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Let’s have an election-year debate over US ‘complicity’ in Israel push for war

As Iran war push crumbles, the American right is attacking Obama for abandoning Israel. Let’s have the debate in public! The left will win it

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Rather than a retreat, Goldstone’s Op-Ed tackled the issue of applying the laws of war to asymmetrical conflict

A little under two weeks ago, on April 3rd, Justice Richard Goldstone upped the ante in the hasbara war with a single op-ed in the Washington Post that bore the unfortunate headline: Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and War Crimes  … Continue reading

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US’s greatest contribution to the peace process has been to reveal Israeli intransigence

In light of the US failure to broker an Israeli settlement freeze, it’s clear to me now that the single most valuable contribution the United States has made to the cause of Middle East peace over the last two years … Continue reading

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A jolt? More on Brazil’s decision to recognize Palestine

In a letter sent to Mahmoud Abbas by Brazilian President Luiz Inåcio Lula da Silva, the Brazilian government has declared its recognition of a Palestinian State along the 1967 armistice lines.  The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted the announcement in … Continue reading

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When will Chris Hayes’ Postcard from Palestine reach Rachel Maddow?

Chris Hayes, a frequent commentator and guest host on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, went to Palestine/Israel this fall as a guest of the New America Foundation.  When he filed his Postcard from Palestine in November’s issue of The Nation, he didn’t pull any … Continue reading

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A deal on settlements: are we being played?

You’re fed up with Israel’s settlement policy. You’ve read about Obama’s offer to give Israel the moon for a three month moratorium that excludes East Jerusalem, and you’re furious. On the other hand, you might be someone who could care … Continue reading

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$3 billion in fighter jets to Israel: reward or bribe?

The New York Times published two articles over the weekend with almost identical headlines.  The first, by Mark Landler, quotes an “official” (with no clue as to which government, Israeli or US, that official represents) characterizing $3 billion worth of military … Continue reading

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