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Stunning photos of woman demonstrator slammed to sidewalk by water cannon, at Qalandiya checkpoint


From Selma to Qalandiya– water cannons used against peaceful demonstrators

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New additions to the Mondoweiss comments policy

We are adding two new rules to our comments policy: No Holocaust or Nakba denial, and we’re not interested in turning the site into a forum for discussing different versions of the 9/11 attacks.

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Happy New Year

Here’s a mental health break going into 2012. Thanks again everyone for a great year and we’ll see you soon.

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Thank you!


We are excited, humbled and relieved to say that we’ve reached our goal of raising $40,000 in the month of December. Thank you. We know these are extremely difficult economic times for many of us, which makes this show of … Continue reading

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We’ve almost reached our fundraising goal– please kick in! fundraiser seeking $40,000 is ending in four days. A last appeal to our generous readers for help

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We’ve almost reached our fundraising goal–please kick in!


The Mondoweiss fundraiser ends in four days, and we’re close. Help us reach our $40,000 goal, and receive a copy of Joe Sacco’s Footnotes in Gaza (above) with a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more.

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Keep Mondoweiss going strong — make a donation today


Thank you! With your help Mondoweiss has grown a lot over the past 5 years. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year.

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Welcome Annie Robbins as Writer at Large

Annie Robbins has long worked at this site, now takes a public role, Writer at Large

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Brave ‘NYT’ describes Israel’s efforts to ‘pinkwash’ occupation

‘NYT’ Op-Ed criticizes “pinkwashing” – the co-opting of white gay people by anti-immigrant & anti-Muslim political forces in Europe & Israel.

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Welcome to Mondoweiss’s first staffers: Allison Deger and Alex Kane


Announcing Mondoweiss’s first staffers: Allison Deger is joining us as assistant editor, and Alex Kane will be our first staff reporter.

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Welcome to the new Mondoweiss

As you’ve surely noticed things are looking very different around here. We have been working on redesigning the site since the end of the summer, and we’re excited about Mondoweiss 3.0. To us it signifies the continuing evolution of the … Continue reading

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Five Republican congressmen take Christian Zionist solidarity tour of settlements

From the Arutz Sheva article “Congressmen with ‘Judeo-Christian Spirit’ Tour Heartland“: On November 9, five US Congressmen ventured into otherwise uncharted territory, at least by the standards of traditional diplomatic delegations to Israel. A strong affinity to Israel and genuine … Continue reading

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Goldstone sugarcoats persecution to try to save Israel

Richard Goldstone’s op-ed in the Times today saying that it is “slander” to say that Israel practices “apartheid” is shocking at a number of levels. It is shocking that the eminent judge, who damaged his international reputation last spring by … Continue reading

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Campaign to end military aid to Israel enters NY, underground

The Jerusalem Post is covering the 25 ads in the New York subway system from the “Be On Our Side” campaign, against military funding to Israel. Reporter Jordana Horn: The 25 posters in 18 Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Bronx subway … Continue reading

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We’re hiring a part-time Editorial Assistant

Our successful fundraiser has brought us to a new milestone in the life of this site: We are searching for a part time Editorial Assistant. The position is three days a week and will combine editorial and administrative tasks along … Continue reading

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Here she comes to save the brand

“Despite the horrible hurricane, a life must go on. Planning a wonderful trip to Israel!” Martha Stewart’s tweet. Haaretz says it could be soon. The Israeli Ministry of Tourism is organizing and funding the trip as part of a push … Continue reading

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How would you redesign our comment section?

We’re thinking of redesigning this site and we want your help. We plan on making the site easier to navigate, so that a reader can more easily sort out the content– right now it’s a little like a firehose — … Continue reading

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Thanks for making our fund-drive successful!

What a day! Our fundraising drive is over and successful, and we want to offer deep gratitude to our readers. We reached our goal of $40,000 (including a matching grant of $10,000 from an anonymous friend) in just under a … Continue reading

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Almost there! Help us reach our fundraising goal with a 2-for-1 donation match

Thank you! We’re already more than three-quarters to our goal of raising $40,000. That money will help us hire a part time editorial assistant and put the site on far more solid footing. Towards this end, we are excited to … Continue reading

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Help Mondoweiss stay afloat with a voluntary subscription

Everyone who subscribes will get a sustainer star beside his or her handle on comments. We will continue to enhance site features.

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Site news: Introducing Mondoweiss’s new home

We have great news: As of today Mondoweiss is a project of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change. CERSC is a great fit for us because the Center is fearlessly dedicated to ideas that are outside the mainstream. … Continue reading

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Huh– Yale to close anti-Semitism shop

A year back we did a few posts on the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism. Well my friend Abe Foxman informs that Yale is shutting the initiative down. No funding? And Jeffrey Goldberg, whose concern about anti-Semitism … Continue reading

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Two upcoming Goldstone events in Chicago & the Bay Area

We have two speaking events coming up in Chicago and Oakland in connection with our book The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict. The first one is tomorrow evening in Chicago, and we’re very … Continue reading

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Activist Vittorio Arrigoni’s body said to be found in Gaza

Terrible news. Hamas authorities have found the body of activist Vittorio Arrigoni, 36, inside a house in the Gaza Strip, the BBC is reporting. The International Solidarity Movement member was abducted early on Thursday. BBC: Hamas police reportedly found his … Continue reading

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Anthony Weiner, Brian Baird and Roger Cohen debate the Goldstone Report on March 3rd in NYC

If you are in the New York Area please join us for what is sure to be an interesting event to promote our new book The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict. It’s free, … Continue reading

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