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‏Inside, outside, Never Mind

Mohammed Al Nadi’s latest poem ‏Inside, outside, Never Mind.

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Hamas achieves something the peace process could never deliver

On Tuesday October 18, 2011 a prisoner exchange deal was successfully carried out between Hamas and Israel for the first time. Since the capture of Shalit, Israel had been intractably headstrong on negotiating any deal with Hamas, and therefore, many … Continue reading

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The revolution will not be borderized

In the most graceful move in years, Egypt opened its borders yesterday with the Gaza Strip permanently. Not only that, authorities said they would open the border 6 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and that men … Continue reading

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An apology to International Solidarity Movement activists

Dear all ISM activists, I’m awfully sorry for this belated letter; please forgive me. For days, I wasn’t able to write anything. Every time I wanted to write, I felt like there were no words to exactly describe how I … Continue reading

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Vittorio bore his burden to the land of pain

Drawing of Vittorio Arrigoni by his friend Shahd Abu Salama Vittorio, your memory will live on forever  I, as every Palestinian is, am in shock at the human capacity for atrocity. Until this moment, I still can’t believe that Vik … Continue reading

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How I spent March 15 in Gaza

This is how I spent March 15. Over the past few months, revolution in the Middle East has spread like wildfire; all those audacious Arab peoples are revolting against their old despotic regimes, a normal result of long years of … Continue reading

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Gaza Two Years Later: The world has come to recognize our plight

It is odd that tragedies make obscure things more noticeable. For so many years, the tiny coastal belt, the Gaza Strip, being a needle-eye spot on the world’s map, was not present in the mind of the people across the … Continue reading

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What would you do if . . .

Someone had assailed your home, ethnically cleansed its people, annexed its land, exhausted its bounteous resources, and decimated its geographical characteristics? Someone had denied you your inalienable right of defending your home and self, and mendaciously accused you of being … Continue reading

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