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Hundreds of Ohioans say our gov’t is on the ‘wrong side of history and humanity’

Hundreds gathered at the Ohio Statehouse on Sunday Aug 17th to protest US aid to Israel. Said Ben Stockwell of the Cincinnati International Socialist Organization, When Gazans aren’t fleeing missiles, they are living without adequate water, food, shelter, medical care and basic human rights. “To be silent in the face of such atrocities is to be on the wrong side of history and humanity.”

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Dwight Howard should be thanked for showing the price of standing up for Palestine — Zirin

Former NBA basketball player Etan Thomas tweeted #FreePalestine, but current NBA star Dwight Howard took his tweet down. Dave Zirin of the Nation honors both

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‘Utter solidarity with Palestine’ — Dave Zirin says at DC soccer talk

“Soccer can also be a tremendous source of struggle, inspiration, and sustenance,” Dave Zirin says of Palestinian devotion to the game, in an event about his book, Brazil’s Dance With the Devil, at which he repeatedly called for Palestinian freedom

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‘Each tree was like a member of the family’ –Olson on Palestinians and the land

In Columbus, writer Pamela Olson says, “Palestinians believe they belong to the land; Israelis believe the land belongs to them”

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OSU group questions campus presentation of an Israeli soldier as a ‘feminist role model’

Last week a former Israeli soldier spoke at Ohio State about what it’s like to be a woman in uniform. The Ohio State BDS group questions the appropriateness of the presentation, for failing to describe the real power relations, between Israelis and Palestinians

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Ohio State says boycott would ‘limit human potential’ (What about Palestinians’?)

The Ohio State daily, The Lantern, publishes an account of sharp limits on Palestinian academic freedom to counter the anti-boycott declaration by the school’s president

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‘This wall will fall’ (the writing on the wall, at Ohio State)

Israeli apartheid week at Ohio State University is capped by a mock-up of the Israeli separation/apartheid wall, with a painted nod to Michelangelo’s Pieta, and arguments on the lawn about Israeli practices

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Ohio State students petition school to retract statement condemning boycott

Ohio State University petition: We students, alumni, faculty, staff and members of the broader Columbus community object to Ohio State’s official statement implying that students and faculty are united in their opposition to the American Studies Association’s decision to boycott Israel.

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Jon Stewart hails progressive Bill de Blasio — ignoring AIPAC fest

PEPs chomping pizza: Stewart chows down on de Blazio’s Lib cred, but hides right-wing AIPAC gorge-fest

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Columbus answers Bethlehem’s call for a ‘Moment of Peace’

A church group in Columbus, Ohio, organizes a Christmas moment of peace, including the “justice of the Palestinian nonviolent liberation movement”

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Buckeyes take their stand for Palestine

Since 1948 nearly 75 percent of the indigenous population…have been forcibly driven off their land.. –Committee for Justice in Palestine at Ohio State

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Ruebner says boycott is essential because ‘we’d be mad to leave this to politicians’

The answer in Israel/Palestine is what it was in the Jim Crow South, Northern Ireland, Algeria and South Africa: justice and equal rights, Josh Ruebner tells an Ohio State University audience

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AIPAC is a presence on Ohio State campus, and Palestinian solidarity group is denied funding

Ohio’s student government president took a trip to Israel recently at the behest of the lobby group AIPAC. He promises to veto any school funds for a Palestinian solidarity group

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Josh Ruebner will anatomize Obama’s Mid East failure in Columbus tomorrow night

Josh Ruebner, author of Shattered Hopes: The Failure of Obama’s Middle East Peace Process, will explain how things went wrong at OSU in Columbus tomorrow night

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OSU student ponders Leslie Wexner’s choices, and our own

Leslie Wexner gives lots of money to pro-Israel causes. And lots to Ohio State University. Belal Daoud, a student at OSU, suggests you may not want to buy Victoria’s Secret “cheeksters”

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‘Mr President, I’m sure you know everything’ — a Palestinian boy expelled from half his home urges US action

Mohammed El Kurd, 14, hero of the vibrant documentary, My Neighbourhood, about the ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah in illegally Occupied East Jerusalem, writes to the US President

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Parsing the Oscars: Affleck turned resistance into peevishness

In announcing Best Documentary at the Oscars, Ben Affleck said ’5 Broken Cameras’ illuminates ‘the tension and resentment of those living in the West Bank’ — as though the occupation is about peevishness

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Scathing report documents worst year of Israeli attacks on occupied Hebron

Abdulhadi Yusuf Hantash documents unending settlement expansion, settler attacks, and Israeli flags planted on the Ibrahimi mosque in a report on the worst year of occupation violence in Hebron

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Jolly Christmas: BBC celebrates ‘return’ of a ‘lost tribe of Israel’ — and not a word about Palestinians’ right

On Christmas, BBC celebrates “Return” of “Lost Tribe of Israel” from India– and not a word about Palestinians’ Right of Return, including Christians

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Iyad Burnat explains the resistance in Ohio

Iyad Burnat, leader of nonviolent resistance in Bil’in in the occupied West Bank, will be speaking in Cleveland tonight

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Iyad Burnat to speak on nonviolent protest in Palestine in Columbus Wednesday night

Palestinian leader Iyad Burnat is a subject of the film Five Broken Cameras. He had trouble getting into the U.S. But he will speak in Columbus on Nov. 28

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Jordan said to allow Iyad Burnat’s passage to U.S. tour about Palestinian peaceful resistance

The hero of the Bil’in popular resistance to the occupation of Palestine has been allowed to leave Jordan to speak in U.S., his American sponsor says

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Why are Jordanian officials stopping Iyad Burnat’s US speaking tour?

Iyad Burnat, the head of Popular Committee of Bil’in, was invited by Jewish Voice for Peace and other groups to speak throughout the United States about Palestinians’ peaceful work for human rights. So why did Jordanian officials refuse Mr. Burnat entry, preventing him from catching his flight from Amman, Jordan, to the U.S.?

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Latest hasbara campaign spotlights ‘Wi-Fi donkeys’

While Israel destroys ancient landscapes, US press Agog over Wi-Fi Donkeys in “Biblical” theme park

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Barak told Clinton about plans to Judaize Jerusalem

In “Israel’s Strategy to seize Jerusalem, on display for all to see,” in the National, Joseph Dana shows the Israeli government plot of purging Palestine: Ehud Barak is rumoured to have informed former president US Bill Clinton that Israel had … Continue reading

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