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Liz Shulman is a teacher in Chicago

Boycott panel at MLA draws applause and fearful questions

‘Why aren’t people listening?’ Liz Shulman reports from MLA panel on boycotting Israel. ‘The audience who attended the panel are good, progressive, well-educated folks. Then I remembered we’re talking about Israel–the place that inhabits the most space in Jewish folks’ minds, the place that causes the mythos around it to grab hold of people’s hearts and minds and give them permission to check their logic at the door.’

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At MLA, boycott opponents paper chairs

A lobbying campaign against academic boycott of Israel hit the Modern Language Association today

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Etgar Keret in the ‘NY Times Magazine’ tries on orientalism with an iconic ‘Arab’ look

Musing in Orientalist discourse, Etgar Keret writes for the ‘New York Times Magazine’ on how his six-year-old son convinced the author to try out an iconic Arab look, a mustache.

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‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the politics of occupation

Looking on her time as a graduate student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Liz Shulman reflects the power imbalances between Israelis and Palestinians, as reflected through theatre.

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About that blue box

How much does a Jewish National Fund box cost on Ebay?

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