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What do Palestinians want?? 2/3 say Rockets must stop. 3/5 say Hamas should recognize Israel

Sky Redoubt writes: This is rather interesting: I am translating more or less verbatim from a lefty blog in Hebrew. A post from 01/28/09 by Eyal Niv entitled “What do the Palestinians Want?”. What do the Palestinians want? It’s best…
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Tale of a family split between Israel and Gaza, and now dismembered

Sky Redoubt translates this heartbreaking passage from Haaretz Hebrew edition (more or less literal, abridged): Galit Popok [female] was married to Rama Kadara, a Palestinian from Gaza, and lived with him and their 6 children in Natzrat Elit [a mostly…
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Lullaby for Israeli pilots–Numu numu

Watch this. It is a beautiful video called Numu Numu, an Israeli lullaby, set to pictures of Israeli might and Palestinian destruction. Found on a blog of Hadash supporters (an Arab-Jewish party), it is old but perfect for now. The…
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To explain Hamas rockets, Haaretz describes ethnic cleansing of Majdl (Ashkelon) in 1953!!

Skyredoubt translated portions of a piece in Hebrew by Benny Tziper, in Haaretz, only Haaretz, and posted it on his flickr site. [...]A nice man was there at the entrance to the museum, an invalid of IDF from the Yom…
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the Holocaust belongs to humanity

At the emergency demonstration in NY yesterday… photos by Sky Redoubt
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A little hope: a Golanchik marvels at his former commander’s transformation re Gaza

As I have to remind myself and readers, I’ve spent all of 10 days in Israel, and sometimes dehumanize the Israeli experience. Here’s a note from someone who’s spent more time on-the-ground, my friend Peter Drubetskoy, a veteran of the…
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Another Drubetskoy picture from his picture a week thing. To me this one is about the comedy of history. It’s a deeply ironical foto of the museum/ warehouse of history, with all its glorious phases locked away forever like bric-a-brac,…
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