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  • Gaza rules: Kill 2 Palestinian women on cellphones in an orchard so Israeli soldiers face zero risk
    • I have one quibble: I do not believe the IDF abandoned its former "standards" because they never had them to begin with (insert Nakba here).

      I'd say more but I'm too upset to be constructive.

  • Palestine’s moment of truth for the International Criminal Court
    • Isn't it interesting that the Israeli government want the world to recognize them as the Jewish state but they themselves do not. Funny that.

  • Sanders is leftwing on economic issues, but sees Israel as up against ISIS
    • He's definitely not comfortable with his critics in the audience. He better realize quick that if he runs for the nomination it will only get worse.

    • His PEP is what keeps me from getting too excited about him. I know that some on the left will say, "okay, he's not what we would want on Palestine, but he's a good guy on other issues." I don't deny that but if he can exempt Palestinians from his view of humanity who else is on that list? Who else would he be able to PUT on that list?

      You either believe in justice for all or you don't.

  • 'BirthWrong' in the Cradle of Jewish Culture: Jews gather in southern Spain for tour that aims to repudiate Zionism
    • They tackle a number of serious issues on their website but what I love about them is their humor. In one posting they counseled Ed Miliband on how to win election by appearing less Jewish: "Ed Miliband will have to join Jewdas. Then nobody will believe he’s a Jew. Not even his own mother." Or their assurances to the community of Bushey, who were getting antsy about an eruv being erected.






    • I just love those guys and gals of Jewdas who have a wonderful Bohemian left-wing vibe that I love. They are not liked by the Jewish establishment the because they consistently expose their hypocrisy.

      And Blumenthal has earned the right to kick back for a few days, strum a guitar and let his (ahem) hair down for a while...even if it is on the Mondo dime.

  • As pressure rises on Robbie Williams and UNICEF over Israel gig, conflict of interest emerges between singer and NGO
    • I saw this on twitter, don't know if it's been confirmed.

      Karen MacRae @kazahann
      Lauryn Hill's managers have notified Israeli producers that she wants to cancel because of the occupation! Please lend her support #BDS

  • Israeli army can't stop patting itself on the back for helping Nepal victims
    • Kris is more than likely referring to Dr Yehuda Hiss, who admits to harvesting organs for years without permission.

    • Considering how many hospitals and clinics Israel bombed into rubble the hasbarists here do not have a leg to stand on. There is eyewitness testimony to Israel targeting ambulances, fire fighters even a poor girl in her wheelchair, yet they insist that the Gaza field hospital was set up to treat the poor injured Palestinians (that they injured) and they could have treated more but the evil Hamas dudes wouldn't let them go there. They massacred hundreds in Shujaiiya and other neighborhoods proving that they were not concerned with how many civilians they killed, and yet I'm to believe they wanted to treat them?

      IMO the field hospital was set up for two reasons: a) to provide nice pictures of the IDF birthing babies b) to recruit or touch bass with local spies.

    • The field hospital is gone. They took it down in August when the "ceasefire" went into effect.

      Interesting that hospital. There were stories that Israel pressured Palestinians to be treated there first before they could go on to Israel, that is the few that were treated in Israel. Some people refused to be treated there. When I googled "field hospital gaza Israel" one of the first stories was an article from Times of Israel, hardly a pro-Palestinisn rag, talking about how empty the hospital and how so few Palestinians went there. They blamed Hamas, of course. Another article I saw last summer said that in the 36 days the hospital was in operation they treated 51 patients.

      We don't hear about that field hospital so I guess they didn't get any good pictures.

    • I think we can stipulate the any help in these situations is good but Israel is not there to help, they are there to get good PR pictures. If they really wanted to help they would keep their people there for the long haul and not pull out after two weeks. Also if they REALLY cared about saving lives how about they lift the siege of Gaza. They did not need to fly thousands of miles to find a humanitarian disaster.

    • Instead of engaging in snark that falls flat how about explaining why Gay-friendly Israel won't let these people hire surrogates in Israel.

  • 'Baltimore Is Here': Ethiopian Israelis protest police brutality in Jerusalem
    • The Dersh is a very sad day for justice.

    • And remember that it was the Ethiopian women who were given contraceptives without their knowledge. The Ashkenazi elite have this sense of superiority that they know what is best for everyone: Arabs, Jews, Mizrahi, Ethiopians, and so believe that they can engineer these communities as they see fit. Whether it's stealing Yemeni babies, Mizrahi property or Palestinian culture they can do what they want. They're better than the rest of us, they've got the Nobel prizes to prove it.

  • David Horowitz to OSU: 'Jews didn't expel the Arabs in 1948' and 'the occupation is a huge lie'
    • Hmmmm....

      "Israel's statement says it has been willing to meet with its neighbors toward setting an agenda for talks on a Middle East nuclear-free zone, but that after five rounds of consultations with some of its Arab neighbors in Switzerland between October 2013 and June 2014, the other states discontinued the talks."

      So they want to talk about talking...sound familiar?

    • He mentioned cell phones but not the bikini clad ladies? Bummer.

      Dave has finally cemented his legacy as the J B Stoner of Zionism.

  • Two videos to challenge my liberal Zionist friends
    • Hopmi, most of the the people killed on the border were Palestinian trying to return the homes they were expelled from. As for the Jews in the Arab world Israel sent agents into these countries with the purpose of getting tose people out of the Arab world and into Israel, so don't complain. That's how you Zionist wanted it.

      Now, how about you tell us about the boy on the horse.

  • Night of horror at Ben Gurion airport for two French music students
  • Haneen Zoabi's power and vision (and answers to Theodore)
    • According to an article in Haaretz (Jan 26, 2012) the law ".... allows the use of acceptance committees "to bar residents who do not suit the lifestyle and social fabric of the community" only in communities in the Galilee and the Negev that have fewer than 400 families."

      Gee, isn't that where most of the Palestinians in Israel live? Mere coincidence I'm sure. And isn't that wording "who do not suit the lifestyle and social fabric of the community" really cute? You can apply that to ANYTHING about a family you don't like. I heard that they can keep you out if they don't think you can afford to live there. I read a few years ago that one community used it to keep an Ethiopian family out.

    • The Arab bank is owned by Bank Leumi, so it is not an independent Arab owned bank. And it's Texas A&M University that is going to open a branch in Nazareth, hardly a first rate institution and not the Arab university most want. This makes me think that the stats you cite are also off.

      "Contrary to zoabi discrimination of Arabs in education and government is not a reflection of some inherent racism in Israeli society". So what is it a reflection of? That Palestinisn Israelis are too stupid or lazy to enjoy the fruits of Israeli democracy?

      "Zoabi is a demagogue using legitimate minority complaints (that are being addressed by society) to further her own extremist nationalistic ideology." What, pray tell is so "extremist" about demanding that ALL the citizens of Israel be treated with equality and fairness?

  • Jewish groups stand in opposition to hate speech and all forms of Islamophobia
    • "The ad reads: Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah"

      O my dear Lord, Pammy-Shrugs has managed to take the crazy up another notch. Amazing.

  • Forgiving the anti-Semites
    • Wow, an entire article about why some Jews are critical of Israel and not ONE mention of the Gaza war, teenagers gunned down in the streets, lynch mobs, house demolitions, African refugees getting deported to their deaths, Israeli lawmakers calling for Arab heads and other body parts, the PM using racism to get Jews to the polls...

      You're right, dude, what reasons would compel thoughtful, humane Jews to dump Israel?

  • UN: 'Not a single destroyed home has been rebuilt' in Gaza since Israeli war last summer
    • Mayhem, these people in Gaza have to live next door to the biggest bully on the block and yet you condemn them for using some of their meager savings to try and keep the wolf at bay? Why are Gazans not allowed to defend themselves but Israelis are? The only reason Israel didn't reoccupy Gaza was because of the resistance there.

      I commend those brave people who fought for their lives and families against Israel. An Israel that likes to talk tough but in the end would rather gun down teenagers than fight someone who will fight back. They are the real cowards,

  • Mark Shields blasts Adelson for 'making foreign policy for the United States'
    • "Notice that David Brooks, who is gooey-eyed about Israel and whose son joined the Israeli army, pushes back, saying that he regards Adelson’s efforts as legitimate because they are “ideological..."

      A lot of the opposition for desegregation was also "ideological" that didn't make it right. And why does Brooks think Adelson's support can't be both ideological AND economic? When the Bank of China was sued by an American family whose son was killed in Israel in a terror bombing the Israeli government refused to cooperate. A lot of people think that the Chinese government put pressure on Adelson to call off the dogs in the form of his kept politician, Butcher Bibi, who does as he's told if you're footing the bills. No doubt Adelson was told that HIS bottom line would suffer.

      P.S. why does anyone listen to Brooks? He's an idiot.

  • AIPAC-backed legislation targeting BDS movement advances in Congress
    • I certainly do.

      I do find it interesting that with all Zionism had going for it, the billionaires, the super power support, the EU, the elite media, their supporters still feel the need to pull stunts like this. What are they afraid of? Justice, they know their on the wrong side of history.

    • “I think it’s critically important that the provisions that are included in here for good governance and respect for international human rights need to be a principle trade objective.”

      Do these people even listen to themselves?

  • Palestinian teenager is shot dead at a checkpoint outside Jerusalem
    • "The Israeli Police alleged the young Palestinian arrived at the roadblock “and started running towards the soldiers while carrying a butcher knife."

      Witnesses say the weapon was planted after he was shot. Also in the photos I saw on Twitter what was lying on the ground next to him was a meat cleaver, not a butcher knife. But that's their story and their sticking to it.

  • 'Celebration of ethnic cleansing is intolerable': Baltimore JVP crashes 'Israeli Independence Day' party
    • "It’s worth remembering that 6,600 Jews were killed during Israel’s War of Independence.

      They were killed by Arabs."

      So now defending yourself in wartime is a crime? Wow.

  • Herzog lost Israeli election because he didn't have blood on his hands -- Shalev
    • Looks like Butcher Bibi is having difficulties forming a coalition, anyone know why? I thought he had this thing in the bag? Might be time to drop some more bombs on Gaza.

  • EU must take stronger action to sanction Israel following high court decision banning boycott
  • Shaken by the war on Gaza, Palestinians in Israel gather for March of Return
    • It has always irked me when I hear people say that the I/P issue is an "ancient" struggle. No, it isn't. It only dates back to the late nineteenth century when a bunch of white Europeans decided to make for themselves a colonial outpost in Palestine and take the land from the native inhabitants.

  • Marking Memorial Day in Tel Aviv with Kahanists and Combatants for Peace
    • "approx thirty Kahanists is a relative small number. i’m surprise they couldn’t muster more for such an event"

      Yeah, but think about it, what do these people have to protest? The country from their pm down to the average street thug thinks like them. The whole country is rumbling on like the well oiled fascist machine. It's all good.

  • Will Graham's gaffe about 'all-Jewish cabinet' get the MSM to talk about pro-Israel money?
    • I thought the big money donors got their pick of the cushy diplomatic posts, like London or Paris. Being in the cabinet seems like too much work.

  • Organizations across Canada oppose government effort to criminalize criticism of Israel
  • Leaked Sony emails reveal Hollywood execs efforts to support Israel
    • Those Sony emails are the gift that keeps on giving.

      Did anyone see the one where someone was pitching a movie about a "black James Bond" who takes on a nuclear-armed ISIS (!?) and saves America AND Israel? He was thinking Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson would be bofo in the role.

      Whatever else you can say they definitely put their money where their mouths are.

  • 'NYT' runs piece of unadulterated propaganda for Israeli army
    • Well, it turns out that the article I was remembering was from good ole Mondoweiss! And it was from 2012. (How times flies when you get old.) It was called "How the mighty have fallen (how many and since when?) by Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel and appeared on April 26, 2012. One paragraph lists some of the other attacks on Jews that Israel considers terrorism in the pre-state era .

      "The following entries, describe victims of burglaries, street brawls with drunken “Christian Arabs” (“cursing the Jews and insulting Jewish women”), revenge for the “accidental” killing of an Arab, and at least one case in which “the source of the gunshot is a mystery, and it is not known whether [the victim] was shot by an Arab or by accident, by his partner on guard duty”

      Israel makes it very easy to become a victim of terrorism.

    • "...everyone seems to have a connection to one or more of the 23,320 fighters whom Israel counts as fallen since 1860 in the conflicts that have framed its modern existence."

      One should take Israel's official count of the victims of anti-Jewish terror with a grain of salt. A year or two ago one of the writers at 972mag had an article up questioning the criteria of who gets on the list. Consider the case of Aharon Hershler.

      The year is 1873, the place Jerusalem. Young Mr. Hershler is dutifully studying his Torah when he hears someone trying to break into the family domicile. When he investigates he surprises three Arab burglars who promptly take off. Mr Hershler takes off in pursuit, no doubt with the idea of turning them over to the long arm of Turkish law. The would-be burglars have other ideas and shoot Mr. Hershler, fatally wounding him.

      And that's how Aharon Hershler got to be Terror Victim #1.

      Now a guy getting shot by housebreakers is certainly unfortunate but hardly "terrorism." The other deaths cited in the article where just as dubious since the Israelis government seems to think that any death of a Jew at the hands of an Arab will be considered terror, unless shown otherwise. Still eventhough they try to inflate the numbers of Israelis killed these still pale beside the numbers on the otherside.

  • Jewish and Palestinian women are segregated in Israeli maternity wards -- Chomsky
    • There's no reason why we can't do both, especially since Israel trains some of our police and get billions of our aid.

    • Great! When do I get my Soros check? :)

    • I find it interesting that one of the articles you cite manages to discuss transplants without mentioning the name "Yehuda Hiss." Funny that.

      As for an Arab hospital not taking Jewish patients I have to ask (1) are there any in Israel? (2) do they discriminate against Jews? (3) Would an Israeli Jew even go to one?

    • DB, the segregation is of the patients, not the doctors. And though the segregation of patients may not be policy it does go on, do an online search if you don't believe it. I had no trouble finding examples.

    • Here's another article from JPost Feb 28 2012: "MKs denounce segregation in maternity wards"

      "There is no place for separating hospital patients on ethnic, racial or religious grounds, Dr. Michael Dor, head of the Health Ministry’s general medical branch, told a session of the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee on Monday.

      The meeting was held at the initiative of Labor MK Ghaleb Majadle, who was upset by reports that such unofficial segregation in obstetrics wards is taking place at the women’s request. "

      The article then quotes one Dr. Benny Davidson of the Association of Hospital Directors who said “We try to meet requests of new mothers if possible. But the phenomenon of segregating them by nationality does not exist and has no significance.”

      Translation: segregation may not be official policy but we go along with it until someone complains loud enough or we get caught.

    • "I reached out to Physicians for Human Rights yesterday for elaboration about the practice and am awaiting a response."

      Well here's an article from 2006 that was in Haaretz: "Galilee maternity wards keep Arab and Jewish new moms apart
      By Eli Ashkenazi Jan. 2, 2006

      "Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya maintains that separating Jewish and Arab new mothers is not a matter of policy, but rather reflects the desire of the mothers themselves, who ask to be in rooms with women who speak their language."

      But apparently it is not always up to the mothers:

      "Jalal Bana, a communications consultant from Acre, had a similar experience a year ago when he came with his wife Ramia to give birth. ..."The department has two sections. I saw spacious rooms on the right with one or two beds, and on the left, it was much more crowded. They put my wife on the left. I saw there were empty beds on the right. Only after an argument did Ramia get one of the spacious rooms."

  • Pro-Israel group concedes that Tel Aviv bikinis can't match 'justice' as sirensong to brightest young Jews
    • I saw this on Blumenthal's twitter feed and am so glad you're highlighting it.

      Is this little film not an acknowledgement that the whole "rebranding" campaign failed? That was all about making Israel seem hip and modern, what with their hi-tech know-how and scantily clad femmes. And wasn't THAT campaign launched because the old one of flags and dreamy eyed paratroopers had long gone stale?

      They got nothing.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
    • I would like to know we middle-aged black chicks get a "veto." What are we, chopped liver?

      I've seen church ladies on the warpath, Aipac's got nothing on them.

  • Walaa Ghussein on the power (and vulnerability) of Palestinian journalists
    • "Remember how they tried to silence Ayman Mohyeldin and others who reported the truth last summer…"

      I am convinced that when the Israeli navy killed those kids on the beach they were aiming at Mohyeldin.

  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • The anti-Palestinian commenters at 972mag are pretty vile too, unfortunately they reflect mainstream Jewish attitudes in Israel.

    • How can their lives not get better with all those African refugees and Palestinian untermensch to do their dirty jobs.

    • With DS's thoughts in mind listen to Levy's speech when he talks about having to get bodyguards because of something he wrote. Apparently they were settlers and in the end Levy decided that he was probably better off facing his would be assassins without their "help."

  • A 22-year-old Palestinian dies after imprisonment, then his cousin, 27, is killed at his funeral
    • "Israeli Shin Bet got a confession out of Palestinian detained for FAKED abduction of Israeli Niv Asraf”

      To which someone responded:

      Victor Ashkenazy ‏@VictorAshkenazy 4h4 hours ago
      @JessicaMontell @lrozen His confession was based only in lies he produced.

      Now that's an example of raw talent. You can't teach that kind of BS or cluelessness in a workshop

  • French philosopher who shut down Paris BDS event as 'anti-Semitic' and one-sided will lecture in NY on 'Free Speech'
    • Thanks, Walid. I always appreciate your responses because they often make me go "hmmm" in a good way.

      I think what frustrates me about controversies of this type is that though the Zionist perspective is given unlimited access to spread its version of history the Palestinian side must often be "balanced" with opposing viewpoints. That doesn't seem fair.

    • There's always multiple sides to every story but here's the thing...not every side carries the same MORAL weight. Is anyone allowing serial killers and rapists unlimited access to "explain" why they do what they do?

  • Faithwashing: the Muslim Leadership Institute and the academic boycott
    • It's hard to have a dialog with people who have their boot on your throat. Makes talking difficult.

  • Finkelstein on God and Dershowitz
    • Anyone know if he's got a favorite watering hole? Cuz wouldn't it be cool for some local Mondoites to go there and when he walks in yell "Norm!"

  • Double standard in US political culture: BDS is fine for Indiana, not Israel
    • I commend the VA bar decision. From what I have read they cancelled the trip because they could not get assurances that ALL their members would be treated with respect. So what if a few blacks, Hispanics or Arabs get anal probed at the airport, it's a small price to pay for making the world safe for Samantha Power.

      Note that the powers that be don't mind calling on OTHERS to make sacrifices.

  • 'She speaks the truth:' Palestinian leftist parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar arrested in early-morning Israeli raid
  • Video: Max Blumenthal on the ways Zionism exploits anti-Semitism
    • But, but didn't Hizoner Bloomberg say that flying into TA was safe? Wasn't that the whole point of demanding the airlines fly there?

      More lawyer. I'm sure that dreadful Darshan-Leitner is behind it. They seem to think these shenanigans will work to shut up Palestinians.

  • Netanyahu says US is part of new 'axis'!
    • If I recall correctly the U.S. Navy had been shelling in Lebanon before the attack. So what happened was that they had taken sides in a civil war and the attack on the barracks was the result.

      Reagan pulled them out shortly after and it was the best thing he ever did.

  • Dear Senator Blumenthal, Thank you for your dreadful letter
    • I think the senator sent a form letter that was the equivalent of "la, la,la, I cannot hear you!"

  • Philosophy prof who likened Palestinians to 'rabid pit bull' ignites protest on CT campus
  • American Voices: What lies ahead for the rocky US/Israel relationship?
    • Wow, you almost had me there.

      On a related note the parody account on Twitter for Stuart Zionist Turtle was suspended because too many people took him seriously.

  • 'New anti-Semitism' on college campuses is largely blowback against orchestrated Israel advocacy
  • On Netanyahu's apology to Palestinian citizens of Israel
    • "... given that morons like you will harp on it for years (decades?) to come."

      Yep, just like Jesse Jackson and his Hymietown remark.

    • " If these JL chaps start becoming a bit too influential..."

      Bornajoo, the proper term is "uppity." : )

    • I just saw the video of the "call to arms." The thousand yard stare, the voice quaking with emotion and the big map of the Middle East looming in the background. Even without understanding hebrew I got the message loud and clear: the enemy is massing on the booths, come out and save the country!

      And no he's not sorry.

    • Bradley Burston's take on this in Haaretz was great:

      "In choreography that must be seen to be believed, Netanyahu, addressing a carefully culled delegation of strongly pro-Likud Arabs, leaves the podium and whips the sheikhs and village headmen into a frenzy. The prime minister ducks and stumps and weaves and bucks and wheels like a faith-healing preacher whirling cyclone-like through a tent meeting." Bwahahahaha.

      Another thing I read was that the whole shindig was set up by his political staff, not anyone from the PM office. Seems a lot a trouble to go through just to provide AIPAC and Stand with US with new pictures for their brochures.

  • Jeb Bush bashes Iran talks as 'foolish' and hails Israeli settlements as 'new apartment buildings in Jerusalem'
    • Oh my dear Lord, why are they subjecting us to all this now? A two-year presidential campaign will take at least a decade off my life, that's assuming I live through it.

      Something Shrub jr said leaped out at me: "A state for the Palestinian people, side by side with Israel, will be possible only if the Palestinian people are represented by leaders committed to delivering on the promises made at the negotiating table."

      Delivering on their promises?! Dude, they can't even collect their own taxes or control their borders and you want them to deliver on promises? This is why I can't give up drinking.

  • Joint List to lead mass march on Jerusalem, as Netanyahu forms a gov't
    • "While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the final hours of forming a ruling coalition to lead the country, Odeh’s group is organizing a mass march. Unrecognized villagers will camp and walk their way to Israel’s seat of government"

      Selma redux!

      Oh, man, I hope they get a good turn out and the cameras are rolling. I hope everyone stays safe from those goons in the police force. If they're smart they'll back off and avoid unpleasant comparisons to the Alabama State Troopers.

      Never mind Iranians nukes or Hamas terra tunnels, a bunch of hebrew speaking, politically savvy, uppity Israeli Palestinians is the ultimate Zionist nightmare.

  • The liberal Zionist lament: Joe Klein and Jodi Rudoren try to explain away Israeli racism
    • Just said: I do wonder what she (Hirsi) found so “difficult” about converting.

      Me: ADD? Didn't she originally claim to be an atheist?

      Hirsi trouble is that she wants to be a member of the ruling elite (pundit wing). But as a Muslim born black African woman she's going to be ignored unless she proves her worth to the ruling class. In the beginning she thought bad-mouthing Islam and joining with the racist right in Europe would do the trick but it was not enough because she's still black. And lying on her immigration papers didn't help either.

      But now she's married to Niall Ferguson (Imperial Historian) and getting paid by the AEI. She's on her way.

    • “It wouldn’t have been terrible if your parents had been left to rot in Morocco,” he told fellow guest Amira Bouzaglo. It must be noted that Bouzaglo had just called him a fascist and a racist for his stand against Israel’s Law of Return and policy of encouraging Jewish immigration, which he suggested was ultimately responsible for the ingathering of the riff-raff whose votes had kept Netanyahu in power."

      This is another reason to keep the hate going against the Palestinians and the greater world, deflect from the tensions within the Jewish community. Otherwise they'd be at each others throats.

    • Annie, that column was just chock full of rancid goodness. Somehow he manages to discuss why Jews are "fleeing" Europe while never mentioning "BDS" one time. But he does give a shout out to the nuclear talks with Iran:

      "In the Obama administration, there are people who know that the Iranians are anti-Semitic, but they don’t know what to do with that fact and put this mental derangement on a distant shelf. They negotiate with the Iranian leaders, as if anti-Semitism was some odd quirk, instead of what it is, a core element of their mental architecture."

      Ya got that? The "core element" of the Iranian psyche is anti-semitism and poor little ole America doesn't know what to do about it.

      Brooks has always been a bone head but these rantings are just unhinged. I think he's heard too many war stories from his IDF son about the glorious battles against Nablus elementary.

    • Have you seen David brooks's latest? Like Klein and Jodi-Jodi-Jodi it deals with Jewish "specialness." It's called "How to Fight Anti-Semitism" and it's pretty bad, even for a Brooks column. There were a bevy of excretory quotes but I think the one I saw on Twitter sums it up quite well.

      "There are others who see anti-Semitism as another form of bigotry. But these are different evils. Most bigotry is an assertion of inferiority and speaks the language of oppression. Anti-Semitism is an assertion of impurity and speaks the language of extermination. Anti-Semitism’s logical endpoint is violence."

      Yeah, cuz who ever heard of hatred of blacks, or gays or Native Americans ending in violence.


  • I want my country back
    • My own pet theory is that they call them Museums of Tolerence as a way of introducing another Holocaust museum to an area that already has one. In fact I think I recall that when they planed to open the one in Los Angeles someone from the Holocaust museum staff alleged that this would take patrons away from them.

  • Settlers attack Palestinian children in South Hebron Hills, injure 6-year-old girl
    • I demand to know what the "unnatural offenses" were because it sounds pretty juicy. Were they trying to get dogs and cats to live together?

    • Something I noted in the story about the IDF "exercising" (really provoking) along the Gaza border.

      "Soldiers found the bomb hidden on the Gazan side of the electronic border fence and made it safe. There were no injuries in the incident. "

      How do Gazans "hide" a bomb on their side of the fence?

    • Did the IDF put their "stone throwing kills!" page back up yet?

  • Why did Herzog run scared? He fears the Israeli people
    • "Israel is by far the most peaceful."

      No, they just do a better job of keeping their troublesome minorities locked up.

    • Obviously the issue is more complex than what I could put in a comment. I was articulating things I have read over the years about the Mizrahi community there. No question that their culture was denigrated by the people who founded Israel. Those from Arab countries were encouraged to change their names and stop speaking arabic, that kind of cultural snootiness has got to leave a mark.

      On the terms Sephardic and Mizrahi we may need to call on our trusty friends here at Mondo. When I first started educating myself on I/P issue, way back in the seventies, they were called "Oriental" Jews. Then they were called Sephardic and now the term is Mizrahi, which I have read is what they prefer. I think Sephardic was the term for those specifically from Iberia.

    • Though I don't disagree with the points you make I think you give Mr. Herzog too much credit.

      Here's the thing, everything that Israel has become is a direct result of the policies Herzog's father and men like him either championed or sustained. They are the generation that committed the Nakba, made Israeli Palestinians live under military rule and launched terrorist attacks into the West Bank or Gaza. They pushed for the creation of discriminatory laws and then after the Six Day war began the planting the settlements. The Labor crowd can howl all they like about what Israel has become but its just sour grapes. They created the racist beast and now it has come to bite them back.

      Likud's success, from what I have read, came from tapping into the frustrations of Mizrahim, people that were lured to Israel with promises of the glorious life they would have only to find themselves discriminated against because they weren't "European" enough. They remember this treatment and now they're paying the so-called "left" back in spades. These people get the blame for how racist Israel has become but can you blame them? Why would they push for "equality" with Palestinians when they have gotten few of the benefits Zionism promised them? And why should they partner with Ashkenazim who have historically looked down upon them?

      So, how to fix this. You can't. Israel won't change until the Jews there see Zionism for the dead end it is.

  • Bill Maher justifies Netanyahu's racism by saying U.S. has done much worse
    • You know what was even worse? the responses of the "panel."

      KINGSTON: You know, I think on this race, Netanyahu wasn't just motivated on his own re-election as much as he is on the survival of Israel. On one side he has the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Authority recognizing Hamas. To the north he has Hezbollah. To Syria he now has ISIS. I think he's actually very, very concerned about the future of his country and the fact, that as you're saying, these countries that are all around him have promised to wipe Israel off the map. So he was fighting not just for his own political future but for Israel's.

      QUINN: Well look, I mean, I think the truth of the challenge and the danger for Israel, that's real and I think it's really important that we as Americans stand with Israel 24-7 (you just know there's a 'but' coming ...). And I think that Prime Minister Netanyahu is concerned about the future of his country. But (bingo!) let's not pretend it wasn't politics 'cause the day after the election we went right back.

      SCHLAPP (pouncing): Of course it was politics! How do you win an election?!

      MAHER: He's a politician, by the way, in a real democracy that lets Arabs vote. So I'm just saying, a little perspective.


  • Zochrot and BADIL bring Nakba to U.S. audience
    • It's definitely a new slur, and one that demands proof. But Zionists have been making up s**t for years. Remember the "broadcasts" that the Arab government supposedly made to get the Palestinians to leave? I haven't heard that one for quite a while. The old stuff was getting stale, time to try out new material.

    • When you listen to these people they sound so sane and humane. In stark contrast to the people who sneer at their efforts. Palestinian history is not merely neglected it is either ignored or smeared with slurs and outright lies. Take it away Edwin Black, "International Investigative Author" (via The World Post)

      "On April 1, 1933, when the Hitler regime formalized its pre-existing boycott Jewish-owned stores as German national policy, the Mufti and his followers saluted and then adopted the Nazi tactic of anti-Jewish boycott, both in name and spirit. Indeed, Hitler became a hero to the Arab community in Palestine and the wider Arab world. After Mohammad, "Hitler" and "Adolf" became the second most popular baby names. Ultimately, in the 1940s, the Mufti joined forces with Hitler, creating three Nazi-flagged divisions of Waffen SS to fight in central Europe. During WWII, the anti-Jewish boycott was coordinated throughout the Islamic world, from India to Iraq, through the Mufti's "Arab Higher Committee."

      Yep, the Palestinian community is just swamped with Hitler Mansours and Adolf Haddads.

  • 'Do US Jews need a Jewish state for our safety?' debate begins in wake of Netanyahu victory
    • It has always surprised me why more anti-Zionist don't use the creation of Liberia as an example. Here was a country settled by people who's parents, grandparents or great grandparents came from Africa, nevertheless it was still a colonial movement. The African Americans who settled there lorded it over the "natives" and this, from what I understand, led to the turmoil that later engulfed the country.

  • White House said to be reconsidering policy towards Israel following Netanyahu victory
  • Meet the Knesset members from the Joint List
    • Since no Arab parties have ever been in this position before we're in unchartered waters. How much can they accomplished? I don't know, but let's see.

    • Hard to have normal relations with people who have their boot on your throat.

    • Meanwhile on yesterday's show Bill Maher puts Mr N.'s statements into perspective.

      MAHER: We got off on a tangent. Let me ask the question I was going to ask about this, which is when he said that, 'Arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls,' I heard a lot of commentators here say, it would be as if Mitt Romney in 2012 on the eve of the election said black voters are coming out in droves to the polls. But I don't know if that's really a great analogy. I think that would be a good analogy if America was a country that was surrounded by 12 or 13 completely black nations who had militarily attacked us many times, including as recently as last year. Would we let them vote? I don't know. When we were attacked by the Japanese, we didn't just not let them vote, we rounded them up and put them in camps.

      Way to go, you scumbag.

    • “humiliated 20 percent of Israeli citizens for the sake of his election campaign” with those remarks. “His first action must be to repair his ways – and not in empty words – and the severe fissure he has caused in doing so. He has to do everything to turn them into citizens with equal rights.”

      And yet when Lieberman attacked Odeh on TV saying that he did not belong in Israel Herzog sat there and said nothing in Odeh's defense. He's only piping up now because he thinks it's safe to do so.


    • Joint List-13

      Lieberman's vanity party-6


  • An American translation of Netanyahu's racist get out the vote speech
    • I use to listen to Barbara Frum back when I still got the CBC on cable. I always liked her and was shocked to learn that she had spawned that creep David. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about her.

    • “We know that politicians in the heat of campaigns in the U.S. and in Israel say things” they may not mean to stick with in the long term, said Malcolm Hoenlein"

      Did anyone in the Jewish community feel that way when Jesse Jackson made his infamous Hymietown remark?

  • Netanyahu and the unraveling of the British Jewish consensus
    • Here's my crazy theory: it's not the Butcher's statements on Palestine that are rankling people but his blatant racist rantings on Facebook. His call on white Israelis to counter the swarthy hordes mobilizing at the ballot boxes recalled the worst of recent American history. It resounded like a fire bell in the night for its ugly, nasty, and vile sentiments. We've known about this aspect of him for a long time but much of the Jewish community liked to pretend it wasn't there. Rather than highlight that government's racist side they instead focus on the two state statements. It was either that or spotlight Israeli bigotry and they're did not want to do that.

  • A response to Michael Douglas

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