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Ben White begins North American speaking tour in the face of opposition

Ben White Begins U.S. & Canada Speaking Tour Nov. 11-25, despite opposition from the Daily News

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CUFI: Keep Israel the focus of US elections

Today, Christians United for Israel sent out an email from John Hagee and David Brog asking supporters to advocate keeping the focus on Israel during the 2012 Presidential election season.

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Israel on human rights: It’s accountability for Palestinians but ‘diplomatic terror’ for Israel

Two ironic stories over the weekend: The Israeli government demands that EU aid to Palestinians be conditioned on supporting human rights while at the same time calling a UN investigation into the settlements “diplomatic terror”

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‘Christ at the Checkpoint’ conference brings Evangelical leaders to Bethlehem

From March 5 – 9, 2012 the Bethlehem Bible College will be hosting it’s second “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference.

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Netanyahu’s party platform ‘flatly rejects’ establishment of Palestinian state

The recent Palestinian UN bid and this weeks Palestinian acceptance to UNESCO has once again put the “Peace Process” front and center. Listening to Netanyahu and the U.S. Administration, getting the Israelis and Palestinians “back to the negotiating table” is … Continue reading

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