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Nour O. El Borno is an English literature student at the Islamic University of Gaza and a blogger. Follow her work at

In the battle between war and dreams, dreams last longer

Nour O. El Borno writes from Gaza: “I may die tomorrow. I may end the journey of teaching and poetry before it even begins. But until that happens, I will gladly dream. I will gladly hold my pen and paper in the middle of the dark and write a poem about hope, about a future, about a dream. Because if the soul perishes, the memory may last a little bit longer. The dream will definitely pass on from a generation to another.”

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Dreaming in Gaza

Nour El Bourno dreams a dream of peace in Gaza. “There is no safe place in Gaza. We wake up like any American does, we wash our faces like any French does, we eat our breakfast like any Chinese does. However, we do not enjoy the silence of the mornings like they do. There is always a drone buzzing in our heads, there is always an ambulance siren rushing to rescue an injured or take a chopped to pieces body to the morgue.”

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Palestine wishes you a happy new year

Nour O. El Borno recalls new year in 2009 as Israel bombarded Gaza during Operation Cast Lead and wonders if 2013 will only bring more Israeli violence.

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