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Chris Matthews gives Adelson and the lobby a pass

Chris Matthews’s claim that Cheney invaded Iraq for his oil interests would be more persuasive if he would identify Sheldon Adelson, the Republican Party’s largest giver, as having an overriding interest in Israel. But Chris won’t go there. Time Magazine will.

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‘Poof’ — Kerry blames Israel for breakdown of talks (Updated)

This is all over the wires, and it might be historic. John Kerry, Secretary of State, blamed the Israelis for the breakdown of peace talks during a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday. Israel failed to release prisoners on time according to a deal it had with Palestinians, then announced 700 settlement units– “poof!”– causing the latest breakdown in the talks, Kerry said.

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Outspoken Rahm Emanuel goes off-the-record when asked about Israel

Why did Isaac Chotiner of the New Republic allow Rahm Emanuel to go off the record when he asked him about Israel and the U.S.? He should have told him to share his insights with his readers, or tell him why he couldn’t.

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Because Rep. Jones voted ‘present’ on Israel aid, lobby group runs attack ad with burning flag

The Emergency Committee for Israel is at it again– they want to evict Rep Walter Jones (Republican from N.C.) from the House because he voted present on an Israel aid resolution

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Friedman says Iran’s friends include BDS and Jews in Open Hillel movement

Tom Friedman says that the BDS movement and some Jews in US Hillel’s are making Iran happy because they want to delegitimize the idea of the two state solution, and a Jewish state. But if it’s such a great idea, why hasn’t Partition worked? And why don’t liberal Zionists want to live in the country they dream about?

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When Anja Niedringhaus went to Gaza

Anja Niedringhaus, who was killed in Afghanistan on April 4, took the most important picture of the Gaza slaughter in 2008-2009. Her big soul is evident in her portrait of three griefstricken Gaza schoolboys who lost their deskmates.

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Adelson would install Netanyahu in the White House if he had his druthers — Avnery

Sheldon Adelson has Israeli bodyguards, and would install Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House if he had his druthers, says Uri Avnery, the leftwing Israeli columnist

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US is ‘absolutely adamant’ that Palestine not go to ICC and wreck the peace process — Power

US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power has a monthly meeting with the Israelis where they look out on the “sea” of international bodies, and threats to Israeli legitimacy.

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‘NYT’ readers who objected to calling Abbas ‘defiant’ have a point, public editor rules

NYT public editor Margaret Sullivan says that readers who objected to Times unfairly blaming the Palestinians for the latest impasse in negotiations have a point.

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No thanks for Zionist ‘chaperones’ –Wesleyan declares itself an Open Hillel

Wesleyan Jewish students declare: We reject the idea implicit in Hillel’s guidelines that Jewish plurality gives way to Zionist unanimity, and are acutely aware that many individuals have formed robust, meaningful Jewish identities that do not comport with traditional Zionist ideas.

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Ultra-Zionists push back as Jewish establishment tacks toward center

Fractures in the lobby: First Dershowitz was boo’ed by ultra Zionists in Philadelphia. Now liberal Zionist Ethan Bronner gets criticized in a NY synagogue and an ultra-Zionist attacks Washington U’s Hillel for hosting Breaking the Silence.

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Oren says Pollard ‘sacrificed himself for the Jewish people’

Michael Oren has put a question mark after the patriotism of American Jews by saying that the spy Jonathan Pollard, who gave US secrets to Israel, is hero for Jews.

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From Portland to Portland, and Amman to Lahore, ‘NYT’ letter-writers are sharper than ‘NYT’ writers

Was Palestinian president Abbas really “defiant”, as the New York Times asserted yesterday? In a brilliant series of letters, Times readers criticize the paper for its framing, and get at the root causes of the ongoing conflict.

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‘The Shondes’ singer Louisa Solomon endorsed BDS, so– DC JCC cancels her band’s gig

Brooklyn rock group The Shondes, whose critically-acclaimed 2013 album “The Garden” was praised by mainstream and Jewish press alike, were scheduled to headline the Washington Jewish Music Festival on June 2, but the DC Jewish Community Center (DC JCC) has now reneged on their invitation, citing lead singer Louisa Solomon’s past comments on Israel, specifically her support for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement.

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In Philly, rightwing Zionists call Dershowitz anti-Semitic for opposing settlements

Matt Berkman says attacks on Alan Dershowitz last week by the rightwing donor base of the pro-Israel community show that the left side of Jewish life is leaving Israel support entirely, while the right side grows ever more intolerant and extreme

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Boteach posts censored videotape of Columbia debate

‘Love prophet on loan to Israel,’ rightwing rabbi Shmuley Boteach gets a lot of money from Kevin Bermeister, who wants Israel to take over all Jerusalem and build an airport in the West Bank

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Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv

Pollard should be set free on humanitarian grounds. 29 years is enough. But Tel Aviv needs to account for the damage it did to the United States by manipulating a young man with drug troubles to spy on his country

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Reports: Abbas faults Israel for ‘procrastinating,’ says Palestine will move to join int’l organizations

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is delivering a speech at PLO headquarters. Reports are that the Jonathan Pollard deal is a non-starter and Abbas faults Israel for dragging its feet and so Palestine will move to join 15 int’l organizations

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Pollard was in it for money, and sold so many dox Cap Weinberger wanted the death penalty

Jonathan Pollard was in it for the money and sold the Israelis so many documents — enough to fill a 6X6X10 foot room — they had to install two high-speed copiers, says M.E. Bowman, former intelligence investigator, who recommended life sentence to then DefSec Weinberger, who wanted death sentence

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‘NYT’ editorial writer savages Republicans for ‘pro-Israel, philo-Semitic’ curtseys to Adelson

How come the Daily Show and the NYT can say what the New Yorker can’t– that Sheldon Adelson is a Zionist billionaire trying to control Republican positions on Israel?

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Boteach stops reporter from videotaping Columbia University debate

Shmuley Boteach promoted his book on Kosher Lust last night at a Columbia debate about Israel and then stopped a reporter from video’ing the event. But his own organization was video’ing the event.

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‘New Yorker’ satirist Borowitz won’t touch Adelson’s Israel agenda with a barge pole

Andy Borowitz in The New Yorker lampoons Sheldon Adelson for buying Romney and Gingrich and trying to buy more Republicans but says not a word about Adelson’s chief interest: supporting Israel.

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Cutting thru hysteria over divestment, ‘Forward’ quotes Jews in favor

Proponents of divestment at University of Michigan have been portrayed as threatening and violent. Even the Forward steps up to dispel this hysteria, in a piece saying divestment may have won by losing, galvanizing the campus in a critical discussion.

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Wait, did a ‘Washington Post’ columnist just call Netanyahu a bad guy?

The Washington Post continues to carry water for Israelis by characterizing the Israeli demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state –thereby trashing the rights of 20 percent of the Israeli population and legitimizing the Nakba as a just episode– as an impediment to peace equivalent to building settlements

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A British Jew warns US Jewish orgs to heed rapidly-shifting world opinion

BDS is winning, says a British Jew. And: How can any normal person not be pro-Palestinian? How can any American not be outraged at what they funded, supported and received hatred for?

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