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Lina Al-Sharif, a Palestinian blogger living in Doha-Qatar.

A mother in Gaza

When Israel launched operation Pillars of Clouds back in 2012, I was 8 month pregnant with Yasmeen. Yet, I knew very little, about the enormous emotional complexities of loving, raising, and protecting a child. From the anxiety of giving birth to the sleep depravation, to the everyday tasks of keeping the wellbeing of a human being, motherhood is not easy and never gets easy. And that’s in normal situations where your and the safety of you child are something you can take for granted. But in Gaza, this is not the case.

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Gaza under attack again

Gaza is bleeding. Gaza is mourning. And the bitterness of loss and injustice is colossal. But Gaza has always taught us that it rises up, it resists, it stands up for its people and its people stand up for it.

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Little hands

Little hands soft and round cupped crayons, in the corner of the paper, drew smiley sun painted yellow butterflies, swings, and green meadows, huddled family, a house with small windows, and a cloudless sky with a rainbow, Little dreams, thoughts … Continue reading

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Free to write

The revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya against the tyrants have been overwhelming. As these uprisings are filling many across the Middle East with inspiration, I wrote this poem. Universal verse Written with ink of blood And chants of loving … Continue reading

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