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Michael Oren’s misuse of the Holocaust

Michael Oren invokes the Holocaust to try and silence criticism of Israel. Lillian Rosengarten protests that the manipulation of the anti-Semitism charge must end and people must learn to distinguish between Zionists and Jews.

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Wake up, Ruth Westheimer

Lillian Rosengarten escaped the Holocaust in Germany and says that Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who also escaped the Holocaust, should recognize the echoes of militant nationalism in Israel today

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On anti-Semitism, war crimes, and old poets

It is easier for people to attack Gunter Grass than the Israeli occupation

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Rains white phosphorus here

A poem by a refugee of the Nazis, Lillian Rosengarten, on the collective punishment of the people of Gaza

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Israel’s nightmare: Jew against Jew

Gingrich’s comments about Palestinians before a Jewish audience are damaging to Jews

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No freedom in the land of false prophets

Poem by Lillian Rosengarten about the spiritual devastation of chosenness for Jews in Israel and Palestine

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Palestinian and Jew– one humanity

For a moment, when I knew there were two ships with 27 activists nearing the waters that would bring them to the shores of Gaza, I imagined no war ships would come to drag them to Ashdod, to abort the … Continue reading

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Shame on Israel: Jews who kill

JPost: Palestinians who try to force their way into West Bank settlements during the mass protests in favor of statehood anticipated for September 20 “will be shot,” chief settler security officer Shlomo Vaknin told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. NOT … Continue reading

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The nightmare of the Jewish soul

We are by now too familiar with the label anti-semite aimed towards all who dissent from the deplorable policies of Netanyahu’s right wing disaster. It does not matter if the resistance to Israeli occupation and ongoing collective punishment arises from … Continue reading

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My Bali, My Palestine

Tone Poem from Lodtundu, Bali 7/13/2011 Here in Bali trees are “living beings” for nature, religion and man is one. Frogs and dragonflies live in harmony with all creatures and man. Reddish sun rises on the mountain slope and brings life … Continue reading

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Palestinians: last victims of the Holocaust

Where is the heart of the Jewish soul? Soul as ethical compassion, the Jewish spirit as it struggled to survive the darkest nightmare of Nazi racial laws. How do the first and second generation of victims of such heinous blood … Continue reading

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2 poems for Gaza

Today we are running two pieces from the two women aboard the Jewish boat to Gaza, who were deported by Israel in recent days. Here is Lillian Rosengarten, of New York: On Sunday September 26, 2010, we were finally together … Continue reading

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Jewish boat to Gaza sets sail from Cyprus

AFP reports that the Jewish boat to Gaza, Irene, (pictured at left) set forth from Cyprus some hours ago: A boat carrying Jewish activists from Israel, Europe and the United States set sail Sunday from Cyprus bound for Gaza, in … Continue reading

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Rejecting the ‘self-hatred’ label

Lillian Rosengarten is due to set out soon on the Jewish boat for Gaza. Within the context of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the charge of “self-hating Jew” or “Jewish anti-Semite” can only be understood as an ugly way to strike back … Continue reading

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A hidden witness to the Brown Shirts now prepares to go to Gaza

As I wait to join a boat to Gaza with a group of European Jews, I am asked why? Trust me I say, I have to go, there is no choice. But why so adamant, what drives me? I have … Continue reading

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