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Marc Lynch warns against the U.S. escalation in Syria

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Advocates for U.S. escalation in Syria will make a bad situation worse, warns George Washington University Professor Marc Lynch; and President Obama’s resistance to increased intervention may be reversed by his successor.

Former Israeli general: failed peace talks won’t lead to doom

Alex Kane on

A former Israeli general predicted that peace talks with the Palestinian Authority would fail. Amos Yadlin, the head of Israel’s leading strategic think tank, lauded Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to broker a peace deal, but said that “the chance of Kerry succeeding is like my chance to win the lottery if I didn’t buy a […]

‘The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead

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It is far too early for a conclusive historical verdict on the wave of uprisings that have swept across the Middle East since a street vendor in Tunisia named Mohamed Bouazizi protested his unfair life by burning himself to death in December 2010. A half dozen Arab nations have been torn by massive popular uprisings, […]

On the 3rd anniversary of the democratic uprising, is there hope for Egypt?

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The latest news from Egypt continues to depress.  Three years after masses of brave demonstrators filled Tahrir Square, the new military government continues to arrest thousands of innocent people — with the apparent support of a majority of Egyptians.  The security forces have also libeled the Muslim Brotherhood as “terrorist,” despite no evidence, outlawed the […]

Are the Palestinians the losers of the Arab Spring?

Abdalhadi Alijla on

Reading the news of Hassan Hassan’s murder, the Palestinian actor and comedian, in Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp, was like a bombshell. Hassan and his wife were arrested by Al-Assad forces three months ago; his wife and son were released two days later. However, he was detained until his family was informed to issue a death […]

Ilan Pappe weighs in on One State

Marc H. Ellis on

This is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. The One State/Two State debate has ignited again with Ian Lustick’s, “Two State Illusion” in the Sunday New York Times.  Ilan Pappe has also weighed in on the subject in his essay, […]

President Obama’s secret plan for Egypt

Marc H. Ellis on

This is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. So I was wrong. President Obama does have a plan to cut off American aid to Egypt. Possibly. That is, if things keep going the way they’re going. Whatever that means in […]

The Arab Spring and reviving the hope of return

Zarefa Ali and Amal Zayed on

It has been more than two years since a wave of revolts and demonstrations hit a number of Arab countries calling for dignity, freedom and justice. With persistence and determination protestors in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya succeeded in toppling their long ruling dictators, no longer tolerating being misrepresented or oppressed by tyrants. However, the main […]

John Kerry’s doomed peace process is deja vu all over again

Phyllis Bennis on

Secretary of State John Kerry kicked off a renewed peace process earlier this week in Washington. (Bureau of Public Affairs/State Department) Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest foray into Middle East negotiations should be called the Einstein peace process.  Doing the same thing over and over again and still expecting different results is the great […]

Never mind the coup: U.S. military aid will continue to flow to Egypt

Alex Kane on

Egyptians celebrated in the street after the military deposed Mohamed Morsi from power. (Photo via CBS News) After the Egyptian military deposed former President Mohamed Morsi from power, the conversation in the U.S. quickly turned to this question: would military aid be cut off to the Egyptian armed forces, as the law stipulates must be […]

‘FEMEN’ and the suppression of native voices

Roqayah Chamseddine on

I loathe the premise that people of colour should be ‘grateful’ that others are taking notice of their subjugation, or that they should bite their tongues and clench their fists and instead show gratitude because their varied plights are being in some way ‘acknowledged‘ by others.  “Shouldn’t you be glad that people are recognizing these issues?” is […]

Amina Tyler’s naked activism

@WomanUnveiled on

Amina Tyler Here’s the story of Amina Tyler, a 19-year- young woman who has brewed a storm of controversy in Tunisia. Tyler around 10 days ago posted two photos of herself topless on Facebook. The first image showed Amina with the words “F*** your morals” written across her chest. The second has the words “My […]

Obama went to Israel to try to rescue the state from deepening isolation

Alex Kane on

President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during Obama’s visit to Israel (Photo: Associated Press/Carolyn Kaster) The Obama administration’s creation of extremely low expectations prior to the president’s first trip to Israel and Palestine in office was a strategic gambit meant to make his trip look all the more good when he made some progress, […]

They Can’t Hide the Sun: An interview with Omar Barghouti

Peter Rugh on

Controversy continues to swirl around a planned forum scheduled to take place tonight at Brooklyn College to discuss the growing global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. The man at the center of the storm is Omar Barghouti. In 2005, together with Palestinian unions and civil society groups, he helped to launch the […]

Why should I be accused of being Westernized?

Sameeha Elwan on

                                     (photo: Sameeha Elwan) “Westernized” is very often the first accusation pointed in your face when attempting to discuss or even try to raise gender matters in our society.” Especially if it stems from someone who has just come back from abroad, let alone it being a woman. I cannot deny that being abroad for […]

Following Yarmouk attack, thousands of Palestinians flee Syria for uncertain future in Lebanon

Allison Deger on

A Palestinian refugee from the Syrian refugee camp of Yarmouk holds up his passport in front of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) offices in the Cola district of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on 19 December 2012. (Photo: Anwar Amro/AFP/Al-Akhbar English) Following air strikes Sunday by the Syrian military on the country’s largest […]

‘NYT’ analysis that Gaza assault was ‘test run’ for Iran war is ripped apart

Alex Kane on

The Iron Dome system, shown above, was a focus of a New York Times story claiming that Iran was a motivation for why Israel waged an assault on Gaza (Photo: Jack Guez/AFP via Getty Images) After the intense fighting died down between Hamas, other Palestinian armed groups and Israel, The New York Times printed a […]

Israel’s War on Children: Jenin school occupied and 10-year-old Hebron child arrested

Today in Palestine on

Army Occupies School In Jenin Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday evening, a school east of Jenin city, in the northern part of the West Bank, and used it as a military post and monitoring tower. Israeli forces detain 10-year-old boy Israeli forces on Tuesday detained a 10-year-old boy for several hours in Hebron, Palestinian […]

Israeli ambassador Michael Oren gets hero’s welcome in liberal enclave of Brooklyn

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Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren (center) poses with Rabbi Andy Bachman, on the right. (Photo: Alex Kane) Last night, Congregation Beth Elohim seemed to leave its grounded place in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn and zoomed its way into another universe. The universe of Michael Oren, that is–a place where Israel can […]