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One of the goals of this site is to promote critical discussion and debate on US foreign policy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We want Mondoweiss to be a place that everyone feels comfortable visiting, to read and comment, regardless of political perspective. People might not always like what we post, but everyone should feel invited and encouraged to join the discussion, share their opinions, and engage in debate.

Unfortunately, more and more we are hearing that people are not comfortable participating in the site because of the noxious and often abusive language that proliferates in the comments section. We’ve tried the hands-off approach, hoping the site would regulate itself. This hasn’t worked.

For this reason we are putting in place the following ground rules:

1. No racist or sexist comments. This includes anti-Arab, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic comments (and yes, Christian-bashing too). This includes comments that disparage, intimidate or attack a person based on perceived ethnicity or gender.

2. No Nakba or Holocaust denial. We’re not going to tolerate any discussion of the Jewish role in the rise of the Nazis which is used as a pretext for blaming Jews for the Nazi rise, a form of Holocaust denial we want no part of. Similarly, this policy includes Nakba denial as well, and efforts to blame the expulsion of Palestinians in 1948 on Palestinian actions.

3. No profanity. Along with racism and sexism the prevalence of profanity in the comments on the blog has forced people away. This has to end.

4. No personal attacks. We encourage spirited, passionate debate, but if you have to resort to vicious personal attack, you’re not advancing the discussion. Stay on the issues.

5. No imposture. You can use any pseudonym you like, but if you represent yourself as someone you’re not, you’re outta here.

6. No trolling. Wikipedia defines trolling as “someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response.” That definition is good enough for us. We hope our comment section can feature an engaged and free flowing debate, but we are not interested in commenters whose only aim is to disrupt or sabotage the discussion.

7. This is not a site to discuss 9/11 theories. This discussion turns into a huge distraction, is not central to the life of the site, and is a drag on the moderators.

If we judge that you have broken one of these rules you will be banned. We will ban the IP address you are posting from and if you try to post from another IP address we will ban that as well.

We like to think that this site has become a dynamic and necessary forum. Your help will ensure that it continues to grow and develop.


Phil & Adam

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  1. hellsbells says:

    I understand that no one wants to moderate comments until the cows come home but it would be nice if we could actually finish conversations that have already started.

  2. stephenjones says:

    “people like you w/the allegations” … people should talk to Annie about rule #4


    “people like me”

  3. User “Hostage” repeatedly have called users here slurs, what is Mondoweiss doing against such “#4 Personal attacks”? Should such comments be deleted/moderated?

  4. hophmi says:

    There are people here who have repeatedly tried to out my personal identity. This is something the moderators have been told repeatedly not to allow. Why is it going on?

  5. jon s says:

    That said, hophmi, it’s too late, your identity has been outed.
    But the moderators should take note for the future.

  6. Djinn says:

    I said in the thread that people’s identities shouldn’t be exposed but if you want to remain anonymous it’s probably a good idea not to post on other sites using both your real name AND your pseudonym. Hophmi should probably take some responsibility for his own stupidity.

  7. jon s says:

    I’ve noticed that it’s not possible for me -and , I assume, other commenters – to add a picture to my comment.
    As a suggestion : why not allow commenters to add a photo, a map, and so forth? It would be subject to moderation, of course. The moderators wiould ensure that the added picture is inoffensive and relevant to the topic.
    I think it would enrich the discussion.

    • jon, i think if you register w/graviator there’s a way you can get a photo or icon to appear next to your name. but as far as being able to add photos to the comments that’s out of my league. you wouls have to write phil or adam. plus, there are some other features i would really like the site to get back, and don’t see that as i priority. but you never know.

  8. So, it would be great if you could fix the problem many people have raised here, namely that comments gets stuck for “moderation” sometimes for 10 hours while newer comments show up before.

  9. Marnie says:

    I apologize for the profanity I have used and will refrain from using those words.

  10. sisman says:

    I wish to contact Phil about a matter unrelated to Mondoweiss. Could you let me know how to contact you?

  11. Marnie says:

    Is there any reason(s) my comments are taking such a long time to be posted? I’d rather be told my comments aren’t welcome than to have them in moderation for so long they become moot. Thanks -

    • actually there is marnie. someone around here, (staff) decided to wake up and cover the news today instead of clearing comments. i woke up to almost 150 of them. actually, last night i nodded out. that’s why there’s a whole bundle today. we’ve been sort of overwhelmed since the beginning of the recent massacre these last couple weeks. so, that’s why things are delayed.

      anyway, check out the home page. all those listings under todays date? we could have delayed publishing them so we could clear your comments (well, at least 50 of them are citizens! )

      anyway, in the time it takes me to write this another 20 have rolled in. it’s a full time job for people who have more important things to do, like get the news up. sorry the service around here is so slow. especially during this escalation.

  12. oldgeezer says:

    Have I violated some rule so drastically that my participation is not wanted? I have had comments in moderation for 7 hours and counting. This has not been a one time thing but has been a continuing issue for quite a while

    I accept moderation but a 7 hour lag while others can communicate with each other seems extreme.

    Yes you have articles to write but many other participants are not subject to this.

    If I’ve violated some TOS or something then I’d like to know but otherwise I see little point in staying here.

    • there are 149 comments waiting in moderation. no, you have not violated anything. we’re overwhelmed since the lastest massacre began. sorry we’re not fast enough for you.

    • oldgeezer

      Same here, I suspect software issue, this cant be a human error.

      • Same with this thread.
        link to
        I have made many comments but comments from others that are posted within the hour after me are published directly, mine are still not published.

        • I also see that when I commenting on Phil’s articles my comments get approved as fast as anyone else. So the problem is obviously not a systematic one.

          • maybe it’s because phil cleared the comments on only his threads today. but i’ll tell you, he wasn’t the one who spent the afternoon clearing way over 100 comments. there are 125 of them backed up now. frankly, i am a little tired of your nagging.

            maybe you should write phil and bitch him out for clearing all the comments on just his thread. see how far that will get you. because i wasn’t clearing comments this morning. i was drafting this:
            link to

            updating this: link to

            and writing this: link to

            and then i come on the back pages to clear some comments and run into your nagging. seriously, we’re not your slaves. we owe you nothing.

          • jpb, i related your concern to phil and told him what you said and here was his response:

            tell him that i cleared those comments cause i was interested in what folks were saying about what i said!
            i dont trak these guys

            so, if you’re on one of phil’s threads in the morning when he’s around after he posts, you’re likely to get cleared faster. lucky you!

        • yeah, yours and about 20 other comments. i just cleared the thread fron the front. oddly tho, no one else is complaining. wonder why that is?

          • eljay says:

            FWIW: My posts occasionally get held up, too, but better a delay than no Mondoweiss.

            Annie, you and the rest of the MW crew do great work. My thanks and respect to all of you. :-)

          • thanks eljay. yes they get held up! sorry. like tonight i read 2 submissions and had a long emil conversation w/phil and watched 2 videos, one incredible we will probably show tomorrow. plus, people from all over the world send me photos to upload on the worldwide protest post which i update several times a day. (have you seen it lately? link to it’s aweome)

            so basically, i was clearing comments and then i got interrupted by life and emails. but i came back here before i resumed clearing comments to report in what phil said when i told him what justpassingby said. so, i better post that and then i’m off to the endless job that’s never done. and all the comments i cleared earlier..there’s even more now! every time i take a break everyone here is faster than me.

            gotta go. and thank you!

            edit: and one more thing. tomorrow i have a dentist appt. an emergency actually, vvery pppainful. so comments will probably get backed way up for a long time. and then when i get back, i can hear certain people moan and grown about how it’s all somebody’s fault.


          • Annie

            Hey Annie, take it easy, why do you take the criticism against this site as personal?

            You dont seems to understand the problem, I have made this clear many times now. I see many people that have complained about it too, “oldgeezer” raised it recently.
            The problem is that comments that dont breach the rules are sometimes in moderation for a whole day.

            I was actually about to give some funds to Mondoweiss in the beginning of August but aslong as my comments always lag behind I cannot do that.

            Again dont take criticism against Mondoweiss as personal, I just try to give some feedback to this site to get better. I sense you get new members ever week so the problem of moderation and accepting new comments will take even more time for the crew in the future.

            Thank you!

          • because it is personal, there’s only a handful of us here.

            I was actually about to give some funds to Mondoweiss in the beginning of August but aslong as my comments always lag behind I cannot do that.

            from now on i’ll do all i can to see that you get your money’s worth ;)

          • eljay says:

            >> A.R.: … one more thing. tomorrow i have a dentist appt. an emergency actually, vvery pppainful.

            Ouch! :-( Best of luck at the dentist’s office. :-)

    • oldgeezer says:

      I do understand. And I apologize. I’ve been involved in social causes since I was 12 back in the 60′s… I have found the past few weeks so frustrating and clearly my frustration gets the better of me at times.

  13. i just took time from my moderating to search for this link to

    btw, i am on page 3 of 7 pages of backed up comments. because i do this on my own time (my my moderating work is all volunteer, that’s one reason we even have a comment section) i am not required, regardless of all your hounding, to do this in order. i can clear whatever page i am on) in order for me to see the other uncleared comments on this page you are reading, i would have to link to it. i am on a back page where comments stack up top to bottom, so old comments get buried. good bye, i am busy. and in the future woud you read this entire thread to the base and then click on “← Older Comments” at the base and read them all. i’ve answered this question before.

  14. nafiz says:

    link to

    Please check the video and share to spread love for Palestine

  15. I think your policy re anti-S or anti-J or simply referring to J is over the top. My mention of US universities with large Jewish enrollment and mention of US institutuions with connections to Israeli institutions–all in context of the BDS–apparently was found “racist.” How very disappointing. I was merely suggesting the obvious, that ethnicity and conflict of interest plays a part in the support/non-support of the boycott movement. WTF. Ironically, in the same Mondo that day, there was an item stating that U of ILL had cancelled an offer to a candidate because of his pro-Pal views……Which was precisely one of my points, that some US institutions penalize or ostracize pro-Pal faculty.

  16. jon s says:

    I hope I’m not being paranoid, but my comments , since returning from my “vacation” ,are not being posted, except one.

  17. Me again :)
    Have you considered to accept instant publication of comments? That is – no pre moderation?
    Like after this or that many comments the user’s comment get approved directly?

    Or perhaps this might be a problem with the bandwidth (too much comments)?

  18. jon s says:

    Something I may have missed in the two weeks I was absent from this blog during July:
    Where is MaheneYehude1? Has he been banned?

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