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Yousef Munayyer is Executive Director of The Jerusalem Fund and its educational program, The Palestine Center.

The limits of liberal Zionism: ‘NYT’ columnist Roger Cohen misrepresents the Nakba and the right of return

In a New York Times column, Roger Cohen presents a narrative of the Nakba that is ahistorical and unoriginal. Cohen ignores the fact that the right of return is something that is enshrined in the UN Declaration of Human Rights and also wrongly claims that there has never been a right of return for refugees in history.

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Secret Israel NIE warns of irreversibility of Israeli colonization

How much longer can the two-state solution survive? It seems analysts in the American intelligence community realize that it is in serious danger.

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What ’60 Minutes’ & Bob Simon got right and wrong

Here is what Bob Simon’s ’60 Minutes’ story on the dwindling presence of Palestine’s Christian population got right, and what it got wrong,

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Half the story: What @IDFSpokesperson leaves out about Gaza

Regular updates on just about every projectile fired from Gaza is reported by the Israeli military’s official twitter account @IDFSpokesperson as well as from the accounts of other Israeli military figures like that of spokesperson @AvitalLeibovich. But what about projectiles fired by Israel into Gaza?

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The Jab’a accident and the infrastructure of occupation

This post appeared yesterday on the Palestine Center blog Permission to Narrate: When I heard the tragic news this morning about an accident involving a school bus near Jab’a that left several young Palestinian school children dead I was devastated … Continue reading

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Picking apart the New York Times Zionist narrative on the Nakba . . . using the New York Times

Yesterday’s deaths at various demonstrations commemorating the Nakba remind us of one all-important fact: without a just resolution to the Palestinian refugee issue, the state of Israel will never be welcome or accepted in the region. Those killed highlight the … Continue reading

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In Palestine, Everything is Relative: The settler violence you won’t hear about

When I heard the horrific news last night that 5 Israeli settlers were murdered in their home in the settlement of Itamar, I knew it would only be a matter of hours before a shoddy piece of journalism describes the … Continue reading

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Nakba Day is a reminder that George Mitchell can’t ignore Palestinian refugees

Proximity talks signaling the restart of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, which have been on hold for years, are beginning amidst an important reminder of the root cause of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Saturday, May 15, marked Nakba Day. The Nakba, Arabic for “catastrophe,” … Continue reading

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