoke [Muammar's son Saif] Gaddafi’s PhD title. The LSE administration refused, … Continue reading

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What do you think he will say?

MIT’s Emile Bustani Middle East Seminar, Andrew Bacevich, Professor of International Relations and History, Boston University to speak on: “US & Israeli Interests: Aligned or Diverging?” March 1, 2011 4:30-6:00pm E51-335 (Tang Center, 70 Memorial Drive)

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Neocons to lecture Obama on Monday

And you’re worried about Islamists? Robert Kagan and Elliott Abrams have been invited to the White House, per Laura Rozen, to talk about Egypt. Looks like other participants are likely to be Dennis Ross and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State … Continue reading

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At last, boycott gains legitimacy at Harvard

Notice: who is co-sponsoring the following event at Harvard Law School in two weeks: the Human Rights Program at HLS, International Legal Studies at HLS, and The National Lawyers Guild (HLS Chapter). The lesson of the event: BDS is now … Continue reading

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Resolved: Noah Feldman should be open about his views on the two-state solution

The apparent collapse of the two-state-solution is thundering through intellectual circles. Folks are trying to come to terms with the new terrain. And right on time, Harvard Law School staged a debate between Duncan Kennedy and Noah Feldman– formerly of … Continue reading

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Will Harvard drop honor for Peretz?

Marty Peretz is finally receiving some long overdue recognition: Harvard’s Committee on Social Studies in its forthcoming 50th anniversary celebrations will pay homage to the man. Participants in the 50th anniversary celebrations include: Michael Walzer, Stanley Hoffmann, Marty Peretz (who … Continue reading

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Foreign leader spits in president’s eye, and neocons side with–

Jackson Diehl in Washington Post: Obama is poisonous, vindictive and ideological… Noah Pollak in Commentary echoes Diehl. And Israel’s leading newspaper (Aluf Benn in Haaretz): The prime minister leaves America disgraced, isolated, and altogether weaker than when he came… Netanyahu … Continue reading

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Amending for Kramer scandal, Harvard’s Weatherhead Center now invites–

Tomorrow evening Norman Finkelstein speaks on the Goldstone report at Harvard Law. Notice that NO Harvard human rights group has co-sponsored the event. Remember that Judge Richard Goldstone was a fixture on the Harvard Law School and Harvard human rights … Continue reading

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