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How many ‘Palestinian Arabs’ want to kill ‘all Jews?’

Pamela Paul, the editor of The New York Times Book Review, needs some help, and the Mondoweiss community can come to her assistance. Paul says that maybe the Book Review should have edited a letter it published that claimed “Palestinian Arabs have avowed as their goal the killing of all Jews.” Care to help them out?

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Narendra Modi, a politician who presided over anti-Muslim pogrom, may be India’s next leader, and U.S. cozies up to him

Will the United States continue to engage with India’s likely next leader, Narendra Modi, a man who presided over an anti-Muslim pogrom?

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‘The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead

The theory of the ‘clash of civilizations,’ promulgated by the late Samuel Huntington (above) and once widely taken seriously, has been destroyed by events of the past few years in The Middle East

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‘NYT Book Review’ owes readers an apology for printing blatant racism about Palestinians

‘NYT Book Review’ publishes letter saying that Palestinians want to kill ‘all Jews.’ Would ‘NYT’ Book Review print such racism about any other people?

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‘NYT’ buries Amnesty International call to suspend arms to Israel in 5th paragraph, page A9

Maybe the NY Times should modify its famous slogan: “All the News That’s Fit to Hide,” after the paper buries Amnesty International’s report saying Israel is trigger-happy and killed 22 Palestinian civilians at protests in the last year

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Outsource Thomas Friedman’s column to India

Outstanding journalists in India who write in English could replace Thomas Friedman overnight, improving the New York Times’s accuracy and saving it money.

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A Namibian newspaperman, now gone, guides my reaction to Kerry’s (unlikely but possible) framework

What if, by some miracle, John Kerry’s negotiations lead toward a just settlement in Israel/Palestine?

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On the 3rd anniversary of the democratic uprising, is there hope for Egypt?

The gloom today about the prospects for genuine democracy in Egypt may be premature, explains a distinguished scholar. Yes, the latest news from Egypt continues to depress. Three years after masses of brave demonstrators filled Tahrir Square, the new military government continues to arrest thousands of innocent people — with the apparent support of a majority of Egyptians. The security forces have libeled the Muslim Brotherhood as “terrorist,” despite no evidence, outlawed the organization and killed at least hundreds of its members. But doomsayers should look at European history.

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Elephant waddles through room. ‘NYT’ doesn’t see it

The NYT leaves AIPAC and the Israel lobby out of an article describing the politics of legislation to scuttle Obama’s Iran deal. Jim Lobe tells you that right in his lead

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Imagine a white supremacist southern senator dies — and ‘NYT’ leaves out black people’s views of him

Rudoren’s report on ‘Israeli’ views of Sharon leaves out 20% of Israelis

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‘NYT’ fails to follow the money in reporting attacks on the academic boycott of Israel

Are the American college presidents who speak out against the Israel boycott afraid of losing big donors if they keep quiet?

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‘Goliath’ is indispensable to understanding the real Israel in 2013

If you are an American mainstream reporter in Israel, you have a real challenge, just about every day. You have to wilfully ignore much of the news that is happening right around you. Max Blumenthal went everywhere in Israel/Palestine to dig out the truth about Israel in 2013 — a nation that is becoming more racist, more militarized, and more undemocratic.

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‘NYT’ covers historic American boycott vote by quoting 3 Israelis attacking it

You had to wait till the 16th paragraph of the New York Times front-page coverage of the American Studies Association vote for academic boycott of Israel to read a quote from a boycott proponent, Omar Barghouti.

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Did the U.S. undermine democracy in the Maldives because it wants to set up military bases there?

Did the U.S. double-cross the Maldivian pro-democracy movement just so it could establish a military base there? Mohamed Nasheed, the dynamic, young, pro-environmentalist Muslim leader who had led race for presidency after the first round, lost by a couple of percentage points to the old regime’s candidate, Abdulla Yameen.

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U.S. government timidity undermines the brave pro-democracy movement in Maldives

Yesterday a charismatic young politician came first in elections for Maldives president. But the army deposed him once and the government is postponing the final round of elections. And incompetence at the US State Department threatens Mohamed Nasheed, a progressive Muslim environmentalist leader.

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Did Philip Gourevitch rush to the Congo partly to protect his tarnished reputation?

Why is a well-known American journalist still covering up for Rwanda and Paul Kagame?

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Will Israel’s government investigate the Israeli billionaire who is looting the Congo?

An Israeli mining magnate is robbing the poorest nation on earth

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‘New York Times’ reporter in Congo is revealed as incompetent

Canadian reporter shows that the ‘NYT’ was guided through a Potemkin village

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‘New York Times’ failure on Congo is becoming chronic

America’s ‘newspaper of record’ continues to bungle the Congo story

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‘New York Times’ Congo coverage goes from ‘F’ to ‘D-minus’

A modest improvement today in the ‘NYT’s’ dismal coverage of the Congo disaster

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‘New York Times’ fails dismally again, this time in Congo

A New York Times reporter romanticizes Congo “rebels’” and misses the bigger, awful story

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‘New York Times’ covers up a key Netanyahu motive for the vicious Gaza attack

America’s leading newspaper ignores the Gaza assault as part of the Israeli prime minister’s election campaign

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Stop calling him ‘Bibi’

Biden called Netanyahu Bibi over and over again in the debate last night– because the press does so. And when the press calls him “Bibi,” they humanize him in an affectionate way, making him out to be a bumbler– like one of the inept thieves in the movie Home Alone. When in fact he’s the prime minister of a militant and colonial state that imprisons thousands and that lately whitewashed the killing of a 23-year-old American woman

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Excellent news for the third world

Big oil, gas and mining companies will now have to publish their payments to third world governments.

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A modest lexicographic proposal

Language matters, and using the word “settlements” by itself is biased

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