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Roger Cohen needs to get over his inhibitions and extend his historical imagination to Palestinians

I had been thinking the same thing about Roger Cohen as in this earlier post here: How can this obviously thoughtful man who writes so beautifully about the fight against oppression in Iran so studiously skirt the real issues in … Continue reading

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Israel said to consider stiff penalties for those supporting BDS

The following note is from a friend: Here’s the crazy news: a new law proposal was submitted yesterday by both "left" (Kadima) and right wing parties, about the boycott against Israel. The law suggest that people who support the boycott … Continue reading

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How can Obama meet Netanyahu after this?

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‘I will not cooperate with any Israeli institution while Palestinians are denied basic human rights’

Two friends of mine, both professors at prestigious universities, have refused to review research proposals for the BSF (United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation), a high level grant-awarding institution, established by the governments of the United States and Israel in 1972, … Continue reading

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