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  • Palestinian medic, 21, is killed by Israeli sniper as she tends wounded in Gaza
    • Agreed!
      Her family lost unimaginable the grief.
      And still Palestinans rise.

    • There are not many humans or individuals in high appointed or elected positions with courage, will never make for a profile in courage.
      In this Day as in history courage begets death.
      Why this doctor, medic life what she stood for will forever be remembered other human beings were more to her than the fear of death. Those snipers fear her and her kind, humans beings. Those sniper all cowards controlled coolaid drinking brainwashed puppets.
      Brought up to hate for humanity hate for people who look like themselves.
      Remembered: years ago Gaza, a child, a little girl in a classroom was targeted shot in the neck by a sniper.
      A sniper feared this child, sniper paid with US tax dollars to kill this terrorist, how worthy how brave.

    • Were any of those DNA (Johns Hopkins) research findings factual. Or was all that research fiction.

    • It would be great to believe these murderers would burn in hell but it would be more satisfying if murderers and thieves could be rounded up placed on an island removed from humanity they work so well at distroying. Centuries of wars has on benefits for humanity. Those who invest committ your lives and your children lives benefit. humanity does not benefit and humanity cannot be made whole from any wars. Peace would benefit humanity but peace is not a financial benefit for those who profit from wars. Who are the major warmongers, profiteers from manufactured conflicts and wars not brain surgery.

    • I cry for the mother of her child targeted, murdered
      I pray daily the world awake for Africa and Palestine as these human beings are systematically exterminated for financial benefit for primarily the western world and others. These murders are for financial gains only blatant thief of human life, land, natural resources, murders against all that is sane, good, honest. These murders are satanic evil. No God would love satanic acts like murder, thief. God bless these defenseless human beings who have a right to live.
      How do you know who is in control, look at those who control speech, government, money.

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