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Sasha Gelzin is a student organiser and member of the Students for Justice in Palestine - National steering committee.

Third national ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ conference aims to build on victories of the past year

In October, students will for the 3rd NSJP conference at Stanford University. Titled ‘From Margin to Center: ‘Connecting Struggles, Forging a National Movement,’ this year’s conference will create the space for hundreds of students to share organising skills, learn about the issues and history of Palestinian communities, draw connections to other indigenous and anti-racist struggles, and facilitate critical discussions on solidarity and accountability.

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In pictures: Hundreds join ‘Expose AIPAC’ to protest AIPAC Policy Conference

Yesterday more than 200 people gathered to protest in front of the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC.

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Making Herstory: Revolutionary Egyptian women speak

A new video project focused on Egyptian women activists captures the narrative of change in Egypt and gives spectacular insight into how “ordinary” women make revolutionary choices for themselves and their families.

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Majd Kayyal on Gaza flotilla: I’m sailing to Gaza because the Palestinian cause is part of the global struggle against racism

In a surprise announcement yesterday, activists announced that two boats were en route from Turkey to break the blockade of Gaza. This latest initiative, dubbed the ‘Freedom Waves to Gaza’, is the 11th mission to sail across the Mediterranean in a campaign to … Continue reading

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Protest encampments take root in Washington D.C.

American Autumn has arrived; the encampment in NY that began on September 17th has spread to dozens of cities across the United States. In the nation’s capital, two occupations of public squares have started five blocks apart; Occupy DC and … Continue reading

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In Gaza, fishermen are under constant attack for trying to make a living

Today, the Oliva, a monitoring boat manned by the Civil Peace Service Gaza project, accompanied three hasaka boats (the size of small rowboats) and one trawler as they attempted to fish. The Israeli naval boats relentlessly pursued the Oliva, until … Continue reading

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Although attention is focused on New York, the real struggle for Palestinian rights is playing out on the ground

While the PA’s Statehood bid dominates the media and public attention, those involved in the true movement for Palestinian rights continue to be overlooked. One such organizer is Bassem Tamimi from Nabi Saleh. Although he has been jailed since March, the … Continue reading

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