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March of the Flags


Sahar Vardi, pictured above preventing the arrest of a Palestinian boy during the Jerusalem Day parade, explains the meaning of the parade and the single most threatening symbol to the marchers — a Palestinian flag. (Photo: Haim Schwarczenberg)

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Gabe Schivone and the new hyphenated-Jewish identity

The Jerusalem Post recently charged that a human rights activist who participated in the siege-busting Gaza Flotilla was falsely claiming to be Jewish. Given the high stakes over criticism of Israeli policy and the Flotilla in particular, such unsubstantiated charges … Continue reading

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Israeli refusers follow South African footsteps in the struggle against apartheid

Shministim are conscientious objectors. We are Israeli high-school graduates who refuse conscription into the military, and are repeatedly imprisoned as a result. We will not take part of the occupation of another people, the Palestinians, particularly when doing so goes … Continue reading

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