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The West Bank insurrection

Israel killed a 19-year-old protester Friday outside a settlement in the West Bank, and after his funeral, a boy gave a bullet to a member of Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade. As Allison Deger reports, great political changes are afoot on the West Bank. Palestinian protesters were not able to get near settlements till recently, prevented from doing so by the Palestinian Authority. But in the wake of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza, and Hamas’s surprising military stamina, the P.A. has forged a modus-vivendi between moderate and more radical political currents, and has permitted pro-Hamas rallies in the West Bank.

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Israel announces major escalation in settlement expansion (Update)

Israel is using the pretense of Palestine’s new unity government to do what it always does, steal more Palestinian land and expand the Jewish only settlements.

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Israel’s unending settlements ‘mortally wound idea of a Jewish state’ — Indyk

Martin Indyk spoke at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy yesterday and placed most of the blame on the Israelis for the breakdown in talks and echoed Palestinian frustration. He said in essence that the Israelis aren’t serious about negotiations. They can’t even stop settlements for three months; and those unending settlements are acting to bring on a binational state and “mortally wound the idea of Israel as a Jewish state.”

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Israeli settlers release wild boars on Palestinian farmland to destroy crops

Chris Carlson reports for IMEMC: Palestinian researcher Khaled Maali explained that the settlers found launching wild pigs toward the Palestinian farmlands was the best effective way to fight the Palestinian farmers without significant cost. Maali pointed out that the occupation prevents the Palestinians from shooting the pigs, whereas it permits settlers to kill the pigs when they reach their colonial settlements.

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Over half of all Israeli land sales in 2014 have been in the occupied territories

Haaretz reports the Israel Lands Authority published tenders for land to build some 3,050 residential units in the first quarter of 2014, but only 45 units are in the center of the country and 55% are in the West Bank or East Jerusalem.

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Israel approves 186 new settlement homes, and moves forward with plans for 2,269 more

AFP reports that Israel has progressed with plans for more than 2,000 new homes in six West Bank settlements in a move likely to further endanger peace talks.

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AIPAC’s 2-state lip-service: conference featured university in settlement

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) claims to support a two-state solution. But the lobby group’s actions tell a much different story. AIPAC invited Ariel University to show off its research at the policy conference’s “village.” The move exposed how AIPAC is, in reality, in favor of a Greater Israel.

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Palestinians in Hebron demand Israel ‘Open Shuhada Street’ and protest twentieth anniversary of Ibrahimi mosque massacre

On Friday around one thousand Palestinian and Israeli activists protested in the West Bank city of Hebron to reopen Shuhada Street.

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10,000 Israeli teens follow mother-hen of extremist settler movement in anti-Kerry protest

Do these teens remind you of the dizzy teens awaiting the Beatles? Change the scene: Days before John Kerry will arrive in the Middle East for more negotiations, thousands of Israelis marched in the occupied Jerusalem hills to claim land that would be essential to a two-state solution

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Facts on the Ground Peace Index: Volume VI

Volume VI of the Institute for Middle East Understanding’s “facts on the ground” index tracks new settlement announcements, home demolitions and provocative statements from Israeli officials while the peace process grinds on.

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Why Palestinians don’t want settlers in their midst

An anonymous “well-placed official” in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office set off a brouhaha in Zionist politics the other day by telling journalists he would insist that settlers left on the Palestinian side in a potential division of the West Bank have the option of choosing to remain in their homes and live under Palestinian rule. Palestinians rejected this position, and while this may seem intolerant, it’s important to understand the role of settlers in Palestinian lives.

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‘Guard the state, no surrendering to Kerry’ — right-wing Israeli campaign


A settler based campaign against John Kerry launched today amid signs that the peace talks are actually going somewhere, although where nobody knows. One billboard will feature former Prime Minister Menachem Begin (right) with a quote “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, undivided, for generations and forever.” (Hint, why didn’t they just quote Obama?)

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Sharon’s death is ‘perfect time’ for settler siren’s new Miley Cyrus parody, ode to Gaza settlers

Israeli-American Orit Arfa has followed up her Miley Cyrus pro-settler parody “Jews Can’t Stop” with “Gaza Wrecking Ball.”

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Sharon’s lasting legacy: the West Bank separation barrier

Ariel Sharon may be dead, but the apparatus of separation he is responsible for remains. In 2002, Sharon decided to build the West Bank separation barrier, which was sold to the Israeli public and the world as a surefire way to prevent the suicide bombings rocking Israel. But the route of the wall made clear it served other important purposes: staunching the flow of Palestinian movement between the West Bank and Israel, creating a de facto border Israel would never give up and bolstering the Jewish demographic majority the state is so obsessed with.

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Tribute fit for the King: Knesset member says Israel should honor Sharon with a settlement in his name

There will undoubtably be many proposals in Israel on the best way to memorialize Ariel Sharon. It is hard to argue with Knesset member Moti Yogev who says Israel should construct a West Bank settlement in Sharon’s honor.

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Dutch pension giant ditches Israeli banks over involvement with settlements

Five major Israeli financial institutions woke up to the news today that Dutch pension fund PGGM has pulled tens of millions of euros because of the banks’ involvement in the occupied West Bank. In a statement, PGGM explained that the decision to divest came after engagement with the banks made clear they would not halt activities in the occupied territories.

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A bible park grows in (occupied) Jerusalem

John Kerry’s peace process may be stalled, but a Disney-like bible park in occupied East Jerusalem is devouring a Palestinian village, bringing paintball and a surround-sound media center. “Hear the Babylonian forces laying siege to the city?” asks “Amos,” a 3-D Israeli-accented talking head in a cowboy hat. Something jumped out at us from the screen. Maybe a sword? I dropped my glasses on the ancient floor. This historical adventure was too extreme for me.

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Lessons in desert blooming

Palestinian Member of Knesset (MK) Hana Sweid lifted his voice against the Prawer Plan during a 9 December Knesset Interior Committee meeting. In response to Israel’s planned removal of up to forty-thousand Bedouin from their Naqab lands he protested that, “You want to transfer an entire population.” Likud MK and former IDFA spokesperson Miri Regev responded, “Yes, as the Americans did to the Indians.” The Prawer Plan itself is now defeated though Palestinian removal – here shorthand for the ongoing Nakba – generally continues. Yet Regev’s historical analogy is one of countless examples of Israelis invoking U.S. settler colonialism towards Zionism’s own efforts.

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Israel approves 829 new settlement units near Jerusalem

Israel approves construction for 829 new settlement units near Jerusalem.

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Palestinians bring plight of Wadi Foquin to Capitol Hill audience

The plight of Wadi Foquin was aired on Capitol Hill earlier this week. Palestinians from the village, troubled by settlement expansion and the separation barrier, testified before Congressional staffers and others at a November 19th event in Washington, D.C. The hearing, sponsored by numerous groups and held in cooperation with Congresswoman Barbara Lee, occurred during a week where Naftali Bennett denied there was an occupation while on a trip to the U.S.

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George Mitchell praises SodaStream settlement factory as beacon of cooperation

Former Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell praises a settlement factory as an example of “cooperation” between Israel and the Palestinians.

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Netanyahu’s sweet deal: 104 prisoners for thousands of settlements

The Israeli right is howling over the release of Palestinian prisoners. But the deal Israel struck earlier this year–releasing prisoners for settlements–is a net-positive from the right-wing’s view. Israel’s gestures to keep the Palestinian Authority at the negotiation table enable the ultra-right government to continue gobbling up the West Bank.

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Israel announces Palestinian prisoner release and settlement expansion in the West Bank

 Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Apartheid Israel to issue tenders for new settlement units IMEMC 25 Oct — Israeli sources have reported that the Israeli Housing Ministry is planning to issue tenders for the construction of … Continue reading

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Christian Zionists help settler-farmers take over Palestinian lands

“There’s a battle raging/with a people and a land,” croons a member of an American Christian Zionist family that is bringing hundreds of the faithful to help Israeli settlers farm illegally on the West Bank. By means of agricultural expansion, Israel maintains a direct hold over around 80 percent of the West Bank, and one-third of Palestinians farmers can no longer access their fields, according to a new report.

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Is the Jewish Theological Seminary dreaming of a world where Palestine and Palestinians don’t exist?

This is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. Most people assume I was trained in the Reform movement.  They’re wrong.  I started my Hebrew School … Continue reading

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