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Mondoweiss Mondays: Your investment keeps the news flowing

At times like this, mourning the attacks by Israeli troops on unarmed protesters, many readers feel moved to ensure accurate news is disseminated worldwide. In the past two weeks, dozens of new supporters have committed to fund reliable journalism in Palestine by joining Mondoweiss Mondays, an arrangement where you sign up to give $2, $5 or $10 every other week.

At the start of Mondoweiss Mondays, three longtime Mondoweiss donors offered an incentive to recruit others to join them in providing regular financial support. For each of the first 25 people who signed up for a new recurring donation at any level, they pledged a match of $60. That challenge was met within eight days, which led to a second match this month–which was then met within three days!

So here’s the third match this month: For each of the next 25 new recurring donations, a committed supporter has pledged to give an additional $60.

If you agree that truth-telling is mighty and necessary, please sign up today to give $2, $5 or $10 every other week.


Movements depend on passion, on people willing to put their bodies on the line, and on the resources to sustain both passion and people. Thanks for whatever you can do to keep the movement growing.

Donate buttonP.S. If giving every other week doesn’t fit for you, please consider contributing now anyway. Whether you want to give just once, or you want to sign up for $40/month–you can go to our main donation page and set up whatever works best for you.