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Terri Ginsberg is a film scholar and Palestine solidarity activist based in New York City. She is co-author of Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Cinema (2010), author of Holocaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ideology (2007), and co-editor of A Companion to German Cinema (2012).

NYC Community Board member calls BDS ‘the face of anti-Semitism’

A report from a New York City Community Board 4 meeting where protests against the Cornell-Technion partnership were called anti-semites by a board member.

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Mayor de Blasio receives invitation to visit Palestine

The Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism has invited Mayor Bill de Blasio to visit Palestine and witness conditions there, in the wake of his telling the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that “part of my job description” is to defend Israel

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This is what an academic boycott looks like: Two new campaigns target conferences hosted by Israeli universities

Two campaigns—a boycott of a Hebrew University Oral History Conference and a boycott of a Tel Aviv University Film/Media/Communication Studies Conference—need additional support from international scholars in any and all disciplines, to fulfill their potential to challenge Israeli policy.

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‘New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership’ oppose Technion’s role in U.S. militarization and domestic spying

A paper authored by Anna Calcutt and presented by her on behalf of New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership (NYACT) at Judson Memorial Church on October 23, 2013 as part of a panel discussion hosted by NYACT, entitled “Militarization, Domestic Spying, and the Boycott of Israel.”

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Remembering the renowned Palestinian poet and author Fouzi El-Asmar

Fouzi El-Asmar, author of the classic To Be an Arab in Israel, will be remembered at a memorial this Sunday in Potomac, MD

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NY panel to examine militarization, domestic spying, and Cornell-Technion partnership

Riham Barghouti and David Swanson will join Ann Calcutt of the NY coalition against the Cornell Technion partnership and Fahd Ahmed of DRUM for a panel at the Judson Church in NY next Wednesday

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NY panel to discuss failure of Israeli left in fight against racism

Three residents of the region explore social relations in Israel/Palestine, focusing on media, anti-Arab prejudice, and Palestinian organizing. Led by scholar Terri Ginsberg

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‘Hannah Arendt”s ‘thoughtful’ hasbara

Although its propaganda function is more difficult to detect than that of, say, the comparatively straightforward The Gatekeepers, Hannah Arendt is undeniably a product of hasbara that is non-threatening to the Israeli state.

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Jabara’s classic ‘Zionism: Racism or Liberation?’ deserves a new life

Abdeen Jabara in ’76: “In the examination of any society, one must distinguish between discrimination as it exists bet­ween individual citizens or private parties, on the one hand, and dis­crimination as a part of public policy or state action, discrimination contained not just in the way the laws are applied but in the terms of the law itself…. The goal of constructing and maintaining a Jewish state made the ‘national’ discrimination a necessary part of the state itself”

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NYACT questions Google chief’s call for drones regulation

Google CEO Schmidt calls for regulating drones while Google collaborates with Technion, Israel’s major drones research and development institute.

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‘The tide of public opinion is turning’ — Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism commends Brooklyn College

CODZ commends Brooklyn College for upholding academic freedom after Dershowitz calls for withdrawal of departmental sponsorship of BDS event.

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Stanley Jordan’s withdrawal, and the worldliness of jazz

Jazz guitarist and pianist Stanley Jordan has cancelled an appearance at an Israel festival, in recognition that the festival supports and masks apartheid

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Birzeit University group calls on Cornell to end partnership with Technion


  In light of news that Cornell University has engaged in a joint bid with Israel’s Technion Israel Institute of Technology to build a campus of applied science and technology on New York’s Roosevelt Island, we, the students and volunteers … Continue reading

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Overwhelming US support for onslaught was given in prejudicial disregard of Palestinian perspective — Scholars

U.S. government support for Operation Pillar of Defense was offered brazenly and prejudicially, in blatant disregard for Palestinian perspectives and experiences

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Update: Israeli Ministry of Ed teacher is moderator of scholars’ listserv on anti-Semitism (with predictable results)

Yo Menashe works at the Israeli ministry of education and as moderator for a major scholars’ listserv on the social sciences. She believes that anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism, and she enforces that idea on the listserv

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DC thinktanks offer program on Christian Zionism and Islamophobia

Norton Mezvinsky, an anti-Zionist, will join up with the Council for the National Interest this week to stage a program about Christian Zionism and Islamophobia

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It is dangerous for US and Israel to blame religion for actions taken by Muslims and Arabs — El-Asmar

The US must address underlying causes of rage against it in Muslim countries, including its blind support for Israel, rather than ascribe hostile actions to Islam

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