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The swan song of the Israeli left

Between the lines of Etgar Keret’s recent LA Times article on the Middle East conflict, one can hear the swan song of the Israeli-Jewish left.

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A Selfie of the Potential Murderer as a Young Man

Udi Aloni comments on the #IsraelDemandsRevenge social media campaign where Israeli youth took photos of themselves calling for revenge against Palestinians for the deaths of Gil-Ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel, and Eyal Yifrah.

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When Yitzhak Rabin met Marek Edelman: A story for Holocaust Remembrance Day

A story Shulamit Aloni told her son Udi Aloni about the meeting between Yitzhak Rabin and Bundist Marek Edelman.

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What Comes Next: A manifesto for the Jewish-Palestinian Arabic-Hebrew state

Udi Aloni writes, “Binationalism is not a new idea dreamed up by some fringe philosopher or other. It is the reality that we still refuse to recognize. Now, after one hundred years of conflict, with no solution in sight, the time has come to present binationalism in all its glory.” This post is part of “What Comes Next?: A forum on the end of the two-state paradigm.”

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On Art/Violence at the Berlin International Film Festival

Almost two years have passed since the murder. Two of Juliano’s brilliant and brave students, Mariam Abu Khaled and Batoul Taleb, stand together with Juliano’s talented 12-year-old daughter, Milay. We receive a prestigious award at the Berlin International Film Festival for the film we made together, Art/Violence. The film is dedicated to Jul, and his spirit guides it from start to finish. Art/Violence is not about the life and work of Jul, nor is it a realist documentary about these three young women whose lives he forever changed (that film remains to be made, when the time is ripe). Instead, our film is the story, told through art and literature, of how the wild, artistic and political spirit of Jul –our teacher, father and friend– matured and developed in the souls of these three women, who continue and shape his path as young artists.

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When one justice tramples another justice

Udi Aloni encorages the Israeli left to move from the particular to the universal when engaged in political struggle. If they don’t, Palestinians and other oppressed groups will constantly be left out.

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Support a Palestinian family fighting to stay together under Israel’s citizenship law

There has been a flood of new laws, practices and rules of apartheid in Israel. Sometimes many of us feel paralyzed because of the racist manifestations in the judiciary, legislature and executive and don’t know where to start fighting. Yet … Continue reading

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Oh, Weakness; or, Shylock with a Split S: An excerpt from Udi Aloni’s What Does a Jew Want?

. . . and what’s his reason? I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, heal’d … Continue reading

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Local Angel

The angel in the poster on the right is from the Christian/ Muslim cemetery in Jaffa that was desecrated last week by Israeli Jews The text below is from the book  What Does A Jew Want? and from my film, Local Angel which Columbia University … Continue reading

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Bernard-Henri Levy, philosopher for hire

There is a popular belief that a philosopher’s aim is to seek universal truth in a world of competing narratives. As early as the time of Socrates, Western culture viewed the figure of the Sophist, a “philosopher for hire,” as … Continue reading

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A binational tent, in Jaffa

If we were to put our finger on the essence of the Palestinian popular struggle and summarize it, we could call it “a struggle for a home.” No one who has revolutionary blood flooding in her veins can stay oblivious … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: A farewell prayer to Zionism

When MK Ahmad Tibi proposed a bill in the Knesset outlawing the denial of the Nakba, and in support of promoting Palestinian equality and a sense of collective and individual belonging, based on my March 28 post, I was filled … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: Happy Birthday, Juliano Mer Khamis

Juliano was born on Nakbah Day and murdered on the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Forty days have passed since the murder of Juliano Mer Khamis. Juliano –freedom fighter, cultural hero, actor, director, clown, teacher, husband, … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: Thoughts on the occasion of Land Day

Praise the youth This article is dedicated to the Huthwa group, ‘huthwa‘ meaning a step or a stair in Arabic. Huthwa is a volunteer citizen organization, started by the finest of Ramle and Lydda/Lod’s young people, who have done well … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: Jenin In Wonderland

With Palestinian novice actors, Juliano Mer Khamis has created a celebration unprecedented in the history of the Jenin refugee camp. One of the actors told me that theater taught him that art could be part of the struggle against the … Continue reading

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Brookyn-Jenin: The Binational Popular Front for the Liberation of the Middle East

On a frosty New York weekend afternoon we demonstrated together across at the United Nations building, side by side: Palestinians, Jewish Israelis, Egyptians, Tunisians, and other young people from the Mediterranean region, in fraternity with the forces of freedom arising … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: A call for the remnants of the Israeli-Jewish left

Now it is evident based upon the “Palestine Paper” leaks from The Guardian that the government of Israel never intended for a peace.  It is now time for the Zionist left to repent for their collaboration with the on-going occupation. Indeed, we … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: On concentration camps and Yonatan Pollack I am worried that the 2010 Rabbis’ letter is just the beginning for a much more severe racism wave. An article published at a weekly religious Zionist publication, which mentioned death camps for “Amalek,” makes me fear even more.  Amalek, a … Continue reading

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Jawaher Abu Rahma inspires Boston protesters in snow

Photos from ActiveStills. Account by Noam Lekach, an Israeli citizen: Dozens of American, Palestinian and Israeli activists gathered today (Friday) in front of the Israeli Consulate in Boston to commemorate the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma, a Bil’in resident who … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: Why didn’t the judges prevent the demolition in Lod?

As fifty children lose their homes under the auspices of the Supreme Court the question should be asked: Does the Supreme Court act in the service of a racist ideology in the spirit of Rabbi Eliyahu and his cohorts? One … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: The boycott Is legitimate for promoting peace

Oh, Weakness On the way from Brooklyn to Jenin I stopped for a bit of a rest in Tel Aviv and saw that the community of creative artists was still in an uproar around the Ariel Culture Hall issue. I … Continue reading

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My breakfast with Zizek

After very nearly liberating Palestine at the Church of St. Paul and creating worldwide brotherhood and peace between the three religions, we invited Mustafa and Miriam over to brunch on our Brooklyn porch, to discuss why and whether the word … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: Wars of the Jews

America, America How odd are the leaders Jewish right-wing in the United States. On the one hand, they raise six million dollars to finance a PR war over Jews like me, members of Jewish Voice for Peace. This is an … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: ‘The Messiah will only come the day after his arrival.’

Jenin State of Emergency: Subject I finished off my last post with a heartfelt cry to the residents of the Occupation Matrix to help Mustafa get to New York, for a film festival which could dramatically promote him, and help … Continue reading

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Brooklyn-Jenin: On the banality of good and evil

Abraham went up from Beer-sheva to Moriah three days binding and unbinding his son in his mind three days butchering and weeping we are still bound and unbound who are they weeping and butchering who are they laughing and butchering … Continue reading

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