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Catholics won’t warm up to Santorum’s pro-war mindset

Santorum, a Catholic, did worse in Catholic counties in Iowa than he did with Evangelicals. And it’s no surprise. Catholics don’t like his pro-war views

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In ‘The American Interest,’ minister’s kid Mead says God favors and protects Israel like he protects the U.S.

Here’s a piece called “The Dreamer goes down for the count,” Walter Russell Mead writing about Obama and Israel in The American Interest. You can safely ignore the first half of this.  But starting at: “The President is now wandering … Continue reading

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Walter Russell Mead says Obama never had the power to deliver freeze on colonies (Why not?)

It looks like the changing public discourse is beginning to affect Walter Russell Mead in the American Interest, but he’s unsure of how far he can go without being “revealed” as an anti-Semite.  He actually says–and this is shocking for … Continue reading

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Our fundamentalists

I read two articles this morning that make an interesting contrast–or, rather, there’s not that much contrast in the mindsets exhibited. 1. At NRO: An Ill Season: The Arab spring unleashes Islamists on Egyptian Christians by Andy McCarthy. 2. At … Continue reading

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The wicked witch of the west went out like this too

My brother forwarded this Krauthammer piece from the Washington Post and commented: I love this part [re El Baradei]: He has lived abroad for decades. He has less of a residency claim to Egypt than Rahm Emanuel has to Chicago. … Continue reading

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Neocon inadvertently lets cat out of bag

This is funny. While engaged in a standard Zionist whine about the media’s unfairness to Israel, D.C. attorney Paul Mirengoff of the neocon blog Powerline lets the cat out of the bag–albeit without elaboration. The piece is called, "Name that … Continue reading

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Bill Bennett & his neocon sidekick say reelecting Obama means the end of Israel

Yesterday on his nationally syndicated Morning in America radio program Bill Bennett interviewed the well known writer on military affairs, Bing West.  West is a former Marine and former Ass’t Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration.  He is also … Continue reading

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Christian Zionists were the sine qua non of the creation of Israel

Re your claim that evangelical Christians were not important in the history of US support for Israel, here’s a key passage from the new book by Geoffrey Wawro: Truman, a staunch supporter of Zionism as a senator, as president, saw … Continue reading

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Polish-Russian experience shows how hard it is to accept an empowered other

Yesterday I did a post on Roger Cohen’s piece that used the Polish air-crash tragedy, and the Russian response to it as evidence that all intractable struggles can be healed–and Israel and Palestine should learn something about giving up historical … Continue reading

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Nozette alleged to have given secrets before

Justin Elliott at TPM has an interesting piece on the latest developments in the Stewart Nozette spying case, that the prosecutor said in court that Nozette had admitted to an FBI agent that he had passed classified info to Israel in the … Continue reading

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‘Israel poses profound espionage threat to U.S.’

While conservative commentators continue to maintain a fairly deafening silence on the Stewart David Nozette spy case, additional information is emerging in the MSM. For starters, Nozette’s appeal to foreign intelligence agencies becomes pretty transparently clear when you take a … Continue reading

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Accused Israeli spy told FBI both his parents were Jewish

Don’t you think it’s a story that essentially NO "conservative" media outlets and blogs think that the arrest of a former NASA scientist for allegedly seeking to sell classified secrets to Israel is a story?  Where’s Drudge on this?  Where … Continue reading

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Does American Jewish political engagement reflect a shtetl outlook?

The Polish shtetl formed Jews as distinct political entity in Eastern Europe. This had an effect on anti-Semitic reaction, and on Jewish political engagement in America?

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