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James Elliott is a British student volunteering with the Right to Education campaign at Birzeit University, who advocate for the rights of Palestinian students who are impacted by Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies.

The Israel-Labour dinner date that shows why Miliband would do little for Middle East peace

British Labour once fought apartheid in South Africa. Now it is its willing accomplice, witness the latest Friends of Israel dinner and speech by shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander

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Notes from an illegal military court in Israel

James Elliott reports from Hassan Karajah’s trial before a military court in Israel on Sunday, February 24th. Karajah, a Youth Organiser for the Stop the Wall campaign, was arrested over a month ago when the Israeli military raided his house in the middle of the night and is yet to be charged with any criminal offense. Elliott writes: “Hassan’s story is one of many, in fact one of thousands. Israel’s violation of Hassan Karajah’s fundamental human rights in its system of unjustifiable military courts is one of the many ways the Israeli occupation attempts to break the will of the Palestinian people.”

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The ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley

In the Jordan Valley, elements of Israel’s policy clearly go far beyond the legal definition of apartheid, The annexation of territory and imposition of impossible living standards on the Palestinians closely resembles ethnic cleansing.

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Despite increased media attention, there is nothing new about Israel targeting Palestinian youth

There was a noticeable increase in British coverage of Israel’s occupation in January, with The Guardian and the BBC running stories on the string of recent killings by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and Israel’s refusal to co-operate with the UN’s Human Rights Council. Whilst greater coverage of Israel’s killings in the occupied Palestinian territories is welcome, it must be noted that these events are not new in the slightest.

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Students suffer as Israel denies Palestinian freedom of movement and education in the occupied territories

How long does it typically take university students to get to their morning lectures where you live? It might just be a matter of whether they decide to walk, cycle or take the bus. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Palestinian students in the West Bank who continue to face incredible difficulties in accessing education because of the movement restrictions of the Israeli occupation.

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