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Rae Abileah is a social change strategist and member of Jewish Voice for Peace who participated in the 21st Presbyterian General Assembly ( She is a Jewish-American of Israeli descent and lives in California. This month she traveled to Israel/Palestine to co-lead the 50th Interfaith Peace Builders delegation ( She can be reached at rae [at] and @raeabileah.

‘Presbyterians please divest!’ Palestinian artists urge in paintings on wall

Young artists from Aida refugee camp in Palestine have painted messages to the Presbyterian church’s general assembly in Detroit on Israel’s separation wall: “Freedom is a Human Right! Presbyterian Church Please DIVEST!”

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The audacity of our ancestors

Rae Abileah writes about her great-uncle, the Israeli pacifist Joseph Abileah.

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SFO Jewish Library (you read that right– library) cancels panel on Jewish activism because participant supports boycott

Censored in S.F.: A Jewish library–that’s right, a library–cancels event because a critic of Israel was to speak. The event loses its venue

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Meanwhile in Nabi Saleh: Reflections on the physical and legal assault on nonviolent protesters

From the chambers of Congress to the shores of the Mediterranean, non-violent protesters are rising up against the Israeli occupation. And while the action I took to disrupt Netanyahu in Congress one month ago and the CODEPINK delegation preparing to sail to Gaza … Continue reading

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Why did I disrupt?

Do you know that our Congress gave 29 standing ovations to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he spoke in the Capital on Tuesday, May 24? I couldn’t watch this hero’s welcome for a man who supports the continued building … Continue reading

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Why I’m going to ‘Move Over AIPAC’

One year ago this week, on April 14, 2010, I was pulling a bleary-eyed all-nighter at the heated divestment on the UC Berkeley campus about divestment from US corporations profiting from the Israeli occupation.  I was there to testify in … Continue reading

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Bed, Bath and…Settlements?!

Last Wednesday, March 30, was The Palestinian Land Day, which marked the murder of six unarmed Palestinian protesters in 1976, and the Palestinian Boycott National Committee called for boycott actions around the world to commemorate this day.   West Coast activist … Continue reading

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This Hanukkah, help shatter the ‘Israel barrier’

The recently released Wikileaks diplomatic cables reveal that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu posited the Goldstone Report and a nuclear Iran as the main existential threats to his country, but the real existential threat to Israel is its own policies. On … Continue reading

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Jewish Values vs. Israeli Policies: Why five young Jews disrupted PM Netanyahu in New Orleans

Being young and Jewish and realizing what Israel’s occupation is really like, contrary to what we may have been taught in our religious schools or high school trips to the holy land, can be a lonely journey. It can be … Continue reading

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Why I’m fasting on Tisha B’av

Today is Tisha B’av, the ninth of the Jewish month of Av, a day when Jews traditionally remember the destruction of the Temples and other tragedies of our history by fasting and reading from the Book of Lamentations, culminating a … Continue reading

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Showdown for Human Rights in Berkeley

A former IDF soldier is speaking out in opposition to the occupation of Palestine. An 85-year old Holocaust survivor testifies to the peril of waiting to make a decision rather than saving lives now by stopping war machines. A queer … Continue reading

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CODEPINK activists disrupt Netanyahu (and use the AIPAC director’s table to do it)

This week almost 8,000 people from all 50 states are in DC lobby for violence and to incite suffering and warfare. No, it’s not the NRA. It’s the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual policy conference, which this … Continue reading

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Choosing the Chanukah Miracle: On Olive Oil and Occupation

In the small town where I grew up, we were one of only a tiny handful of Jewish families. Every year of high school my mom would cook up hundreds of latkes for me to bring to school to give … Continue reading

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