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M.J. Rosenberg served as a Senior Foreign Policy Fellow with Media Matters Action Network, and prior to that worked on Capitol Hill for various Democratic members of the House and Senate for 15 years. He was also a Clinton political appointee at USAID. In the early 1980s, he was editor of AIPACs weekly newsletter Near East Report. From 1998-2009, he was director of policy at Israel Policy Forum. You can follow his work at

AIPAC gears up for war with Obama

Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani have spoken. And they are on the same page. But M.J. Rosenberg does not see this process leading anywhere because the Netanyahu government and its lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which released the war video above, are determined to end the process and they have the ability to do it.

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‘It is Zionist to think that American Jews have any connection to Israel’

Jewish college kid beats the crap out of MJ Rosenberg on a bus ride from NY to DC

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How AIPAC works your Congressperson– using donors, rabbis, and Jewish members

MJ Rosenberg explains that AIPAC is pushing the Syria vote not out of concern for chemical weapons — Israel uses them –but for a red line on Iran

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House passes AIPAC’s ‘strangle Iran’ sanctions, 400-20

Nothing pleased the lobby more than having an Iranian president who spouted obscene nonsense about the Holocaust and Israel, all the easier to convince the United States to go to war with him. But Rouhani is trouble. If he is a real moderate, AIPAC won’t get its war.

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Mr. Secretary, you are no Jimmy Carter

What am I missing in John Kerry’s supposed breakthrough? MJ Rosenberg writes. The Palestinians, rightly, will not accept a deal in which they lose access to Jerusalem and give up more of their 22 percent of the land. And as for Kerry, he is unable to shift US policy from We-are-one with Israel status. Jimmy Carter was an advocate for neither side, and he’s the only American president to have achieved a true breakthrough

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The deal: Kerry gets an ‘announcement,’ Netanyahu gets EU to drop sanctions

Kerry is desperate to look good, Netanyahu is desperate to get Europe off his back. So fake peace talks are announced. MJ Rosenberg speculates on what went down.

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Netanyahu says Iran threatens US mainland, and AIPAC and Congress cowboy up for war

The name of Netanyahu and AIPAC’s game is pretending the Iranian election never happened, that everything is the same, and that more sanctions and, when they fail to accomplish Netanyahu’s goals, military action is the only answer.

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Former AIPAC lobbyist assumes weighty mantle (and travel budget) of US Special Envoy on anti-Semitism

MJ Rosenberg on Ira Forman: Why is there a Special Envoy on anti-Semitism? Because the lobby wanted it. And it gets to place its ex-lobbyist in it.

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Obama scared AIPAC into silence, then defeated it

The Hagel nomination reveals the weakness of the Israel lobby; many say its powers are ebbing

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Lobby’s effort to exempt Israel from sequester gets ‘Israel first’-ers into the lexicon

MJ Rosenberg says AIPAC fears that exempting Israel from sequester cuts will create backlash for the country — and it seems to be happening

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The nonexistent ‘Jewish lobby’ sets out to destroy Chuck Hagel

As for the non-Jews and Christian Zionists that are supposedly part of the Israel lobby, that is just silly. Having worked on Capitol Hill for 20 years, I can attest to the fact that the only voices that matter in Washington on this issue come from Jews

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J Street sells its soul, completes evolution to AIPAC lite

In response to the letter from Christian denominations urging that aid to Israel be compliant with U.S. law, J Street has joined Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation league and the half-million a year hacks that run the other Jewish organizations to blast the Christians.

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Career protection and the Israel lobby

Spencer Ackerman is protecting his career when he feeds stupid jokes about the Israel lobby to uberneocon Jeffrey Goldberg

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Dennis Ross’s neutrality shows lobby is with Romney

Editor: MJ Rosenberg posted this news today on his site. Eli Lake, as faithful a transcriber for AIPAC as any in the media (he has plenty of competition) reports that Dennis Ross is staying neutral in the presidential election.  This … Continue reading

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Pro-Israel activists break new ground — an anti-Arab hate video

A new ad encourages Americans who have emigrated to Israel from the United States to work from Israel to counter the effects of voting by Americans who live in the US — Arab-Americans.

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Why I am using ‘Israel firster’ again


M.J. Rosenberg explains why he still insists on using the term “Israel firster,” and why his critics have been especially threatened by it in 2012.

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