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Closing Shuhada Street — at Berkeley

Students and community activists at Berkeley shut down a portion of Sproul Plaza to dramatize the fact that Palestinians cannot gain access to a major commercial street of Hebron

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At Berkeley screening of ’5 Broken Cameras,’ StandWithUs brings Israeli army propagandists

Former Israeli soldiers Shai Bernstein and Hen Mazzig, now affiliated with the Israel lobby group StandWithUs, show up at Berkeley screening of ’5 Broken Cameras’ to spout propaganda

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Reflections from a San Francisco protest in solidarity with Gaza

In solidarity with the besieged people of Gaza under their 6th day of bombardment by the Israeli military, Bay Area residents gathered for the second time at the Israeli Consulate in downtown San Francisco.

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Tonight in S.F.: Ziad Abbas on the marginalization of Palestinian refugees within the peace process

On Tuesday, March 20th City College of San Francisco’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine will host Ziad Abbas, co-director of the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

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Ethical Oil?: The Canadian oil industry and the Israel connection

Last month I discovered a piece on Feministing about a recent Canadian ad campaign for Ethical Oil. According to Ethical Oil’s website, the group: Encourages people, businesses and governments to choose Ethical Oil from Canada, its oil sands and other liberal democracies. Unlike … Continue reading

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Palestinian queer activists challenge the ‘pinkwashing’ of the Israeli occupation

On February 16th, 2011 I attended a public forum entitled “Palestinian Queer Activists Talk Politics” in San Francisco’s Mission District. More than 20 groups including the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Jewish Voice for Peace and the Middle East Children’s … Continue reading

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Congressional request for Pollard pardon just another example of putting Israel’s interests first

In one of the United States Congress’ most recent displays of “Israel First” policy, 39 Representatives, all Democrats, have requested that President Obama pardon Jonathan Pollard, an American convicted of spying for the State of Israel in 1987. Pollard is … Continue reading

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Israel gets off scot-free, again

Yesterday the Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli foreign ministry has successfully thwarted an attempted meeting between the signatories of the Geneva Convention which would have convened in Switzerland. According to the article, foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman was motivated to block the … Continue reading

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What is the best way to engage with ideological opponents online?

I tweet about Palestine 95% of the time. The more passionate I tend to get about the subject, the more encounters I seem to have with ardent Zionists. Sometimes I can’t help but respond to their tweets; other times they … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: Israel’s lawyer

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu demanded that the Palestinian Authority recognize Israel as a Jewish state in exchange for Israeli compliance with international law. Shortly after, State Department spokesman Philip Crowley illuminated  the United State’s official position on the proposal, explaining, “We recognize … Continue reading

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The settlements are illegal regardless of whether Israel is recognized as a ‘Jewish state’

In the newest development concerning peace negotiations between Israel and the PA, Netanyahu has offered to partially extend the fake settlement freeze in exchange for recognition of Israel’s Jewish character. In a startling spectacle of rationality, the PA has rejected the offer in … Continue reading

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What Obama hasn’t changed about the peace process

Forgive my cynicism, but you will not see me holding my breath in anticipation of a comprehensive and just conclusion to the Arab-Israeli conflict, not this time around, not even with Mr. Change himself at the helm of negotiations. To … Continue reading

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