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Jerome Slater is a professor (emeritus) of political science and now a University Research Scholar at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has taught and written about U.S. foreign policy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for nearly 50 years, both for professional journals (such as International Security, Security Studies, and Political Science Quarterly) and for many general periodicals. He writes foreign policy columns for the Sunday Viewpoints section of the Buffalo News. And his website it

Nicholas Kristof on how to end the Israel/Palestine conflict

Nicholas Kristof’s well-meaning column on how to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict is so ill-informed or naïve about the realities there as to border on absurdity. He describes the conflict as a cycle of violence, ignoring the overwhelming force on one side

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‘NYT’ calls Shimon Peres ‘outspoken advocate of peace’

Whenever Shimon Peres had power, he did nothing for peace, Jerome Slater says; but NYT embraces him as peace advocate. “What you wrote is either knowingly false or deeply ignorant,” he wrote to the Times.

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Simon Schama’s Israel whitewash

Jerome Slater reviews Simon Schama’s PBS documentary “The Story of the Jews,” and says Schama’s emotionalism, strong but not necessarily persuasive beliefs, and tendency to oversimplify or, worse, ignore inconvenient facts, creates serious problem when he takes on Zionism, the establishment of Israel, and the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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On John Judis’s ‘Genesis,’ and its critics

Arguing that John Judis’s assessment of Truman and the Israel lobby is an important historical work, Jerome Slater takes on Bernard Wasserstein’s negative review in The National Interest

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Israel’s endless enemies — the dangerous myth in Ari Shavit’s book

Ari Shavit is in cloud-cuckoo land in many of his historical assertions about the Arab and Islamic world’s response to Israel, which he treats as immutable, existential enmity, Jerome Slater writes

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Preaching to the choir: reflections on Max Blumenthal’s ‘Goliath’

Jerry Slater argues that Max Blumenthal could have won more converts to a new understanding of Israel if he had adopted a less confrontational tone in his book “Goliath”

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The wisdom of Ari Shavit

Ari Shavit says that Obama should demand a complete end of Iran’s nuclear enrichment just as he demanded a complete freeze of Israel’s settlements. Is this a joke? Who can take this writer seriously, Jerome Slater and +972′s False Prophet ask

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Deconstructing Ian Lustick’s ‘two-state illusion’

Ian Lustick is the man of the hour for his assertion that the partition paradigm is over in Israel and Palestine. Jerome Slater says it is a recipe for violence

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Kerry shouldn’t worry about ‘armchair isolationists’– but ‘armchair warriors’

If the opposite of isolationist is internationalist, then internationalist must mean going to war with everyone, per John Kerry, says Jerome Slater

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The ‘double standards’ issue and moral judgment of Israeli policies

Jerry Slater writes: throughout most of its history Israel has been the beneficiary of double standards, as most Westerners ignored Israel’s long history of dispossession, occupation, and repression of the Palestinians–whether because of Holocaust guilt, genuine admiration of Israel and even of the Jewish people, domestic political factors, or foreign policy considerations.

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American Jews asking Netanyahu to end occupation are barking up wrong tree

‘Diaspora Jews want to be Israel’s partners, not donors,’ says an anti-occupation rabbi, but Netanyahu doesn’t care

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Comparisons to Nazi Germany are exaggerated

Jerome Slater argues that the claim in the Gatekeepers that Israel is behaving like Nazi Germany in occupied countries is an exaggeration

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Israel’s choice to inflict violence on civilians and ignore political offers violates ‘just war morality’

An important paper in the journal International Security argues that Israel has repeatedly ignored Hamas offers to negotiate, making its wars on Gaza violations of just war morality– because it had alternatives to war

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Walt, Munayyer, and Mearsheimer offer one state scenarios, and my response

Mearsheimer writes, The face of Israel is undergoing a fundamental transformation with the steady drift to the right, the growing racism, and the growing numbers of ultra-orthodox. That, coupled with apartheid, will make it hard for Israel to sell itself as a “Western society,” as it has done so well in the past.

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My correspondence with NYT’s Rudoren


This post appeared lately on Jerome Slater’s site. In the last few days I have had an interesting email exchange with Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times, concerning in the first instance her August 17th profile of Dani Dayan, … Continue reading

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Romney’s ‘culture’ comment ought to be an election-changing moment

Romney’s gaffe in Jerusalem ought to be an election-changing moment

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Just wars– and civilian casualties

Continuing the debate over whether Ron Paul’s foreign policy ideas are simpleminded

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Ron Paul’s antiwar position is simpleminded

Ron Paul’s antiwar stance will only force Romney and Obama further right

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One day in the State of the Jewish People, a ‘light unto the Nations’

A liberal Zionist reflects on a day’s distressing headlines in the Israeli press

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Israel’s threat to attack Iran– will Obama capitulate to that as well?

Avner Cohen is an Israeli political scientist, currently at the Monterey Institute of International Affairs.   He is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on the Israeli nuclear program.  His work is so accurate and authoritative, in fact, that he … Continue reading

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Goldstone needs a reality check

As disingenuous and pernicious as was Richard Goldstone’s previous Washington Post oped, in which he essentially retracted the Goldstone Report’s fully-substantiated finding that Israel committed war crimes in its attack on Gaza at the end of 2008, Tuesday’s NY Times … Continue reading

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Dying of schmaltz

While uneasy about the asymmetry of the Shalit deal between Israel and Hamas–a thousand Palestinian prisoners ( invariably described in Israel as “terrorists”) for one Israeli–the Israeli and the American Jewish media are also full of hymns of self-praise for … Continue reading

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Obama’s impossible dilemma–and ours

After a promising beginning, the Obama administration’s policies on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have reverted to the US norm—essentially unconditional support for Israel’s follies. In particular, Obama’s UN speech on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was dreadful. But while outrage is fully justified, … Continue reading

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Palmer report’s absurd contention that Israel is not punishing Gaza’s civilian population renders it useless

In August 2010 the UN Secretary General established a “Panel of Inquiry” to investigate Israel’s May 31 attack on the international flotilla that sought to defy the Israeli blockade of Gaza to bring supplies—and moral support—to the Gazan people. Israeli … Continue reading

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Will Libya victory feed western hubris?

It is perfectly correct to observe that any celebration of the apparent victory of the Libyan rebels–a clear consequence of the major military assistance by NATO and the U.S–is, at best, premature.    If the outcome of the “victories” in Afghanistan … Continue reading

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