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  • Israeli minister proposes building island off Gaza coast so Israel can 'disengage' while maintaining siege
    • Froggy sez "So just wait…. If you don’t go to Israel, Israel will come to you. ;)"


    • I think Mr Katz is trying to spend all that juicy gas money before it's even been collected.

    • “This island can be controlled. We can maintain the blockade and have the island,” the minister said. As has been outlined before, Katz said the islands would have hotels and tourists."

      So, he wants to put hotels and tourists off shore from a blockaded enclave that his country claims is infested with ISIS-loving ne'er-do-wells who'd cut your throat after raping your dog.

      I'd say more but I'm about to have Scanner moment.

  • I believe I can make a difference in my lifetime
    • DS saz: "I’m OK with that. No Arab state in the Middle East treats minorities properly. It’s not a big deal if a few million Arabs have to live in a state that gives immigration preference to Jews."

      I just love how comfortable Zionists are with giving away OTHER people's rights.

  • Hillary Clinton promises megadonor she will work with Republicans-- to oppose BDS
    • Giles July 7, 2015, 11:12 am
      I don’t trust Sanders at all.

      His PEP is definitely a problem for me. How can you claim to be for civil liberties if you are prepared to exempt certain people?

      But what annoys me more is the attitude of some of his supporters. They see our focus on his PEP as another example of the "hard left" being clueless, and because of that we must be ignored.

    • "Israel is a vibrant democracy in a region dominated by autocracy, and it faces existential threats to its survival”

      Okay, who's threatening their survival? I see them cosy with Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are basket cases, Lebanon does not want a war, they have complete control of Gaza and the West Bank...

      Where are the frickin' threats!?

    • She's such a tool, I cannot abide her.

      You know what is worse? Chelsea is threatening to run for public office.

      God help us.

  • US only country to oppose UN holding Israel accountable for war crimes, yet again
    • Anyone see that nice new Gaza War memorial Israel just inaugurated?

      They don't waste time on those things, do they?

  • Michael Oren cannot hide his disrespect for Jewish Americans
    • “Who do you feel you have more in common with, your Bedouin sergeant Mahmud, or your cousin Josh in Long Island?” Noam answers: “‘Are you serious?’ he shrugged. ‘Mahmud slept in the dirt with me. Mahmud fought for this country.'”

      And yet Mahmud's people are being expelled from their lands to make way for a nice Jewish town that only Noam will be able to live in. It seems that military comaraderie only goes so far.

  • 11 Palestinians injured in protesting settlement linked to killing of Muhammad Abu Khdeir
    • As a teenager I was surprised to discover that the average murder case usually took days if not a couple weeks. I had grown up in California, scene of a number of sensational murder trials, and just assumed that all such cases took 6 to 9 months to ejudicate. It is not unusual for high profile trials, with multiple defendants, to take extra long. However, I suspect that in the case of the Abu Khdeir killers the length of the trial has little to do with "Justice." Exactly why it's taking so long I have no idea. I know that back in November the trial was temporarily suspended because Ben Yosef wasn't communicating with his lawyers. Gee, I wonder if that's a tactic an Arab defendant can use.

      Fearless prediction: if the adult defendant doesn't get sent to a mental institution he'll get significant jail time since this is a high profile case and they have to make it look good. It's a toss up whether he'll actually serve that. As for the teenage killers they'll be out in a few years. What horrifies me is that they'll probably be admitted to the IDF where they'll be able to terrorize the untermensch on government time.

  • Palestinian teen killed on way to pray in Jerusalem
    • "I wonder if they get high fives from their buddies for assassinating Palestinian youth"

      Kay, I seriously doubt that any of them care enough to do a high five. Just another dead Arab kid, ho hum.

  • 'Why this bullsh-t?' Video of Israeli navy flotilla takeover
    • It's not, it's just BS the Israelis made up. And the rest of the world lets them get away with it.

      What I want to know is how do you get banned from entering a country you weren't trying to enter!

      “Why this bullshit?” If I was a braver woman I'd get a t-shirt that said that.

  • New report details UK complicity in Israeli human rights abuses, calls for arms embargo
    • CigarGod: The nasty secret of the Jewish State he advocates for…is they really want to firmly establish a Rabbinic State.

      Isn't it interesting that though Israel demands that the rest of the world recognize them as the "Jewish State" they've never done so themselves. Few Jews there want to be forced to live under full Halacha law.

  • 'We are you and you are us' -- Netanyahu has tons of American friends
    • I just don't get it...what is this man's appeal!?

      No matter what he does or says it means nothing, not how he dissed the president or used racism to get his supporters to the polls. Not slaughter in Gaza or the treatment of blacks, nothing NOTHING resonates with these people.

      Remember their names and faces.

  • Activists call on Oprah Winfrey to distance herself from Leviev over human rights abuses
    • If they're smart they'll put something out about how "Ms. Winfrey is re-evaluating the situation" or some other public relations BS. The days when some public person could choose to ignore Israeli aparthied are coming to an end.

    • "I thought she had more integrity than that..."

      Like many popular entertainers Winfrey can be "integrity challenged" at times. Do you remember the James Frey affair? Frey was a writer who penned a bestselling autobiography, "A Million Little Pieces," that Oprah featured on her show. At the time there was growing controversy about whether the book was factual (rumors which turned out to be true) and Winfrey did not help the situation by saying that "facts" were not as important as "emotional truth." She got ton of angry responses about this, so much so that she had Frey on again to read him the riot act for deceiving her. (She's since apologised.)

      She definitely felt the heat over the Frey affair, can you imagine what the fallout would be if she repudiated Leviev after she posed with their diamonds? It would look like she was bowing to pressure, to BDS pressure!

      If Orpah is not safe from BDS then none of us are : )

    • "...the communications director at OWN, Chelsea Hettrick, told an Adalah-NY representative that Winfrey was reviewing the letter, and that her team would respond soon. They didn’t. Hettrick has since failed to reply to further calls and emails from Adalah-NY."

      If Winfrey thinks she got into hot water pissing off the beef industry just let her be perceived as supporting BDS. OMG Stand With Us and AIPAC will marshal all their forces to take her down a peg. And if you think that there aren't plenty of people around who resent a mega rich, influential black woman then I've got some swamp land outside Detroit to sell ya.

      Anyway I suspect that Winfrey and her people will try to ignore the letter, hoping it will go away. I hope it doesn't and she is forced to "come out" and take a stand, one way or the other, on one of the biggest human rights issue of the day. It's not like her paycheck depends upon it.

  • The Flotilla didn’t make it to Gaza, but Israel didn't win
    • Good point.

    • So, let me get this straight: Israel wants the activists to sign documents stating that they were trying to enter Israel illegally so that means Gaza is a part of Israel but Israel does not recognize it as a part of Israel and there is no siege in Gaza but they stopped the ships because there is a siege....

      It seems to me that a halfway decent journalism student could shatter these rationales in a 5 minute interview, why can't our overpaid lug heads in the media do it?

    • “Israel is the only democracy that defends itself in accordance with international law,” Netanyahu insisted, adding that “there is no siege on Gaza.”

      Orwell just rose from the dead and set himself on fire.

  • Palestinian is shot at Qalandiya checkpoint a day after Israeli soldier is stabbed at Bethlehem checkpoint
    • The thing I fear about the warmer relations with Cuba are all the capitalist predators that will be descending upon it.

    • I saw that on Twitter a little while ago.

      Good for him!

    • "...a prisoner must not be shackled in a public place unless there is risk of his fleeing, causing damage to body or property, or damaging evidence. Despite Adnan’s condition, both the hospital and prison service insisted the shackling was in keeping with regulations."

      Right, a guy who's starved himself for nearly a month is a flight risk. That's just evil.

      And I don't believe they'll keep their promise to release him either.

    • “I got drunk one night, someone told me to take off my clothes, and that’s basically how I brought the male striptease business to Israel.”

      I'm getting the feeling that he's leaving out a good chunk of that story.

  • Palestinian family says alleged attacker being held on false evidence
    • The Israelis don't need the actual person who did it, just any body, warm or otherwise, will do.

      That being said the soldier was a legitimate target.

  • Flotilla members still imprisoned as video emerges of violent Israeli attack during capture
    • || If you were truly concerned about human rights, you would not be sailing in support of a terrorist regime which summarily executes citizens and uses children as human shields. ||

      Don’t worry – they weren’t sailing in support of Israel.


  • In rebuke to Israel, State Dep't says it has no objection to BDS aimed at occupation
    • I've never understood the policy of just going after the settlements. It's the Israeli government that puts them there and sustains them, but whatever.

      "Note that hardcore Israel supporters want to conflate the two, it’s all Israel."

      That's only the case when it's convenient. When people try to boycott the WB they say it's an attack on "Israel" and when people demand the Palestinians be given citizenship they say they are not living in "Israel."

  • Latest Netanyahu cartoon says west is allowing ISIS to build 'atomic bombs' aimed at US and Christianity
    • “Israel looking to sway the crucial 5-14 year old demographic against the nuclear deal.”


    • I've got to hand it to them, that ISIS cartoon is ever stupider than the Gaza one. The Foreign Ministry folk need to stop listening to the voices in their heads.

      People, take your medication!

    • "Wasn,t nietanyahu promised finacial/military largess if he kept his mouth shut about the Iran Deal until it was signed or fell through."

      Would it matter? Has Butcher Bibi ever kept his word about anything?

  • United Church of Christ votes to boycott & divest from companies profiting from Israel's occupation
    • Yep, very fishy indeed. Personally I thought Richard's ass kissing genuflection before King Bibi just a little too over the top. It was pure political theater meant to hide the fact that they want out or at least a much lower profile. And why would they want that? Because BDS is turning up the heat and they want out of the kitchen.

      Big companies like Orange want profits not headaches.

    • Looks like there are some new developments on the Orange/Partner front. From today's Financial Times:

      "Orange has negotiated a way to exit its licensing agreement with an Israeli operator just weeks after comments from the head of the French telecoms operator sparked an international row"

      "Partner will have the option to terminate the agreement within the first 12 months. Both Orange and Partner will then have the option to end the brand-licensing agreement over the following 12 months."

      But of course they are assuring everyone that they are NOT pulling out of Israel. What I got out of the article was that Orange wants to continue operating in Israel but with a lower profile, so as not to attract the attentions of those nasty BDS types.

      Keep the pressure on.

  • In effort to thwart BDS, some Israel supporters urge partial settlement freeze
    • "...but you have a two state situation, de facto, in the West Bank, and let’s work to make it better."

      That right there is the "money shot."

      Right now, at this moment, you already have the best "two state solution" Israel can hope for: Israel in control of the land, resources and the water, while having no responsibility for the non-Jews living there. That is why they want for the status quo to continue, they like the current situation just fine. However the rest of the world realizes that this is just a powder keg ready to explode at some point and something has to be done to head it off. In order to keep the pressure off of them Israel must "seem" to be pursuing some solution, like showing up at the occasional "peace conference." This is no longer working which is why Oren is saying that some more "substantive" act needs to be made to keep the charade going.

      Cue the deck chairs on the Titanic analogy.

  • Rainbow flag covers Israeli separation wall near Ramallah
    • Yep, I knew this would happen.

      Contrast the MSM's "concern" for oppressed gays in the Middle East with the silence about Unit 8200's reservists protesting the policy of blackmailing gays for information.

    • I have no doubt that the painting over of the rainbow flag will be seen and presented, by anti-Arab types, as another example of how backward and socially repressive Palestinian culture is. If Bill Maher does not mention it on his show I'll be very surprised, since he's already discussed how awful Arab men treat their women. I don't know how many times I have heard Zionist or pro-Israel types wag their fingers and say "you Palestinians really need to liberate your Gay folk before you start complaining about any repression Israel commits." This is stupid; how can the Palestinian LGBTQ community attain any sort of real freedom when they will still be repressed as non-Jews? And are Palestinian attitudes towards their LGBTQ people out of line with Jewsh Israeli attitudes? Given that most of the Jews in Israel hail from Arab countries I would be very surprised if this was the case.

      The African American community during the civil rights era did not have to deal with any pressures to "liberate" their Gay community because back then everyone was still in the closet. Few in America at that time were championing the rights of the LGBTQ community and Black America was no different. One has only to look at the treatment of Bayard Rustin to see these attitudes at play. Nevermind the enormous contributions he made during the civil rights era, in the end he was pushed aside because his homosexuality was seen as a liability. The civil rights leadership felt, with justification, that the way to get white America on their side was to show that they were not dangerous radicals trying to overturn society but respectable folk who were demanding their constitutional rights and a share of the pie. And though I think things have gotten better there is still too much homophobia in the black community.

      I think it would be really great if Mondoweiss could get someone from the LGBTQ Palestinian community to write somewhat more in depth about the pressures this group faces, not just from other Palestinians but from the Israeli government. In the meantime I will ignore any criticisms offered by said government or its die hard supporters. Since no one on that side is demanding that the blackmailing of LGBTQ people by be stopped I can only think they see nothing wrong with it.

  • My journey from Zionism to Palestine solidarity
    • Steve Grover June 29, 2015, 12:12 pm
      Thanks for sharing how you became a Chomsky chump.

      You say that like it's a bad thing.

  • In Gaza, the ultimate humiliation
    • I read that story over the weekend, hilarious.

      "JPAC member Heshie Freed confirmed that the protestors were paid to be there, and added that it was done to prevent yeshiva students, who normally protest at events, from being exposed to the homosexuality on display."

      Oh puleeeze! These young gentlemen are studying in a male only environment and yet know NOTHING about same sex relationships? As the Brits would say "pull the other one."

    • It seems to me either some person or persons deliberately sent these shirts to Gaza (sadism) or some person or persons just tossed in some shirts and didn't care that they were IDF garments (indifference). I can't can't figure out which one is worse.

    • "Your translation is a mistranslation."

      Would "by any means necessary" work as well?

    • "“Whichever way we want it, whenever we want."

      Yep, that sounds like "self-defense" to me.

  • Israeli forces shoot 14-year-old Palestinian with live ammo during West Bank march
    • "...taser used during capture by IDF against at least one crew member."

      I'll bet the "brave" soldier who tased was just looking for an excuse to use that thing. No doubt someone got lippy.

      I hope everyone there keeps an eye on their wallets because IDF personnel are renowned for having sticky fingers.

  • Oren's criticism of US Jews earns his book five thumbs down: 'slinky,' 'self-aggrandizing,' 'twists reality'
    • " I am in the midst of reading Oren’s book right now"

      As one vet to another you have definitely earned combat pay and a campaign medal for slogging through that dreck.

  • 'Jewish cow' is udderly superior to all other cows in the world, Netanyahu says
    • My dad had some Kobe beef when he went to Japan on a business trip years ago. According to him all that massaging pays off.

    • "How about a new policy of NEVER showing photos of these warmongers again?"

      That pic of the cute Palestinian activist guy, that was up some months back, should be on permanent rotation.

    • Hearing the story about the cows made me think of another account I read years ago. I think it was in one of Alfred Lilienthal's books.

      It was told by a Canadian UN peace keeper who was stationed in Jordan (The West Bank) in the early fifties. Some sheep from the Israeli side wandered over (or were rustled, that part wasn't clear) the border. According to the UN guy Israel wanted to get their sheep back, lest they be bred with inferior Jordanian or Palestinian livestock, and were prepared to launch a military operation to do so. That's right, Israel was prepared to send in commandos to retrieve sheep. Maybe they feared they would be undercut in the wool market.

      In the end cooler heads prevailed and the sheep were returned. I cannot imagine what the campaign medal for THAT operation would have looked like.

    • "You drink a glass of water, not only in Israel but in many countries now, you’re drinking the product of Israeli technology..."

      Oh my God, they invented water too?!

  • When will justice's 'thunderbolt' come for Palestine?
    • Ivri – “look at what goes on in the Mid-East at large, nukes getting in the hands of rogues”

      Now that I can agree with.

  • BDS will keep Israeli tanks from moving and F15 from flying, Oren says
    • ivri:
      "The Arab world and the Palestinians have turned Israel into a Sparta – or, rather, an Athena-Sparta mix."

      Oh sweet Jesus, so it's the Arabs' fault Israel turned to the worship of militarism. All those Jewish kids who get visits from friendly soldiers in their schools or trips to military bases or made to parade around in cardboard tanks that's the Arabs' fault too, right?

      Does Zionism ever take responsibility for anything?

    • "...BDS uses settlements and our policies toward Palestinians as a tool. "

      That is a very VERY telling remark. Talk about burying the lede.

  • 'We are doing you people a favor by allowing you to be seated here,' Netanyahu deputy tells Palestinians in Knesset
    • One of my favorite scenes from All in the Family was when George Jefferson remarked to Archie about "you people."

      Whereupon Archie, visibly taken aback, said "Who are you calling you people? YOU people are you people!"

    • "Zionist Union, the main opposition [sic] party and senior representative of the center-left, decided not to participate in this important vote and instructed its members to leave the plenum."

      I'm trying to figure out why they would pull this move. Voting for the law would not have lost them any votes with the Jewish Israeli public, except for the few remaining tender hearted squishy liberals, and they barely count. So, why did Herzog do this?

      The only think that makes sense to me is that this is a sop to liberal Zionists abroad, to J Street and that whole mob. Maybe he thinks that if he can sew up support amongst these folk they can exert pressure on The Butcher to...well that's the part that I can't figure. Perhaps Herzog, who is a card carrying member of the ruling elite, thinks it's HIS turn to be prime minister and people like Ben-Ami can help him.

      Is it me or is the craziness accelerating exponentially?

    • Also wasn't that Oren haze haranguing Touma from the back benches? Wow, a guy currently under investigation for corruption, pimping and drug dealing thinks himself in a position to criticize someone who has only ever given back to her community.

      What a sh+++y little democracy.

      P.S. Our own is not much better.

    • I think the Butcher looks more bored than amused, I've seen pictures of Stalin wearing that same expression.

  • Exclusive: Palestine seeks to charge Israel with 'apartheid' and war crimes at The Hague
    • "Two lawmakers are warning the Palestinian Authority (PA) that its economic assistance from the United States could be suspended because of its decision to initiate charges against Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC)."

      How many times, Dear Hearts, have they threatened this? It is a threat so idle it takes root. Personally I can think of nothing better than the PA having its funds cut. If the PA falls who's going to have to step in? Cut their funding, you'll be doing the Palestinians a favor

      Please American, pull that trigger, you know you want to!

  • Interview with a suicide bomber
    • Just, that story about Ghalia Abu Reda is horrible. I learned while following the story last year that she was born blind and was from the Jaffa area, and had been expelled along with her family in '48. I saw the picture of her that the IDF put up and it sickened me. You might have thought they were giving water to an animal. And the thought that they killed her afterwards is awful. The IDF should find out what happened but they won't.

  • Mourning hate crimes from South Carolina to the Sea of Galilee
    • When Lindsey Graham made his "Mideast Hate" comment the other day how come no one mentioned Dr. Goldstein?

  • In letter to John Kerry, 19 reps stand up for Palestinian children behind bars
    • I see several of the "usual suspects" on that list and am pleased that Conyers signed since he's from my neck of the woods.

      "As the JTA reported, while J Street did not actively mobilize around the letter, they “signaled support for its signing when the group’s position was solicited by lawmakers."

      I think some of the saner pro-Israel folk realize that Butcher Bibi is not doing his country any favors by refusing to acknowledge ANY abuse. And his statements on election day did not help either. I think our representatives decided to tackle the issue of children in detention because they believe it a "softer" subject than collective punishment or settlements.

      Nevertheless that is a very small list and shows what a bunch of cowards most of them are.

  • Controversy ignites as Joint Arab List member joins Gaza flotilla
    • It doesn't take much to get those lunatics going. When one of the Arab MK's wore a khaffeyeh to Knesset last year he was abused for wearing a symbol of "terrorism."

      The crazies must have minders, because I don't see how people this detached from reality can function in the real world.

  • Irish activists hit hard against 1st Irish dance competition in Israel
    • I knew you would come through, amigo!

      Thanks so much for that information. I recall thinking that it sounded like an "urban legend" so I didn't take it too seriously.

      I love folk dancing but especially any that require banging out rhythms with the feet, which is my I love American tap and Irish dancing. I've seen the high kicks done by these dancers and it is truly amazing the skills that are necessary for what seems a rather simple maneuver.

    • "Wasn’t the style of Irish folk dancing a product of/protest against English oppression, where dancing was banned yet the Irish kept dancing with their lower bodies behind a closed lower door while the visible upper body remained still so the English would not retaliate.

      I think I read that somewhere."

      I read that somewhere too, but in my version it was the clergy they were hiding their dancing from. Our Irish posters should relay to us the truth if known.

  • UN report on Gaza war includes stories of civilian executions, attacks on ambulances and targeting of humanitarian facilities
    • I remember seeing WITH MY OWN LYIN' EYES a news report back in the eighties that showed an IDF jeep driving slowly down a West Bank street with a Palestinian boy sitting on its roof.

      No less a pro-Palestinian group than the Israeli courts have documented hundreds upon hundreds of cases of the IDF using Palestinian civilians as human shields. It's documented, it is a fact. Nevertheless the imaginary human shields in Gaza or more real than the real human shields Israel uses. Go figure.

  • When a police officer is actually a soldier
    • Israel cannot afford to punish all of its thugs in green when they are doing the dirty business of empire. But sometimes it is necessary to throw someone under the bus in order to give the "impression" that there is something called a justice system or standards for IDF behavior. But the penalties are irregularly and inconsistently dispensed which is very frustrating for your average IDF or Border Policemen thug. One day you are excused for shooting a ten year old in the back but the next week you are under investigation for punching a Danish bicyclist with your rifle butt.

      And this farce will continue until the whole rotten regime collapses.

    • I don't know why Mayer bothered, since he doesn't believe Palestinians have a right to defend themselves under any circumstances.

      He's another one of those clueless, cowardly Zionists who would piss their pants if they had to confront a real member of the resistance.

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