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Jennifer Loewenstein is faculty associate of Middle East Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; LEAP project administrator (; freelance journalist; and founder of the Carol Chomsky Memorial Fund ( Currently on leave in Washington DC, Jennifer’s email is [email protected]

The American-Israeli narrative of ‘terrorist natives’

Barack Obama has approved the juggernaut from Jerusalem that is pouring death on Gaza

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Starving people and targeting them with biological weapons is as American as cherry pie

Israelis who imposed the Gaza blockade calculated how many calories had to enter the occupied territory to prevent a humanitarian disaster. This cruelty has its counterparts in American and European history

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A legacy of two martyrs

As we read Anne Frank’s diary, we should also read Rachel Corrie’s. But her life and courageous stand have been committed to the dustbin of US foreign affairs– along with the lives of countless young Palestinian Rachels.

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Remembering ‘Cast Lead’ –Jumana’s Story

At night I could not get to sleep. My body was trembling all over and no matter what I did to try to calm myself, I could not stop this trembling. I know now that baba was terribly worried about … Continue reading

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Human rights for invented peoples: Tamimi vs. Gingrich

Calling Palestinians “an invented people” rationalizes their dispossession

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Let’s counter the mythology that Iran wants nukes and would strike Israel if it had them

According to a January 10th posting on Coteret, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was ‘infuriated’ by comments made last Thursday at a news briefing by outgoing Mossad Director Meir Dagan. Dagan told reporters that Iran would be ‘unable to develop … Continue reading

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