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Three questions for liberals and progressives who support the Egyptian coup

What the Egyptian military did to Morsi CIA-backed forces did in the Congo to Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister Mossadegh in Iran, Arbenz in Guatemala, Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana, Allende in Chile, and on and on, Joseph Glatzer writes at

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When will the discourse of the ‘two state solution’ finally change?

The only hope for Palestinians is a one state solution. Accomodating the settler-colonial ideology of Zionism with concessions only brings misery

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Iran, Hamas, and the Holocaust = justification for apartheid

Many of you may have seen the hilarious “XtraNormal” videos on YouTube such as One Professor’s Fantasy, So You Want to go to Law School, and my personal favorite So you Want to Get a PHD in Political Science. Well, I was watching … Continue reading

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Yorba Linda: My city of hate

This is awful. The Yorba Linda Community Center, where that hate-filled anti-Muslim rally took place, is literally less than 5 minutes from my mom’s house in Yorba Linda.   It’s where I live when I’m back in the States.  It … Continue reading

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Vatican synod comes out strong for Palestinian rights

I grew up Catholic and although I haven’t been to church in a long time; I would be lying if I said this doesn’t speak very powerfully to me. The Quotes Speak for Themselves: “The Holy Scriptures cannot be used … Continue reading

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Lesley Stahl and the 7 pillars of conventional wisdom

Lesley Stahl’s report from Sunday’s “60 Minutes” about the illegal Israeli colony “the City of David” is an unadulterated, albeit very sophisticated, piece of Peace Industry propaganda.  It is a case study for how the media sets the “appropriate” parameters … Continue reading

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Can you support the Palestinians when you live on their stolen land?

Every time I would tell my girlfriend (she’s Palestinian) about a famous Israeli activist or writer or she would ask why they still call themselves Israeli. She tells me things like, “See. They still call themselves Israeli. When they use … Continue reading

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Injustice is Injustice

Yesterday, I started this 9th 9-11 anniversary as I would any other day: watching Al Jazeera English video clips from their You Tube channel. 

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Some violence gets to be righteous

The recent killing of settlers near Hebron provides a useful case study for how the media, society and political officials regard the value of Palestinian and Israeli lives. From the New York Times coverage, written by Mark Landler in D.C. … Continue reading

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Back on TV due to popular demand…. ‘The Peace Industry’

The Nobel Prize award winning show, "The Peace Industry" comes back for its 19th season on September 2nd, after an almost 2 year hiatus.  It is one of the longest running and most popular shows in TV history. The pilot episode of the … Continue reading

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The children whose spirit a siege couldn’t break

Haaretz has the story on the latest record set by the children of Gaza.  They’ve broken their own record from last year’s UNRWA Summer Games for the number of kites being flown at one time.  The UN website has the video: SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Palestinian Girl … Continue reading

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DJ NYT brings the bling, and spins one for the ladies in the house tonight!

Upon reviewing Nicholas Kristof’s latest article and blog post; they collectively form the play list for DJ NYT’s Patronizing the Palestinians 2010: Summer Party Mix.  First up is his latest article, "Waiting for Gandhi on the West Bank". Despite being … Continue reading

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Is Gideon Levy against a binational state?

Gideon Levy is excellent as usual in his new article about the fake peace process and the silly show Obama and Bibi just put on.  But one thing stood out fat me. In the first and last sentences of the … Continue reading

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One small reason why I support the Right of Return

Anas lives in Amman, Jordan. He helps out at a local clothing store.  His ancestors were ethnically cleansed from Silwan.  Missing from the Ethan Bronner articles about Silwan are faces like Anas’s.  His is the face of the Palestinian refugee … Continue reading

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Charlie Rose gets it wrong on 2006 Palestinian elections

Turkish PM Erdogan’s latest interview with Charlie Rose: (5:30 of youtube clip, part 4 of 5) (Beginning of a segment where Erdogan highlights the West’s hypocritical embrace of democracy only when it’s convenient) Erdogan: Elections were held and Hamas won the elections. … Continue reading

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Movements take years to build… to Freedom Summer

Like everyone else, I’ve been closely following the events regarding the flotilla massacre; as well as the upcoming boats. It’s been a very exciting time to be a Palestine solidarity activist. I literally got the chills when I read about … Continue reading

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My Holocaust education

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The Israel Lobby, campus edition, Cal State Northridge

A sampling of "Reflections of 2009" from the Facebook page of Students for Israel at California State University/Northridge: 4) Our members serve as AIPAC campus liaisons/cadre members, Hillel interns, CAMERA Fellows, Hasbara Fellows, StandWithUs Emerson Fellows, DavidProject Fellows, and are … Continue reading

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A dialogue with ‘Times’ videographer yields surprise ending

After reading the recent post here about the New York Times coverage of protests by Palestinians, termed a "West Bank Spectacle," I posted a comment to the blog of reporter/videographer Jaron Gilinsky. He responded, and a dialogue quickly developed. Below … Continue reading

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