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Reuven Kaminer, writer and political analyst, is a veteran activist in the Israeli peace movement and the left. Over the years, he has been a founding member of various important protest formations such as SIAH (The New Israeli Left), The Israeli Committee for Solidarity with Bir Zeit University, the Committee against the War in Lebanon and "Dai L'kibush" [End the Occupation]. Reuven Kaminer, along with the late Eliezer Feiler, Yael Lotan and Latif Dori was one of the defendants in a historical court case during 1987-1990 when the four were tried for having met with the PLO in Romania. Kaminer blogs at:

Israeli-Palestinian peace has effectively been removed from the international diplomatic agenda

There are three main developments which have effectively removed the Palestinian issue from the international diplomatic and political arena: a) The hardening structure of Israeli politics; b) The weakened state of US hegemony in the Middle East; 3) The growing turmoil in the Arab world.

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