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I became involved in the issue of Israel's occupation of Palestinian in 2004 when I was invited to visit the West Bank with Women of a Certain Age. The experience turned me into an activist for Palestinian rights. In May 2009 I visited Gaza with a delegation of 13 people, Philip Weiss being one of them. That brought me to mondoweiss. The trip raised my outrage and passion to tell anyone who will listen (and some who'd rather not) about what I saw...which was devastation and an attempt to destroy the people of Gaza through the siege, constant harassment by the IDF and the Dec.-Jan. invasion and bombardment.

In NY harbor, Ahmet Dogan tells the wrenching story of the murder of his son, freedom rider Furkan Dogan

Wednesday evening, May 25 was the perfect evening for a boat trip….calm waters, a slight breeze, a star-filled sky, the twinkling lights of New York, excellent food, Jamaican music… Jamaican music? That’s hardly Middle Eastern, especially when your boat trip … Continue reading

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Let the world see….’A Child’s View from Gaza’

We posted this video of children’s drawings a week ago, but it deserves a repeat performance: The new year has arrived, 2011. Please let it be better than 2008-2009-2020; let it be better for Gaza. For Gaza I wish a … Continue reading

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Next time I’ll get into Gaza– I’ll find a friend in Congress

Susan Johnson has failed to get into Gaza from Egypt. She is on her way home to Doylestown, Pa. This is her last dispatch from Cairo. And here I sit in my cheap little hotel, my last hours here…..In the … Continue reading

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In my Cairo hotel, I meet a family that is desperate to get to Gaza

Mondoweiss correspondent Susan Johnson of Doylestown, Pa., has been stuck in Cairo, trying to get into Gaza, where two organizations have requested her services. Her latest report. Here I sit in my cheap little Cairo hotel…people coming and going, some … Continue reading

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No answer at the Egyptian office for Palestinian affairs

We’ve run a few posts from Susan Johnson, a Pennsylvania grandmother who was invited to Gaza by two groups and has not been able to get in. Her latest, from Cairo: I know it’s a Friday because there were Friday … Continue reading

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a bit of luck….but little progress

……and here I sit in Cairo, in my cheap little hotel. It’s getting scary, when I return from embassy visits, wandering around my neighborhood, a trip to the bakery…I run, well quickly walk, up the steps, hop on the little … Continue reading

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Trying to enter Gaza– and my embassy gives me an appointment in 10 days

Susan Johnson of Doylestown, PA, has been invited to Gaza by two organizations seeking her assistance. She’s still waiting in Egypt. …..and I continue to sit in Cairo, in the heat, in my cheap hotel…which has proved to be a … Continue reading

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Stuck inside of Cairo with the Gaza blues again

Susan Johnson is a Doylestown, Pa., grandmother with two volunteer gigs in Gaza waiting for her. She’s written about her big trip earlier this summer. And here I sit in Cairo, exhausted and disappointed. I have been denied entrance to … Continue reading

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A Pennsylvania woman bound for Gaza turns to Congress

Traveling to Gaza is a frustrating process. I’m trying to get things right before I leave in two weeks, but tracking down the official rules and regulations is not easy matter. If I had a dollar for every minute I’ve … Continue reading

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I’m going back to Gaza

The night before my group departed from Gaza in June 2009, I talked about not being ready to leave. And I wasn’t. It took me another two months after I got back to pull out of my "Gaza Haze" and … Continue reading

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Angry in Ames

Susan Johnson just completed a roadtrip through Illinois and Iowa talking about Gaza. Some more of her notes: Des Moines. People were very concerned about condition of children, especially children’s trauma. Wanted to know what was and could be done … Continue reading

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Sheldon tries to monopolize the conversation

My Gaza talk Thursday night was in the Des Moines Valley Friends Meeting, with 30-40 people. Some in the audience had been to Gaza in the late 90′s and also to the West Bank. They were better informed about issue … Continue reading

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I told my congressman, ‘keep the child’s picture in your desk and look at it the next time there’s a vote on Gaza’

Susan Johnson blogs under the name above. She visited Gaza last May-June and was finally able to get a meeting with her congressman, a PA Democrat who was not present for the recent vote condemning the Goldstone Report. Johnson wishes … Continue reading

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