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Lizzy Ratner is a journalist in New York City. She is a co-editor with Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss of The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict.

NYPD: Snoops, spies and … agent provocateurs?

NYPD’s undercover cop scouted pro-Palestinian community before finding star terrorism target

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Asher Grunis discriminates his way to the top of the Israeli Supreme Court

When judge Asher Grunis wrote the majority opinion in the Citizenship Law case a few weeks ago, he quickly became the mascot for a particularly naked kind of discrimination, one that proudly subordinates human rights and equality to racism and nationalism. Now he’s president of of Israel’s Supreme Court.

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Praying while Shi’a: the NYPD’s latest religious profiling scandal

In May 2006, as tensions flared between the US and Iran, the NYPD “recommended increasing surveillance of thousands of Shiite Muslims and their mosques, based solely on their religion, as a way to sweep the Northeast for signs of Iranian terrorists.”

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Dennis Ross Redux: Haaretz reveals White House – WINEP hotline

Last week, Haaretz’s Barak Ravid broke the story that Dennis Ross, late of the Obama administration, had never actually given up his security clearance and was still playing an outsized, and seemingly unchecked, role in advising the president. Now Ravid … Continue reading

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Dennis Ross: Still present, but not accounted for

Haaretz reports, Ross may have given up his title — Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for the Central Region — but he continues to advise President Obama “on a regular basis” and even maintains his security clearance.

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Ron Paul and the left

Ron Paul newsletter controversy reveals he’s either incompetent, cynical, or racist

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Little drone on the prairie: high-tech surveillance comes home

Local law enforcement send drones to spy on US Citizens on US soil, including on a family in North Dakota believed to have stolen six cows.

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Letter from Cairo: the liberals, the Brothers, and the poor

Why the Brotherhood won: it’s about class. The revolutionaries waited for the masses to come to them; the Brotherhood organized the poor.

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A brief story of dispossession, American-style – and what you can do about it

The United Houma Nation, Louisiana’s largest Indian tribe, have endured centuries of dispossession, most recently at the hands of BP. Now they’re pushing back.

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In memoriam: Hanan Porat, an extremist by any other name

Late Wednesday night, after I finished devouring the Steve Jobs obituary on the New York Times website, my eye happened to catch the headline for another of the day’s death reports: “Hanan Porat, Jewish Settlement Leader, Dies at 67.” (Actually, … Continue reading

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Operation Enduring Failure: Ten years of war on Afghanistan

Today is the tenth anniversary of the US war on Afghanistan. Ten years. A decade. The longest war in US history*. Nearly 1700 US troops dead and more than 1000 “coalition partners” dead. Thousands of soldiers wounded, thousands traumatized. Billions … Continue reading

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AP: The NYPD spied on its anti-terror partners

The Associated Press has published yet another stunning expose about the long and sinister reach of the New York Police Department’s COINTELPRO-style mosque surveillance program. After breaking the news that the NYPD has teamed up the CIA to spy on … Continue reading

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As UNESCO moves toward Palestinian recognition, Congress threatens to cut funding

While all eyes have been on the Palestinian Authority’s bid for statehood at the United Nations, the PA has been busy pursuing other creative, if less formal and significant, ways to promote the idea and fact of a Palestinian state. … Continue reading

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Jewish terrorists strike again, this time in the Galilee

Another day, another act of extreme “price tag” violence.  It’s all getting to be terrifyingly, horrifyingly routine. Early this morning, suspected Jewish extremists — or heck, let’s just call them what they are, suspected Jewish terrorists — set a mosque … Continue reading

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Bill Keller still doesn’t know now what we all knew then…

It’s been several days since I finally got around to reading former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller’s hymn of self-justification – I mean, sober and self-reflective mea culpa – for his early, eager support of the Iraq war, … Continue reading

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America’s loose nukes: who’s reckless now?

Over here in the good old US of A, we like to think that we have it all together, that words like reckless, backwards, incompetent, irresponsible, unreliable, and rogue belong to other nations, particularly those of the developing and/or Middle … Continue reading

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George W. Bush in the remainder bin of history

Earlier today I quietly imploded when I read that George W. Bush, our former man-child president, “drew a brief cheer from the crowd” before reading a letter from Abraham Lincoln to a Civil War mother at today’s Ground Zero ceremony.  … Continue reading

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Line of the day

Congrats to Muhammad Barakei, Palestinian-Israeli Knesset Member from Hadash, who managed to sum up in just 12 words the sick spectacle of Israel’s Jewish political elite genuflecting to International Man of bigotry, Glenn Beck. As quoted in the Jerusalem Post: … Continue reading

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Israel’s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi to Glenn Beck: ‘G-d will bless you for what you did’

It’s T minus twelve days until Glenn Beck’s big End Times powwow in Jerusalem (an event he has predicted “will change the direction of the world”), and the wing-nuts are coming out of the, well, wings to support it.  Tea … Continue reading

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The erasure of history (Israel gives go-ahead to desecration of Mamilla cemetery)

It’s official: on Tuesday, the Israeli government gave the Simon Wiesenthal Center the go-ahead to begin digging the foundation of its so-called Museum of Tolerance, a name that would be ironic if Israel’s political discourse hadn’t become so mutilated that … Continue reading

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Emboldened by success of anti-BDS bill, right-wing parties push ‘political inquisition’

Flush with victory from the passage of the anti-BDS bill  by the Knesset on Monday, the nationalist Yisrael Beitenu party and Netanyahu’s Likud party are pushing two controversial legislative bills, both designed to further limit dissent and debate within Israel. … Continue reading

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The Rapture will be televised

Fresh off his first visit to Auschwitz, born-again Jew-lover Glenn Beck has arrived in Israel for several spectacle-filled days of Israel-pumping and Islam-bashing. The visit comes a little more than a month before his Restore Courage Rally in Jerusalem, which … Continue reading

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Israel included on Homeland Security terrorism watch list

Yep, you read the headline right. On May 1oth, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General committed the diplomatic equivalent of a Freudian slip when it included Israel on a list of rogue terror states, YNet reports. … Continue reading

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Israel used disproportionate force against Nakba Day protesters, UN says

A new United Nations report has come to the obvious yet important conclusion that Israel used disproportionate force when it opened fire on refugees who marched on the Lebanon-Israel border during this year’s Nakba day protests.  Seven people were killed … Continue reading

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Constituents aboard Audacity of Hope challenge Sen. Mark Kirk’s call for US to ‘disable flotilla vessels’

Several weeks ago, Mark Kirk, the Republican senator from Illinois who inherited Barack Obama’s seat with the help of wads of pro-Israel cash, called for the American government to supply special ops forces and “naval support” to Israel to help … Continue reading

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