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  • 'Secret' London conference seeks to link BDS to... terrorism
    • Indeed, bring it on. We've got several generations of civil rights lawyers in this country who can take them on.

  • Why are two Republican congressmen doing a walkabout on the Temple Mount?
    • “I personally think they’ve given up enough,” he said. “They’ve been squeezed out of their land; the holy sites are being controlled by outsiders."

      He's talking about the Palestinians, right?

  • About that special relationship...
    • That picture should be blown up and set up across the street from the next AIPAC convention. No caption required.

  • Two desperate anti-Semitism charges, from Foxman and Boteach
    • "If it were only a vendetta against one individual it would be bad enough. But it has now become one against the American Jewish community…."

      That is some powerful weed there, let's hope he's smoking it for his glaucoma.

  • Amid 'climate of fear' at Vassar, president comes out against 'action and protest' re Israel
    • " Vassar our greatest strength is in the power of argument and reason…We need to treat each other civilly and with respect."

      As I read her comments I kept getting this image of Ms Hill sitting around a table with her gals drinking tea from real china cups (pinky extended) and telling the yardman to get those nasty kids off her lawn.

  • 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin
    • I don't care if every household had its own submachine gun, Palestinians have a right to defend themselves. This is something most Zionists do not understand. Apparenlty Arabs prove their peaceful bone fides by dying quietly with no resistance.

  • Brandeis retracts plan to honor anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali
    • Hirsi has spoken!

      Richard Silverstein has her response on his blog and let me tell you, she's in full "You offend me, suh!" mode. The low points: Her statements were taken out of context; Brandeis caved into pressure from CAIR (that would be a first). Last but not least: there will never be peace between Israel and the Arab and/or Muslim world until the Muslims stop their Jew-hating, women-hating ways!

      In other words "I'm the real victim here!"

      I know that you cannot always explain personal attraction but what does Niall see in this hateful, self-righteous woman?

    • "What’s the basis for Hirsi Ali’s Harvard fellowship..?"

      Two words: Niall Ferguson. He's a professor of history at Havard and I'm sure had a lot to do with it. He left his wife to get jiggly with Hirsi and I'm sure having him around greased her path into the corridors of power and influence in the States. I used to feel sorry for her because I thought she had had a difficult life, even if she was wrong to blame an entire religion for her difficulties. But as the years went on and her lies multiplied she comes off to me as that most awful of persons, someone who is perfectly comfortable to get a seat at the table of power at the expense of her own people. And to put herself forward as a fake "champion" of them.

  • Bill de Blasio gives Avigdor Lieberman the Big Apple
    • Sharansky is an idiot, herein the evidence:

      "If a person cannot walk into the middle of the town square and express his or her views without fear of arrest, imprisonment, or physical harm, then that person is living in a fear society, not a free society. We cannot rest until every person living in a "fear society" has finally won their freedom."

      So for him freedom is not about laws or if you can vote or what rights you have, it's simply whether you can act the fool in public and have the police ignore you. That is about THE stupidest definition for democracy I have ever heard.

    • "Only in Israel could the likes of MK Yuli Edelstein or Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky rise to their positions,”

      Isn't this called the Peter Principle.

  • Distracted by the peace process: What really happened during the talks
    • "President Barack Obama is reported to be worried that US diplomacy is starting to appear “desperate”.

      Starting to appear?

      This part stood out for me: "...immediate concern is a “conflagration” as Israel’s extreme right is allowed ever greater access to the supremely sensitive site of the Al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City."

      The right wing nut jobs know that they have a core of support that will forgive them anything, which is why they are over reaching on the Temple Mount. I predict in the very near future they will cause some violence or major damage to the mosque and all hell will break loose. It will be so bad that even the American government will wince.

  • Adelson would install Netanyahu in the White House if he had his druthers -- Avnery
    • I hadn't considered that that the bodyguards might be government agents but that makes sense. They can keep an eye on all the people that Old Fart meets and report back if any show insufficient fervor for the "Cause."

    • [Adelson's] “Executive Protection Team,” which for the past 14 years “has been comprised exclusively of former Israeli citizens who are white males.”

      Now why doesn't that surprise me?

      To those disappointed black applicants I would ask: why would you want to spend your days guarding some old fart who has nothing but contempt for you. Trust me, you dodged a bullet there!

  • US is 'absolutely adamant' that Palestine not go to ICC and wreck the peace process -- Power
    • Has anyone heard the latest from Bennett? “We are currently preparing war crimes charges against Abu Mazen (Abbas) on two [different] rationales..." Yeah, that kind of talk is sure to keep him at the negotiating table.

      Only the problem is that in order to get Abbas on war crimes Israel would have to resign the Rome Statute, which would open their people up to similar accusations which they don't want. But don't worry about that, Naphtali, bring it on!

      Then there is this: "I think my point on the waiver and the funding issue [to UN agencies that Palestine joins] is that the American people and the United States are so much better off when the United States is in good standing within these organizations..."

      Translation: If we defund them then we won't have any means to apply blackmail or other monetary pressure!

  • Ultra-Zionists push back as Jewish establishment tacks toward center
    • I have to say that that story from Hen Mazzig that Hopmi relates (concerning the Palestinian boy "rescued" from the streets of Gaza) warmed the cockles of my heart. Then the cockles cooled and the suspicions grew. It isn't just that Mazzig is affiliated with Stand With Us that makes me suspicious, its the story he tells and how it smells to high heaven.

      Mazzig says that the boy was orphaned after the death of his mother. Where was the father? Dead? In prison? Had the family been exiled to Gaza? Since most women go to live with their husband's family was there no one else to take care of the child? Then there is this: "We did some investigating, and discovered that his uncle lived in Ramallah. In a special operation in the middle of the night, we moved the child to his uncle so that he would not be left alone in the streets of the Gaza Strip.” If the kid is living on the streets of Gaza why is a "special operation in the middle to the night" necessary? Was he taken from someone? Tens of thousands of children have perished at the hands of IDF ordinance, why was this kid so special? Was the uncle a PA official or a collaborator who needed to be kept sweet? And if this story is true why haven't we heard about it? It's not like the IDF doesn't mind tooting its own horn. Remember Haiti? Needless to say I think Hen might not be telling the "whole story."

      Anyway if you have the stomach for it google IDF COGAT (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories). This is the Unit that Mazzig was affiliated with. You will get more hasbara to last a lifetime. Oh, one last thing. One of the websites quoted Mazzig as saying that they worked with those Palestinians not involved in any violence against Israel. This is why I suspect the uncle might have been a collaborator.

    • "His description is of his time as an Israeli soldier. What evidence do you have that it’s inaccurate?"

      So the testimony of one Jew disproves all Palestinian accounts?

      This was my favorite part: Hen Mazzig-"My job was to protect the Palestinians’ human rights, coordinate humanitarian aid, and tend to the needs of civilians living in the West Bank." A man this delusional should have a nice long career in Israeli politics.

  • From Portland to Portland, and Amman to Lahore, 'NYT' letter-writers are sharper than 'NYT' writers
    • Many years ago I read a story from slave days about a slaveowner who, after whipping her slaves, demanded that they kiss the whip.

      That is what Israel demands of the Palestinians, kiss the whip.

  • Former Israeli general: failed peace talks won't lead to doom
    • I could feel the smugness even through the computer screen.

      "...Yadlin said “the good news is the birth rate of Israelis is going up,” and European anti-Semitism would boost the Jewish population in Israel. In response, Bronner joked that “there’s hope.”

      I hope I live long enough to see these two get their comeuppance.

  • In Philly, rightwing Zionists call Dershowitz anti-Semitic for opposing settlements
    • Probably not, lefties don't mind laughing at themselves.

    • "It was a topsy-turvy world where Alan Dershowitz and young AIPAC devotees represent the despised far left wing of the “official” Jewish conversation about Israel."

      I think the Dersh and his friends should form a breakaway group, The Judean Peoples' Front, to distinguish themselves from the more rightwing The Peoples' Front of Judea. This should help avoid any confusion about where they stand on the issues.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
  • 'NYT' editorial writer savages Republicans for 'pro-Israel, philo-Semitic' curtseys to Adelson
  • Not an April Fool's joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table
    • "JERUSALEM (AP) — A hard-line Israeli Cabinet minister says convicted spy Jonathan Pollard opposes being freed from a U.S. jail in exchange for Palestinians prisoners."

      Cuz he's a man of integrity!

  • A British Jew warns US Jewish orgs to heed rapidly-shifting world opinion
    • "Whatever the true reasons for the war, the creation of Israel is akin to a man jumping out of a burning building, onto an innocent bystander."

      That is a very poor analogy. A man jumping from a burning building is not trying to hit anyone. Armed Zionists entering an Arab village and expelling and killing the inhabitants is intentionally creating "facts on the ground."

  • 'Contractually obligated' to say the peace process is alive, Aslan told Americans to get ready for one state
    • Some unsolicited observations on my part.

      1. The Two State solution is dead and Israel killed it.
      2. Jewish Israel's idea of democracy is anachronistic. Modern democracy is not just about majority rules, it is majority rules in tandem with protection of the rights of minorities, be they racial, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation. Otherwise what you have is the tyranny of the majority.
      3. The Jewish elite use Zionism to keep social justice at bay. Just in the past week or so a group of Jews in Jaffa were expelled from their homes so their apartments could be bulldozed to make way for hotels and expensive condos. They need to reach across the ethnic divide and make common cause with their Arab working class counterparts. They have more in common with them than the snooty elites of north Tel Aviv. But they probably won't because they have been so indoctrinated with the idea that as Jews they will get the goodies, at some point, one day.
      4. Fighting for human rights and social justice is not a zero sum game. In a more inclusive society everyone wins.

  • Liberal Zionists turn on media darling Ari Shavit for promoting Netanyahu's bluff
    • I don't blame Shavit either. He realizes that if not for the Nakba he would not be able to enjoy his cushy life as a member of the Ashkenazi elite.

    • "Philip, remind us what the reason for Arab hatred towards Jews was in 1967...?"

      We could start with Qibya and, what the hell, let's throw Kafr Kasem in there too. You remember Kafr Kasem? Where Border Police shot dead nearly 50 Arab CITIZENS of Israel? They shot the old guy and a little kid and a pregnant lady. But I guess if that happened to your people you wouldn't be pissed off.

    • "Finkelstein also conveniently skips over the Palestinian rejection of the the 1947 Partition Plan..."

      And what, may I asked was so wrong with rejecting it? How would you like someone coming into your country and dividing up land the DID NOT BELONG to them? It's easy to give away stuff that does not belong to you.

      Also Israel did not follow the Partition plan either. Had they done so they would have been saddled with an Arab population that was nearly half. That is why they declared their independence when they did, because they wanted to continue their ethnic cleansing without the UN butting in. Are you really trying to make me believe they would have accepted all those Arabs in their country?

  • OSU group questions campus presentation of an Israeli soldier as a 'feminist role model'
    • When do you think we'll get an article about the brave Palestinian women who stand up to the IDF goons? They are real heroines and role models.

    • "...the myth of IDF created suffering..."

      Shuki, please assure me that you are not completely wacko and admit that the IDF has caused some suffering. Otherwise I might not be able to take you seriously.

  • U.S. intel analysts doubt Israeli claim that captured weapons were headed to Gaza
    • "I would merely point you to any recent march in Gaza with gigantic flags displayed and HUGE missile sculpture built as ‘art’ in downtown Gaza City or any other massive display of what usually amounts to Islamic/Arab Extremism aimed at destroying Israel"

      OMG they marched down their own streets carrying flags and a missile sculpture! That must have killed an awful lot of people!

    • Exactly how were the "terrorists" suppose to get these things into Gaza? Through their underwater tunnels?

      Damn those Gazans are clever!

    • Concerning that top picture: what is with Jewish Israelis and their flag? If they have one flag its got to be a BIG flag flanked by a whole of little flags. I believe this is called over compensating.

      This was my favorite part: "Asked on the day of the ship seizure which Palestinian militants were to have received the arms cache and how, Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said: “I don’t know, but it is clear this was meant to reach terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip...” There is no hope for this man because you can't fix stupid.

      Even if that Malaysian plane hadn't gone missing their show would have still have closed out of town with negative reviews.

  • Avigdor Lieberman claims transferring Palestinian citizens is perfectly legal
    • Let it be on your head if I have nightmares tonight!

    • By my creaky math eliminating 300,000 Arabs from the citizenship rolls would cut the untermensch population by a quarter. Along with the raising of the election threshold this will effective eliminate Arab participation in national politics. This is how fascism takes hold, not in one fell swoop but in increments.

      "Despite the Foreign Ministry’s determination, any plan to transfer Palestinian citizens would raise at least alarm bells in the international community." Those alarm bells have been going off for some time with no effect. Israel knows that it has a cadre of support that will forgive them anything. The old guard Jewish leadership has NEVER stood up for human rights in Israel and they never will.

  • Ohio State Hillel member calls Desmond Tutu a 'neo Nazi' for criticizing Israel
  • US Jewish leaders blast Harvard students on pro-Israel trip for taking photo at Arafat's tomb (Update)
  • Israeli embassy pressured Amnesty to cancel launch of 'apartheid' book -- Ben White
  • Obama doesn't talk to Jimmy Carter -- because of Israel
    • Carter has first hand knowledge of the I/P issue. I hope I live long enough to see him vindicated.

  • 'Nobody knew where I was, nobody… I was simply disappeared': An Italian tourist's Ben Gurion nightmare
    • I've asked this question before and I'll ask it again: if Israel does not want these people to come why do the embassies give them visa in the first place?

  • AIPAC's 2-state lip-service: conference featured university in settlement
    • "Israel lobby group earlier this month featured lip-service to the two-state solution, an indication of how a once-taboo idea has become the dominant model for ending the Israel/Palestine conflict."

      I remember those thrilling days of yesteryear: "We will never allow a Palestinian state, they'll just use it as a launching pad against us!" "We will never talk to the PLO!" "FATAH is evil, eeeeevilll!" And then, suddenly it all passed away, like a fart on a windy morning.

      "Never" just isn't as long as it used to be.

  • 'NYT' music piece strikes false note on Mehta and Israeli politics
    • You know perfectly well that those settler types do not want to even live next door to Arabs, much less play music with them. Anyway playing music would cut into their olive-tree burning time. One has to prioritize.

    • The July 20, 2013 edition of Ha aretz states that Upper Nazareth high school (Jewish) gets NIS 26,000 per year per student while the funding for Nazareth High School (Arab) is just NIS 19,000 on average. This gap in funding is typical throughout the country. I suspect that the best educational resources are not being directed towards Israeli Palestinians.

  • Israeli teens dressed as KKK and in 'black face' for mock lynching at school Purim party
    • "Just out of curiosity I wonder if Obama would have anything to say about this…"

      From my admittedly brief searches on the intertubes I could not find evidence that any so-called "leaders" weighed in about the incident. True the antics of a bunch of boneheaded teens should not cause major comment but compare this incident with the hysteria over those students at Bir Zeit and their alleged Nazi salute. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on that.

    • So Jewish Israeli kids, who grow up being taught that the whole world hates the Jews, never learned about the KKK? I find that hard to believe. Also look at the cross on that flag, someone had to do some research to get that right.

    • The Times of Israel quoting two of the students. One said he had “no regrets” over his costume. The other claimed "that the the incident was of no more consequence than choosing to dress up as Iran’s former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad." To them it was a goof, just having fun.

      You'll be happy to know that Stormfront gave them a shout out.

    • ‘The costume created an interesting and important discussion,’ Rina Even-Tov said, according to Channel 2 News." Oh, please, do tell us how that discussion went!

      When I saw those little s--t heads in their robes and black face I could barely contain my outrage. My parents grew up in a segregated South so the KKK is not something from ancient history. My grandmother once told me about how her stepfather was killed by night riders. If it were to me I'd grab each one of those brats, tie them to a chair and force them to watch picture after picture of Southern lynchings. Would that bring them to their senses? I don't know but I'd feel a lot better.

      And now I shall take a breath and ask a question that has been on my mind for a time: when did Purim become the Jewish halloween?

  • PBS and CBS air Netanyahu 'documentary' footage sponsored by Robert Kraft
    • You make a valid point, which is why I don't like these "sponsored tour" travelogues. There is no way a head of state is going to take you about to see the "real" country. So what is the point of having such a person be your guide?

    • Gayle King: “To see him in play clothes, Peter, too, was pretty fun to see."

      She definitely needs to get out more.

    • These shows don't go down like they use to. Trust me, PBS and CBS are getting an earful from people like us.

    • “He couldn’t get wait to get out of the office and literally show me the country.”

      Why wouldn't he jump at the chance for some free publicity for his shoddy product.

  • Kerry tries to get out of Jewish-state trap set by Netanyahu and the lobby
    • "...when is the US going to acknowledge that there are no terms for peace that are acceptable to Netanyahu?"

      Thank you and why aren't people like this on TV more? This is why I stopped watching network news years ago. Then there was this gem from Avi "ethnic cleansing is more humane than genocide" Shavit: "We did not see they should have a state of their own. And they did not see that we should have a state of our own."

      No, that is not correct. They did not see why Palestinian Arabs, who were the overwhelming majority, should have their land carved up and part of it given away to a minority ethnic group, most of whom were recent immigrants.

      That's the thing I have noticed about being Palestinian: numbers never work in your favor. If you are the majority then that is a state that must be overcome, through death or ethnic cleansing, because there are too many of you and you are in the way of progress. And if you are a minority then they can ignore you because you don't have the numbers that quality to be listened to.

  • Lebanon 'affirms right' of citizens to resist Israel
    • “I wonder what it would take to get Hezbollah off the USA’s terrorist list? ”

      Conversion to Judiasm followed by a submission to join the World Jewish Congress, then we'll talk.

  • Palestinian teen in critical condition after being shot by Israeli soldiers during West Bank protest
    • "The pace is not “aggressive,” and almost all of the construction took place within the major settlement “blocs”

      Listen, Hon, give me some credit! I only went to THREE prostitutes this week and not my usual FOUR! And with the money I saved I bought you a present, so there!

  • Northeastern U administrator: SJP's suspension is 'not [issue] of free speech or the exchange of disparate ideas'
    • "For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had."

      No, Ah, you did exactly right.

    • Whenever officialdom issues statements like these it is necessary to read between the lines.

      "The suspension of SJP was handed down only after a careful and thorough review of the facts. "[We got a call from a wealthy donor]

      "Despite repeated efforts by university officials to work with the leadership of SJP,[they refused to shut up] the organization has repeatedly shown a disregard for university policies over an extended period of time."

      "Contrary to assertions from some parties, SJP leaders have not been banned permanently from participation,[Yet]

      "Further, reports that expulsion procedures have been initiated against students affiliated with SJP are false." [The wealthy donors haven't decided on a fitting punishment]

  • Journalist David Sheen delivers blistering indictment on Israel's racist war on African migrants
    • 972 Mag has an article up about the refugee issue where the author states that most of the people in Israel illegally are from Eastern Europe and not Africa. In fact Lieberman was the one who pushed through legislation that made it easy for Russian and Ukrainian tourists to come to Israel. If they decide to stay they find support in the Russian community which aids them in subverting the law. Very interesting that no one in the government is screaming and yelling about all the illegal Europeans running about.

  • Fruits of a right-wing takeover: Knesset barrage limits Arab parties, conscripts the ultra-Orthodox, and puts the peace process to a vote
    • Agreed, but how do we get sanctions applied? Jewish leaders like Foxman and Harris have shown that they do not care about the human rights of Arabs. Nothing except Jewish suffering resonates with these bozos.

    • "Raising the threshold is not going to keep Arab parties out of government, whether that’s his vision or not. It will just cause them to coalesce more than they have. When they do, they will have more political power than they have now."

      If the Arabs manage to overcome the threshold and still retain some seats then the Ashkenazi elite will just think of something else to keep them out. And when that happens Labor will just sit on its hands and do nothing. The precedent is Kahane and his Kach party. When he finally won a seat in '84 the ruling class went bat guano crazy. Kahane showed that you could win running on an openly racist platform. And since he refused to be controlled by the ruling class he had to go. The Likudniks didn't like him because he was stealing their voters and the Laborites didn't like him because he was making Israel look bad. So the left and right united to ban his party from participating in future elections.

      Like most other countries on this planet you mess with the ruling class at your peril.

    • This stood out for me: "...the secular and religious-nationalist parties came together to cut a deal: The Hardeim would finally be included in national army conscription in exchange for Lieberman’s vision of keeping Arab parties out of office and consolidating his influence in Likud and the Prime Minister’s office."

      In the end the majority of the Jews of Israel simply will not stand up for the rights of their fellow citizens. I'm beginning to think nothing less than a civil war can change anything there.

    • Perhaps, but don't you think it rather arrogant that Jews can dictate to Arabs about how they should configure their political parties?

  • It is time to repeal the law being used to criminalize French BDS activists
  • Shira Robinson explains the DNA of Israel
    • I owed both her book and Blumenthal's. I especially am looking forward to reading both, though I have skimmed them.

      I did read her chapter on Kafr Kasem massacre. What that government did to the victims would get them a trial in the Hague if there was any justice in the world.

  • J Street cheerleading for Kerry features Congressman warning Palestinians will demand the vote if two states fails
  • Video: 8-year-old boys stopped by soldiers-- 'you were about to throw stones'
    • "How do you know?"

      They same way the soldiers knew the kids were going to throw stones, mind reading.

  • Grindr in Hebron: A dispatch from the last debate
    • Really, I mean could his question have been any more shallow? "Sorry I didn't notices the anti-Arab slogans on the walls or the Jews-only street because I was too busy looking for a hook-up." My God, what an idiot. I hope he can enjoy that new hole Atshan tore him.

  • A model factory for a colonialism in trouble: the SodaStream saga revisited
    • I think we need to start calling these people by their rightful names: Jewish Supremacists.

    • I seem to recall an article that mention a shopping mall in Ariel and how great it was that local Palestinians patronized it. "See, coexistence in action!" Never mentioned was the fact that said Palestinians had to shop there because all the local Arab businesses had been shut down.

  • State Dept to 'check out' vicious attack on Palestinian athletes
    • "first the suspects were observed about to throw bombs, then they were thoroughly disabled, then a bomb (singular by that time) was found — how was it observed earlier? "

      This story is only slightly less ludicrous than they told about the guy who came at them with a syringe.

  • Netanyahu mentions 'BDS' 18 times in denouncing movement and its 'gullible fellow travelers'
    • “President Abbas, recognize the Jewish state,” Netanyahu declared. “In doing so you will tell your people that, though we have a territorial dispute, Israel’s right to exist is beyond dispute. You would finally make it clear that you are truly prepared to end the conflict.”

      In other words surrender and go away.

  • The Israeli Occupation Presents: IDF Diversity Week
    • Doesn't it seem that Israel's depictions of their "diversity" seem strangely forced? "Oh, look at all the blacks and browns and women we have in the ranks!" Sounds a bit self conscious if you ask me. This type of stuff here went out of date back in the sixties.

    • I suspect that these are the people who are really going to benefit from Levin's "the Christians are not Arabs" legislation.

  • AIPAC reaches out to Christians with morphing Star of David
    • Can we declare March 7th, when Mr. Sara goes back home, a national holiday?

    • Now, now, people, get a grip. Mahane does have a point. As good lefties we should not make exceptions to the behavior of people we sympathize with. Therefore I will say here and now that I am against the shooting of Israeli settlers by Palestinian police and the burning of their olive groves and the appropriation of their lands and their torture in Palestinian prisons. The so called "price tag" terrorism against Jews must stop. I reject the proposed new law that would strip Jews in Judea and Samaria of their Israeli citizenship and prevent them from marrying people from said territories and bringing them to Israel to live. Also Abbas must stop saying that the Jews of said lands are not really Jews but Khazars.

      That is all.

  • How 'trigger-happy' soldiers killed an unarmed man walking to work
    • " Israeli police say they will be closing the main highway to Jerusalem and the city’s central roads for a massive rally of ultra-Orthodox Jews."

      Do ultra orthodox women ever demonstrate?

  • Rising star Naftali Bennett is the new standard bearer for hardline Zionism
    • "They have 2.91 children per mother, while we already have 3.04."

      That's only because you have shot the third child.

  • Do Americans want to know that Israel is waging war on Africans?
    • From

      "The first contact between militants from southern Sudan and the Israeli government was in 1967, when a commander with the Anyana Sudanese rebel movement wrote to then-Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol. The officer explained that his militants were fighting on Sudan’s southern flank, and that with some help, the Anyana could keep Israel’s enemies bogged down and distracted.
      According to James Mulla, the director of Voices of Sudan, a coalition of U.S.-based Sudanese-interest organizations, Israel’s support proved pivotal to the Anyana’s success during the first Sudanese civil war, which ended in 1972.
      “Israel was the only country that helped the rebels in South Sudan,” Mulla told JTA. “They provided advisers to the Anyana, which is one reason why the government of Sudan wanted to sign a peace agreement. They wanted to finish the Anyana movement just shortly before they got training and advice.”
      Over the years, there have been reports of the Israelis continuing to aid South Sudanese rebels during Sudan’s second civil war, which lasted from 1983 to 2005 and resulted in an estimated 1.5 million to 2.5 million deaths.
      Angelos Agok, a U.S.-based activist and a 13-year veteran in the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement, recalls that the SPLM’s ties to Israel were kept discrete.
      “It was an intricate case, where South Sudan was still part of Sudan, which is an Arab country,” Agok said. “We didn’t want to offend them, and we had to be very careful diplomatically.”

      Israel is perfectly happy to participate in these wars in order to sell arms and make a buck, but if the human flotsam of these wars ends up on their shores they want nothing to do with them.

      Can you spell hypocrisy?

  • 'Price-tag' attacks on Palestinians are as Israeli and common as matkot on a Tel Aviv beach
    • "In fact all sectors of Israeli society including rabbis and right wing politicians protested these actions."

      Talk is cheap. How about these rabbis and politicians volunteer to guard an Arab neighborhood from these hoodlums. Better yet how about the police protect them, or is protecting Arabs not in their mission statement?

      "In fact police have a special force fighting tag mechir and several suspects where served restraining orders."

      Restraining orders! Well, now you're talking. Nothing intimidates the criminal mind better than a stiffly worded retraining order.

  • A month later, de Blasio's AIPAC declaration continues to roil New York
    • "I think it’s also a matter of protecting democracy.”

      And what better way to protect "democracy" than to arrest a few five year and burn of few olive groves. Then there was this:
      "the upset congregants told the rabbis, “you should have stood by Israel and urged its authors not to send it because it ran counter to the truth and to the tenets of tolerance that you have often preached.” What are they talking about?

  • By 2035, Jewish population in Israel/Palestine is projected at 46 percent
    • "Or climate change which may have other effects than merely drying things out."

      Wanna bet on who will get the high ground?

  • 'Can you tell who is an Arab?' appeal is tax-deductible
    • “The court is obliged to protect the public interest from sophisticated, smooth-tongued criminals who can deceive innocent victims at an unbearable price – the sanctity of their bodies and souls.”

      My God, you could lock up Netanyahu and half his cabinet on that definition alone.

    • I wonder if the reason for his going by the name Dudu had more to do with being able to go about Jerusalem unmolested than with picking up women.

    • In another posting we were told how these nefarious swarthy men lure these innocents...with nice dinners and poetry and compliments! The fiends.

      Interesting isn't it that for all their "purity" talk they don't seem concerned about all the Jewish guys having sex with non-Jewish women. I have heard that if sex with gentiles was outlawed every brothel in Israel would have to shut down.

      With fascist types it is always about controlling the sexuality of their women and minority men.

    • I saw it, even without a translation it was hilarious. But it had to be pulled because it was Mizrahi making fun of Ashkenazi, their betters. And you cannot do that, oh, no, no, no!

    • "Jewish teenage girls from dysfunctional homes..."

      Hmmm, maybe they should spend a little more time helping these dysfunctional family and a little less on who is sleeping with who. Also I suspect that most of the abuse of Jewish women is coming from Jewish men, so how about working on that?

  • Scarlett Johansson's 'scholarship' and 'intelligence' cited by Mike Huckabee
    • "The claim of a link between these groups and the PFLP is apparently based on research by some “terror expert”

      I'll lay you 10 to 1 odds that that was Steve Emerson.

  • Conviction rate for Israeli interrogators who use torture: 0%
    • "Sounds like we learned our special tactics at Bagram, Abu Ghraib, Gitmo and all those other black sites from our very bestest friends in Israel."

      And don't forget Jack Bauer!

  • Effort to remove Jews from West Bank is akin to Nazi slaughter -- settler spokesman
  • When Israel attacked Gaza, killing 100 civilians, Hillary Clinton said we have to support it '110 percent'
  • The campaign against BDS is a deliberate choice to maintain the status quo
    • "They want to see the end of the Jewish State."

      Not only that but I have heard that some of these fiends conceive a future Israel that, hold on to your hats, treats ALL its citizens the SAME!? Quelle Horreur! The ramifications of this do not bear thinking about! What Jew would want to live in the land of his or her ancestors if they are going to be treated like everyone else? Might as well stay in Petoskey if that is the case. And if people like this do not come to Israel then the Ashkenazi elite could lose power. And if the Ashkenazi elite lose power then the Mizrahi will take over and Israel will become corrupt and war mongering, unlike the peaceful well-run country it is now. Don't ask me how, it just will. And when THAT happens no decent Ashkenazi boy will want to stay there. No, they'll take their talents to Europe where they'll hook up with Norwegian girls and get drunk at parties. And what will become of the Jewish people then!

      I have to lie down now.

  • Transcript: Netanyahu calls on U.S. Jews to fight BDS-- 'eerie' anti-Semites 'on the soil of Europe'
    • "In the past, anti-Semites boycotted Jewish businesses and today they call for the boycott of the Jewish state. And by the way, only the Jewish state."

      Well, that's not true. If you google "current boycotts" you get all kinds of hits about campaigns against companies and countries that someone thinks engage in questionable activities. Athletic shoe companies, like Addidas and Nike, have been called out for their labor practices. On various websites I found information about boycotts ongoing against the following countries: Botswana; China; Canada; Japan; Mauritius; Russia; to name a few. And let us not forget the blockades of Cuba and Gaza. So Israel is NOT being singled out. It's because of the hissy fits thrown by its supporters that the boycott of Israel gets so much attention. Also I don't know of any boycotts against companies because they are "Jewish" owned, only for their support, passive or active, of the occupation.

      And another thing, why aren't boycotts and sanctions against Iran "delegitimizing"? It seems that when talking about Israel words suddenly take on entirely different meanings. Just asking.

  • 'NY Times' and 'LA Times' run op-eds by an AIPAC board member without telling readers
    • Thanks TSU! And BTW I LOVE your moniker!

    • It seems my comment was unclear, I was referring to the NY and LA times people not you. I think all of you at this site do a fine job of keeping us informed.

    • Hey, I've got a crazy idea, how about we get an actual Palestinian person to talk about the water situation there? You know, someone actually being impacted by what is or isn't going on?

  • A Jew's dead dog has more rights than a Bedouin in the Negev
    • Having never met a Israeli country gal I can't say whether she is typical or not but I think what Ms. Deger was trying to "uncover" was why her pet cemetery was on the grid but the humans next door are not. She appears to be deaf and blind to the inequalities and that makes her a typical Israeli.

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