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Pamela Olson is the author of Fast Times in Palestine. She blogs here.

Busting the siege, American style

A fabulous party Tuesday night in Brooklyn was the latest in a series of nation-wide fundraisers to send an American boat to break the siege of Gaza. The Siege Busters’ Ball featured hours of eclectic performances, connections, conversations, and shoulder-shaking … Continue reading

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Tomorrow – Siege Busters Ball to benefit the US boat to Gaza

Come one, come all to THE SIEGE BUSTERS BALL! A dance on International Day of Peace for the US BOAT TO GAZA CAMPAIGN Tickets $20-$40 – Purchase now at the Littlefield website All proceeds will go to support the US … Continue reading

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Settlement boycott starts to bite

Haaretz today notes that the settlers are becoming apoplectic because the Palestinians won’t stop boycotting settler goods, despite explicit requests by the Israelis that they do so. The article lists several settlement companies that are targeted: "Shamir Salads, Kobi Burekas, … Continue reading

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First Hollywood film with Palestinian-American lead comes to NY (Please help)

"Salt of the Sea," an excellent Palestinian film with rare Hollywood power behind it — the first ever with a Palestinian-American lead — is opening in New York this weekend.  It’s the story of a Palestinian woman from Brooklyn who … Continue reading

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Less than two months ago, I was at a hastily-organized report-back from survivors of Israel’s attack on the Mavi Marmara when someone, almost as an afterthought, suggested that an American boat should go to Gaza with the next Flotilla, proudly … Continue reading

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TIAA-CREF is the most ambitious divestment campaign yet

On July 9, 2004, the International Court of Justice found Israel’s Wall built on occupied Palestinian land to be illegal under international law. Israel disregarded the Court’s decision and continued to build wherever it pleased. It was one of Israel’s … Continue reading

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Dithering is the last refuge of the apologist

A few weeks ago, I came across an opinion article in the New York Times called “Chosen, but Not Special” by Michael Chabon. It didn’t lie outright, like Charles Krauthammer blithely stating that there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza … Continue reading

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The nighttime attack on the chocolate flotilla

An overview of the flotilla initiative, the raid and its consequences, by Pamela Olson: A flotilla of six ships carrying nearly 700 people from 40 countries set sail for Gaza last month to challenge the siege on the Gaza Strip … Continue reading

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Protest in New York, and celebration

On May 31, the day after Israel’s bloody and unconscionable raid against civilian aid volunteers in international waters, around 1,000 people gathered in Times Square to protest. The next day, June 1, the same number showed up to protest again, … Continue reading

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Karon says things will break faster than you think

From Pamela Olson’s blog, Fast Times in Palestine: South African [-American] Jewish journalist named Tony Karon, who supported the Gaza Freedom March, recently posted this encouraging message on Facebook: “In South Africa in 1988, if you’d asked any of us … Continue reading

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In Bi’lin we carried a wooden coffin called ‘International law’

Pamela Olson, who is working on a book called Fast Times in Palestine, is back in Oklahoma after a year or so visiting the occupied territories. She filed a long post on her last days in the West Bank. She … Continue reading

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