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Peter Voskamp is a freelance writer based in Washington DC. His work has appeared in Rolling, Texas, the Providence Phoenix, TheWrap and Yankee magazine, among other publications. He also served as editor of the Block Island Times for many years, in between playing drums for the Booze Beggars and chairing the shellfish commission.

‘Reincarnated war hawk’ Samantha Power presses case for Syria attack to Beltway liberals

Samantha Power, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, told an audience at the Center for American Progress in Washington Friday that there is “no risk-free door #2” in regard to Syria.

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In confab over ‘Jewish democracy,’ Goldberg says the U.S. has plenty of ‘schmucks’ and ‘fascists’ too

Haaretz columnist Ari Shavit went on an extreme riff about the Arab Spring at a historic synagogue in Washington the other night — then stated that he spoke not as an Israeli Jewish Zionist but as a human being. Do you believe him? Peter Voskamp reports

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In electric atmosphere, Medea Benjamin takes over the president’s speech

Peter Voskamp reports from Obama’s speech yesterday: Medea Benjamin’s tactics during Obama’s drone speech yesterday provided a riveting exchange, with Obama saying, “That woman is worth paying attention to.” And the exchange could not have come at a better time on a more crucial set of issues: a president’s power to kill or indefinitely detain without due process. As it happened, Obama’s chief of staff was sitting directly behind me inside the National Defense University, and I couldn’t help but catch some of his reaction. Not only did he seem unfazed, he even wondered aloud if he should call off the encroaching security guards.

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The NDAA — we are all Josef K now

A transpartisan forum in D.C. denounces the National Defense Authorization Act– ‘the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime,’ says Naomi Wolf

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Walt & Mearsheimer & Franzen

I finally got around to reading Jonathan Franzen’s much-heralded novel, “Freedom.” At nearly 600 pages, it kept me engaged enough to finish, but I wonder what my impressions would have been had there not been so much hype surrounding the … Continue reading

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Brooke Gladstone is hip

Saw your post about Keller retiring and Brooke Gladstone interviewing him and Abramson. I share your outrage. I write though to relate to you a great line from Gladstone I heard on an NPR interview a few weeks ago. She … Continue reading

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Praise for Obama

There is an old adage in journalism that says if both sides are mad at you, then you’ve done your job. FOX and Drudge are foaming at the mouth, accusing Obama of capitulating to terrorist demands (though Clinton and W. … Continue reading

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Outside the White House, amid the glory of the assassinator

Twelve hours after the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s demise, things were getting back to normal outside the White House. Normal meaning aswirl with tourists and a sprinkling of activists. Well-dressed government workers (identifiable by official laminates) strolled by during … Continue reading

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A senile ‘fixation’

The unexpected French success of “Indignez vous!” (or “Cry Out”), the 30-page call to non-violent arms by 93-year-old Stephane Hessel — former member of the French Resistance, concentration camp survivor and diplomat — has been met with mild wonder. After … Continue reading

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My pacifist lament

One morning not long ago our tiny apartment began to shudder as if an earthquake were descending from above. My 14-month-old daughter scurried about, frightened and confused. Mom and dad looked on helplessly as the noise rattled our innards. It … Continue reading

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US position on flotilla is compromised by its love of drones

I wonder if this is an Aquino moment for Israel. In 1983, Filipino strongman Ferdinand Marcos ordered opposition leader Nino Aquino dragged from the plane and executed upon his return from exile. It was illustrative of how Marcos, forever coddled … Continue reading

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Remember, the Times won a Pulitzer for being on the right side (unh– our side) of Hiroshima radiation sickness

The controversy about Ethan Bronner and his son goes deeper than the New York Times’ coverage of the Middle East. I accept the argument that Bronner’s reporting is likely to be affected by those he lives and works with on … Continue reading

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High-ranking Israeli officer: we targeted Gazans without weapons

Bombshell in the Independent, in England, supporting Goldstone’s charge that civilians were deliberately targeted: A high-ranking officer has acknowledged for the first time that the Israeli army went beyond its previous rules of engagement on the protection of civilian lives … Continue reading

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Mitchell overcame serious doubts before

Regarding George Mitchell’s predicted failure… They’re all probably right. However, I just received the latest Alumni mag from Colby College, and felt a degree of pride for my old alma mater. Mitchell (actually a native of Waterville, Maine, where Colby … Continue reading

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