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JNF signs for the road to ethnic cleansing (with apologies to Burma-Shave)

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Rosh Hashanah 5773: Let the man in front of the tank win

Michael Levin uses an iconic image of Art Gish facing down an IDF tank for a Rosh Hashanah card.

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Good posture makes all the difference

At an anti-demolition protest in Susiya [South Hebron], June, 2012.  For more information about Susiya see the blog “Susiya Forever, Stop the demolitions in Susiya” —

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You’ve got to be carefully taught

As the Jewish National Fund gears up for its National Conference on September 18 & 19, it is hustling teens to attend a “Teen Leadership Seminar” to be held as part of the conference. The publicity for the Seminar [see … Continue reading

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A great miracle is happening there

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Hafrada today, hafrada tomorrow, hafrada forever! (Party like it’s 1963)

From the Haaretz article “Netanyahu: Israel needs to separate from the Palestinians“ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu surprised many of the participants in the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday when he embarked on a monologue praising the idea of parting from the … Continue reading

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Three Haiku for the JNF

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Shekels & Sheket: A Dr. Seuss rhyme for the JNF in Al Araqib

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If you will it . . .

To learn more visit

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