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America’s collective denial of 9/11’s meaning

Naturally, the 9/11 terrorist attack was shocking, and naturally, as a human being and American, I felt empathy for the victims and their families, loved ones, and relatives left behind to deal with their losses.  Naturally, people the world over … Continue reading

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Two cheers for Palestinian statehood-recognition

It’s true that the nauseatingly labeled state building endeavor, measured by institutional, economic and security functions and “performance” criteria that the “international community” demands of the Palestinians while coercing them into a fictitious “peace process,” long ago became little more … Continue reading

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Preliminary remarks in support of the Libyan intervention

We know that Washington’s motivation for intervention in any guise is self-interest framed and justified, away from the public eye, within a larger geo-political and strategic context that drives the imperial paradigm. We also know that when moral and humanitarian … Continue reading

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The US is missing the chance to reset its relationship with the Arab world

Here it was and still is, a golden opportunity to have shifted gears and realized those things the US claims constitute and enhance its interests—energy supplies, Palestinian-Israeli peace, reduction of terrorism. Instead, Arab peoples’ desire for democracy, ironically not because … Continue reading

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Why Al Jazeera is better

NPR’s News Blog reported: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went out of her way Thursday to single out the Al Jazeera TV news network for its work in covering recent uprisings throughout the Middle East. “You’ve got a global—a set … Continue reading

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Colonialism and violence

As we bear witness to the daily, ever escalating, ever-unprecedented yet routine Israeli collective punishment and cruelty and torment inflicted on the Palestinians—men and women, young and old, boys and girls, children and infants, farm animals, fruit orchards, and olive … Continue reading

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Clueless in Washington and Tel Aviv

Virginia Tilley’s post, “Why the U.S. will not ‘do something’ about Palestine,” analyzing the complex relationship between US hegemony and the Israel lobby, was sobering and spot on. A couple of points are worth further clarification and elaboration. I’m not … Continue reading

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Welcome to Palestine…now let’s reset the relationship

Welcome to Palestine, even if it’s a century later. Now let’s reset the relationship. You came from faraway lands claiming an already inhabited one. Oppressed, massacred, and socially separated in Christendom/Europe, you felt as outsiders subject to anti-Semitic threats. Eventually, … Continue reading

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Arab democratization and the future of ‘the only democracy’

Such a pall of darkness had overtaken the Arab lands for so long that one thought Arabs existed in a permanent malaise, a condition of corruption and authoritarianism, their regimes maintaining a lock down on their subject populations and their … Continue reading

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Palestine Papers– Fantasy and fiasco

Most of us who admire and respect Hanan Ashrawi are keen to hear her thoughts on the current Palestinian situation, especially on the recent, so-called Palestine Papers. In an Al Jazeera interview with David Frost, “Frost Over the World” on … Continue reading

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State Declaration: The Palestinians’ agonizing choices

The US and its Quartet partners want Palestinian-Israeli negotiations concluded by August 2011, coinciding with the date of Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s plan to declare a state. To convey the complexity of the issue, and the Palestinians’ fundamental dilemma … Continue reading

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Should the Palestinians unilaterally declare a state?

In August 2009, the Palestinian National Authority announced a plan, “Palestine: Ending the Occupation, Establishing the State,” by Salam Fayyad, for Palestinian statehood by summer 2011. Intimately aware that Israel is using negotiations to delay while it expands, the idea … Continue reading

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