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Johnny Barber has traveled to Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Gaza & Afghanistan to witness and document the suffering of people affected by war advocating reconciliation and nonviolent strategies in the face of violence and oppression. and

Shebab vs the Wall at the Erez Crossing

A report from the Land Day protests at Gaza’s Erez Crossing.

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Fire and flowers at Erez

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrate at Gaza Israel border. Israelis shoot several, killing at least one

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Sometimes they fall from the sky: a report from Gaza

Johnny Barber reports from Gaza on the after effects of Israel’s air strikes, including attending the funeral of one child and visiting a family whose youngest son was injured.

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Those killed in Gaza have a name, and each has a family that grieves for them

With the exception of the two men Israel assassinated on Friday March 9 – Zuhair al-Qaisy, secretary-general of the Popular Resistance Committees, and Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Hanini, a Hamas military leader – the Palestinians killed remained nameless in all mainstream media accounts of the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza. Johnny Barber interviews the families of those killed.

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