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Joel Doerfler teaches history (including a course on Israel-Palestine) at the Riverdale Country School, an independent school in the Bronx, N.Y.

Eric Alterman’s bias revealed as he warns against the ‘red menace’ of BDS

According to Eric Alterman writing in Open Zion (“Brooklyn College and the BDS Debate,” February 7), the BDS movement and its “naive, idealistic” fellow-traveling dupes are the modern day equivalents of 20th century Stalinists.

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Why Israel is ‘singled out’

The charge that Israel is “singled out” for criticism is at once disingenuous and obfuscatory. It’s another way of saying that substantive criticism of Israel (not to mention organized political and economic action, including boycott and divestment, in support of such criticism) amounts to anti-semitism.

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