• 14 Friends of Palestine CODEPINK Women for Peace and Keep Hope Alive (1)
    14 Friends of Palestine, dedicated to ending the suffering of Palestinians and bringing peace in the ME. CODEPINK Women for Peace a grassroots movement working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism globally. Keep Hope Alive,ecumenical org joined YMCA EJerusalem and YWCA Palestine in their OliveTreeCampaign
  • 3 Little Birds (1)
  • @WelshInGaza (1)
  • @WomanUnveiled (5)
    @WomanUnveiled is a Middle Eastern gal that grew up in Jordan and has been able to explore the world from there. She has camped in Petra, touched the sky at Burj Khalifa, driven through the streets of Riyadh (shhh), and partied the night away at Sky Bar in Beirut. Her home, for now, is New York. The journey continues at
  • AAJMENA (1)
    African Americans for Justice in the Middle East & North Africa is a group of fifty-five black activists and scholars insisting that the time has arrived for an African American voice on US policy towards the regions of North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Aaron Turgeman (1)
    Aaron Turgeman is an Israeli-American and a member of Jewish Voice for Peace.
  • Abba A. Solomon and Norman Solomon (1)
    Abba A. Solomon is the author of “The Speech, and Its Context: Jacob Blaustein's Speech ‘The Meaning of Palestine Partition to American Jews.’” Norman Solomon is the founding director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, cofounder of and the author of “War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.”
  • Abbas Naqvi (1)
    Abbas Naqvi was born and raised in New York, and resides in Philadelphia. He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in field of biology. He is one of the founders of PennBDS and is actively involved with PhillyBDS, along with other national and international initiatives.
  • Abby Okrent (2)
    Abby Okrent is a lawyer and a former board member of Jewish Voice for Peace.
  • Abdalhadi Alijla (1)
    Abdalhadi Alijla is a Palestinian writer, essayist and professional blogger. He is a PhD Researcher at State University of Milan and the Research Coordinator at Institute for the Middle East Studies.
  • Abdallah Abu Rahmah (1)
  • Abdeen Jabara (4)
    Abdeen Jabara is a civil rights attorney in New York. He helped found the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.
  • Abdelnasser Rashid and Sam Sternin (2)
  • Abdulrahman Murad (4)
    Abdulrahman Murad is a Gaza-based blogger and freelance journalist. His writings have appeared on Middle East Monitor and ALRAY Media Agency. Follow him on Twitter: @abedomer
  • Abir Kopty (8)
    Abir Kopty is a Palestinian activist in several movements and social change organizations focused on feminism and human rights and the struggle to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine. She works as media analyst and consultant and is a former city council member in Nazareth & former spokeswoman for Mossawa, the Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel. She holds a Master's in Political Communication from the City University of London.
  • Aboozar Hadavand (1)
    Aboozar Hadavand is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at the Graduate Center of City University of New York, and an instructor at Brooklyn College. Hadavand is interested in politics and socio-economic issues and has written for the policy blog PolicyMic.
  • Abrar Agil (1)
    Abrar Agil is a 19-year-old British-Palestinian law student living in Manchester, UK.
  • Adalah-NY (5)
    Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel is a grassroots strategic alliance of concerned organizations and individuals in New York, formed to demand an immediate, unconditional, and permanent end to U.S. and U.S.-sponsored Israeli aggression in the Middle East.
  • Adam Akkad (1)
    Adam Akkad is a Palestinian-American student at the George Washington University and an aspirign physician. He is a member of Students For Justice in Palestine at GWU. He blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter @Abou_Charlie.
  • Adam Astan (1)
  • Adam Gallagher (1)
    Adam Gallagher is an independent writer focusing on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and Afghanistan. He is a Senior Writer for Tropics of Meta and can be followed on twitter @AEGallagher10.
  • Adam Horowitz (1771)
    Adam Horowitz is Co-Editor of
  • Adam Horowitz and Alex Kane (2)
  • Adam Horowitz and Scott Roth (1)
    Adam Horowitz is Co-Editor and Scott Roth is Publisher of
  • Adam Horowitz, Scott Roth and Philip Weiss (11)
    Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss are Co-Editors, and Scott Roth is Publisher, of
  • Adam Wolf (1)
    Adam Wolf is an independent journalist based in Palestine. He tweets at @adamwolf3000.
  • Adie Mormech (7)
    Adie Mormech is a human rights advocate based in the Gaza Strip.
  • African Americans for Justice in the Middle East & North Africa (1)
  • Ahmad Diab (1)
    Ahmad Diab is a policy member of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network, a PhD candidate at NYU, and a Fulbright alumnus. He grew up in Hama Camp, Syria.
  • Ahmad Elabbar (1)
    Ahmad Elabbar is a physics student. Previously he was a member of the International Solidarity Movement, working in Al-Khalil (Hebron).
  • Ahmed Moor (96)
    Ahmed Moor is a Palestinian-American who was born in the Gaza Strip. He is a PD Soros Fellow, co-editor of After Zionism and co-founder and CEO of Twitter: @ahmedmoor
  • Aisha Mansour (1)
    Aisha Mansour lives in al Bireh, Palestine where she spends her time growing food, tending to her chickens, and hanging out with her dog. She blogs at .
  • Al- Haq (1)
    Al-Haq is an independent Palestinian non-governmental human rights organisation based in Ramallah, West Bank. Established in 1979 to protect and promote human rights and the rule of law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), the organisation has special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
  • Alaa Milbes (4)
  • Alaa Salama (1)
    Alaa Salama, 24, is blogger from Gaza. She studied at Al Aqsa University and is a PSCABI member and human rights advocate. Follow her on Twitter at @alaaactivist
  • Alaa Tartir (2)
    Alaa Tartir is a Palestinian writer and researcher who is working on a PhD at the LSE. He is also the program director of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network.
  • Alaa' Odeh (1)
    Alaa’ Odeh is based in Washington, DC based and is founder and CEO of HADAF: From Passion to Progress, a non-profit focused on cultivating social and economic development in underserved areas in the Middle East and North Africa by way of entrepreneurship and innovation. She is currently working on several projects in the West Bank and Gaza. Her twitter handle is @alaaodeh05
  • Alastair Sloan (1)
    Alastair Sloan is a British journalist and columnist focusing on injustice, oppression and human rights. He contributes regularly to The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Middle East Eye and more. Read more at or follow on Twitter @AlastairSloan.
  • Alex Kane (565)
    Alex Kane is an assistant editor for Mondoweiss and the World editor for AlterNet. Follow him on Twitter @alexbkane.
  • Alex Kane (113)
  • Alex Kane Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss (1)
    Alex Kane is a staff reporter for Mondoweiss. Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss are the co-editors of Mondoweiss.
  • Alex Kane and Allison Deger (3)
    Alex Kane is an assistant editor for Mondoweiss and the World editor for AlterNet. Follow him on Twitter @alexbkane. Allison Deger is an Assistant Editor of Follow her on twitter at @allissoncd.
  • Alex Kane and Ellen Davidson (1)
  • Alex Kane and Phan Nguyen (1)
    Alex Kane is an assistant editor for Mondoweiss and the World editor for AlterNet. Follow him on Twitter @alexbkane. Phan Nguyen is a Palestine solidarity activist based in New York. Follow him on Twitter: @Phan_N
  • Alexandra Vaughan (1)
    Alexandra Vaughan is currently living in Ramallah, working with the Central Elections Commission - Palestine, after spending time last year teaching in Nablus.
  • Ali Abunimah (9)
  • Ali Gharib (23)
  • Ali Hariri (1)
    Ali Hariri is a Lebanese student living in the United States.
  • Alia Malek (1)
  • Alice Rothchild (41)
    Alice Rothchild is a Jewish-American physician. Her most recent book is Broken Promises, Broken Dreams, published by Pluto Press. It describes Rothchild's exploration of stories of Jewish and Palestinian trauma and resilience.
  • Alice Walker (1)
    Alice Walker is an American author, poet, self-claimed womanist, and activist. She wrote the critically acclaimed novel The Color Purple (1982) for which she won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize.
  • Alice Walker, Angela Davis, Dennis Banks, Russell Means and Stephane Hessel (1)
  • Alison Glick (1)
    Alison Glick lived in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Damascus, Syria for six years, working as a teacher, human rights researcher and freelance writer. Her work has appeared in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the Arab Studies Quarterly. She is currently working on a memoir about her time in the Middle East.
  • Allan C. Brownfeld (4)
    Allan C. Brownfeld is a nationally syndicated columnist and serves as Associate Editor of THE LINCOLN REVIEW and editor of ISSUES. The author of five books, he has served on the staff of the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and the Office of the Vice President.
  • Allison Deger (371)
    Allison Deger is the Assistant Editor of Follow her on twitter at @allissoncd.
  • Allison Deger and Annie Robbins (1)
    Allison Deger is an Assistant Editor for Mondoweiss. Annie Robbins is Writer at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist.
  • Allison Deger and Philip Weiss (2)
    Allison Deger is an Assistant Editor for Philip Weiss is Founder and Co-Editor of
  • Allison Deger and Tareq Alsamman (1)
    Allison Deger is an Assistant Editor for Mondoweiss and Tareq Alsamman is a researcher at Stanford University, graphic designer, and political activist with the opposition group Building the Syrian State.
  • Ally Cohen (1)
    Ally Cohen is a human rights activist volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement.
  • Alon Gurman (1)
  • Amal Salem (1)
    Amal Salem is a member of the Palestine solidarity committee in St. Louis.
  • Amanda Klonsky (1)
  • Amena Saleem (1)
    Amena Saleem left an 18 year career in journalism and became active with Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) following this experience at Ben Gurion Airport. She now does media work and student work for PSC, and has driven on two aid convoys to Gaza.
  • Amitai Ben-Abba (1)
    Native of West Jerusalem, Amitai Ben-Abba runs a blog and takes part in protests and direct actions with Ta'ayush, Yasamba, and Anarchists Against the Wall.
  • Amjad Alqasis (2)
    Amjad Alqasis is a legal researcher and the legal advocacy program coordinator of BADIL Resource Center.
  • amyro89 (1)
  • Anat Biletzki (1)
    Anat Biletzki is professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv University and Albert Schweitzer Professor of Philosophy at Quinnipiac University. She has been active in the peace movement and in human rights in Israel for decades, serving as chairperson of B’Tselem -- the Israeli Information center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories -– in 2001-2006. In 2005 she was chosen as one of “50 most influential women in Israel” by Globes, the Israeli business monthly, and was nominated among the “1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005.”
  • Andraos Tarshihee (1)
  • Andrea Pesce (1)
    Andrea Pesci was born in 1969, in Conegliano Veneto near Venice, Italy. After a degree in ancient literature from the University of Venice. In 1999, after a journey to Palestine and Israel, he wrote text for a picture book, title Abraham's Children, on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Since 2001 he has been the director of Stella Maris' Friends, a seafarers welfare association taking care of seafarers, people working on the ships calling in Venice Port. He believes in nonviolence and in dialogue. He wants to visit Palestine and Israel again.
  • Andreas Hackl (1)
    Andreas Hackl is an Austrian journalist and social anthropologist currently based in Israel-Palestine.
  • Andrew Dalack (1)
    Andrew Dalack is a third-year law student at the University of Michigan, and co-chair of the National Lawyers Guild's Free Palestine Subcommittee.
  • Andrew Haas (1)
    Andrew Haas is a sophomore at Wheaton College in Chicago, Illinois. He is currently taking a semester off to study Arabic in the West Bank.
  • Andrew Kadi (2)
  • Andrew Pollack (1)
    member, Al-Awda NY
  • Andy Stepanian (1)
    I'm Andy, nice to meet you.
  • Anees of Jerusalem (31)
  • Angela Godfrey-Goldstein (1)
    Angela Godfrey-Goldstein is Advocacy Officer for The Jahalin Association (Al Khan al Ahmar), an organisation working to prevent the planned forced displacement of 3000 Bedouin refugees from the Jerusalem Periphery. Legal opinion as to such displacement labels it a war crime.
  • Anna Baltzer (4)
    Anna Baltzer is the National Organizer for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (
  • Anna Baltzer and Sydney Levy (1)
    Anna Baltzer is National Organizer at the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and Sydney Levy is Advocacy Director at Jewish Voice for Peace. Both organizations are working as allies of the United Methodist Kairos Response, the grassroots initiative from within the church that is shepherding this historic divestment measure.
  • Anne Irfan and Shahnaz Ahsan (1)
    Anne Irfan has taught English in the West Bank and has a Master's degree in Middle Eastern history. She is based in London and works in international development. Shahnaz Ahsan holds a Master's degree in International Politics and Security studies and works in the international nonprofit sector. She is based in London and Philadelphia.
  • Annie Robbins (883)
    Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani
  • Anonymous (70)
  • Anthony Alessandrini (2)
  • Anthony Bing (1)
    Anthony Bing was a professor of English and director of the Peace and Global studies at Earlham College for 30 years. While at Earlham he began and led the Great Lakes College Association's Jerusalem studies program that took college students abroad to study the conflict. Bing is a Quaker and active on Middle East issues since teaching in Lebanon in 1967. He has led over 40 delegations to the Middle East. He now resides in North Carolina.
  • Anthony Schmitz (1)
  • Antony Loewenstein (14)
    Antony Loewenstein is an independent journalist and the co-editor with Ahmed Moor of After Zionism (Saqi Books, 2012)
  • Antony Loewenstein and Moammar Mashni (1)
  • Arnon Degani (1)
    Arnon Degani is a Phd candidate at the UCLA Department of History specializing in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Arpan Roy (1)
    Arpan Roy is an anthropologist currently living in Jerusalem. His research is on activism and dual narratives in Israel/Palestine.
  • Asli Bali and Aziz Rana (1)
  • Assaf Oron (1)
  • Assaf Sharon (1)
  • Atheer Yacoub (1)
    Atheer Yacoub is a Palestinian-American who grew up in Alabama and the West Bank. She now lives and works in New York City, where she also performs stand-up comedy.
  • Audrey Farber (12)
  • Aurore Fauret (1)
    Aurore Fauret has recently completed her graduate studies at the LSE, London, with a focus on civil society and international development. Prior to obtaining her masters degree, she lived in Morocco for a year, working on developmental and political issues, and traveled in the Middle East.
  • Austin Branion (5)
    Austin Branion is an activist and perennial student of Arabic living in the DC area. Follow him on Twitter at @austiniyaat.
  • Avigail Abarbanel (2)
    Avigail Abarbanel was born and raised in Israel. She moved to Australia in 1991 and now lives in Scotland. She works as a psychotherapist in private practice and is an activist for Palestinian rights. She is the editor of Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012).
  • Avraham Ben-Israel (1)
    Avraham Ben-Israel (a pseudonym) attended the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Pittsburgh.
  • Avraham Burg (1)
    Avraham "Avrum" Burg is chairman of Molad --The Center for Renewal of Democracy—and formerly Speaker of the Israeli Knesset.
  • Awad Abdel Fattah (1)
    Awad Abdel Fattah is the secretary-general of the National Democratic Assembly party in Israel, also known as Balad, which has three elected Knesset members.
  • Ayah Bashir (1)
    Ayah Bashir holds a master’s degree in global politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She is a member of the Gaza-based organizing committee for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel and an advocate of the One Democratic State Group.
  • Ayoub Shamasneh (1)
  • Badia Dwaik (5)
    Badia Dwaik is a leader of the group, Youth Against Settlements, in Hebron
  • BADIL Resource Center (3)
  • Banen Al-Sheemary (1)
    Banen Al-Sheemary is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. She majored in History and Arabic. Banen and her family fled Iraq during the first U.S. invasion of Iraq. They settled in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia for years. Her goal is to raise awareness about the numerous challenges Iraqis face as a result of the occupation. You can follow her on Twitter at @balsheem.
  • Barack Obama (1)
    Mr. Obama is the 44th president of the U.S.A.
  • Barbara Erickson (1)
    Barbara Erickson is a member of NorCal Friends of Sabeel and live in Berkeley.
  • Barbara Erickson (2)
    Barbara Erickson is a retired journalist living in Berkeley, California and a member of Friends of Sabeel-North America and Jewish Voice for Peace. She is the founder of TimesWarp, a blog that focusses on NY Times coverage of Palestine-Israel.
  • Barbara Harvey (7)
    Barbara Harvey has long advocated for human rights with such organizations as the National Lawyers Guild and the Center for Constitutional Rights. She is active with Jewish Voice for Peace.
  • Barnabe Geisweiller (5)
  • Basil AbdulRazeq Farraj (1)
    Basil Farraj is a Thomas J. Watson Fellow from Jerusalem who has recently graduated from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana with a B.A. in Peace and Global Studies. Basil is the founder of "a Path to Peace"; a summer project connecting Palestinian with Northern Irish youth which will take place in June, 2014 in the city of Derry and Belfast.
  • Bayan Abusneineh (1)
    Bayan Abusneineh will be entering the Ethnic Studies graduate program at UC San Diego in Fall 2014, where she plans to study Palestinian and Black women's social movements, state and gender violence and transnationalism. She is also one of the founders of Humanize Palestine.
  • Becca Hanna (1)
    Becca Hanna is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace and a law student at Villanova Law. Follow her on twitter at @rebeccalhanna.
  • Bekah Wolf (3)
    Bekah Wolf has worked in Palestine since 2003. In 2006 she co-founded the Palestine Solidarity Project with her husband, former administrative detainee and current popular committee leader Mousa Abu Maria. She lived for 4 years in her husband's village of Beit Ommar, Hebron District and currently splits her time between the U.S. and Beit Ommar with her daughter Rafeef.
  • Belal Dabour (1)
    Dr. Belal Dabour is an intern at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. He blogs at
  • Belén Fernández (1)
    Belén Fernández is the author of The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work, published by Verso. She is a contributing editor at Jacobin magazine.
  • Ben Ehrenreich (1)
    Ben Ehrenreich is the author of two novels, 'Ether' and 'The Suitors' and many articles, stories, and essays. He lives in Los Angeles.
  • Ben Hattem (1)
    Ben Hattem is a freelance journalist based in the West Bank.
  • Ben Lorber (14)
    Ben Lorber is a Jewish community organizer and activist living in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Ben Norton (1)
    Ben is a freelance writer and journalist currently based out of DC. His work has been published in CounterPunch and ThinkProgress, among other publications. His website can be found at Follow him on Twitter at @HeartsMindsEars.
  • Ben White (27)
    Ben White is author of 'Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide' and 'Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, discrimination and democracy'. Follow him on twitter at @benabyad and on his website
  • Ben Zakkai (6)
  • Benjamin Doherty (1)
    Benjamin Doherty is a web developer. He blogs at the Electronic Intifada -
  • Benjamin Katz-Nussbaum (1)
    Benjamin Katz-Nussbaum is a Jewish-American scholar and activist.
  • Benjamin Lawrence (3)
    Benjamin Lawrence is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated from American University in the class of 2012.
  • Benjamin Silverman (1)
    Benjamin Silverman isa long-time Palestinian solidarity activist, and self-identified Jewish Ant-Zionist, involved in Jewish Voices for Peace andStudents for Justice in Palestine at The New School. Jewish Voice for Peace welcomes all people, Zionist, non-Zionist, or anti-Zionist, who stand up for justice and human rights.
  • Beryl Satter (1)
    Beryl Satter is Professor of History at Rutgers University in Newark. She is the author of Family Properties: Race, Real Estate, and the Exploitation of Black Urban America (Metropolitan Books, 2009).
  • Beth Miller (4)
    Beth Miller is a program coordinator at an international law non-profit. She lived in the West Bank for a year and a half, working on child rights and the rights of Palestinians in East Jerusalem. She received her M.A. in Human Rights Law from the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London. You can follow her on Twitter at @bethavedon
  • Betsy Taylor (1)
  • Bill Fletcher Jr. (1)
  • Bill Simonds (3)
    Bill Simonds is a concerned US citizen, physician, and lapsed Presbyterian from Maryland.
  • Bob Feldman (1)
  • Boian Boianov (1)
  • Boulos (13)
    i'm a perpetual student.
  • Bracha Ettinger (1)
    Bracha Ettinger is an artist, painter, photographer, theorist and psychoanalyst. Ettinger is a Professor at European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. She is based in Paris and Tel Aviv and working as an artist mainly in Europe.
  • Bradley (1)
    Senior Editor and columnist,
  • Brady Forrest (1)
    Brady J Forrest is a queer activist involved with LGBTQ politics and Palestinian solidarity work. He is a graduate student at The George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @bradyjforrest.
  • Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine (1)
    Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine (BSJP) is an organization to give voice to those interested in promoting the Palestinian perspective/ narrative/ point of view on campus, and to create an outlet and framework of support for students that wish to explore the Conflict.
  • Brandon Davis (6)
    Brandon Davis is a rising senior at Princeton University, currently living in Bethlehem.
  • Brian Van Slyke (2)
  • Brooklyn For Peace (2)
    Brooklyn For Peace is a diverse network of Brooklyn residents—parents, non-parents, adults, youths, and neighbors—alarmed by the militarism of our society and its impact on our lives as well as the lives of people around the world
  • Bruce (4)
  • Bruce Robbins (1)
    Bruce Robbins is a Humanities professor at Columbia University and director of the film "Some of My Best Friends Are Zionists."
  • Bruce Wolman (70)
    Bruce Wolman is a citizen journalist who has lived in Norway and the Washington area.
  • Bruce Wolman and Phil Weiss (9)
  • Caren Levy-Van Slyke (2)
  • Carmelle Wolfson (1)
  • Carmen Andrea Rivera and Nico Udu-gama (1)
  • Carol Wald (1)
    Carol Wald is a Jewish human rights and anti-war activist, and has been a committed Park Slope Food Coop member for 17 years.
  • Caroline Pinder Cracraft (2)
    Caroline Pinder Cracraft lives in Chicago
  • Casey Stinemetz (1)
    Casey Stinemetz recently traveled to Palestine with Interfaith Peacebuilders, a nonprofit that focuses on peace delegations to Israel-Palestine.  She is the National Chapter Coordinator at Veterans For Peace in St. Louis, MO.  Casey has a Masters’ in Public Administration and Policy Analysis, obtained at Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, IL.
  • Cata Charrett (1)
    Cata Charrett is a PhD candidate at Aberystwyth University, Wales, researching on EU-Hamas relations after the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections. This work is based on interviews with Hamas members, EU officials and document material.
  • Catherine Baker (1)
    Catherine Baker is a member of the Advisory Board of the Palestine Poster Project Archives.
  • Catherine Charrett (1)
    Catherine Charrett is a PhD candidate at Aberystwyth University, UK in the department of International Politics and she hold a Masters degree from the London School of Economics. She has been a researcher in security studies and conflict resolution in Vancouver, Barcelona, London and she now finds herself in Gaza, where she was undergoing research into the European response of Hamas’s success in the 2006 Palestinian Legislative Elections. Catherine is a feminist, an attempted nihilist and supporter of Palestinian rights.
  • Cayman Kai (1)
    Cayman Kai is an intern with CODEPINK in Washington, DC. She is a sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston majoring in International Affairs and Political Science.
  • Cecilie Surasky (10)
  • Cecilie Surasky and Sydney Levy (1)
  • Center for Constitutional Rights (1)
    The Center for Constitutional Rights is dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Founded in 1966 by attorneys who represented civil rights movements in the South, CCR is a non-profit legal and educational organization committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change.
  • Center for Political and Development Studies, Palestine (1)
    The Center for Political Development Studies [CPDS] , a Gaza based non-profit organization facilitating Palestinians representing themselves "in the tongues of its own people" to convey their own message to the world and enhance Palestine's presence in world forums and international organizations.
  • Chad Austin (1)
    Chad Austin is a practicing attorney in San Diego, CA.
  • Charlotte Kates (3)
    Charlotte Kates is a social justice and Palestine solidarity activist, based in Vancouver, on unceded Coast Salish Territories. She organizes in Vancouver with the Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign and the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network. She graduated from Rutgers University School of Law in 2006, works as an organizer and coordinator with the National Lawyers Guild International Committee, and serves on the organizing committee of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.
  • Chas Freeman (3)
  • Chase Madar (4)
  • Cheyenne Stern (1)
  • Chiara Cruciati (1)
    Chiara Cruciati is an Italian journalist in Palestine/Israel. She is the chief editor of the Italian web agency NENA NEWS. As a freelance, she collaborates with the newspaper il Manifesto and other Italian outlets.
  • Chicago Movement for Palestinian Rights (1)
  • Chris Keeler (7)
  • Chris Somes-Charlton (1)
    Chris Somes-Charlton is the artist manager and husband of the noted Palestinian singer, Reem Kelani. He is also a consultant on the Middle East.
  • Chris Toensing (1)
    Chris Toensing is editor of Middle East Report, published by the Middle East Research and Information Project in Washington, DC.
  • Christian Peacemaker Teams and the International Solidarity Movement (1)
    Christian Peacemaker Teams ( offers an organized, nonviolent alternative to war and other forms of lethal inter-group conflict. CPT provides organizational support to persons committed to faith-based nonviolent alternatives in situations where lethal conflict is an immediate reality or is supported by public policy. The International Solidarity Movement ( is a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli apartheid in Palestine by using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles.
  • Christophe Perrin (1)
    Christophe Perrin is a member of BDS France. He also organises the Legal Coalition, an offshoot of the Coalition against Agrexco. He is a specialist at the Cimade [French organisation for the defence of migrants' rights], on questions of xenophobia, racism and discrimination.
  • Christopher Clark (1)
  • Cindy Corrie (2)
  • Circarre Parrhesia (3)
  • Civil Peace Service Gaza (1)
    The Civil Peace Service Gaza is an international third party non violent civil peace service in Palestinian territorial water that supports the rule of law and monitors potential human rights violations. For more see
  • Claire (1)
    Claire is a pseudonym for a mother living in Haifa.
  • Claire Neble Matsunami (1)
    Claire Neble Matsunami is a journalist from Seattle currently based in Ramallah.
  • Clarissa O'Conor (2)
    Clarissa O'Conor grew up in Lititz, Pennsylvania. She is now an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, where she focuses on Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and Modern Middle East Studies and recently started working as a birth and abortion doula. She will be traveling in Palestine/Israel in the fall, where she hopes to continue working in solidarity with Palestinians.
  • Cody O’Rourke and Jeff Halper (1)
    Cody O’Rourke is a full-time field worker for the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in Hebron. Jeff Halper is the head of The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. He can be reached at: [email protected]
  • Colleen McGuire (3)
    Colleen McGuire has been involved in the Israel-Palestine issue since 1975 when she spent three months there. She was a member of the National Lawyers Guild's Middle East Committee. She participates in Follow the Women bicycle rides for peace in the Middle East.
  • Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine (1)
    Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine is a Columbia student group organizing around human rights and justice for Palestinians. We follow the Palestinian Civil Society call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel. To get involved, contact us at: columbiasjp @
  • Corey Peruca (1)
    Corey Peruca lives and works in Ramallah.
  • Corey Robin (4)
    Corey Robin teaches political science at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He is the author of The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin and Fear: The History of a Political Idea.
  • Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine (5)
  • Craig Higgins (2)
    Craig Higgins is a graduate student and native of New Orleans with an interest in the Israel/Palestine conflict, and how it relates both to Middle Eastern and domestic US politics, particularly with regards to the 'special relationship' between Israel and the United States.
  • Craig Nielsen (1)
  • CUNY Law Students for Justice in Palestine (2)
  • Dabke Stomp (1)
  • Dalit Baum (1)
  • Dan Cohen (9)
    Dan Cohen is an independent journalist based in Palestine. He tweets at @dancohen3000.
  • Dan Fischer (2)
    Dan Fischer is a math tutor and community organizer living in Connecticut.
  • Dan Massoglia (1)
  • Dan Sisken (2)
  • Dana DePietro (1)
    Dana DePietro is a member of the International Advocacy staff at the Mossawa Center, the Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel, in Haifa.
  • Danaa Marec (1)
    Danaa Marec is the pen-name of a Hungarian-born American scientist. She grew up in Israel and then immigrated to the U.S., in her early 20's. She comments on our site as Danaa.
  • Daniel Argo (1)
  • Daniel Luban (1)
  • Daniel Mackintosh (1)
  • Danya Mustafa (3)
    Danya Mustafa is a Palestinian American second year undergraduate student at the University of New Mexico majoring in Human Development & Family Relations and pursuing a minor in Peace Studies. She is currently the for Israeli Apartheid Week. She is also currently the co-president for the UNM chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine.
  • Darnell L. Moore (3)
    Darnell L. Moore is a fellow is a Visiting Scholar with the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at New York University. His is an Editorial Collective member of The Feminist Wire and blogs at Huffington Post. He has also written for Lambda Literary, Mary: A Literary Quarterly, and Hyacide Magazine. He lives in Bedstuy, Brooklyn.
  • Daryl Meador (1)
    Daryl Meador is part of the outreach team for a new documentary film called Flying Paper.
  • Dave Reed (1)
    Dave Reed is a community organizer in Greensboro, NC. He has been involved in the Palestine Solidarity Movement since visiting Occupied Palestine in 2004.
  • David Álvarez (1)
    David Álvarez teaches contemporary world literature in translation--including Juan Gelman's poetry and Suad Amiry's Sharon and My Mother-in-Law--for the English Department at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • David Bloom (13)
  • David Bragin (1)
  • David Bromwich (34)
    David Bromwich teaches literature at Yale. He is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post and has written on politics and culture for The New Republic, The Nation, The New York Review of Books, and other magazines. He is editor of Edmund Burke's selected writings On Empire, Liberty, and Reform and co-editor of the Yale University Press edition of On Liberty.
  • David Cronin (8)
  • David Green (5)
    David Green ([email protected]) lives in Champaign
  • David Heap and Ehab Lotayef (1)
    Linguistics professor David Heap and IT engineer & poet Ehab Lotayef are Steering Committee member with the Canadian Boat for Gaza ( and Gaza’s Ark ( They were on the Tahrir when it was attacked and seized last November and spent six days in Israeli prison before being deported back to Canada.
  • David Hosey (2)
  • David Kattenburg (3)
    David Kattenburg is a Winnipeg-based radio/web broadcaster and science educator.
  • David Koff (1)
    David Koff is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker whose work has focused on colonialism, racism, revolution and human rights in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America.
  • David Landy (1)
  • David Letwin (1)
    David Letwin works with Jews for Palestinian Right of Return. He has been published online at Electronic Intifada, Mondoweiss, The Sabbah Report, and Socialist Worker.
  • David Letwin and Dr. Haidar Eid (1)
    David Letwin is a member of Jews for Palestinian Right of Return. Dr. Haidar Eid is an Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature, Al-Aqsa University, Gaza Strip, Palestine. Dr. Eid is also a one-state activist and a member of Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI).
  • David Lloyd (2)
    David Lloyd is Distinguished Professor of English at the University of California, Riverside, and a founding member of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.
  • David Samel (81)
    David Samel is an attorney in New York City.
  • David Schwartzman and Mai Abdul Rahman (3)
  • David Shasha (6)
    David Shasha is the director of the Center for Sephardic Heritage in Brooklyn, New York. The Center publishes the weekly e-mail newsletter Sephardic Heritage Update as well as promoting lectures and cultural events. His articles have been published in Tikkun magazine, The American Muslim, the Christian Progressive and other publications. To sign up for the newsletter visit the Sephardic Heritage Google Group at
  • David Shasha and Rabbi Brant Rosen (1)
  • David Sheen (10)
    David Sheen is a documentarian, journalist, and designer who lives in Dimona. His website is
  • David Shulman (2)
  • David Zinman and Sam Bick (1)
    David Zinman and Sam Bick are settlers on occupied Kanien’kehá:ka territory (Montreal) and are part of a group of Jews who draw inspiration from legacies of Jewish resistance to racism and colonialism, structures they both currently benefit from as Eastern European-descended Jews.
  • David Zlutnick (1)
    David Zlutnick is a documentary filmmaker living and working in San Francisco. His latest film is Occupation Has No Future: Militarism + Resistance in Israel/Palestine (2010), a feature documentary that studies Israeli militarism, examines the occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, and explores the work of Israelis and Palestinians organizing against militarism and occupation. You can view his work at
  • Dawud Walid (1)
    Dawud Walid is a member of the Imams Council of the Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC). Walid has been a regular contributor to the Muslim Observer newspaper and Illume Magazine and has also been interviewed, quoted, and published in numerous media outlets throughout the globe including Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, FOX, NBC World News, National Public Radio, the New York Times, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.
  • Dax D'Orazio (2)
  • Deanna Othman (5)
    Deanna Othman is a Palestinian American from Chicago, IL. She currently works as the assistant editor of Islamic Horizons magazine and serves on the editorial board of the Chicago Crescent. Deanna is also a member of the Chicago Executive Committee for the American Muslims for Palestine. Follow her on Twitter at @deannaothman.
  • Deema Al-Saafin (1)
    Deema Al-Saafin is from both Gaza and West Bank. She graduated from high school May 2011. She is continuing her studies at Birzeit University, where she is majoring in public administration.
  • Deepa Kumar (7)
    Deepa Kumar is an associate professor of Media Studies and Middle East Studies at Rutgers University. She is the author of "Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire" and "Outside the Box: Corporate Media, Globalization and the UPS Strike". You can follow her work at her website and on twitter @ProfessorKumar.
  • Deepa Kumar and Sarah Grey (1)
    Deepa Kumar is an Associate Professor of media studies and Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University. She is the author of the recently release book Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire. Sarah Grey is a freelance writer, book editor, and indexer at Grey Editing in Philadelphia. Her work has been published in International Socialist Review, Monthly Review, GRID, Motivos, and 101 Changemakers: Rebels and Radicals Who Changed US History, forthcoming from Haymarket Books.
  • Deepak Tripathi (2)
    Deepak Tripathi spent 23 years as a BBC correspondent and editor (1977-2000), set up the BBC bureau in Kabul in the early 1990s, was resident correspondent in Afghanistan and reported from Pakistan, Syria, Sri Lanka and India. Tripathi is the author of “Breeding Ground: Afghanistan and the Origins of Islamist Terrorism” (Potomac Books, Inc., Washington, D.C., 2011) and “Overcoming the Bush Legacy in Iraq and Afghanistan” (Potomac, 2010). His other works include “Dialectics of the Afghanistan Conflict” (Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, 2008) and “Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy Dilemmas” (Chatham House, London, 1989). His articles have appeared in publications such as The Economist and the Daily Telegraph of London and he is a regular contributor to a broad range of publications, among them Al-Ahram, CounterPunch, Foreign Policy Journal, History News Network (George Mason University), Palestine Chronicle and ZNet. He blogs at
  • Dena Shunra (5)
  • Deppen Webber (7)
    Deppen Webber is a graduate student of Public Policy in northern California. He is active with the International Solidarity Movement and the Free Palestine Movement. Follow him on twitter @deppenwebber
  • Desiree Fairooz (2)
    Desiree Fairooz is a youth services librarian for Arlington County, VA is a member or Northern Virginians for Peace and Justice and CODEPINK; Women for Peace.
  • Diana Galbraith (1)
    Diana Galbraith is a graduate student of Arab Studies at Georgetown with an emphasis on Palestine and post-colonialism. Originally from the San Francisco bay area, her Palestinian advocacy work began in 2009 while studying Arabic in Jordan. She is based in Washington, DC and interning at the Middle East Institute.
  • Diane Shammas (1)
    PhD, in International and Urban Education, presently Lecturer at American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California
  • Dimi Reider (3)
  • Dina Elmuti (1)
    Dina Elmuti volunteers with the Accountability Program at Defense for Children International Palestine, an independent child rights organization, dedicated to defending and promoting the rights of children living in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. For more information, follow Defense for Children International Palestine @DCIPalestine and join us on
  • Dinna Omar (1)
    Dinna Omar is a graduate student at Yale and a poet.
  • Donald (16)
    Donald Johnson is a regular commenter on this site, as "Donald."
  • Donna Baranski-Walker (6)
    Donna Baranski-Walker is founder and executive director of Rebuilding Alliance, an American nonprofit dedicated to rebuilding war-torn communities and making them safe. In 2003, Rebuilding Alliance helped Al Aqaba build their kindergarten.
  • Donna Nevel (22)
  • Dooler Campbell (2)
    Dooler Campbell is a graduate student at SIT (School for International Training) in Brattleboro, VT, working on a Masters in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations.
  • Dorit Naaman (1)
    Dorit Naaman is a film theorist and documentarist from Jerusalem, teaching at Queen’s University, Canada. Her research focuses on Israeli and to a lesser extent Palestinian cinemas (primarily from post-colonialist and feminist perspectives). Recently she has focused on nationalism, militarism, and gender. Her documentary work is about identity politics, and politics of representation and she developed a format of short videos, DiaDocuMEntaRY. Her videos have been screening in film festivals and curated screenings around the world. Dorit is now embarking on a video installation project in Jerusalem. To learn more about her work go to .
  • Dorothy Naor (1)
  • Dorothy Zellner (2)
  • Douglas Kerr (1)
    Douglas Kerr was born, and has lived in, the Middle East and now resides Cleveland, OH. He is active in Interfaith Peace Builders, Cleveland Peace Action, and Churches for Middle East Peace.
  • Dr. Mahmoud Yazbak (1)
  • Dr. Mustafa Barghouti (2)
    Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is a member of the Palestinian Parliament and Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative.
  • Dr. Reem Khamis-Dakwar (1)
    Dr. Reem Khamis-Dakwar is a Palestinian citizen of Israel living in New York and working as an assistant professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Adelphi University, NY.
  • Dr. Rev. Jeffrey DeYoe (2)
    Dr. Rev. Jeffrey DeYoe is Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Ft. Myers, Florida.
  • Eamon Murphy (1)
    Eamon Murphy works in financial journalism in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @epmurph.
  • Ebaa Rezeq (1)
    Ebaa Rezeq is a 21-year-old English and French literature student in Gaza who blogs at and tweets at
  • Ed Moloney (5)
  • ehrens (1)
    David Ehrens is a writer in New Bedford. A retired Information Technology worker, he now teaches computing as a volunteer
  • Eilat Maoz and Inna Michaeli (1)
    Inna Michaeli is a Russian-born Israeli PhD student of sociology at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Eilat Maoz is an Israeli PhD student of anthropology at the University of Chicago.
  • Eitan Bronstein (5)
  • Eleanor Kilroy (56)
  • Eleanor Kilroy (3)
  • Elia Zureik (1)
  • Elias Khoury (1)
    Elias Khoury is a Lebanese novelist, playwright, critic and a prominent public intellectual. He has published ten novels.
  • Elinor Amit (4)
  • Elisha Baskin (1)
    Elisha Baskin is a member of Boycott from Within and sit on the board of Jewish Voice for Peace. All opinions expressed here are her own.
  • Elisha Baskin and Donna Nevel (1)
  • Elizabeth Asher Goldstein (1)
  • Ellen Davidson (1)
    Ellen Davidson is an activist reporter and photographer. She began her work in journalism on the staff of the New York Guardian radical newsweekly at the age of 19 after being active in the anti-apartheid divestment and Latin/Central America support movements in college. She is on the board of The Indypendent, a New York City-based award-winning newspaper.
  • Elly Bulkin (1)
    Elly Bulkin is a member of Jews Say No!, one of the coalition members of Jews Against Islamophobia.
  • Elsa Rassbach (2)
  • Emile Badarin (1)
    Dr. Emile Badarin is a researcher in Middle East politics and Israel-Palestine.
  • Emily Manna (1)
    Emily Manna is a graduate student at Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy. Follow her on Twitter: @EmilyManna.
  • Emily Ratner (5)
  • Emily W. Schaeffer (3)
    Emily W. Schaeffer is an American-Israeli human rights lawyer practicing in Tel Aviv.
  • Enass T (2)
    Enass Tinah is a Molecular Biologist from Ramallah, Palestine. She works with patients with genetic diseases. Tinah lived in the USA through the years of GWB, and came out more tolerant of idiocy than she should have. Twitter: @EnassT1
  • Esraa Yaseen (1)
    Esraa Yaseen is a 22-year-old studying computer engineering at the Islamic University of Gaza.
  • Estee Chandler (7)
    Estee Chandler is the Los Angeles Organizer for Jewish Voice for Peace. Producer/Co-host Middle East in Focus, KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles
  • Estee Chandler Tony Litwinko Shakeel Syed (1)
    Estee Chandler is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace, Los Angeles Chapter, Tony Litwinko is active with Friends of Sabeel and Shakeel Syed works with American Muslims for Palestine.
  • Esther Kwan (1)
    Esther Kwan completed a B.A. in Government and a B.Sc. in Urban and Regional Studies at Cornell University. After her undergraduate degree, she taught English in the West Bank and interned at an Arab research center in Haifa. Her brief Middle Eastern sojourn inspired her to study and conduct research on international development at the University of Oxford.
  • Ethan Heitner (9)
  • Eva Smagacz (19)
    White Knight from Britain.
  • Evan Wexler (1)
  • Evelyn T. Garcia (1)
    Evelyn Garcia is a Florida Democrat who is running for the Florida House of Representatives, 88th District, from Ft. Lauderdale
  • Eyad Sarraj (1)
    Eyad Sarraj is a founder and director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme.
  • Eyal Mazor (1)
  • Ezra Berkley Nepon (1)
    Ezra Berkley Nepon is a Philly writer, performer, and organizer. Nepon is author of the upcoming book Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue: A History of New Jewish Agenda, and the 2010 play Between Two Worlds: Who Loved You Before You Were Mine. Nepon recently spent three years working for transgender rights with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and is currently pursuing an MA program in Transformative Language Arts at Goddard College. More info at
  • Ezra Nawi (1)
    Ezra Nawi is a human rights activist who lives in Jerusalem
  • Fatemah Meghji (1)
  • Felice Gelman (7)
    Felice Gelman is a member of the Wespac Middle East committee and is on the board of the Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre
  • Felson (27)
  • Feride Eralp (1)
    Feride Eralp is from Istanbul, Turkey and has been a student of Anthropology at Columbia University since 2010. She is a feminist and an activist in solidarity with the Kurdish movement in Turkey. She is now also a member of the Students for Justice in Palestine at Columbia University.
  • Fida Jiryis (2)
    Fida Jiryis is a Palestinian writer from the Arab village of Fassuta in the Galilee. She is the author of the forthcoming book, '˜My Return to Galilee,' which chronicles her return from the Diaspora to Israel. She can be reached at [email protected]
  • Fidaa Abuassi (12)
    Fidaa Abuassi is a Palestinian blogger from Gaza. She blogs at:
  • Filman Abraham (1)
    Filman Abraham is a 24 year-old Eritrean asylum seeker living in Tel Aviv. He is an organizer with the March to Freedom, a three-day refugee strike in Israel where 20,000 protested at eight embassies, and offices of the United Nations and European Commission.
  • Francesca Albanese (1)
    Francesca Albanese is an international lawyer based in Washington DC. After working eight years for the United Nations including in the Middle East and in Jerusalem, the heart of the conflict over Palestine, she is currently engaged in research and advocacy on various humanitarian issues including the end of the military occupation in Palestine and the full recognition of Palestinians’ fundamental rights under international law.
  • Frank Barat (12)
    Frank Barat is a Human Rights activist based in London. He is one of the coordinators of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, a popular tribunal created in 2009 to expose and examine Israel's impunity in regards to its treatment of the Palestinian People. He has edited two books; 'Gaza in Crisis' with Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe, and 'Corporate Complicity in Israel's Occupation' with Asa Winstanley. He has also participated in the book 'Is there a court for Gaza?' with Daniel Machover.
  • Fred Jerome (1)
  • Fred Nagel (1)
    Fred Nagel is a US veteran who devotes his time to a radio show (, and Palestinian rights ( A resident of Rhinebeck, NY, he has published several articles in "Z Magazine" and "War Crimes Times."
  • FreddieA (1)
  • Front Range Jewish Voice for Peace (1)
    Front Range Jeiwsh Voice for Peace is a Colorado branch of the national organization. If you are in the Denver area and wish to get involved with JVP please email [email protected]
  • Gabriel Ash (7)
  • Gabriel Camacho (1)
  • gangreentv (6)
    gangreentv is an Israeli activist.
  • Gareth Porter (1)
    Gareth Porter, author of Manufactured Crisis: The Secret History of the Iranian Nuclear Scare, is an investigative journalist, historian, author, and policy analyst on U.S. foreign and military policy. Porter received his master’s degree in International Politics from the University of Chicago and his PhD in South-East Asian Studies from Cornell University. He has taught international studies at the City College of New York and American University, and he was the first Academic Director for Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Washington Semester program at American University.
  • Gaza's Ark (1)
    Gaza’s Ark is a joint initiative by Palestinians in Gaza, including the Palestine Sailing Federation and the Fishermen’s Solidarity Campaign, and international solidarity activists and organizations, including Americans from the organizing committees for the US Boat to Gaza and the Gaza Freedom March, Free Gaza Australia and the Canadian Boat to Gaza.
  • geofgray (2)
    I'm in the online medical informatics healthcare business--whatever that is.
  • George Bisharat (1)
    George Bisharat is a professor at University of California Hastings College of the Law and writes frequently about law and politics in the Middle East.
  • George Smith (4)
    I call myself a "Jew-in-law," since my wife is Jewish, our kids are both bar-mitzvahed, and we're active in the congregation though not religious. For me you'll have to add another species to your bestiary: Nakba Jew-in-law.
  • Gerry Liston (1)
    Gerry Liston is a former BADIL intern, trainee solicitor and member of Ceartas - Irish Lawyers for Human Rights, an organisation recently set up to promote the enforcement of international law, and in particular international human rights law, through the innovative use of law.
  • Ghada Ageel (1)
    Ghada Ageel is a visiting professor at the University of Alberta (Edmonton) and a member of Faculty for Palestine/Alberta.
  • Ghada Karmi (1)
    Ghada Karmi, 72, is a medical doctor and a leading Palestinian activist, academic and writer. She is a research fellow at the Institute of Arab and Islamic studies at the University of Exeter, Britain, and writes frequently for The Guardian, The Nation and Journal of Palestine Studies. Her books include Married to Another Man: Israel’s Dilemma in Palestine and In Search of Fatima, an autobiographical work about her exile from Palestine. Karmi was born in Jerusalem to a Muslim family and grew up in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Katamon with its mixture of Palestinian Christians and Muslims. As a young girl she and her family were forced to flee in the 1948 Nakba and settled in England. In 1998 she visited her childhood home in Katamon for the first time since 1948. She was one of the first supporters of Global March to Jerusalem and is a member of the Advisory Board.
  • Ghada Snunu (2)
    Ghada Snunu is from Gaza City and she is the Gaza Advocacy Officer for EWASH Advocay Task Force campaigning for water rights for Palestinians.
  • Giacomo Bagarella (2)
    Giacomo Bagarella was a member of the Palestine Solidarity Committee at Harvard University, from which he graduated with a degree in Government. He blogs at Perpetual Peace.
  • Giacomo Bagarella and Alex R. Shams (1)
    Alex R. Shams and Giacomo Bagarella are members of the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee.
  • Gilad Isaacs (4)
  • Gilbert Carlson (1)
  • Gisha (11)
  • GMU Students Against Israeli Apartheid (1)
    Students Against Israeli Apartheid at George Mason University supports a one state solution and is based off a basic human rights approach that abhors the human rights violations committed by Israel.
  • Graham Liddell (1)
    Graham Liddell is an editor at Ma'an News Agency in Bethlehem. His work on the Middle East has appeared in Muftah, Mashallah, and The Arab Review.
  • Greg Eow (2)
  • Gregory Harms (1)
    Gregory Harms is an independent scholar and the author of The Palestine-Israel Conflict: A Basic Introduction, 3rd ed. (Pluto Press, 2012); and It’s Not about Religion (Perceval Press, 2012).
  • Habib Battah (1)
    Habib Battah has written and reported extensively about the media for Al Jazeera English, BBC World, Variety, Al-Monitor and others. Based in Beirut, he is author of the blog and tweets @habib_b
  • Haidar Eid (4)
    Haidar Eid is Associate Professor of Postcolonial and Postmodern Literature at Gaza's al-Aqsa University. He has written widely on the Arab-Israeli conflict, including articles published at Znet, Electronic Intifada, Palestine Chronicle, and Open Democracy. He has published papers on cultural Studies and literature in a number of journals, including Nebula, Journal of American Studies in Turkey, Cultural Logic, and the Journal of Comparative Literature.
  • Haim Schwarczenberg (1)
    Haim Schwarczenberg is a photographer and activist in Israel. His facebook page is
  • Hama Waqum (1)
    Hama Waqum is the pseudonym for a writer and human right’s observer currently based in Gaza.
  • Hamde Abu Rahme (21)
  • Hana Alyaqubi (1)
    Hana Alyaqubi is 25 year old Palestinian from Gaza currently living the United Kingdom. She is a holder of a BA degree in English language from the Islamic university of Gaza, a part time teacher of Arabic in Birmingham Arabic School and a mother of a one-year old child.
  • Hana Mohammad (2)
    Hana Mohammad is from Gaza, Palestine. She graduated from the Islamic University in the English Literature department.
  • Hana Salah (1)
    Hana Salah is a Palestinian financial journalist based in Gaza. She has worked with several Palestinian and International media outlets including Turkey's Anadolu News Agency and Almonitor.
  • Hanan Abunasser (1)
    Hanan Abunasser is doing master studies in Business Administration at Al-Azhar university in Gaza and is a teacher at a governmental school. She lives in Jabaliya refugee camp in the north of Gaza and is a BDS activist. You can follow her on Twitter at at @HananAbuNaser.
  • Hani Almadhoun (8)
  • Hannah Mermelstein (5)
  • Hannah Schwarzschild (1)
    Jewish feminist anti-Zionist activist and kvetch
  • Harsha Walia (2)
  • Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee (1)
    The Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee, founded in 2002, is dedicated to supporting the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and equality. The PSC is non-sectarian and believes that true peace will be reached only when self-determination and equality are guaranteed to Palestinians.
  • Hatim Kanaaneh (26)
    Dr. Hatim Kanaaneh is a Palestinian doctor who has worked for over 35 years to bring medical care to Palestinians in Galilee, against a culture of anti-Arab discrimination. He is the author of the book A Doctor in Galilee: The Life and Struggle of a Palestinian in Israel. His collection of short stories entitled "Chief Complaint" will be published in the spring of 2015.
  • Hazel Kahan (1)
    Hazel Kahan is a writer in New York. She has lived in several continents and was trained as a psychologist. Her website is here.
  • Hedaya Shamun (1)
    Hedaya Shamun, a writer and blogger in Rafah. She blogs at
  • Hedy Epstein (1)
    Hedy Epstein is a Holocaust survivor who writes and travels extensively to speak about social justice causes and Middle Eastern affairs. To learn more about Hedy visit
  • Heidi-Jane Esakov (1)
    Heidi-Jane Esakov is a researcher at the Afro-Middle East Centre, a South African think tank.
  • Heike Schotten (2)
    Heike Schotten is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is the author of, among others, “Reading Nietzsche in the Wake of the 2008-09 War on Gaza.
  • Helena Cobban (8)
    Helena Cobban is the owner of Just World Books. She’s been blogging since 2003 at Her 1984 book The Palestinian Liberation Organisation: People, Power, and Politics, was published by Cambridge University Press and is still in print. Her early-1990 study “The PLO and the Intifada” was published in The Middle East Journal (Spring 1990).
  • Helena Pylvainen (2)
    Helena Pylvainen has a Master's in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School and works in education policy in the U.S.
  • Henry Norr (75)
  • Holly Bicerano (1)
    Holly Bicerano is a member of the Open Hillel Steering Committee and Jewish Voice for Peace.
  • Holly Rigby (1)
    Holly Rigby is a British volunteer working on the Right to Education campaign at Birzeit University, and an activist and writer with the International Solidarity Movement.
  • Hostage (2)
  • Humna Bhojani (1)
    Humna Bhojani is a Pakistani story-teller, who writes on Islamaphobia, the War on Terror, feminism, sex and sexuality (on a good day the intersection of all of the above). Follow her commentary @bhojanio
  • Ian Rhodewalt (5)
    Ian Rhodewalt is a writer and educator from Pennsylvania, USA. He has been living in Ramallah for a year, and is a graduate of Oberlin College. Currently he is working on a book.
  • Ibn Tufayl (22)
  • Ibn Tufayl (8)
  • Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf (2)
  • Ilene Cohen (13)
  • Iman Sourani (1)
    Iman Sourani is a member of the Gaza-based BDS organizing committee, She can be followed on Twitter at: @ImanSourani.
  • Institute for Middle East Understanding (9)
  • International Eyewitnesses in Gaza (2)
  • International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (5)
  • International Solidarity Movement (4)
    The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli apartheid in Palestine by using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles.
  • International Solidarity Movement and Tanweer Enlightenment Forum (1)
    The International Solidarity Movement ( is a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli apartheid in Palestine by using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles.Tanweer Enlightenment Forum ( aims at reinforcing and developing cultural, democratic and social consciousness within the Palestinian society.
  • International Womens Peace Service in Palestine (1)
  • Ira Glunts (171)
    Ira Glunts is a retired college librarian who lives in Madison, NY.
  • Irek Kusmierczyk (1)
  • Iris Keltz (2)
  • Ishraq Othman (1)
    Ishraq Othman is a 23-year Palestinian working as an English teacher at the American International Center (AIC). She is a media assistant at iPal, a translator at the Center for Political and Development studies (CPDS), and an editorial intern at the Institution for Middle East Studies- Canada (IMESC). She lives in Gaza.
  • Ishraq Othman and Leila Al-Najjar (1)
  • Issa Khalaf (12)
  • Itamar Shaaltiel (1)
  • Ivar Ekeland, Rony Brauman and Ghislain Poissonier (1)
    Ivar Ekeland is President of the Association of Academics for the Respect of International Law in Palestine (AURDIP), Rony Brauman is a physician and essayist and Ghislain Poissonier is a magistrate and was a delegate of the ICRC in the West Bank in 2008 and 2009.
  • Jack Ross (120)
  • Jacobin Magazine (1)
    Jacobin is a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture. The magazine is released quarterly and reaches over 3,000 subscribers, in addition to a web audience of 250,000 a month.
  • James Abourezk (1)
  • James Elliott (5)
    James Elliott is a British student volunteering with the Right to Education campaign at Birzeit University, who advocate for the rights of Palestinian students who are impacted by Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies.
  • James Marc Leas (5)
    James Marc Leas is a past co-chair of the National Lawyers Guild Free Palestine Subcommittee. He collected evidence in the Gaza Strip from November 27 to December 3, 2012 as part of a 20 member delegation from the US and Europe and co-authored several articles describing findings. He also participated in the National Lawyers Guild delegation to Gaza after Operation Cast Lead in February 2009 and contributed to its report, Onslaught: Israel’s Attack on Gaza and the Rule of Law.
  • James North (146)
  • James North and Philip Weiss (11)
  • James Schamus (1)
    James Schamus is a film producer, screenwriter, and executive, and serves as Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University's School of the Arts.
  • Jamie Dyer (1)
    Dyer is a musician, bandleader and songwriter in Charlottesville, Va.
  • Jamie Stern-Weiner (1)
    Jamie Stern-Weiner studies politics at the University of Cambridge, and is particularly interested in the history of political thought, contemporary British foreign policy, and the Israel-Palestine conflict. His articles have been published on New Left Project, Le Monde Diplomatique and Znet. You can follow him on twitter at @jamiesw.
  • Jamil Sbitan (1)
    Jamil Sbitan is a Palestinian student at Boston University. He is an active member of the Boston University chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, and is also active in Boston-area BDS organizing. You can follow him on Twitter @jamilsbitan.
  • Janan Abdu and Issam Makhoul (1)
  • Janet Weil and Rae Abileah (1)
  • Jared Malsin (4)
  • Jasmin Ramsey (1)
    Jasmin Ramsey's work has appeared in a variety of print and online publications. Her recent work focuses on Mideast politics, U.S. foreign policy and U.S.-Iran relations and much of it can be found at her site:
  • jawad (1)
    Jawad Ali is an organic dairy farmer in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Jeff Blankfort and Phil Weiss (12)
  • Jeff Halper (13)
    Jeff Halper is the Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). He can be reached at [email protected]
  • Jeff Klein (18)
  • Jeff Warner (8)
    Jeff Warner is a Jewish peace activist in Los Angeles. He is active in LA Jews for Peace, Jews for Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians, Americans for Peace Now, and Cousins Club of Orange County. He organized street demonstrations against the Israeli siege of Gaza since late 2007, and against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza during the December-January massacre. Warner is a retired geologist.
  • Jefferson Morley (1)
    I am a recovering journalist and writer in Washington D.C. My first book, "Our Man in Mexico: Win Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA," is a biography of one of the Agency's top spies in Latin America at the height of the Cold War. My last book, Snow-Storm in August, about Washington D.C's first race riot in 1835, was published last summer by Nan Talese/Doubleday. I live in Washington.
  • Jeffrey Rudolph (2)
  • Jehad Abusalim (1)
    Jehad Abusalim, BA in Business Administration, is a young researcher at PalThink for Strategic Studies in Gaza. His primary research interests include the political and social situation of the Gaza Strip with focus on Israeli affairs. Currently, Abusalim is working as consultant for Swisspeace Foundation.
  • Jehan Alfarra (4)
    Jehan Alfarra is a blogger based in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. You can follow her work at
  • Jen Marlowe (1)
    Jen Marlowe is a human rights activist, documentary filmmaker and author. Her work on Palestine/Israel include the award-winning film One Family in Gaza and the award-winning book The Hour of Sunlight: One Palestinian's Journey from Prisoner to Peacemaker. She is the founder of donkeysaddle projects. You can follow her on Twitter at donkeysaddleorg and her blog is View from the donkey's saddle.
  • Jenin Younes (1)
    Jenin Younes is an appellate public defender in Manhattan. As the daughter of a West Bank Palestinian, she has been following this conflict closely her entire life.
  • Jenn Nina (1)
    Jenn Nina resides in New York City and received her M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from The Graduate Center, City University of New York in 2013. Her writings can be found on her blog, Middle Journal.
  • Jennifer Bing (6)
    Jennifer Bing is the Middle East Program Director in the Chicago office of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). Jennifer began her activism on Palestine and Israel in 1982, and during the early years of the first Intifada she was a teacher at the Friends Boys School in Ramallah and a human rights researcher at Save the Children. Jennifer’s research on the first Intifada and its impact on Palestinian children was published in a three volume human rights report printed by Radda Barnen (Swedish Save the Children) in January, 1990.
  • Jennifer Loewenstein (6)
    Jennifer Loewenstein is faculty associate of Middle East Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; LEAP project administrator (; freelance journalist; and founder of the Carol Chomsky Memorial Fund ( Currently on leave in Washington DC, Jennifer’s email is [email protected]
  • Jenny Graham (1)
    Jenny Graham is a human rights activist with the Free Gaza movement, originally from Mayo, west coast of Ireland. She blogs with Derek Graham at Irish Gaza's Blog.
  • Jenny Grossbard (1)
    Writer based in New York, NY.
  • Jenny Linnell (1)
  • Jeremiah Haber (1)
    Jeremiah (Jerry) Haber is the nom de plume of Charles H. Manekin, an orthodox Jewish studies and philosophy professor, who divides his time between Israel and the US. His website is The Magnes Zionist.
  • Jeremy Hammond (1)
    Jeremy R. Hammond is an independent political analyst and recipient of the Project Censored 2010 Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism for his work covering U.S. support for Israel’s ’08-’09 assault on Gaza. He is the founding editor of Foreign Policy Journal and may also be found on the web at . He is the author of The Rejection of Palestinian Self-Determination: The Struggle for Palestine and the Roots of the Israeli-Arab Conflict and Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman: Austrian vs. Keynesian economics in the financial crisis, and is currently working on a forthcoming book on the U.S. role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict under the Obama administration.
  • Jerome Slater (58)
    Jerome Slater is a professor (emeritus) of political science and now a University Research Scholar at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has taught and written about U.S. foreign policy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for nearly 50 years, both for professional journals (such as International Security, Security Studies, and Political Science Quarterly) and for many general periodicals. He writes foreign policy columns for the Sunday Viewpoints section of the Buffalo News. And his website it
  • Jerry Merriman (2)
    Jerry Merriman lives in the U.S. and has lived, worked and traveled in the Middle East.
  • Jesse Benjamin (5)
    Jesse Benjamin, an associate professor of sociology at Kennesaw State University, is a US and an Israeli citizen.
  • Jesse Fox (2)
  • Jesse Rosenfeld (2)
  • Jessica Purkiss (2)
  • Jews for Palestinian Right of Return (2)
    To learn more about Jews for Palestinian Right of Return please visit
  • JGlatzer (3)
    I am a Senior at Cal State Northridge, where I am the President and Co-Founder of Students for Justice in Palestine, and a Senior Reporter for the Daily Sundial campus newspaper.
  • Jillian C. York (2)
  • Jim Haber (1)
    Jim Haber is on the National Committee of the War Resisters League, is an active member of Jewish Voice for Peace, and is a long-standing member of the Catholic Worker movement. He just ended a five year stint as coordinator of Nevada Desert Experience which organizes interfaith resistance to nuclear weapons and war. He lives in San Francisco, California.
  • Jim Harris (2)
    Jim Harris is a founder of the “Stop AIPAC” website that supports and documents protests of AIPAC around the country in support of peace in the Middle East
  • Jim Holstun (1)
    Jim Holstun teaches world literature in the Department of English, the University at Buffalo.
  • Jimmy Johnson (13)
    Jimmy Johnson is a Detroiter and quite tall. Hit him up on email at johnson [dot] jimmy [at] gmail [dot] com.
  • Jinan Bastaki (1)
    Jinan Bastaki is a graduate of law from the London School of Economics and UC Berkeley. She is currently pursuing a PhD, specializing in international law and Palestinian refugees.
  • Jo Ehrlich (5)
  • JoAnne Lingle (1)
    JoAnne Lingle is a social justice activist volunteering with Christian Peacemaker Teams
  • Joe Catron (38)
    Joe Catron is a US activist in Gaza, Palestine, where he works with Palestinian groups and international solidarity networks, particularly in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) and prisoners' movements. He co-edited The Prisoners' Diaries: Palestinian Voices from the Israeli Gulag, an anthology of accounts by detainees freed in the 2011 prisoner exchange, blogs at and tweets at @jncatron.
  • Joe Parko (1)
  • Joel Beinin (2)
    Joel Beinin is Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History and Professor of Middle East History at Stanford University. From 2006 to 2008 he served as Director of Middle East Studies and Professor of History at the American University in Cairo.
  • Joel Beinin, Hilton Obenzinger and David Palumbo-Liu (1)
    David Palumbo-Liu is the Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, and Professor of Comparative Literature, and, by courtesy, English, at Stanford University. Hilton Obenzinger writes fiction, poetry, history, and criticism. He teaches writing and American studies at Stanford. Joel Beinin is the Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History and Professor of Middle East History at Stanford University.
  • Joel Doerfler (2)
    Joel Doerfler teaches history (including a course on Israel-Palestine) at the Riverdale Country School, an independent school in the Bronx, N.Y.
  • Joel Kovel (8)
  • Joel Wool (1)
    Joel Wool is an environmental activist who resides in Dorchester, MA. He serves on the Coordinating Committee for Jewish Voice for Peace Boston.
  • Joelle Abi-Rached and Ofer Engel (1)
    Joelle Abi-Rached is a PhD candidate at Harvard University and Ofer Engel is a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • John Fearey (1)
    John Fearey is a lawyer in Connecticut
  • John J. Mearsheimer (2)
    John J. Mearsheimer is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and the co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago, where he has taught since 1982. He is the co-author with Stephen Walt of The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy
  • John Max Soos (1)
    John Max Soos, PhD is a Vancouver-based Palestine solidarity activist and clinical & peace psychologist. With a longstanding interest in the psycho-spiritual benefits of pilgrimage, he initially travelled to the Holy Land - as many do - as a pilgrim. Once there, it didn't take long for him to see that the sacred landscape had been transformed by a ruthless military occupation into a scared and scarred landscape. Ending the occupation to help heal the ongoing psychological trauma of living life under military rule there is now his focus.
  • Johnny Barber (4)
    Johnny Barber has traveled to Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Gaza & Afghanistan to witness and document the suffering of people affected by war advocating reconciliation and nonviolent strategies in the face of violence and oppression. and
  • Jon Ross (1)
    Jon Ross, 23, is a voluteer with the Sharek Youth Forum in Ramallah and has a Master's degree in archaeology, ancient cultures and biblical studies from the University of Sheffield.
  • Jonathan Cook (49)
    Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His latest books are “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His new website is
  • Jonathan Sussman (1)
  • Jonathan Woodrow Martin (1)
    Jonathan Woodrow Martin is a freelance journalist reporting mostly on the Middle East. I run a blog on British foreign affairs and humanitarian-related issues at
  • Jordan Ash (1)
    Jordan Ash of St. Paul, MN is on the national board of Jewish Voice for Peace and a member of Mount Zion Synagogue. He has been active in both the Occupy Homes and BDS movements and was born in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Jordan Elgrably (1)
    Jordan Elgrably is an American-born writer and French national of Moroccan heritage who spent many years living in Paris and Madrid before resettling in Los Angeles, where he cofounded the Levantine Cultural Center in 2001. He has been passionately committed to strengthening Arab/Muslim, Christian and Jewish relations for many years. His essays, articles and stories have appeared in many anthologies and periodicals, among them the Los Angeles Times, International Herald Tribune, Le Monde, El País, Washington Post, the Paris Review, Salmagundi, Aljazeera and Alternet. He is a member of PEN Center, the international advocacy organization for writers and journalists; the Los Angeles Press Club; RAWI—Radius of Arab American Writers; and AMEJA—the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association.
  • Jordan Halewi (1)
  • Jordan Street (1)
    British born Quaker with American Jewish roots currently working for an international non violence advocacy NGO in New York.
  • Joseph Chamie (1)
    Joseph Chamie is currently an independent consulting demographer. At the close of 2011 he stepped down as research director at the Center for Migration Studies, New York and editor of the International Migration Review. Formerly, he was the director of the United Nations Population Division. He had been with the United Nations in the field of population and development both overseas and in New York for more than a quarter century. Among other major duties, he was the deputy secretary-general for the 1994 United Nations International Conference for Population and Development. In addition to completing numerous population reports issued under United Nations authorship, he has also published studies and articles in his own name in such areas as fertility, population estimates and projections, international migration and population and development policy. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a trustee of the Migration Policy Institute.
  • Joseph Dana (19)
    Joseph Dana is a writer and journalist based in the West Bank. His work has appeared in The Nation, Le Monde Diplomatique, London Review of Books, The National (UAE), Monocle, Al Jazeera English, The Forward, and The Mail & Guardian among other international publications. Dana is an associate producer of Just Vision's new documentary Home Front: Portraits from Shiekh Jarrah. Before devoting himself full time to journalism, Dana studied Jewish history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Central European University in Budapest.
  • Joseph Dana and Mairav Zonszein (3)
  • Joseph Glatzer (19)
  • Josh Cohen (1)
  • Josh Healy and Kevin Coval (1)
  • Josh Levinger (1)
  • Josh Ruebner (14)
    Josh Ruebner is the National Advocacy Director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and a former Analyst in Middle East Affairs at Congressional Research Service. He is author of Shattered Hopes: Obama’s Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace (Verso Books).
  • Joshua Landis (1)
    Joshua Landis is director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma. His website is Syria Comment,
  • Joshua Tartakovsky (1)
    Joshua Tartakovsky is an Israeli-American writer and filmmaker
  • Josina Manu Maltzman (1)
    Josina Manu Maltzman is an anti-Zionist Ashkenazi Jew who is active in the Palestine Solidarity Movement, and a supporter of indigenous struggle here on Dakota land and on occupied North America. Jo is a member of the Twin Cities chapter of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN-TC) and a participant in the Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign.
  • Joumana El Alaoui (1)
    Joumana El Alaoui holds a B.A in international politics and is currently a graduate student in political economy at the University of Pittsburgh where she is active with Pitt SJP.
  • Jovita Sandaite (2)
    Jovita Sandaite comes from Lithuania, but the last five years she has been working in several developing countries around the world. She is a writer who is currently residing in the Qalandia refugee camp in order to better understand the daily struggle of Palestinian refugees.
  • Judith Butler (1)
    Judith Butler is Maxine Elliot Professor in the Departments of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature and the Co-director of the Program of Critical Theory at the University of California, Berkeley. She also is Hannah Arendt Professor of Philosophy at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. She has written many books, including most recently The Power of Religion in Public Life.
  • Julia C (1)
    Julia C. is an International Relations student based in France, and focuses on the Middle East and gender studies. She is a regular traveler in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel.
  • Julian Cole Phillips (1)
    Julian Cole Phillips is a freelance writer currently based in New York. He blogs regularly about the Middle East at and .
  • Julie Couzinet (3)
    Julie Couzinet is a French freelance journalist and photographer currently based in Ramallah. You can find her portfolio, publications and contact information here.
  • Justin Schwegel (1)
    Justin Schwegel is a recent JD graduate and Global Law Scholar from Georgetown University Law Center with a master's degree in international economic law from Sciences Po Paris. He was a public health educator with the Peace Corps in Guinea and formerly served as a fellow at the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute.
  • Justina Poskeviciute (1)
    Justina Poskeviciute is a freelance writer and a political commentator currently based in the Middle East.
  • K. Feldman (9)
  • K. Flo Razowsky (1)
    K. Flo Razowsky is a photographer, artist and community organizer based in Minneapolis, MN. Flo has worked in occupied Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement, is a national organizer for the International Jewish anti-Zionist Network and a co-founder of Witness Bahrain.
  • K.N.I. Bell (1)
    Dr. Kim Bell is a Canadian academic in the sciences. Some of his writing is here:
  • Kamau Franklin (1)
    Activist attorney Kamau K. Franklin was based in New York City for over eighteen years and represented activist, police misconduct victims and others. He has been a leading member of several grassroots groups and worked on various issues including youth development, police misconduct, and creating sustainable urban communities. Kamau has helped develop community cop-watch programs, freedom school programs for youth and electoral work. He traveled to Palestine as part of a delegation monitoring Israeli human rights abuses. He is now based in the south. He also blogs at and can be followed on twitter @kamaufranklin.
  • Kamran (2)
  • Karina Goulordava (1)
    Karina Goulordava is Communication Manager for The Great Book Robbery Project.
  • Kate (671)
    American (New Englander); Muslim; A.B., M.A. in political science; former ISM volunteer in the West Bank
  • Kate Gould (1)
    Director of Advocacy and Outreach for Just Foreign Policy
  • Kate Raphael (2)
    Kate Raphael is a member of QUIT!  She spent 18 months in Palestine between 2002 and 2005 as a member of the International Women’s Peace Service.
  • Katharine Shapiro (1)
    Kathy Shapiro is a member of VTJP. She works in international women's health, now as a consultant, and lives in Vermont.
  • Katherine Flynn (2)
    Katherine Flynn is a Politics graduate from Scotland who is currently living in the West Bank and volunteering at the Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University.
  • Katherine Franke (1)
    Katherine Franke, Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law and Director of the Gender and Sexuality Program at Columbia Law School. Franke is a well-known scholar of feminism, sexuality and race. She has just completed a book entitled "Emancipation Proclamation." In addition to her Gender Justice course, she co-directs the Feminist Theory Workshop and teaches Civil Rights Law and Critical Legal Thought.
  • Kathleen (1)
    57 year old mother of three, activist, concerned citizen
  • Katie Harrison (1)
    Katie Harrison is a volunteer working on the Right to Education campaign based at Birzeit University.
  • Katie Miranda (19)
    Katie Miranda is an illustrator, jewelry designer, and cartoonist living in Portland, OR. She is currently working on a graphic novel called "Tear Gas in the Morning" which is a memoir about the nonviolent resistance movement in Palestine. Visit to learn more. Facebook: Twitter: @KatieMirandaArt
  • KatinPhilly (1)
  • Katya Reed (3)
  • Kelly Lynn (6)
    Kelly Lynn is a freelance photojournalist based in Bethlehem in Occupied Palestine.
  • Kenneth Derstine (1)
    Kenneth Derstine is a retired Philadelphia public school teacher
  • Keren Carmeli (3)
  • Kevin Coval (1)
    KEVIN COVAL is the author of numerous poetry collections and chapbooks, including the American Library Association Book-of-the-Year finalist Slingshots: A Hip-Hop Poetica and most recently, L-vis Lives! Racemusic Poems, described as a “stunning, and very personal, piece of literary work that should be required reading in every high school in America” by Impose magazine. His book "Schtick: Jewish Assimilation and Its Discontents" was published by Haymarket Books in April 2013.
  • Kevin R. Vixie (1)
    Kevin R. Vixie is a Mathematician at Washington State University who balances his time between mathematical research and teaching and his family and his shop.
  • Khaled Kraizim (1)
    Khaled Kraizim is an independent journalist in Gaza, published in many media outlets including Al-Monitor, Felesteen, Al-Resalah, Al-Shabab, Al-Eqtisadiya newspapers and Safa press agency. He graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza with a degree in media.
  • Khashayar Safavi (1)
  • Khulood Ghanem (2)
  • Kieron Monks (3)
  • Kifah Shah (1)
    Kifah Shah graduated from UC Berkeley in 2010. She is the Spokesperson for the Stand with the 11 Campaign and works as an Interfaith Organizer in Los Angeles.
  • Kim Bullimore (4)
  • Koray Caliskan (1)
  • Kourosh Ziabari (3)
    Kourosh Ziabari is a journalist in Iran.
  • Kristin Szremski (2)
    Kristin Szremski is an award-winning journalist with more than 20 years in newspapers. She currently is the director of media and communications for American Muslims for Palestine and a steering committee member for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.
  • Kumars Salehi (1)
    Kumars Salehi is an MA student in Cinema Studies and a member of NYU SJP. You can read more of his work on his personal blog.
  • L. Janelle Dance and Charles Holm (1)
    L. Janelle Dance, is an African American, but rarely an “Angry-Black-woman” because to quote Master Yoda, “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate leads to suffering.” Dance, who is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Senior Researcher at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University-Sweden, seeks to alleviate suffering in the world. As a scholar and activist in the United States and Sweden, Dance has worked with a multi-ethnic and multi-national group of persons dedicated to understanding the complexities of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Charles Holm will soon begin working toward his PhD in African and African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas-Austin. He recently finished his MA in History with a specialization in Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May 2014. As an activist and scholar, Holm has worked extensively on issues related to Palestinian solidarity as well as anti-racist organizing in both the Mid-West and South of the United States. Though a European American, Holm is allergic to and seeks to avoid contact with All-Knowing-White-Men.
  • Laila El-Haddad (5)
  • Lamis Andoni (1)
  • Laura Durkay (1)
    Laura Durkay is a writer and activist living in New York City, involved in the queer rights and Palestine solidarity movements as a member of the International Socialist Organization. She blogs about film, struggle, history and their intersections at
  • Lawrence Davidson (2)
  • Lawrence Swaim (1)
  • Léa Park (7)
  • Leanne Gale (1)
    Leanne Gale is a New Israel-Fund Shatil Fellow living in Jerusalem and interning at Ir Amim, an Israeli organization working to promote a more equitable and sustainable Jerusalem.
  • Leehee Rothschild (6)
    Leehee Rothschild is an Israeli BDS activist.
  • Leena El-Refaey (1)
    Leena El-Refaey is an Anglo-Egyptian Politics graduate of Durham University. She has worked as a Political Researcher and has enjoyed a spell working at The Sunday Times.
  • Leila Abu-Orf (1)
    Leila Abu-Orf lives in New Orleans.
  • Lena Ibrahim (3)
    Lena Ibrahim is a first generation Palestinian-American and sophomore in college studying Global Affairs. Follow her on Twitter@LRJarrar
  • Lena K. Awwad and Shatha I. Hussein (1)
    Lena K. Awwad '13 studies neurobiology and Shatha I. Hussein '14 studies government at Harvard University.
  • Lenny Lapon (1)
    I am an activist and a retired public school teacher living in Springfield, MA
  • Lia Tarachansky (3)
  • LifeSource (1)
    LifeSource is a Palestinian led collective and non-profit working for water and sanitation rights for the Palestinian people.
  • Lillian Rosengarten (15)
  • Lina Al-Sharif (4)
    Lina Al-Sharif, a Palestinian blogger living in Doha-Qatar.
  • Linah Alsaafin (3)
  • Linda Frank (2)
    Linda Frank is a member of the Tacoma chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace and The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
  • Linda Lotz (1)
    Linda Lotz had the opportunity to work on Middle East issues with Michael and Lulu Emery while on the AFSC/Pasadena, CA staff in the late 80's and early 90's. She is now doing consulting and volunteer work in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.
  • Lisa Mullenneaux (1)
    Lisa Mullenneaux writes from Manhattan and Woodstock. She's a member of Jewish Voice for Peace and the Middle East Crisis Response.
  • Liz Shulman (5)
    Liz Shulman is a teacher in Chicago
  • Lizzy Ratner (39)
    Lizzy Ratner is a journalist in New York City. She is a co-editor with Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss of The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict.
  • Lizzy Ratner and Adam Horowitz (1)
    Lizzy Ratner is a journalist in New York City. She is a co-editor with Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss of The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict. Adam Horowitz is co-editor of
  • London Palestine Action (1)
    London Palestine Action is a network of people in London taking creative action against Israeli apartheid.
  • Lora Lucero (2)
    Lora A. Lucero is currently a community journalist, climate change educator, and a retired land use attorney and city planner. Her home is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Follow her on Twitter at @LoraLucero
  • Luma Haddad (1)
    Luma Haddad is a student at UC Berkeley.
  • Lynn Gottlieb (1)
  • Lysandra Ohrstrom (1)
    Lysandra Ohrstrom is a freelance journalist based in New York City. She has written for The Daily Star, The New York Observer, and multiple other publications in the U.S. and the Middle East.
  • M.J. Rosenberg (16)
    M.J. Rosenberg served as a Senior Foreign Policy Fellow with Media Matters Action Network, and prior to that worked on Capitol Hill for various Democratic members of the House and Senate for 15 years. He was also a Clinton political appointee at USAID. In the early 1980s, he was editor of AIPACs weekly newsletter Near East Report. From 1998-2009, he was director of policy at Israel Policy Forum. You can follow his work at
  • Madeline K. Mundt (1)
  • Maggie Sager (12)
  • Magid Shihade (1)
    Magid Shihade is a Faculty Member at the Institute of International Studies, Birzeit University, Palestine and a Visiting Fellow at the Middle East/South Asia Program at the University of California at Davis.
  • Mahmoud Kamel Muhammad Sarsak (1)
    Mahmoud Kamel Muhammad Sarsak is Mamoud Sarsak's father.
  • Mai Zeidani (1)
    Mai Zeidani is a Palestinian Israeli, a mother, a human rights activist and a social sciences student. She lives in Berlin.
  • Maire Noonan (1)
    Máire Noonan is a lecturer at McGill University in Montréal, Canada. She blogs at Music4Gaza.
  • Maissa Abdul-Halim (2)
    Maissa Abdul-Halim, 22, is a student at Al-Aqsa university in Gaza. She has volunteered with Mercy Corps, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, and other groups in Gaza.
  • Majida Abu Rahmah (1)
  • Malaka Mohammed (15)
    Malaka Mohammed, 22, is a Palestinian freelance writer living in Gaza. Follow her on Twitter @MalakaMohammed and on her blog at
  • Manar Makhoul (1)
    Manar Makhoul is the Networking & Advocacy Officer at BADIL. He completed his doctoral studies in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Cambridge University in 2012. His thesis focused on the evolution of Palestinian identity in Israel since 1948 through analysis of Palestinian novels published in Israel between 1948 and 2010. This article is based on a part of a chapter from his thesis.
  • Mandy Cohen (1)
    Mandy Cohen has been a Helix Project instructor since its inaugural journey. She is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Literature at the University of California at Berkeley where she is also a member of the UC Student Workers' Union (UAW 2865) representing the graduate student instructors and tutors in the UC system. The leadership of the union recently voted to endorse BDS and the decision will be put to a full vote of the membership in the coming year.
  • Marc H. Ellis (423)
    Marc H. Ellis is retired Director and Professor of Jewish Studies at Baylor University and author of Future of the Prophetic: Israel's Ancient Wisdom Re-Presented.
  • Marc J. Sirois (1)
  • Marcy Jane Knopf-Newman (1)
    Marcy Jane Knopf-Newman is a teacher, writer, and activist based in Bangalore. She is a founding member of the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. She will be speaking at a few venues in the U.S. in May. See for details. All book-generated revenue goes directly to the Middle East Children's Alliance (
  • Margaret Cassar (2)
    Margaret Cassar is Executive Member, Australian Friends of Palestine Association.
  • Mariam Al-Barghouti and Deema Al-Saafin (2)
    Mariam Al-Barghouti is a Palestinian-American graduated from high school May 2011, currently taking a gap year in attempt to bring more awareness to the Palestinian cause. Deema Al-Saafin is from both Gaza and West Bank. She graduated from high school May 2011. She is continuing her studies at Birzeit University, where she is majoring in public administration.
  • Mariam Barghouti (1)
    Mariam Barghouti is a Palestinian translator and journalist, and a student at Bir Zeit University.
  • Mariam C Said (1)
    Mariam C. Said was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon and currently resides in New York. She is a major force behind the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, which was was co-founded in 1999 by her late husband, the literary critic and public intellectual Edward W. Said, and the pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim. In 2009, Mrs. Said published the critically acclaimed memoir “A World I Loved: The Story of an Arab Woman,” by her mother Wadad Makdisi Cortas.
  • Marissa Brostoff (1)
    Marissa Brostoff is a doctoral student in the English department at the CUNY Graduate Center and a teacher at Brooklyn College. She is a former staff writer at the Forward and Tablet.
  • Marissa Young (1)
    Marissa Young, 18, is from New York. She is studying in the Old City for the year and will be attending Columbia University in the fall.
  • Mark Braverman (9)
    Mark Braverman serves on the Advisory Board of Friends of Sabeel North America and is National Program Director for Kairos USA. He is the author of A Wall in Jerusalem: Hope, Healing, and the Struggle for Justice in Israel and Palestine, Jericho Books, 2013.
  • Mark Frayman (1)
    Jewish guy livng in suburban DC area wanting to contribute to the discussion.
  • Mark Hage (1)
    Mark Hage is a Palestine Solidarity activist with Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel.
  • Mark Kerrison (1)
    Mark Kerrison is a freelance photojournalist.
  • Mark Rausch (2)
    Mark Rausch is a writer who lives in Ramallah, Palestine. He is the communications officer for the Palestinian environmental non-profit Mashjar Juthour.
  • Mark Wauck (13)
    Mark Wauck runs the blog,
  • Marsha B. Cohen (7)
    Dr. Marsha B. Cohen is a foreign policy analyst specializing in Israel and Iran.
  • Marta Fortunato (1)
    Marta Fortunato is an Italian journalist and she has been living in Palestine for more than a year. She worked for the the Alternative Information Center and she volunteered for the Jordan Valley Solidarity living in the village of al-Jiftlik (Jordan Valley). Now she is doing an internship with the EWASH Advocay Task Force campaigning for water rights for Palestinians.
  • Martin Gajsek (1)
    Martin Gajsek is a freelance multimedia journalist based in the Middle East.
  • Martin Hughes (2)
  • Martin Lejeune (1)
    Martin Lejeune is a German journalist. He blogs at
  • Marty Roth (1)
    Marty Roth is a member of Independent Jewish Voices-Vancouver.
  • Marwan Barghouthi (1)
  • Matan Kaminer (2)
    Matan Kaminer has been active in the conscientious objection movement, in migrant solidarity work and in municipal and student politics in Israel. He is currently a doctoral student in anthropology at the University of Michigan.
  • Matthew Graber (7)
    I am a feminist community organizer with a variety of interests - writing, photography, philosophy, and radio broadcast. I am an organizer with the Philadelphia Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Coalition and a co-host of Radio Against Apartheid on West Philadelphia's community radio station, WPEB 88.1.
  • Matthew Phillips (8)
  • Matthew Taylor (95)
  • Matthew Vickery (1)
    Matthew Vickery is an independent multimedia journalist based in the Middle East with a focus on the Levant and Iraq. Vickery has extensively covered the Palestine/Israel conflict on the ground, and has been published by numerous media outlets in the US, Europe and the Middle East. He holds a Master of Arts, Research Masters, and is a graduate of Qasid Arabic Institute. Follow Matthew on Twitter: @MMVickery
  • Matthew Walleser (1)
  • Max Ajl (20)
    Max is a writer and activist. Follow him on Twitter: @maxajl.
  • Max Blumenthal (116)
    Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author.
  • Max Blumenthal and Allison Deger (1)
    Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author. Allison Deger is an Assistant Editor with Mondoweiss.
  • Max Blumenthal and Joseph Dana (4)
  • Mazin Qumsiyeh (1)
    Mazin Qumsiyeh is a professor at Bethlehem University.
  • Mbaye Lo (2)
    Mbaye Lo has spent the last several weeks in Cairo. A native of Senegal, Lo is Assistant Professor of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic at Duke University, and a Duke Islamic Studies Center affiliated (DISC) faculty member. He has authored many books, including Muslims in America: Race, Politics and Community Building, Understanding the Muslim Discourse: Language, Tradition and the Message of Bin Laden, Civil Society-based-Governance in Africa: Theories and Practices. His current manuscript in-progress is titled “The Geography of 9/11.”
  • Medea Benjamin (24)
    Medea Benjamin (@medeabenjamin), cofounder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK: Women for Peace, is the author of Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control.
  • Melissa Etehad (1)
    Melissa Etehad is a first generation Jewish Iranian-American and recent graduate of the University of California, San Diego. She holds a B.A. in International Studies and Religion. Follow her on Twitter @melissaetehad.
  • Melissa Levin (1)
    Melissa Levin is a teacher and student of politics and fiction. She hails from a small mining town in South Africa. She was an activist and employee for the African National Congress where she directed research and strategy and wrote speeches for presidents.
  • Members of Strike Debt and Occupy Wall Street (1)
  • Mich Levy (1)
    Mich Levy has been active in Palestine solidarity and anti-Zionist Jewish organizing for 15 years and has a master’s degree in the Politics of Alternative Development Studies. Mich’s current project, We Tip the Balance, provides social justice-oriented organizational development consulting and coaching. 
  • Micha Kurz (1)
    Micha Kurz was born and raised in Israeli Jerusalem, after his military service he was one of the co-founders of Breaking the Silence and has since worked with numerous human rights organizations including ICAHD and Ta'ayush. He co-founded and works at Grassroots AlQuds, a platform for community based mobilization and advocacy, developed to map, network and amplify Palestinian community and activist voices in Al-Quds and around the world. He works for an open cosmotropilis Jerusalem, free of racist systemic oppression. He wouldn’t be caught dead in a uniform ever again, unless it was a rainbow one.
  • Michael Arria (1)
    Michael Arria is a journalist living in New York City. He's the author of "Medium Blue: The Politics of MSNBC."
  • Michael Berg (1)
    Michael Berg is a member of the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee and St. Louis Jewish Voice for Peace.
  • Michael Deheeger (1)
  • Michael Desch (15)
    Michael Desch is Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. He was the founding Director of the Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs and the first holder of the Robert M. Gates Chair in Intelligence and National Security Decision-Making at the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University from 2004 through 2008.
  • Michael Deutsch (1)
  • Michael Kaplan (1)
    Michael Kaplan is an independent journalist and history student at the New School University in New York City. He writes on issues related to social justice, including domestic policy, the War on Terror and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He spent a number of months living in the West Bank in 2009 and 2010. You can follow him on twitter @MichaelD_Kaplan or his newly launched blog
  • Michael Kingsley-Nyinah (1)
    Michael Kingsley-Nyinah is director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Syria
  • Michael Levin (9)
  • Michael Lynk (2)
    Michael Lynk teaches labour law and constitutional law at the University of Western Ontario, in London, Ontario. He also writes regularly on the legal aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 1989, he worked as a refugee affairs officer for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Jerusalem.
  • Michael Merryman-Lotze (1)
    Mike Merryman-Lotze works with the American Friends Service Committee in Philadelphia as their Palestine-Israel Program Director. He has been involved in activism on Palestine since 1996. From 2000 through 2003 Mike worked as a researcher with Al-Haq in Ramallah and from 2007 through 2010 he worked with Save the Children UK as their Child Rights Program Manager in Palestine with responsibility for programs in both the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Michael Ratner (10)
  • Michael Smith (4)
    Michael S. Smith is a lawyer, author and radio host. He can be heard on "Law and Disorder."
  • Michel Shehadeh (1)
  • Michelle Cohen Corasanti (2)
    I have my BA from Hebrew University and my MA from Harvard, both in Middle Eastern studies. I'm a lawyer trained in international and human rights law. I lived in Jerusalem for 7 years. I'm the author of the novel, The Almond Tree
  • Mick Dumper (1)
    Mick Dumper was formerly Middle East coordinator for Quaker Peace and Service, consultant to Welfare Association Geneva), and Senior Researcher with the Institute for Palestine Studies (Washington, DC).
  • Mikael Lofgren (1)
    Mikael Löfgren is the spokesperson for the Ship to Gaza—Sweden.
  • Mike Coogan (4)
    Mike Coogan is the Legislative Coordinator for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.
  • Miko Peled (3)
    Miko Peled is an Israeli writer and activist living in San Diego. His book “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine” (Just World Books) was published in 2012.
  • Mirene Ghossein (2)
  • MK Haneen Zoabi (1)
  • Moe Diab (2)
    Moe Diab is a Palestinian-American human rights activist, writer, and mental health graduate student. He blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter @Moe_Diab.
  • Mohammad Abu-Orf (1)
  • Mohammad Alsaafin (2)
  • Mohammad of Vancouver (25)
  • Mohammad Talat (2)
  • Mohammad Talat and Tom Pessah (1)
  • Mohammed Al Zaanoun (2)
    Mohammed Al Zaanoun an award winning Gaza based photojournalist, has been working for a number of media outlets as a photographer for at least ten years. He has taken pictures of many wars on Gaza, and has taken pictures for the Arab Spring in both Syrian and Egypt. His work has won a number of awards, last of which is the Al-Sharijah in the UAE for best Palestinian photojournalist. Mohammed also works for a local Humanitarian relief group where he documents their work and the struggle of Palestine in post wars.
  • Mohammed Rabah Suliman (9)
  • Mohammed Said AlNadi (8)
  • Moira Jilani (1)
    Moira Jilani is an American citizen. She is the widow of Ziad Jilani who was killed by Israeli border policemen in 2010 while driving home. Moira and her daughters have appealed to Israel’s Supreme Court against the closing of the case against Ziad’s killers.
  • Monalisa (1)
  • Mondoweiss Editors (10)
  • Morgan Bach (8)
  • Morgan Elzey (1)
  • Mosireen (1)
    Mosireen is a non-profit media collective in Downtown Cairo born out of the explosion of citizen media and cultural activism in Egypt during the revolution. Armed with mobile phones and cameras, thousands upon thousands of citizens kept the balance of truth in their country by recording events as they happened in front of them, wrong-footing censorship and empowering the voice of a street-level perspective.
  • Motaz Attalla (1)
  • Mothanna Gharaibeh (1)
  • Mouin Rabbani (2)
    Mouin Rabbani is Co-Editor of Jadaliyya.
  • Mousa Abu Maria and Bekah Wolf (1)
  • Muhammad Idrees Ahmad (17)
  • Munther Isaac (1)
    Munther Isaac is the Vice Academic Dean at Bethlehem Bible College and a PhD candidate at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies. He is also the director of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference.
  • Musa Hamideh (1)
  • Mya Guarnieri (14)
  • Nabil Al-Khowaiter (1)
    Nabil Al-Khowaiter is a Saudi Arabian writer and consultant on business development
  • Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian (1)
    Dr. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian is the Director of the Gender Studies Program at Mada al-Carmel and is a professor at the Faculty of Law, Institute of Criminology and the School of Social Work and Public Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Nadia Abu El-Haj, Lila Abu-Lughod, Gil Anidjar, Rashid Khalidi, Brinkley Messick and James Schamus (1)
  • Nadia Awad (1)
  • Nadia Hijab (2)
    Nadia Hijab is Director of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network.
  • Nadine Darwish (1)
    Nadine Darwish is a Palestinian-American teenager, currently in high school. You can follow her on twitter at @earthtonadine and her blog
  • Nadine Naber (1)
  • Nadir Bouhmouch (1)
    Nadir Bouhmouch is an award-winning Moroccan filmmaker, human rights activist, and feminist. He is a double major in film and International security/conflict resolution at San Diego State University.
  • Nadya Raja Tannous (2)
    Nadya Raja Tannous is a human rights activist living in the Bay Area on Occupied Ohlone land.
  • Najwa Doughman and Sasha Al-Sarabi (1)
    Najwa Doughman, 25, graduated from the University of Virginia in 2009 and currently works as an architect in New York City. Sasha Al-Sarabi, 24, graduated from the University of Virginia in 2010. She currently works in finance in New York City.
  • Nancy Kanwisher (4)
  • Nancy Kiousi (1)
    Nancy Kiousi is an activist with Palestine Place.
  • Nancy Kricorian (5)
    Nancy Kricorian is a New York City-based writer and activist.
  • Nancy Murray (6)
    Nancy Murray, an advocate for Palestinian rights for over 25 years, has researched and written about surveillance for the ACLU of Massachusetts and its website.
  • Naomi Dann (1)
    Naomi is a new media fellow at Jewish Voice for Peace and recent graduate with a degree in Peace and Justice Studies from Vassar College.
  • Naomi Klein (1)
  • Nathan Goldwag (1)
    Nathan Goldwag is a sophomore at Brandeis University and a member of Jewish Voice for Peace.
  • nathan stuckey (1)
    Nathan Stuckey is a volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement
  • Native American and Indigenous Studies Scholars (1)
  • Nava EtShalom (1)
    Nava EtShalom is a poet and educator in Philadelphia, where she is working on a PhD in English at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Nazmi Al-Masri (2)
    Dr. Nazmi Al-Masri is a Professor of English at the Islamic University of Gaza
  • Nessma Eman Bashi (1)
    Nessma Eman Bashi is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. Before beginning law school this fall, she is working in Amman with Jordan’s growing refugee community through Jesuit Refugee Services and the King Hussein Foundation’s Information and Research Center.
  • Neta Golan (3)
    Neta Golan is a co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement. She lives in the occupied West Bank with her Palestinian husband and their three beautiful daughters- an illegal act under Israeli apartheid law.
  • Nicholas Saidel (1)
    Nicholas Saidel is Associate Director of the Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis & Response (ISTAR) at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Nida Abubaker (1)
    Nida Abubaker is the proud daughter of a proud political prisoner, Shukri Abubaker. To learn more about the Holy Land Five case visit
  • Nigel Parry (4)
    Nigel Parry is a former webmaster of Birzeit University, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada, and a longtime independent media activist, currently living in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Nima Shirazi (62)
    Nima Shirazi is co-editor of the Iran, Iraq and Turkey pages for the online magazine Muftah. His political analysis can be found on his blog,, where this post first appeared. Follow him on Twitter @WideAsleepNima.
  • Nir Rosen (1)
  • Nirit Ben-Ari (1)
  • Nisha Bolsey (1)
    Nisha Bolsey is a Palestine solidarity activist and socialist living in New York City. She is studying to be an educator.
  • No to G4S Campaign (1)
    For more on the No to G4S Campaign visit
  • Noah Lepawsky Emily Katz Kishawi and Mich Levy (1)
    Noah Lepawsky, Emily Katz Kishawi and Mich Levy are members of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network which supports the full BDS call to action. The International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network is an international network of Jews who are committed to struggles for human emancipation, of which the liberation of the Palestinian people and land is an indispensable part. Our commitment is to the dismantling of Israeli apartheid, the return of Palestinian refugees, and the ending of the Israeli colonization of historic Palestine. More information can be found at and
  • Noam Chomsky (1)
    Noam Chomsky was born on December 7, 1928 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He received his Phd in linguistics in 1955 from the University of Pennsylvania, joined the staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1955 and in 1961 was appointed full professor. Chomsky has lectured at many universities here and abroad, and is the recipient of numerous honorary degrees and awards. He has written and lectured widely on linguistics, philosophy, intellectual history, contemporary issues, international affairs and U.S. foreign policy. Among his more recent books are, New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind; On Nature and Language; The Essential Chomsky; Hopes and Prospects; Gaza in Crisis; How the World Works; 9-11: Was There an Alternative; Making the Future: Occupations, Interventions, Empire, and Resistance; The Science of Language; Peace with Justice: Noam Chomsky in Australia; and Power Systems.
  • Noam Chomsky and the Gaza Eight (1)
  • Noam Gur and Alon Gurman (2)
    Noam Gur, 18, Qiryat Motzkin, refuses to serve in the occupation army and will probably be imprisoned on April, 16 2012. Alon Gurman,19, Tel Aviv, refuses to serve in the occupation army and will probably be imprisoned on April, 16 as well.
  • Noam Sheizaf (4)
    Noam Sheizaf is an independent journalist and editor.
  • Noor Fawzy (1)
    Noor Fawzy is a third-year undergraduate student studying Political Science, Middle East politics and World politics at Florida Atlantic University. Fawzy helped establish Florida Atlantic University's chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine last year.
  • Nora Lester Murad (3)
    Writer of fiction and commentary about Palestine. Blogs at The View from My Window in Palestine at
  • Norman G. Finkelstein (13)
    Norman G. Finkelstein received his doctorate in 1988 from the Department of Politics at Princeton University. He taught political theory and the Israel-Palestine conflict for many years and currently writes and lectures. Finkelstein is the author of eight books that have been translated into 50 foreign editions, and is currently completing a book with Palestinian political analyst Mouin Rabbani entitled "How to Resolve the Israel-Palestine Conflict."
  • Northeastern University School of Law chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (1)
  • Northeastern University Students for Justice in Palestine (2)
    Northeastern University Students for Justice in Palestine will work to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and inside Israel.
  • Northwest Regional BDS Coalition (1)
    The Northwest Regional BDS Coalition was founded in response to the 2005 Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction call issued by Palestinian civil society.
  • Nour O. El Borno (3)
    Nour O. El Borno is an English literature student at the Islamic University of Gaza and a blogger. Follow her work at
  • Noura Erakat (1)
    Noura Erakat is an activist and human rights attorney.
  • Noura Khouri (1)
    Noura Khouri is the Cairo Representative for the Global March to Jerusalem. You can follow her on twitter at and on her blog
  • Nu'man Abd al-Wahid (9)
    Nu'man Abd al-Wahid is a UK based freelance Yemeni-English writer specialising in the political relationship between the British state and the Arab World. My focus is on how the United Kingdom has historically maintained its interests in the the Middle East. A collection of articles are posted at
  • Ofer Neiman (9)
    Israeli citizen
  • Ofra Yeshua-Lyth (2)
    Ofra Yeshua-Lyth served as correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Maariv in Germany and in the US. Her book The Case for a Secular New Jerusalem. A memoir, was published May 2014.
  • Olivia Snaije (1)
    Olivia Snaije is a journalist and editor based in Paris who has covered the Middle East for the past 20 years. Her latest book that she co-edited with Mitchell Albert, Keep Your Eye on the Wall, was published by Saqi Books in 2013. There is an ongoing exhibition of photographs from the book at the Franco-German Cultural Center in Ramallah until June 20, 2014.
  • Omar Baddar (1)
    Omar Baddar is a political scientist, human rights activist, and New Media professional based in Washington, DC.
  • Omar Barakat (1)
    Omar Barakat is a Palestinian studying in France at the American University of Paris.
  • Omar Barghouti (12)
  • Omar Chaaban (4)
    Omar Chaaban is a Palestinian activist based in Vancouver, BC. He holds a BA in International Relations from the University of British Columbia and focuses on Syria and Palestine. Visit his blog:, and follow him on: @al3isawy.
  • Omar Dajani (1)
    Omar Dajani is a Professor of Law at McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific and a former member of the Palestine Liberation Organization's Negotiations Support Unit.
  • Omar Daraghmeh (2)
    Omar Daraghmeh is a 25-year-old English student at the Arab American University-Jenin.
  • Omar Erchid (1)
    Omar Erchid is a Journalism student at the University of South Florida and the Public Relations Officer of Students for Justice in Palestine. Follow him on Twitter @oerchid
  • Omar Ghraieb (2)
    Omar Ghraieb is a journalist in Gaza. He blogs at Gaza Times. Follow him on Twitter@Omar_Gaza.
  • Omar Zahzah (1)
    Omar Zahzah is the programming director for UCLA's chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine.
  • Open Letter (1)
  • Or Amit (1)
    Or Amit is a freelance writer living in Dresden, Germany.
  • Orouba Ayyoub Othman (1)
  • Osamah Khalil (1)
    Osamah Khalil is a co-founder and former co-director of Al-Shabaka. He is Assistant Professor of U.S. and Middle East History at Syracuse University.
  • pabelmont (1)
    Retired. Married for 24 years to Palestinian-American, Quaker. Myself of Jewish descent, non-religious. Classical musician (cello). Run my own website,, for which I do all the programming (PHP, MYSQL). Favor an international intervention, as a "deus ex machina", to rescue Palestinians, Israelis, and USA from the tail-wags-the-dog AIPAC-et-alius. This probably means doing an end-run around USA's UNSC veto and doing more-or-less coordinated BDS at nation-state level. Non-Action on Global Warming is a far bigger threat to all the world than the 63-year non-action on Israel/Palestine. On this topic, I am truly hopeless: "I cry a tear for the soon to be late humanity."
  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK (1)
    PSC is an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation with members from many communities across Britain.
  • Palestine Solidarity Legal Support (1)
    The Center for Constitutional Rights, in collaboration with the National Lawyers Guild and other organizations, groups and individuals, is organizing the Palestine Solidarity Legal Support initiative in order to protect and advance the constitutional rights of Palestinian rights activists across the U.S. When it comes to speech and activities supportive of Palestinian rights or critical of Israeli policies, First Amendment rights are under increasing pressure. Our work aims to assist activists by providing legal advice and representation, developing resources for activists and lawyers involved in this work, and providing litigation and advocacy support to the movement for Palestinian human rights and its supporters.
  • Palestinian BDS National Committee (6)
    The BDS National Committee (BNC) is the Palestinian coordinating body for the BDS campaign worldwide. For more information, visit
  • Palestinian Council of Human Rights Organisations (2)
    The Council of Palestinian Human Rights Organizations is a coalition of 21 Palestinian human rights organizations operating in the OPT. The above statement was issued by Addameer Prisoners’ Support and Human Rights Association, Aldameer Association for Human Rights, Al-Haq, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, Ensan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, Hurryyat - Centre for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights, Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights, Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies and Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling.
  • Palestinian Students' Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel (1)
  • Pam Bailey (23)
    I am social entrepreneur who reports on Palestine; teaches journalism/ social media & consults on communication strategies in the fight for peace & justice. Have 2 homes: Washington DC & Gaza.
  • Pam Bailey and Ramy S. Abdu, PhD (1)
    Pam Bailey is a freelance writer who has lived and worked in the Middle East, including the Gaza Strip. Ramy Abdu, PhD, is the Gaza-based board chair for Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization dedicated to investigating and exposing human rights violations.
  • Pamela Olson (37)
    Pamela Olson is the author of Fast Times in Palestine. She blogs here.
  • Pamela Rillon (1)
    Pamela Rillon is a Chilean journalist and holds a Masters in International Affairs from the University of Chile.
  • Parvez Sharma (7)
  • Pat Carmeli (1)
    Pat Carmeli lived in Israel 12 years and is married to a sabra. She lives in Cazenovia, N.Y. and is very involved in conflict resolution and the movement for freedom for Palestinians. She is a founding member of CNY Working for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel
  • Patrick Connors (10)
    Patrick Connors is a member of Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel.
  • Paul Duffill and Gabriella Skoff (1)
    Paul Duffill is a part-time lecturer and researcher at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney. He is also project manager for an inter-university human rights curriculum project lead by the University of Sydney. Gabriella Skoff is a graduate of NYU where she majored in religion, politics and war. She is currently an intern at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney.
  • Paul Karolyi (1)
    Paul Karolyi has previously written for +972 Magazine and Al Akhbar English.
  • Paul Larudee (2)
    Dr. Paul Larudee is a co-founder of the movement to break the siege of Gaza by sea and a founding member of the Global March to Jerusalem. For more information, go to or
  • Paul Mutter (71)
    Paul Mutter is a contributor to Mondoweiss, Foreign Policy in Focus and the Arabist.
  • Paul Woodward (58)
  • Peggy Faw Gish (1)
    Peggy Faw Gish has been working in Iraq with Christian Peacemaker Teams since October 2002, and was in Iraq before, during, and after the 2003 war. Gish is a grandmother, farmer, community mediator, and conflict management trainer. Her latest book is Walking Through Fire: Iraqis' Struggle for Justice and Reconciliation
  • Percy Sykes (1)
    Percy Sykes is a nom de plume
  • Peter Brannan (1)
    Peter Brannan is an undergraduate at the University of Washington majoring in Biochemistry and Sociology. Peter is an active member of UW Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER) as well as the International Socialist Organization (ISO).
  • Peter Drubetskoy (7)
  • Peter Rugh (2)
    Peter Rugh is an activist and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. He reports for Free Speech Radio News and is a correspondent for Peter blogs at
  • Peter Smith and Catherine Thick (1)
    Peter Smith is an osteopath and acupuncturist working in Kent. Catherine Thick is an acupuncturist in Northumberland and the founder of Equity & Peace.
  • Peter Voskamp (14)
    Peter Voskamp is a freelance writer based in Washington DC. His work has appeared in Rolling, Texas, the Providence Phoenix, TheWrap and Yankee magazine, among other publications. He also served as editor of the Block Island Times for many years, in between playing drums for the Booze Beggars and chairing the shellfish commission.
  • Peter Weiss (1)
    Peter Weiss has had a long career in international human rights law. In a law practice that lasted over 50 years, he performed pro bono work in the fields of human rights, constitutional law, and nuclear weapons law.
  • Petra Stastna (1)
    Petra Stastna comes from the Czech Republic where she has been active in various solidarity movements, including the struggle for justice and freedom for Palestine. She is currently in Gaza.
  • Phan Nguyen (42)
    Phan Nguyen lives in New York and has a Twitter account: @Phan_N
  • Philip Harris (1)
    Philip Harris is the founder and editor of Electron Press, one of the earliest ebook publishing companies (1997). Raised as a dedicated Zionist, he spent four summers at Camp Ramah. As an adult he gradually realized over many years in the eighties and nineties that the injustices done to the indigenous population of Palestine by the Zionist movement far outweighed any possible benefit to the Jews.
  • Philip Rizk (1)
  • Philip Weiss (11218)
    Philip Weiss is Founder and Co-Editor of
  • Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz (74)
  • Phyllis Bennis (11)
  • Physicians for Human Rights Israel (1)
  • Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (15)
    The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee was formed by prominent activists in the popular committees from all over the Occupied Territories and across the Palestinian political spectrum. Popular committees present a unique form of community based organizing and resistance in the tradition of the first Palestinian Intifada.
  • Porter Speakman, Jr (5)
    Follow Porter Speakman, Jr. on Twitter @porterspeakman
  • Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi (1)
    Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi is an Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies/Race and Resistance Studies at San Francisco State University.
  • Rabbi Brant Rosen (7)
  • Rabbi Brian Walt (4)
  • Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb (5)
    Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb is leader of Fellowship of Reconciliation Peacewalks and Director of Shomer Shalom Network for Jewish Nonviolence [email protected]; [email protected]
  • Rabbi Rebecca Alpert (1)
    Rabbi Alpert is professor of religion at Temple University.
  • Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice (1)
    The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice is a grassroots non-profit organization that conducts and supports programs that foster connections between people, that build understanding, respect, and appreciation for differences, and that promote cooperation within and between local and global communities. The foundation encourages and supports grassroots efforts in pursuit of human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice, which we view as pre-requisites for world peace. Continuing the work begun and envisioned by Rachel Corrie, its initial emphasis has been on Israel/Palestine.
  • Rachel Marcuse (7)
  • Rachel Roberts (2)
    Rachel Roberts is a civil rights attorney and a writer. She writes at: ."
  • Rachelle Friesen (2)
    Rachelle Friesen worked with an international aid organization based in Jerusalem for four years before she was deported. She currently lives in Canada.
  • Radhika Sainath (1)
    Radhika Sainath is a civil rights attorney living in New York, New York. In addition to being one of the founding members of Witness Bahrain, she has supported human rights and democracy movements in movements in Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine and the Philippines.
  • Rae Abileah (13)
    Rae Abileah is a social change strategist and member of Jewish Voice for Peace who participated in the 21st Presbyterian General Assembly ( She is a Jewish-American of Israeli descent and lives in California. This month she traveled to Israel/Palestine to co-lead the 50th Interfaith Peace Builders delegation ( She can be reached at rae [at] and @raeabileah.
  • Raed Jarrar (1)
  • Raff Piccolo (2)
  • Rahim Kurwa (3)
    Rahim Kurwa is an active member of Students for Justice in Palestine and is currently a graduate student in the Sociology Department at the University of California, Los Angeles.
  • Ramah Kudaimi (2)
    Ramah Kudaimi is a Syrian-American activist in DC. You can follow her on Twitter @ramahkudaimi.
  • Ramona (1)
  • Ramsey El-Qare (1)
    Ramsey El-Qare, co-founder of the Bay News Movement, is a San Francisco-born Palestinian photojournalist. He studied political science at San Francisco State University, and San Francisco City College where he documented social movements through his work at the Guardsman. His photographs have also been featured in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the San Francisco Chronicle, Arab American newspapers, and various news websites. Though initially trained with black and white film in the mid-1990s, Ramsey currently shoots with a high-resolution digital SLR camera.
  • Ramzy Baroud (2)
    Ramzy Baroud ( is an internationally-syndicated columnist and the editor of His latest book is: My Father was A Freedom Fighter: Gaza's Untold Story (Pluto Press).
  • Rania Khalek (2)
    Rania Khalek is a Lebanese-american independent journalist reporting on the underclass and marginalized. Follow her on twitter @RaniaKhalek.
  • Rann Bar-On (1)
    Rann Bar-On is an Israeli peace activist and a lecturer in mathematics at Duke University.
  • Rawan Yaghi (9)
    Rawan Yaghi is an English Literature student, blogger, and writer, living in Gaza. She is from Masmeyya- Palestine. Her blog is
  • Rayyan Al-Shawaf (1)
  • Rebecca Burkert (1)
    Rebecca Burkert studied Politics and Anthropology at Frankfurt University, as well as Palestine and Arabic Studies at Birzeit University. She spent her last year in Ramallah and is currently living in East Jerusalem.
  • Rebecca L. Stein (2)
    Rebecca L. Stein is the author of the forthcoming book (with Adi Kuntsman): Selfie Militarism: Israel’s Occupation in the Social Media Age.
  • Rebecca Manski (1)
  • Rebecca Pierce (4)
    Rebecca Pierce is a recent graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz where she studied film production and was active in student media and Palestine solidarity organizing.
  • Rebecca Vilkomerson (3)
  • Refaat Alareer (8)
    Refaat Alareer is a young academic and writer from Gaza who blogs at You can follow him on twitter at @ThisisGaza.
  • Reham Alhelsi (1)
  • Rehmat Qadir (2)
  • Rémi Brulin (3)
    Remi Brulin is Shapiro Teaching Fellow at the School of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University and a visiting scholar at New York University's Journalism Institute. Follow him on Twitter at @RBrulin. See his Institute for Palestine Studies interview on the discourse of terrorism here.
  • Remi Kanazi (1)
    Remi Kanazi is a poet, writer, and activist based in New York City. He is the author of Poetic Injustice: Writings on Resistance and Palestine (RoR Publishing, 2011) and the editor of Poets For Palestine (Al Jisser Group, 2008). Visit his website
  • Reuven Kaminer (1)
    Reuven Kaminer, writer and political analyst, is a veteran activist in the Israeli peace movement and the left. Over the years, he has been a founding member of various important protest formations such as SIAH (The New Israeli Left), The Israeli Committee for Solidarity with Bir Zeit University, the Committee against the War in Lebanon and "Dai L'kibush" [End the Occupation]. Reuven Kaminer, along with the late Eliezer Feiler, Yael Lotan and Latif Dori was one of the defendants in a historical court case during 1987-1990 when the four were tried for having met with the PLO in Romania. Kaminer blogs at:
  • Rev. Dr. Don Wagner (2)
    The Rev. Dr. Donald Wagner is an ordained Presbyterian (PCUSA) minister and the National Program Director of Friends of Sabeel—North America, the voice of Palestinian Christians.  He was a contributor to the Israel-Palestine Mission Network’s study guide Zionism Unsettled.
  • Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek (1)
    The Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek is a Palestinian priest in the Anglican Church and founder of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem.
  • Reza Sanati (1)
  • Rich Siegel (6)
  • Richard Congress (9)
  • Richard Falk (2)
  • Richard Lightbown (1)
    Richard Lightbown is a British human rights activist and researcher who writes occasional articles on Middle East topics for various online publications.
  • Richard Potter (2)
    Richard Potter is a 27 year old Social Worker and writer from Pittsburgh, PA. His work has been featured in Vice, Your Middle East, and Rohingya Blogger.
  • Rick Sterling (1)
    Rick Sterling lives in the SF Bay Area and is active in several peace/justice organizations working around the Mideast and Latin America. During the 1970's and early 80's he was a member of Liberation Support Movement focused on the liberation struggles in southern Africa.
  • Rie Graham (1)
  • Rob Browne (4)
  • Rob Buchanan (1)
    Rob Buchanan is a writer, teacher and outdoorsman who lives in NY
  • Robert (1)
  • Robert Cohen (5)
    Cohen is a British writer. He blogs at Micah's Paradigm Shift.
  • Robert Ross (2)
    Robert Ross is an Assistant Professor of Global Cultural Studies at Point Park University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His research and teaching focus upon the political-economic geographies of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and the United States. He is also a member of the Pittsburgh Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Israel-Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
  • Robin D. G. Kelley (3)
    Robin D. G. Kelley is the Gary B. Nash Professor of U.S. History University of California at Los Angeles. His books include the prize-winning, Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original (Free Press, 2009);Africa Speaks, America Answers: Modern Jazz in Revolutionary Times (Harvard University Press, 2012); Hammer and Hoe: Alabama Communists During the Great Depression (University of North Carolina Press, 1990);Race Rebels: Culture Politics and the Black Working Class (The Free Press, 1994); Yo' Mama's DisFunktional!: Fighting the Culture Wars in Urban America (Beacon Press, 1997); Three Strikes: Miners, Musicians, Salesgirls, and the Fighting Spirit of Labor's Last Century, written collaboratively with Dana Frank and Howard Zinn (Beacon 2001); and Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination (Beacon Press, 2002). He also edited (with Earl Lewis), To Make Our World Anew: A History of African Americans (Oxford University Press, 2000), and is currently completing a general survey of African American history co-authored with Tera Hunter and Earl Lewis to be published by Norton.
  • Robin Yassin-Kassab (1)
  • Rochelle Gause (1)
    Rochelle Gause is a mother, project coordinator at the Rachel Corrie Foundation and co-founder of the campaign that led to the Olympia Food Co-op boycott of Israeli goods.
  • Roger Waters (4)
  • Roland Nikles (7)
    Roland Nikles is a Bay Area writer and attorney. He blogs here: And he recently visited Israel and Palestine.
  • Ron Smith (1)
    Ron Smith is a professor of International Relations at Bucknell University.
  • Roqayah Chamseddine (18)
  • Rosamond Robertson (1)
    Rosamond Robertson works for Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW) as an Ecumenical Accompanier serving on the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). Her writing here does not necessarily reflect those of QPSW or the WCC.
  • Rotem Dan Mor (1)
  • Ruba Salibi (1)
    Roba Salibi is a 21 yr old student at Al Azhar university university living at Jabalia refuge camp in the Gaza strip. Follow her on Twitter @RobaSalibi
  • Ruqaya Izzidien (5)
    Ruqaya Izzidien is a British journalist and cartoonist based in Gaza.
  • Russ Greenleaf (3)
    Russ Greenleaf is a Jewish peace activist and a member of Louisville Jewish Voice for Peace. He is a member of a Reform Temple in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Sahar Vardi (3)
  • Saifedean Ammous (10)
  • Saint Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee (2)
    Saint Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee (STL-PSC) is a project of the St. Louis Instead of War Coalition. We began organizing against Israeli Apartheid and the Israeli occupation in 2009 in response to the calls of Palestinian civil society for organized action against the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. Contact us here: [email protected]
  • Saleema Gul (2)
  • Sally Kantar (1)
    Sally Kantar is a writer and teacher focusing on peace and conflict issues. She holds a BA in Journalism and an MA in Conflict Resolution and is based in Southeast Asia. 
  • Sam Bahour (6)
    Sam Bahour is a Palestinian-American business development consultant from Youngstown, Ohio, living in the Palestinian city of Al-Bireh in the West Bank. He frequently provides independent commentary on Palestine and serves as a policy advisor of Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network. He is co-author of HOMELAND: Oral Histories of Palestine and Palestinians (1994) and blogs at
  • Sam Gilbert (1)
    Sam Gilbert is from the United States and works for Palestine Monitor in Ramallah. In addition to Palestine Monitor, he has been published in Counterpunch, Palestine Chronicle, al-Jazeera, Electronic Intifada and VICE. He has a degree in American Studies and Anthropology.
  • Sam Knight (3)
    Sam Knight is a freelance journalist who was born, raised and currently lives in Washington DC. He studied French for eight years and went to college in Montreal.
  • Sam Sternin (1)
  • Samah Habeeb (1)
    Samah Habeeb is a Palestinian student advocating for Palestinians rights to water and sanitation in the occupied Palestinian Territory.
  • Samah Sabawi (2)
    Samah Sabawi is a Palestinian-Canadian-Australian writer, commentator and playwright.
  • Sameeha Elwan (4)
    Sameeha Elwan is a Gazan studying in the UK.
  • Sami Hermez (2)
  • Sami Kishawi (6)
  • Sami Sulaiman (2)
    Sami Sulaiman is a Palestinian-American from Brooklyn, NY and currently works in public health on national HIV care. He studied religion in college and will soon attend graduate school for Middle Eastern studies.
  • Samia Ayyash and Brandon Baxter (1)
    Samia Ayyash and Brandon Baxter.
  • Samia Khoury (1)
    Khoury is a retired community volunteer, who belongs to the Catholic Parish in Beit Hanina. She was one of the founders of Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre in Jerusalem.
  • Samuel Dowell (1)
    Samuel Dowell is a writer based in the U.S. who works to share information about the Middle East not available in the U.S. media.
  • Samuel Nichols (1)
  • Sandra Tamari (1)
    Sandra Tamari is a Palestinian American BDS organizer with the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee. She serves on the Steering Committee of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. Sandra Tamari is a Palestinian American BDS organizer with the St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee. She serves on the Steering Committee of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.
  • Sandy Tolan (1)
    Sandy is the author of The Lemon Tree: An Arab, A Jew, and the Heart of the Middle East, and associate professor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC. He blogs at
  • Sara Jawhari (1)
    Sara Jawhari is a Palestinian American living in Kansas City, MO. She is currently a junior at the University of Kansas, double-majoring in Journalism and Anthropology with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. She dreams of one day working as a traveling freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker. Contact her at [email protected]
  • Sara Yasin (1)
    Sara Yasin is a Palestinian-American raised in the South of the United States. She is a blogger and writer interested in covering issues related to Islam, free expression, gender, race, and multiculturalism. You can follow her on Twitter at @missyasin.
  • Sarah Algherbawi (1)
    Sarah Algherbawi is a Palestinian citizen. She was born in Saudi Arabia in 1991 and now lives in Gaza. She graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza where she studied business administration, and now is working as a project coordinator in a media organization.
  • Sarah Ali (6)
    Sarah Ali, 20, is a student of English literature at the Islamic University of Gaza. Read her blog here and you can follow her on twitter @Saritah_91.
  • Sarah Aziza (4)
    Sarah Aziza holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Modern Arabic and Hebrew, and Comparative Literature. She has traveled and worked widely throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In Fall 2014, she will return to the region as a Fulbright scholar working on education and refugee populations. Her twitter is @SarahAziza1
  • Sarah Colborne (1)
    Sarah Colborne is Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
  • Sarah Salibi (2)
    Sarah Salibi is a Palestinian blogger with a degree in English literature from Al Azhar University. Sarah lives in Jabalya Refugee Camp-Gaza, and is originally from Deir Snayd , a village near Gaza. She teaches English, blogs at and tweets at @SarahSalibi
  • Sarah Schulman (1)
    Sarah Schulman is the author of 17 books, most recently THE GENTRIFICATION OF THE MIND : Witness to a Lost Imagination (U of Cal Press), TIES THAT BIND: Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences (The New Press) and the novel, THE MERE FUTURE (Arsenal Pulp Press.) She is co-founder, with Jim Hubbard of his film UNITED IN ANGER: A History of ACT UP, and the ACT UP Oral History Project ( Sarah is a Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at the City University of New York, College of Staten Island.
  • Sarah T. Roberts (1)
    Sarah T. Roberts is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Media Studies, Western University. Opinions are her own.
  • Sarah Wellington (1)
    Sarah Wellington is a member of the Activist Response Team.
  • Sarah Ziyad (3)
    Sarah Ziyad is a American-born Palestinian, university student, and free-lance writer and photographer with a focus on art, activism, and the Middle East.
  • Saree Makdisi (1)
    Saree Makdisi, a professor of English and comparative literature at UCLA, is the author of "Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation."
  • Sasha Gelzin (7)
    Sasha Gelzin is a student organiser and member of the Students for Justice in Palestine - National steering committee.
  • Scott Campbell (1)
    Scott Campbell is a Palestine solidarity activist from the SF Bay Area and volunteer with the Month Against the Apartheid Wall campaign.
  • Scott Long (5)
    Scott Long, a visiting fellow at Harvard Law School, served as founding director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Program at Human Rights Watch. He has been a human rights activist campaigning for sexual rights for over twenty years, working in countries including Albania, Egypt, Hungary, Iraq, Jamaica, Romania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the United States. He blogs on human rights issues at
  • Scott McConnell (53)
    Scott McConnell is a founding editor of the American Conservative. The former editorial page editor of The New York Post, he has written for Fortune, The New Criterion, National Review, Commentary and many other publications.
  • Scott Roth (11)
    Scott Roth is publisher of Follow him on twitter at scottroth76 .
  • Scott Weinstein (1)
    Scott Weinstein is Steering Committee member of Independent Jewish Voices - Canada) (IJV(C))
  • Seham and Philip Weiss (2)
  • Seth Morrison (1)
    Seth Morrison is a longtime activist for Israeli Palestinian peace. An active member of Jewish Voice for Peace and volunteers for a variety of Jewish and secular non-profit organizations. Professionally he is a consultant in marketing and strategic planning for nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
  • Shahd Abusalama (1)
    Shahd Abusalama, 21, is a Palestinian artist, a blogger and an English literature student living in Gaza City, Palestine.
  • Shakeel Syed (4)
  • Shakeel Syed and Jeff Warner (1)
    Shakeel Syed is a Muslim-American and a board member of American Muslims for Palestine. Jeff Warner is a Jewish-American and a member of Los Angeles Jews for Peace.
  • Shalom Boguslavsky (1)
  • Sharat G. Lin (1)
    Sharat G. Lin writes on global political economy, the Middle East, South Asia, labor migration, and public health. He is president of the San José Peace and Justice Center.
  • Sheldonrichman (2)
    Blogger, Free Association
  • Shereen Eldaly (1)
    Shereen Eldaly completed her Master’s in Public and International Affairs at the University of Montreal. She also holds a degree in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from McGill University. The focus of her studies and work has been conflict resolution and the Middle East. She has worked for the the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Canadian NGO Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME). Follow on Twitter: @shereeneldaly.
  • Shereen Naser (1)
  • Sheren Khalel (1)
    Sheren Khalel is a freelance multimedia journalist who works out of Israel, Palestine and Jordan. She focuses on human rights, women's issues and the Palestine/Israel conflict. Khalel formerly worked for Ma'an News Agency in Bethlehem, and is currently based in Ramallah and Jerusalem. You can follow her on Twitter at @Sherenk.
  • Sheren Khalel and Matthew Vickery (5)
    Sheren Khalel is a freelance multimedia journalist who works out of Israel, Palestine and Jordan. You can follow her on Twitter at @Sherenk. Matthew Vickery is an independent multimedia journalist based in the Middle East with a focus on the Levant and Iraq. Follow Matthew on Twitter: @MMVickery
  • Sherry Gorelick (1)
    Sherry Gorelick is Professor Emerita at Rutgers University. She is the author of "City College and the Jewish Poor" and articles on Jewish subjects, and has lectured on Jewish feminism, the Israeli/Palestinian women’s peace movement and related topics.
  • Sherry Wolf (1)
  • Ship to Gaza Sweden (1)
    Ship to Gaza Sweden is an initiative for practical solidarity with the people of Gaza.
  • Shira Robinson (1)
    Shira Robinson is Associate Professor of History and International Affairs at The George Washington University.
  • Shireen Tawil (6)
    Shireen Tawil is a public health professional specializing in mental and reproductive health based in Milan.
  • Shirien (1)
    Shirien is a Palestinian organizer and artist based in Chicago. She blogs at Mint Lemonade.
  • Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel (21)
    Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel is a Canadian-Israeli translator living in Italy.
  • Simon Reynolds (1)
    Simon Reynolds studied law at the University of Reading, graduating in 2007, before taking time to travel through Africa and East Asia. He is particularly passionate about the upholding of human rights within vulnerable communities and has recently completed a 6 month placement with BADIL's legal research and advocacy program.
  • Simone Daud (8)
    A Palestinian academic. A progressive internationalist with a wholly secular outlook. Meticulously pacifist and a militantly anti-reactionary perspective. An interest in progressive advocacy spanning gay rights, refugee rights.
  • Sivan Hurvitz (1)
  • SOAS Palestine Society Conference Organizing Collective (2)
  • Stanley Heller (2)
    Stanley Heller is Executive Director of the Middle East Crisis Committee (CT) and host of its TV program "The Struggle". He publishes the Struggle Video News, at
  • Stephanie Westbrook (14)
  • Stephen Maher (1)
  • Stephen Sheehi (1)
    Stephen Sheehi is Associate Professor of Arabic and Arab Studies at the University of South Carolina. His latest book is Islamophobia: The Ideological Campaign Against Muslims (2011).
  • Stephen Shenfield (3)
    Stephen Shenfield is a British-born writer. After several years as a government statistician, he entered the field of Soviet Studies. He was active in the nuclear disarmament movement. Later he came to the U.S. and taught International Relations at Brown University. He is the author of Russian Fascism: Traditions, Tendencies, Movements (M.E. Sharpe, 2001). He now works as an independent researcher and translator. He is a member of the World Socialist Movement. A collection of his writings is on his new website at
  • Steve Horn (3)
  • Steven Salaita (4)
    Steven Salaita is an associate professor of English at Virginia Tech. Steven Salaita's latest book is Israel's Dead Soul. Find him on Twitter @stevesalaita.
  • Stop the Wall (1)
    Stop the Wall is a grassroots movement uniting the struggle of the popular committees in the villages, refugee camps and cities struggling against the Wall and the settlements and the efforts of Palestinian civil society.
  • Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (1)
    Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) is a Palestine solidarity organization at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor that seeks to advance the causes of freedom, justice, human rights and equality for all peoples.
  • Students for Justice in Palestine ASU Chapter (1)
  • Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (1)
    Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights is a registered student organization at the University of Washington Dedicated to Equal Rights and Justice for the Palestinian People.
  • Sufyan bin Uzayr (1)
    Sufyan bin Uzayr is the author of “Sufism: A Brief History”. He writes for several print and online publications, and has recently started his own progressive blog named Political Periscope (
  • Suheir Azzouni (1)
    Suheir Azzouni is a Palestinian women’s rights activist and gender specialist. She established the executive offices of the Palestinian Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC) and acted as WATC’s General Director from 1994- 2001.
  • Suraya Dadoo (1)
    Suraya Dadoo is a researcher for Media Review Network, a Johannesburg-based organisation working to fight Israeli Apartheid and co-author with Firoz Osman of the forthcoming book Why Israel? The Anatomy of Zionist Apartheid – A South African Perspective (Johannesburg, Porcupine Press)
  • Susan Abulhawa (4)
    Susan Abulhawa is the author of the international bestselling novel, Mornings in Jenin (Bloomsbury, 2010) – – and founder of Playgrounds for Palestine –
  • Susan Johnson (13)
    I became involved in the issue of Israel's occupation of Palestinian in 2004 when I was invited to visit the West Bank with Women of a Certain Age. The experience turned me into an activist for Palestinian rights. In May 2009 I visited Gaza with a delegation of 13 people, Philip Weiss being one of them. That brought me to mondoweiss. The trip raised my outrage and passion to tell anyone who will listen (and some who'd rather not) about what I saw...which was devastation and an attempt to destroy the people of Gaza through the siege, constant harassment by the IDF and the Dec.-Jan. invasion and bombardment.
  • Susan Koppelman (1)
    Susan Koppelman is a Seattle based activist with Stop Veolia Seattle who spent five years living and working in Palestine, first with the Palestinian Hydrology Group and then with the grassroots Palestinian water justice collective LifeSource.
  • Susan Landau (8)
    Susan Landau is an activist and organizer with Philly BDS.
  • Susannah Nachenberg (2)
    Susannah Nachenberg is an activist with Jewish Voice for Peace in the Bay Area.
  • Susie Day (1)
    Susie Day writes a regular political satire column and lives in NYC.
  • Susie Kneedler (64)
    Who reads and sometimes writes....
  • Sylvia Schwarz (4)
  • Talal Alyan (1)
    Talal Alyan is a Palestinian-American writer based in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter at @talalalyan.
  • Talgha Bendie (2)
    Talgha Bendie is an activist from South Africa working with The Centre For Political and Development Studies (CPDS)-Gaza
  • Tali Shapiro (1)
    Tali Shapiro is an activist with Anarchists Against the Wall and BOYCOTT! Supporting the Palestinian Call from Within.
  • Tamam Abusalama (1)
    Tamam Abusalama is a 19- year old Palestinian blogger and journalism student at Ankara university in Turkey. She’s originally from Beit Jirja-Palestine. She blogs at : and tweets at @TamamAbusalama
  • Tanya Keilani (2)
    Tanya Keilani is a member of Columbia University Students for Justice in Palestine and the National SJP Conference Organizing Committee.
  • Tarek Fouda (1)
  • Tareq Radi (3)
    Tareq Radi is a Palestinian-American organizer based in Washington, DC and founding member of GMU's Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA). He has a B.S in Finance from George Mason University, and hopes to research Palestine's political economy.
  • Tarik Takkesh (1)
    Tarik Takkesh is a graduate of Neuroscience, B.S. & Arabic, B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles. He currently serves as the Director of Statewide Affairs for Covered California at Access California Services. He is a speaker and social justice advocate.
  • Tema Okun (1)
  • Terri Ginsberg (19)
    Terri Ginsberg is a film scholar and Palestine solidarity activist based in New York City. She is co-author of Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Cinema (2010), author of Holocaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ideology (2007), and co-editor of A Companion to German Cinema (2012).
  • Terry Weber (1)
    Weber is a NYC public school teacher who is traveling in the West Bank with the Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre
  • Thayer Hastings for BADIL Resource Center (1)
    Thayer Hastings is a staff researcher at the BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights, an independent, community-based non-profit organization working to defend and promote the rights of Palestinian refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. Visit our websites at and
  • The Love Under Apartheid Team (1)
    To learn more about Love Under Apartheid visit
  • Theodore Sayeed (8)
    Theodore Sayeed is a contributor to Mondoweiss. He may be reached at: [email protected]
  • Tiffany Ornelas de Tool (2)
    Tiffany Ornelas de Tool is an experienced trainer specializing in conflict resolution, human rights, intercultural dialogue and community participation. She holds a BA in Political Science and a MA in Public Affairs. As a certified Peace and Conflict Consultant, she has worked in West Papua, Indonesia, the Yida refugee camp, South Sudan and Jeju Island, South Korea. She is currently in the Gaza Strip providing trainings and collecting testimonies of the truth.
  • Tim Joseph (1)
  • timhaughton (3)
  • Tithi Bhattacharya (3)
    Tithi Bhattacharya is a professor of South Asian History at Purdue University, a long time activist for Palestinian justice and on the editorial board of the International Socialist Review.
  • Tithi Bhattacharya and Bill V. Mullen (1)
    Tithi Bhattacharya is a Professor of South Asian History at Purdue University, a long time activist for Palestinian justice and on the editorial board of the International Socialist Review. Bill V. Mullen is a Professor of American Studies at Purdue University. He is the author of many books a member of the organizing committee for the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI).
  • Today in Palestine (507)
  • Tom Pessah (1)
  • Tom Sperlinger (1)
    Tom Sperlinger in a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Bristol.
  • Tom Suarez (12)
  • Tomer Gardi (1)
    Tomer Gardi is a writer and political activist, former editor of the Zochrot published journal Sedek: A Journal on the Ongoing Nakba. His book, "Stone, Paper" was published January 2012 by the Hakibbutz Hameuchad -Sifriat Poalim Publishing House.
  • Tufts University Students for Justice in Palestine (2)
  • Tyler Levitan (4)
    Tyler Levitan is the Campaigns Coordinator for Independent Jewish Voices – Canada. He is based in Ottawa on unceded Algonquin territory.
  • UC SJP (1)
  • Udi Aloni (26)
  • Uri Horesh (1)
    Dr. Uri Horesh is a lecturer in Arabic at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He tweets at @urihoresh.
  • US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (2)
    Responding to the call of Palestinian civil society to join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement against Israel, the US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel is a U.S. campaign focused specifically on a boycott of Israeli academic and cultural institutions, as delineated by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.
  • US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (3)
    The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is the largest and most diverse coalition working to change U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel to support human rights, international law, and equality. Learn more at
  • Vashti Kenway (2)
    Vashti Kenway is one of the "Max Brenner 19" defendants. She is one of the founders of Students for Palestine in Melbourne Australia and has written extensively on the topic.
  • Vera Macht (1)
  • Vijay Prashad (1)
    Vijay Prashad is the George and Martha Kellner Chair in South Asian history and a professor of international studies at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He is the author of Uncle Swami: South Asians in America Today and The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World (both published by The New Press), as well as The Karma of Brown Folk. The Darker Nations was chosen as a Best Nonfiction Book of the Year by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop and won the Muzaffar Ahmad Book Prize. In 2013-2014, Prashad will be the Edward Said Chair at the American University of Beirut.
  • Virginia Tilley (1)
    A sometimes alienated intellectual wanderer.
  • Visualizing Palestine (7)
    Visualizing Palestine is the intersection of communication, social sciences, technology, design and urban studies for social justice. Visualizing Palestine uses creative visuals to describe a factual rights-based narrative of Palestine/Israel. To learn more visit
  • Walaa Ghussein (2)
    Walaa Ghussein is a Palestinian living in Gaza, an undergraduate student in Al-Azhar university in Gaza. Follow her on Twitter @Walaagh
  • Waleed Ahmed (1)
    Waleed Ahmed is a writer and activist based out of Toronto, ON. 
  • Waleed al-Meadana (7)
    Waleed al-Meadana is a 21-year-old Palestinian. His grandparents were expelled from Jaffa. He is a lecturer at the University College of Applied Sciences (UCASGaza).
  • Waleed Almusharaf (3)
    Waleed Almusharaf is a PhD student at the School of Oriental and African Studies. He used to write and translate, among other things, for money. The former became difficult because he finds it unpleasant to write fast enough, so now he just writes whatever he feels like, too late, and translates when he gets a chance.
  • Warda Yusuf (1)
  • Washington Interfaith Alliance for Middle East Peace (1)
  • Wayne Myers (1)
    Wayne Myers is a singer-songwriter from London. He has been recording and performing bluesy folk-rock under the name Fit and the Conniptions since December 2005. His site is
  • Wayne Smith (1)
  • William McGowan (2)
    William McGowan is the author of three books: Only Man Is Vile: The Tragedy of Sri Lanka (Farrar, Straus & Giroux); Coloring The News: How Political Correctness Has Corrupted American Journalism (Encounter Books, 2002) for which he won a National Press Club Award; and Gray Lady Down: The Decline and Fall of the New York Times. (Encounter Books, 2010). A former editor at the Washington Monthly, he has reported for Newsweek International and the BBC and has written for the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post, the New Republic, Columbia Journalism Review and many other national publications. He lives in New York City and blogs at
  • Yakov Hirsch (6)
    Yakov Hirsch is a writer and poker player who lives in New York
  • Yakov Rabkin (1)
  • Yaniv Reich (3)
  • Yara Karmalawy (1)
    Yara Karmalawy has a B.A. in Political Science and Legal Studies with a focus on the Middle East from UC Santa Cruz. She is currently pursuing an international law degree.
  • Yarden Katz (1)
    Yarden Katz is a PhD student in the Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT.
  • Yasha Levine (1)
    Yasha Levine is a staff writer at NSFWCORP. He is also a founding editor of The eXiled and the SHAME Project, and used to edit the satirical Moscow biweekly The eXile, before the paper was shut down by the Russian government. His work has appeared in Wired, The Nation, AlterNet, Playboy, Penthouse, MSNBC and others.
  • Yasmeen Ar-Rayani (1)
  • Yonah Fredman (2)
  • Yossi Gurvitz (3)
  • Yousef Alhelou (2)
    Yousef Alhelou is a freelance journalist based in Gaza City and a Reuters Journalist fellow at Oxford University. He is a Middle East correspondent for Real News Network and can be followed on Twitter at @YousefAlhelou.
  • Yousef M. Aljamal (14)
    Yousef M. Aljamal works with the Center for Political Development Studies [CPDS] , a Gaza based non-profit organization facilitating Palestinians representing themselves "in the tongues of its own people" to convey their own message to the world and enhance Palestine's presence in world forums and international organizations.
  • Yousef Munayyer (8)
    Yousef Munayyer is Executive Director of The Jerusalem Fund and its educational program, The Palestine Center.
  • Yves Engler (1)
    Yves Engler’s latest book is The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper’s foreign policy. He’s also the author of Canada and Israel: building apartheid.
  • Zach Morris (1)
  • Zachary J. Foster (1)
    Zachary J. Foster is a Ph.D Candidate in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. His dissertation is titled, “Palestine: The History of a Name.”
  • Zakaria Muhammed Zubeidi (1)
    Zakaria Muhammed Zubeidi is the director of the Jenin Freedom Theatre and the former leader of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in Jenin.
  • Zarefa Ali and Amal Zayed (1)
    Zarefa Ali is a researcher focusing on Palestinian refugees. She received her Master’s Degree from Birzeit University in International Studies with a concentration in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies. Her latest publication is “A Narration without an End: Palestine and the Continuing Nakba.” Amal Zayed received her Master’s Degree from Birzeit University in International Studies with a concentration in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies. She worked as a researcher at the Forced Migration and Refugee Unit at the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies. Her latest published work is a book entitled “Palestinian Refugee Narratives: an Inter-Generational Comparison.”
  • Zehra Hirji (1)
  • Zena Ozeir and Jamil Sbitan (1)
    Zena Ozeir is President of Boston University’s Students for Justice in Palestine and a co-organizer of the Right of Return Conference. Jamil Sbitan is a Palestinian student at Boston University and a co-organizer of the upcoming Right of Return Conference.
  • Zoe Zenowich (3)

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