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Jazz reviewer pulls glowing review of my album so as to ‘stand with Israel’

Jazz reviewer saw Rich Siegel’s “Way to Peace” album as a “stellar” achievement. Then he pulled the review because of Siegel’s anti-Zionist politics

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A NJ town throws its weight behind the settlement project

This letter to Jaime Cannici, editor, Teaneck Suburbanite appears in the editorial section of the current issue. To the Editor: It was brought to my attention that Teaneck has a “twin town” relationship with Orthodox Jewish West Bank settlement Beit … Continue reading

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N.Y. musicians’ union shuts down debate over Israel/Palestine

Rich Siegel has been a member of Local 802, Associated Musicians of Greater New York, for 25 years, and lately resigned. Below, his explanation, followed by his letter of resignation to the president of the union as well as to … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist show in Rochester is back on, though not in original church venue

Yesterday we ran musician Rich Siegel’s report that a gig he was doing at a church in Rochester, NY, with Gilad Atzmon, like Siegel an anti-Zionist, got cancelled because of political pressure, including from a local temple, B’rith Kodesh. Some … Continue reading

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‘Zio-pressure’ reportedly scotches anti-Zionist musicians’ church gig in Rochester, N.Y.

Rich Siegel is a New Jersey musician whom we wrote about a few weeks back in connection with being harassed for his bumperstickers. He sends along the following report. I’m leaving out some of the phone numbers because… well, the … Continue reading

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Teaneck harassment case ends with apology & forgiveness & Ilan Pappe

Yesterday we reported that a leader in the U.S. arm of the settler movement was going to trial in Teaneck today for allegedly tailgating/harassing another New Jersey man who sported pro-Palestinian bumper stickers on his car. Well Bernie Thau, the … Continue reading

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