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Soldiers detain four Palestinian schoolgirls– aged 11 to 15 — for picking settlers’ cherries

Another in the longrunning Israeli series You can’t make this stuff up: four Palestinian schoolgirls are detained by occupation soldiers for picking settlers’ cherries.

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Netanyahu continues moving the goalposts – announces new settlement bloc Israel must keep in deal with Palestinians

Benjamin Netanyahu adds another settlement bloc to the list of parts of Palestine that Israel plans to keep.

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Who may resist (or, ‘Do you see any smokestacks?’)

For any active colonial enterprise, the answer is that no one may resist, not violently, not nonviolently—not in any way, because the business of a colonial power is to maintain itself as a colonial power. Israel is no different. Colonial powers do not acknowledge that there’s anything wrong with what they’re doing; indeed, they defend their actions as legal and just. Thus, it is the resistance that is the crime.

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Dennis Ross says Israel should unilaterally take 8% of West Bank while stating ‘it has no intention of expanding into future Palestinian state’

Yesterday Dennis Ross was at it again in his role as Israel’s lawyer, arguing for his client in the New York Times on the opening day of the AIPAC annual conference in DC. It is a very disturbing and dishonest piece. Ross advocates for Israel and in return for giving away 8 percent of their land at the outset of a “process,” the Palestinians get nothing but more requirements for what they owe their occupiers.

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One apartheid state, with liberty and justice for Jews only

The spokesperson for Israeli settlement communities authors an Op-Ed in the New York Times that reveals the ugly face of Israeli colonialism for all to see.

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Channeling Beinart, Yoffie says settlements are ending US Jewish love affair with Israel

American Jewish organizations say they don’t want Israel on the program, Rabbi Eric Yoffie reports

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Ethan Bronner’s ‘benign occupation’

Prior to the First Intifada in December 1987 Israelis used to boast about their “benign” occupation—indeed, the “most benign occupation” in the world. Following the outbreak of the First Intifada, that mantra disappeared from the discourse. But, when things are … Continue reading

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‘Haaretz’ busts Netanyahu lies with Ali Haider column; why can’t the ‘NYT’ do as much?

Ilene Cohen regularly sends out emails to friends. This one got widely passed around, and in that spirit, she allowed us to publish it. –Editor. I have been in Jerusalem for the past two weeks visiting with Tamar, Uri, Nina, … Continue reading

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‘NYT’ beats a dead horse

Bernard Avishai’s article in Sunday’s NY Times Magazine reviews the status of the negotiations between Abbas and Olmert in 2008. At the time Olmert was a lame duck under threat of indictment for corruption and running a government revving up … Continue reading

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Update on the peace talks

Considering the reality of the occupation, why should the Palestinians continue with the peace talks farce? Mark Landler and Isabel Kershner’s article from today’s New York Times, updates the rocky state of the nonnegotiations. The Palestinians are being pressed by … Continue reading

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Obama plans to confront Netanyahu over settlements, borders, 2 states, the whole megillah

Yes I just violated my anti-ethnocentric Yiddish policy in that headline. Apologies to everyone. Rosten: rigmarole. Akiva Eldar in Haaretz says that Obama will be basing his Israel/Palestine policy on the report by the 10 realist luminaries who say that…
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Horrific ‘Guardian’ reports will stoke international pressure for Gaza war crimes investigation

The Guardian has published three videos with statements from Palestinians supporting allegations of Israeli war crimes in the Gaza assault. The Guardian says Israeli soldiers used Palestinian children as human shields for tanks, targeted medics and ambulances, and used drones…
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Ilene Cohen: ‘Why am I so boringly repetitious about pro-Israel ‘talking points’”?

Ilene Cohen writes: Richard Falk in this interview is, as always, unflappable and indefatigable. He is challenged by the BBC interviewer that the Israelis “dismiss” him because he is “biased,” and following the interview, an Israeli spokesperson is quoted as…
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