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  • The Milsteinian candidate
    • “I think the Israeli people are best equipped to communicate the truth about Israel, because they are not naive like many in the American-Jewish community,”

      Translation: Israeli Jews don't let empathy or humanity cloud their feelings towards the Arabs.

  • Ari Roth is fired by DC Jewish center -- after staging Nakba play
    • In tepid defense of the Theater J people one must consider that they probably grew up hearing the Leon Uris version of history: the nobility and heroism of the brave Zionist fighters trying to save the remnant of the Jewish people after the whole world turned its back on them. Trying to carve out an itsy bitsy teeny weeny country on a desolate, depopulated strip of land...was that asking so much?

      I offer my own experiences as an example. I can recall being about 12 and hearing someone on the television saying the God had given that land to the Jews. I remember thinking "well, if God gave it to them then I guess it's theirs." I did not consider what that would mean to the natives because for me the "natives" did not exist. I never head about them, except when they were hijacking aircraft or shooting up places. And they did this, so I was told, because they were Arabs and Arabs did not like Jews. The nice Jews offered them a chance to build a new nation with them and they refused. It was that simple. It wasn't until I got to college and I decided to educate myself on the issue that I learned about the Nakba and house demolitions and torture and collective punishment. Why hadn't I heard about any of this before?

      I was able to unlearn the errors I was exposed to and maybe that was easier for me because technically speaking I did not have a "dog in the fight." I imagine it would be more difficult for someone with a greater emotional connection, but that does not mean it should not be done.

      Zionist leadership is always more upset with discussions of past crimes then the crimes themselves.

  • Obama took on the Cuba lobby-- when will he take on the Israel lobby?
    • I think National Geographic did a pictorial essay on those old cars some years ago.

      I hope that the good that came out of the Cuban Revolution will be preserved and not fall by the wayside when the Americans come marching through.

    • "Menendez, Ros- Lehtinen, Rubio, and Cruz need a bit of reality."

      If anyone has video of Ileana's head exploding I would pay to see that!

    • "Obama leaped without knowing how much support he will have..."

      I find it hard to believe that no political feelers were put out to "test the waters" so to speak. Also it would not surprise me if the business community wasn't on board either. Cuba is a virgin market for Mcdonald's and Starbucks.

  • Israeli police attempt to arrest Palestinian preschoolers for throwing rocks
    • That picture illustrates perfectly why they got their asses kicked in Gaza over the summer. No doubt it was quite a shock for many of them to suddenly be up against grown men who can and will fight back.

      If we could materialize the two dudes above I bet that there would be no way to shame them about what they are doing. Their indoctrination is complete.

  • Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies
  • You don't have to suffer alone . . . the CIA is here for you
  • US feels the heat on Palestine vote at UN
    • "The Washington audience was further shocked by Bennett’s disrespectful treatment of his interviewer, Martin Indyk..."

      And there you have it, my friends, what REALLY irks the Zionist establishment in the U.S. It's not the treatment of the Palestinians or the stagnation of the "Peace Process" but the fact that some of those Israeli politicians do not give due deference to the people who have had their backs for years..and they talk smack about our president! Not only that but rather than confine their racist statements to cocktail parties or power lunches they insist upon giving interviews and not mincing words about what they intend to do if given the chance.

      It's hard to maintain plausible deniability when you keep saying exactly what you think.

  • Memo to Sen. Warren: More young Dems want US to side with Palestine than Israel
    • We all remember how Warren "literally" ran from questions about Gaza last summer, and nothing she has said or done indicates that she cares any more about the issue. Still maybe it's good that she and Bernie Sanders seem (at least to me) somewhat uncomfortable with their positions and I'm sure they know it goes against their "progressive" images. So just keep staking them at their rallies and hurling those "uncomfortable" questions. Sooner or later something's gotta give.

  • A Knesset without Arab parties?
    • Hasn't Herzog already said that he won't partner with any of the Arab parties?

      Also according to the bloggers at 972mag none of the Zionist parties are raising the issue of the occupation. I know it's still early but why should this election be any different than the last one in that regard?

    • Wow, they actually arrested that idiot Gopstein?

      Call me cynical but I think that the reason they went after some of the Lahava people was that they threatened Jewish children at that school. Had that been an Arab school I doubt there would have been any arrests.

    • You cannot be so much of an idiot to think that universal adult suffrage cannot exist along side institutional racism. It can. Take it from one who knows.

      Is it me or are the hasbara talking points getting stupider?

    • I believe that the reason put forth about raising the threshhold was to get more "stability" for the governing coalitions. In other words the smaller parties would no longer be able to hold the government "hostage" by threatening to pull support. And yet an article I read, I think at 972mag, said that when coalitions broke up it was almost always because the bigger parties pulled out, not the smaller ones.

      We all know why the threshhold was raised, to get rid of the Arab parties and the smaller Jewish ones, who are more trouble than their worth.

  • Bypassing Israel: The necessity of recognition in European capitals
    • Why do they have to wait until after the elections in March? Does anyone think that will make any difference? They're just stalling for time like they always do.

  • Jews who speak out on Ferguson but not Palestine fear 'vengeance of Jewish establishment' -- Magid
    • “We’ve gotten pretty complacent in America, as white people,” Talve said.

      But the crazy lady in that Times of Israel blog said the Jewish people weren't white. I think there needs to be a clearinghouse for the vetting of Zionist talking points because it's really getting too confusing.

  • Israeli extremists charged in arson of Jewish-Arab school wanted to 'raise intermarriage issue to top of agenda'
    • The lads definitely messed up. All they had to do was wait until they were in uniform and then they could have abused on government time.

  • Liberal Zionists seek to strip Naftali Bennett of freedom to travel in hope of saving two-state solution
    • “unjust, unlawful, and destructive policies in their most extreme and dangerous form.” And who, pray tell, starting that whole unjust enterprise? None other than the Labor government of the seventies and I didn't hear any of those "liberals" screaming much then.

      Really, it is to laugh, for what exactly is Bennett's crime? By not crouching his language in the delicate equivocations the liberals love he does not provide them with an out. Either they sign onto Israeli Zionism with its ethnic cleansing and bouts of "lawn mowing" or they count themselves among the ranks of the enemy.

      Now we finally have an Israeli government that speaks the brutal truth and it's too much for the Gitlins of this world. They want to return to the good ol' days of shoot and cry: viciously put down Palestinians in the morning while in the evening you wring your hands about how awful you feel about what THEY made you do...and then go out the next day and do it again.

      Gitlin, Wolfe and others like them are irrelevant. The Jewish elites with money, power and the numbers of heads of states on speed dial have Israel's back and they are the one's other elites listen to.

  • Israeli government attempts to shut down Nakba film festival in Tel Aviv
    • How is it suicidal for Jewish Israel to be exposed to the crimes committed in its name? This is HISTORY, Norm, whether you like it or not.

      Apparently the exposing of the crimes committed by Zionism is worse than the crimes themselves.

    • It's great that they did not allow themselves to be intimidated. It's also good that Livnat has since announced her retirement from public office.

      Definitely a win win all around.

  • 'Suicide Drones' and the Spoils of War: Israeli arms manufacturers look to cash in on the war in Gaza
    • I'm sure the family of that disabled Gaza teenager killed in her wheelchair by a drone can attest to the efficacy of unmanned systems.

      And rather than call these systems "unmanned" how about we call them "soulless."

  • Palestinian minister dies after Israeli army assault during olive tree planting ceremony in West Bank village
  • Are pro-Israel groups afraid of the US public?
  • Saban confronts Bennett: 'Are you willing to cut commercial ties with Europe?'
    • "The Stent Knows!"

      That should be rallying cry of Bennett's party.

    • He's got a weird shaped head.

    • "the stent knows!"

      This should be the password for our next secret meeting.

    • What really gives me pause is that there apparently people in Bennett's party who are even crazier than he is.


    • Must be some way they can blame Hamas form this.

    • Maybe the Israeli government should stop using Arabic numerals, that'll show 'em!

      As for Bennett he is the gift that keeps on giving. That statement about how "there was enough land on the highway medians from Atlanta to Columbus GA to give Palestinians a state 17 times over" should finally cement his reputation as Zionism crazy uncle who's too rich to ignore. I hope he and Lieberman get the bulk of the votes next year because until Israel starts pissing off Jews with money and influence little will change.

  • Israel begins criminal investigations into killings during 'Operation Protective Edge'
    • From Ynet news: "Mother of suspect in arson at bilingual school: I would have done the same
      Woman expresses disgust that school teaches both Jews and Arabs, calls suspects 'good kids' with haredi education.
      Noam (Dabul) Dvir
      Published: 12.08.14, 13:45"

      Now will one of our local hasbarists explain why THIS women's house will not be demolished? Remember gang the whole idea behind collective punishment is to get people in the community to police themselves and she admits that she supports what they did.

  • A point by point response to Alan Dershowitz’s 'Ten Reasons Why The BDS Movement Is Immoral'
    • Wasn't it also true that certain politicians lobbied to get MEK off the list because they were supporting them and they didn't want to get prosecuted as terra lovers?

    • "4. The BDS movement is immoral because it violates the core principle of human rights: namely, “the worst first.”

      This is my favorite Dersh meme, namely that since there are worse violators of human rights in the world we need to focus on them and not sweet little Israel.

      Okay, Professer, if that's true why aren't YOU devoting your time and energies to discussing those horrible regimes?


  • Rep. Israel endorses speech saying Europe failed Jewish people in 40s and is 'failing us again today'
    • "As to Rep. Israel, he has been one of the most ineffectual chairs in DCCC history"

      I might have been too distracted writing his book, "The Global War on Morris."

      It's suppose to be one of those amusing insider books about a man who gets caught up in the War on Terra. Part of the plot features Morris's wife befriending a Muslim towel boy who she thinks is a nice boy but who is really a suicide bomber having seconds thoughts.

      The reviews are so so, I did not buy it for my library.

  • Israel has no answer to BDS, Barghouti tells packed hall at Columbia
    • I think the summer carnage in Gaza was a real seminal moment. It showed very clearly where Israel's soul is and who are the REAL human rights champions.

  • Chris Hughes brings down the curtain on neoconservative New Republic
    • Every time I see that phrase Free Beacon I keep seeing Free Bacon. I think this is a subliminal message.

  • For the first time Israel's high court wrestles with legality of punitive home demolitions
    • "Rabbi Avihai Ronsky, the former Chief Rabbi of the IDF, wrote (link to that both the Hebrew bible and modern history give precedents for the proper way to deal with the Palestinians."

      Do they? Well, I stand corrected. Far be it for me to question what a former chief rabbi of the IDF has to say about how to deal with the little Arabs. As to the Hebrew Bible do you really think the the extermination of the Amelekites and Canaanites something to emulate today?

      Then there is this: "...punishing those who raise and nurture and give succor to murderers should be strongly discouraged." Fine, how about we start with the families of the Abu Khdeir killers.

    • Are the kids complicit?

      So let me get this straight, according to people like you Palestinians regularly use their children as "human shields" and therefore don't care if they end up dead. So why then would these same people be deterred by their kids becoming homeless?

      The house demolitions are collective punishment. As for what other countries do they don't blow up the homes of criminals accused or otherwise.

      Israel has a choice but they choose to do evil.

    • Their "justification" is that since Jew-on-Arab crime is "rare" house demonlitions are unnecessary as a deterrent.

      Yeah, I know it's a specious argument.

  • Israel's proposed Jewish nationality law is a flop on Broadway
    • Well said, Ms Cobban.

      Really when all is said or done what new powers does this proposed law offer? None, it is merely setting into stone what has been going on ever since they hoisted their flag on that May morning. Gone is any plausible deniability, there it is for all the world to see and there is no question about their motives, not that there were any for me.

      What I think is behind the "hand wringing" is the fear that now more Jews will fall victim to the "Jewish" state. I can't see how this will advance the cause of Gays, Lesbians, women, not to mention other racial or social minorities.

    • I really would like to know what Iran did to get to number 1, other than try to protect itself from nuclear Israel. They haven't started a war in 200 years, can several of the other countries on that list say the same?

  • Report: Israeli forces killed nine Palestinians, arrested 650, during month of November
    • I don't know, just. Since I cannot believe Israel is motivated out of decency there must be another reason for allowing this. How about as a means of questioning them to find out what is going on in Gaza? Also an opportunity to recruit more spies.

      Call me cynical.

  • A defensive Netanyahu announces elections hours after firing opposition members Lapid and Livni
    • "People with a tenuous hold on reality are slugging it out with abjectly insane."

      A more succinct description of Israeli politics I have yet to hear.

    • I think I read on one of the Israeli sites that Lieberman's party is polling low and will lose seats. Meanwhile Lapid's vanity party might not make the threshold and wouldn't that be simple justice?

  • Israel has always been crazy
    • Didn't Butcher Bibi argue that raising the threshold would prevent coalitions from being held "hostage" by the smaller parties? Methinks the reason for the raising of the threshold was not completely truthful, go figure.

      As for Tzipi-do-dah and Vapid Lapid I'd dance in the street if I thought their firings would do any good. But they're just two non entities trying to hang onto their proximity to power. They laid down with the dogs and now all they have to show for it are the fleas.

      Over on 972mag Ami Kaufman says that these elections are happening because Sheldon Adelson wants them.

  • Pssst! Is Israel going crazy?
    • You would think that the "Start Up Nation" could have found someone who could have done a better photo shop job. Geez.

  • Int'l volunteer and Palestinian youth both shot in chest with live .22 rounds inside occupation
    • "Settler, soldier what’s the difference? Hard to tell, when they’re one and the same. "

      The settlers carry guns and regularly assault Palestinians. Therefore the adults have turned themselves into combatants.

  • 'I observe that you are a fascist' -- Zahalka to Feiglin
    • If it does get mentioned it will be spun as just another day in the life of a vibrant democracy!

    • Poor Kahane, if only he'd kept that ego of his in check that could have been him up there.

      Many people think that Kach was banned because it was racist and anti-democratic but that is not true. They were banned from elections in '88 because they were taking votes from Likud and making the liberals look bad.

  • Palestinian flag is an 'enemy' flag-- Netanyahu's latest crackdown
    • "...many – including a headline in the cover of Yedioth Ahronoth Sunday – asked how it is that the first Moroccan chief of staff has such an Ashkenazi sounding last name.”

      Oh my God, that is so ignorant! He's got that name because his ancestors moved from Europe to North Africa, why is that so hard to understand?


  • Lieberman unveils racist peace plan: Pay Palestinians to leave Israel
    • You forgot to mention the part about how evil Roman bankers kicked out Horizontal's ancestors from that house, so he's only reclaiming what is rightfully his.

    • One of our hasbarists here tried to argue a few weeks ago that Lieberman's land swap in the Triangle area wasn't really ethnic cleansing. I think this article clears up any misunderstandings. But it'll probably vanish down the memory hole like everything else.

    • Also why does every photo of Lieberman show him looking like he's getting messages from Moscow from a chip in his head?

    • This is just warmed over Kahane. He tried to set up a fund to pay Palestinians to leave back in the eighties.

      Also all this recent hand wringing over the proposed law to set the concept of a Jewish State into stone is not really about Arabs but about those Jewish sub groups who might face more discrimination. Like that great Torah scholar, Sheldon Adelson, said democracy is not in the Bible, neither is female suffrage or Gay rights.

  • #JusticeForMikeBrown: NFL star Reggie Bush connects Ferguson to Palestine
  • Israel sent Palestinian Authority letter to 'stop incitement' over bus driver’s death
    • So killing a disabled Gaza teenager in her wheelchair is "war" but plotting to knock off a politician who openly calls for ethnic cleansing is "terror."

      Got it.

    • The suicide of the deceased, Mr. Yussef Hassan

      Dear Hussein,

      1. As an act of goodwill and for the sake of transparency, Israel allowed the presence of a Palestinian pathologist ...(mighty white of us, wouldn't you agree?)

      2. The findings of the autopsy led to the clear conclusion that his death was a result of a suicide...(we could have done a more thorough investigation but, hey, there are still some children running around not under arrest. We've got priorities)

      3. We attach hereby the preliminary autopsy report. It is important to emphasize, that during the autopsy there was an overall agreement among the participants regarding the conclusions, including by the by the Palestinian pathologist. (You know the same guy we "summoned" down to the Russian Compound for a meet and greet)

      4. Nevertheless, the Palestinian media and social networks keep on wrongly publishing that the deceased was murdered by Israelis. (For some odd reason they just don't trust us!)

      6. It is clear that such publications have the capacity to incite and to lead to violence and terror against Israel and its citizens. Only today we witnessed heinous terror attack that took the lives of 4 Israelis, in a synagogue in Jerusalem. (Gotta make sure to mention Jewish suffering) It is also very disturbing that these insightful lies are supported by the Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs. (Israel is the victim here!)

      7. In light of the above, we urge you all to take appropriate measures to stop such incitement and bring the genuine facts regarding the circumstances of death of the deceased, to the attention of the Palestinian public. (Or else!)

      Yoav Mordgechai, General
      Coordinator of Government
      Activities in the Territories

      Now shut up and kiss my ---

  • Israeli occupation stoking 'holy war' in Jerusalem
    • "of course the families of the four rabbis and the heroic Druze policeman are not “the ones” suffering “after last weeks attack”.

      No, they aren't.

    • No doubt some of them remember that Druze solider who was allowed to bleed to death when he was shot in, I think, Hebron about ten years ago.

  • Israeli bus driver runs over two Palestinians at Jenin checkpoint, killing one
    • That whole government is vile. Butcher Bibi is also trying to get his attorney general to sign off on expelling people to Gaza. Right now the AG is saying that that would be a war crime. Like that's going to stop him.

    • Another great collection, Kate.

      If I could suggest one more it would be the death of Netanel Arami.

      Ynet News
      Raanan Ben-Zur
      Published: 11.26.14, 10:28 / Israel News

      "The police have informed the family of Netanel Roi Arami, a 26-year-old Israeli construction worker who fell to his death in September, that their son was probably killed, it was cleared for publication Wednesday morning.

      Arami owned a construction company contracted to do exterior work on a hi-rise building in central Israel. During the fatal day in mid September, Arami was rappelling along the side of the Petah Tikvah building in order to seal vent openings when both his cables snapped and he fell 11 stories to his death."

      Me: the police at first said the death was an accident but due to pressure from his widow and family they changed their minds and now say it was MURDER. Strange how pressure from that bus driver's family did not get the police to change their minds.

      And how is that murder investigation going?

      "...the Shin Bet had arrested three suspects for their role in his murder, now openly being investigated as a terror attack, but were eventually released."

      Right now they got nothin'.

      They also questioned all the workers at the construction site, who are mainly Arabs from Israel and the West Bank. Everyone was cleared so I'm not sure who the three arrested were. At the very least this case shows gross police incompetence. If as some are asserting his cable was cut why didn't they notice that originally?

      The right wing nuts are all over this as another case of an innocent Jew killed by terrorists. And the authorities there are doing nothing to calm the situation. It seems to me that this is a construction accident of the kind that happens everyday. IF it was murder how likely is that a Hamas assassin would sneak onto the site, climb multiple floors to sabotage some dude's repelling equipment? And IF it was murder why couldn't it be for personal rather than terra reason?

      And these are the people who get to train some of our police.

  • A handful of Wellesley students are trying to shut down discussion of Israel/Palestine
    • "In a maybe not-off topic aside, I can’t help but thinking where alum Hilliary would come down on all of this."

      It would depend on how much money they had.

  • Poster questioning Zionism makes her feel 'unsafe', Wellesley student says
    • “Hannink, a junior, in an interview. Hannink is a peace studies major who worked in Israel last summer and is writing her thesis on the subject of peace through health care… ”

      She needs to talk to Dr Mads Gilbert about peace through health care.

    • The problem is that people like Hanninck take Zionism for granted. They, like me, grew up with it as the normal way to think about the Middle East. Consequently I doubt she had thought about what it means or the ramifications. I'll wager that the average anti-Zionist has thought longer and deeper about his or her beliefs than the average Zionist.

  • Rightwing flamethrowers see a US role in the battle for Jerusalem
    • "The man’s an idiot."

      In fact he's certifiable. I had not heard of him before coming across his Right of Return bill, but it appears that he is one of the nuttier members of the legislature and has quite a track record. This is from a Daily Kos profile in 2013:

      "He was only one of a handful of House Republicans to vote against John Boehner, boldly managing a "present" vote as the most spectacularly incompetent congressional coup of all time collapsed around its supposed planners.
      In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders, his response was to introduce legislation repealing the gun free zones around schools, and for the same reason as the similar NRA blustering—because what we needed, according to both, was to have many more people wandering around school zones with guns, and that would probably work out just fine.
      He was abruptly cut off in a Fox News interview after comparing Barack Obama to Saddam Hussein, thus managing to rank as one of the few crackpot Republicans too nuts even for Fox News to stomach."

      But as crazy as he is his bill is not much different than what you would hear out of the mouths of then"saner" members of congress. Go figure.

    • I think the Forward's readers tend to be more lefty than the Times.

    • In fact there is a bill just introduced that seeks to solve the problem, and without armed intervention!

      H.R.5734 -- Right of Return Act (Introduced in House - IH)

      HR 5734 IH

      113th CONGRESS
      2d Session

      H. R. 5734
      To achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East and improve the economic situation for its people.

      November 18, 2014

      Mr. STOCKMAN introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs

      A BILL
      To achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East and improve the economic situation for its people.

      Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

      This Act may be cited as the `Right of Return Act'.

      (a) Findings- Congress finds as follows:
      (1) The policy of the two-state solution and the concept of `land for peace' have consistently failed to bring about a lasting peace in the Land of Israel .
      (2) In November 2014, Suha Arafat, wife of former Palestine Liberation Organization chair Yasser Arafat, stated in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that `The armed struggle today will not lead to anything. We will only end up crushed.'. In that same interview, Arafat also stated that `Hamas has taken people hostage' and `A generation . . . is growing up in violence, with no education, with no hope but emigration'.
      (3) The Palestinian Authority has been offered a sovereign state in virtually the entirety of the disputed territories on multiple occasions, including in 2000, 2001, and 2008, and has rejected it each time.
      (4) The 2011 unemployment rate at 28.4 percent for Palestinian Arabs, compared with 5.1 percent for Israeli Arabs.
      (5) A September 2007 survey by the Center for Palestinian Policy and Research found that 32 percent of Palestinian Arabs want to emigrate.
      (6) The Emirate of Transjordan was created out of the British Mandate for Palestine for the explicit purpose of being the home for Palestinian Arabs by the Transjordan Memorandum in 1922.
      (7) The concept of enabling people to move to new homes in other territories was recommended as a solution to the conflict by the Peel Commission in 1937 and was also recommended as a solution to the conflict by the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine in 1947.
      (8) The 2012 Levy Report found that the region of Judea and Samaria does not fall under the jurisdiction of the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention.
      (9) The purpose of this bill is to increase the economic wealth and civil rights of Palestinian Arabs.
      (b) Plan for Peace- The Congress of the United States shall take the following course of action:
      (1) The Secretary of State shall call for the State of Israel to increase the standard of living of those living in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza by extending its sovereignty over those territories, and for the Palestinian Arab residents currently residing in those areas to be granted citizenship in the countries that controlled those territories from 1949 to 1967 and have a right of return to those countries.
      (2) As long as part of the unity government of the Palestinian Authority refuses to allow the right of return to the countries that controlled Judea, Samaria, and Gaza from 1949 to 1967, no funds appropriated by Congress under any Act may be obligated or expended to provide any United States assistance, loan guarantee, or debt relief to the Palestinian Authority.
      (3) The Secretary of State of the United States shall take such action as will ensure that refugees are allowed to be properly allowed to return into their host countries in accordance with the regulations set forth by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).
      (4) All United States assistance, loan guarantee, and debt relief that currently goes to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) shall instead be used to assist those who exercise their right of return to the countries who controlled Judea, Samaria, and Gaza from 1949 to 1967.


  • Wall around Bethlehem is Christmas billboard in Atlanta
  • Israel's biggest newspaper poses a racist question as reasonable
  • George Lopez turns into a Christian Zionist hack
    • Yep, definitely.

      But I think he might also have daddy issues. There was a part in the article that talked about how he had to take on the family responsibilities because his father was in and out of prison so much. I'm wondering if this was the beginning of resentment. If this was the case then I can ALMOST sympathize.

      And I have questions about how much of an intelligence asset he was. Animer, a Tweeter from Ramallah, said that Hamas tried to groom him to follow in his father's footsteps but he did not have the stomach for it. He says Yousef's nickname was "rabbit." Also Yousef says that when he came to the USA and tried to get asylum the Shin Bet people would not vouche for him as an agent. It was only when his former handler came forward did he get to stay. Strange treatment of such an "important" contact and explains why Yousef now says he would never work for them again.

    • If you think Lopez is deluded get a load of this from The Telegraph:

      By Camilla Turner7:00AM GMT 22 Nov 2014
      The son of a founding member of Hamas, who worked as a spy for Israel’s security service for a decade, has denounced Palestinian state-building as nothing more than a “fantasy”.

      Mosab Hassan Yousef, the eldest son and expected heir to Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of Hamas’ foremost leaders in the West Bank, said that governments pushing for a Palestinian state are “playing with fire”


      Mr Yousef, who was in London this week on a fundraising trip with One Family UK, a charity which supports victims of terror, condemned the reaction of Arab leaders to the most recent spate of violence in Israel as “deluded”.


      “This is the Arab culture: they hate Israel for religious reasons, for ideological reasons. This needs to stop; they need to wake up from their delusion.”

      Me: So what does the Green Prince propose Palestinians do?

      GP: “In the mean time, instead of dreaming about impossible things, how about we build a Palestinian economy, schools and infrastructure?
      “Let’s try to avoid Hamas, let Israel finish the job of fighting them, and leave the Palestinian people out of this problem. To go and push for a Palestinian state right now – this is playing with fire.”

      Me: There you have it, if only those people in Gaza had built hospitals and schools and business and infrastructure Israel wouldn't have bombed them!

      Also I went to the One Family UK to find out who were these people GP was fundraising for:

      One Family UK provides the family network for world Jewry to express and actuate their natural sense of brotherhood by facilitating direct contact, relationships and support to those Israeli affected in the aftermath of terror attacks.

      One Family UK raises around £750,000 each year, it organises 3 respite trips a year for 60 young people that have been affected by terror attacks, and organises trips and missions to Israel for UK donors.

      Me: So GP isn't even helping his own people build schools or businesses or infrastructure but fundraising for a Zionist organization. I guess the pay is better.

  • Hate attacks in Jerusalem and Israel include one by settler girls
    • Some random thoughts:

      I'd be interested in knowing where the young ladies got their pepper spray. Did they buy it, steal it or did someone they know give it to them? Hey, maybe we should conduct an investigation to find out!

      Concerning the pathologist summoned to the police to explain himself. Exactly what do the police hope to accomplished by this? If the doctor comes out afterward saying that it was a suicide many people are simply going to think he was strong armed into agreeing with the autopsy findings. How about instead of wasting time they trace where the twine used for the strangulation came from. Was there some like this at his house? At the bus depot? Was there CCTV footage of a guy in a kipa buying it at a local store? How about we conduct an investigation to find out!

      Lastly the Israeli government's concern about Arabs losing their jobs due to security concerns is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. If significant numbers of Arabs lose their jobs then they'll have to go on welfare and THAT is what Lapid and Bennett don't want. Also good luck finding Jews who will work for that rate of pay. Of course they can always hire an African refugee

  • Revisiting 'Graveyard of Numbers': Israel refuses to return remains of Palestinian militants as a punitive measure
    • If collective punishment is such an effective way to stop crime why don't they apply it to Jewish terrorists?

    • Sweet, baby Jesus. I consider myself fairly well informed on Israel's outrages but I was not familiar with this one. I knew that they kept bodies from families as bargaining chips but to impose a sentence on a corpse? That sounds positively medieval.

      "On 30 January 1661, (the 12th anniversary of the execution of Charles I), Cromwell's body was exhumed from Westminster Abbey, and was subjected to the ritual of a posthumous execution... His disinterred body was hanged in chains at Tyburn, and then thrown into a pit. Cromwell's severed head was displayed on a pole outside Westminster Hall until 1685." Wikipedia.

      Remind again who's suppose to be the force of modernity out there?

  • 'You don't want us to breathe!': Video captures everyday frustration of life under occupation in East Jerusalem
    • "If the Arabs don’t like it, they’re always free to leave Israel. No one is forcing them to stay there."

      That's for sure!

      May I commend you for your posting. That someone living in the 21st century can dispense 19th century wisdom so effortlessly is truly amazing. How do you do it? Drugs or time travel?

    • His "excuse" was that he had not intended for the students to get the message. He was sending it out to others on another forum and the students got it by mistake.

      So I guess that's...better?

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