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  • StandWithUs invests nearly half a million dollars in ongoing anti-BDS lawsuit against Olympia Food Co-Op
    • "Throughout the duration of the lawsuit, the plaintiffs have claimed that their case is not motivated by Middle Eastern politics... Instead the plaintiffs situate their complaint in the claim that the Co-op board of directors had violated its own policies, independent of a position on BDS."

      And that's why Stand With Us got involved, because if co-ops violate their own policies then the terrorists have won.

  • US and Israeli pressure on Nigeria to sell out Palestine at U.N. amounted to 'national security threat'
    • My understanding is that the investigation has been going on for some time but, yeah, the timing of the arrests is damn suspicious.

      Personally I believe that a few phones calls got made to suggest that now would be a good time for some perp walks.

  • 'Heart-wrenching, harrowing, transfixing' -- NYT needs to end blackout on Blumenthal
    • I don't think they've won anything. Whatever Israel agrees to they will simply renege on later. That's their way.

  • Turning Lebanon into Gaza -- Israel's hole card against Iran deal?
    • The whole "mowing the lawn," "cutting the grass" statements are vicious and racist and if any other nation were to utter them they would be condemned.

      As to a summer war in Lebanon Israel why should the outcome be any different than 2006? The recruits who will fight it only know how to deal with unarmed children, housewives or college students. Their arrogance and racism will do them in again. They never learn.

  • Now there's a 'Birthright' for those over 26 and intermarried -- 'Honeymoon Israel'
    • In fact I think a few years back Israel cut the survivors' pensions. I could be wrong but aren't these monies paid to the government and not to the survivors directly?

    • "It’s not completely free either. The trip costs about $10,000 per couple of which the couple has to spend $1800. “The remainder is a gift from the Jewish community.”

      I wonder how many elderly and impoverished Jews could be helped by that money.

  • 'New York Times' tour of conflict is led by Israeli who works for AIPAC, Birthright, and Israeli army and prisons
  • 'This land is ours. All of it is ours': Meet the Netanyahu cabinet members focused on fighting BDS & annexing the West Bank
    • "Aw, what fierce protection, and love, for Israel."

      I hope he brought his knee pads.

    • Israeli Zionism means that you as a non Jew will never have the same rights, privileges or responsibilities as the Jew. Why would anyone except that deal.

      If Zionism cannot accommodate all the people living under its rule as equals then Zionism has to go, not the people. It's not complicated.

    • "Later in 2014 Erdan recommended building new settlements and annexing the West Bank as a punitive measure against Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for pursuing action at the United Nations."

      But then they go on to say that settlement building has nothing to do with Palestinians.

    • If she's ultra orthodox why isn't she covered up?

  • Netanyahu's new Foreign Ministry aide gets $226,000 from Sheldon Adelson shop in U.S.
    • Gold, who keeps returning like a bad head cold, is firmly a part of what I call the Zionist Gravytrain. If you can get on board you are set for life. And no heavy lifting or thinking.

    • “First, [Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas] needs to stop his unilateral actions in the international arena and return to the negotiating table,”

      There is no point in "negotiating" with folks this delusional.

  • The crisis of the American Jewish community
  • Israel will imprison soldier, 19, for publicly criticizing the occupation
    • I'd be very interested to see the statistics correlating rates of domestic violence and military service in the WB.

    • If you listen to the Hasbarists Hamas is responsible for killing collaborators, Israelis and their own people. Israel drops tons of ordnance on the place and is responsible for killing no one. Amazing.

    • Wow, that's what happens when you don't use the edit button.

    • No more charging up Ammunition Hill. You now get your medals by liquadating families or destroying neighborhoods. Oh, and threatening stone throwers with rape.

      Can you blame these guys for take their separation bonuses and get stoned in India?

    • I've heard a story about Ariel Sharon and how he knew he would go far in the IDF after he got his MAPAI party card. Then there is Isser Harel who, as head of the Mossad, use to sit in on party discussions. So this idea that the IDF or the security people are apolitical is an illusion. I think that the reason Ben Gurion held both the PM office and the Defense portfolio for a time was because he wanted to control the officer corps and see that most of them were good party members.

      The military there has always been political.

  • Kim Philby's last straw
    • One of McIntyre's previous books was "Operation Mincemeat" which I read a few years ago. It was about the famous intelligence operation told in the story "The Man Who Never Was." The man who ran that operation was Ewen Montagu, who was Jewish. His brother was Ivor Montagu, a passionate Communist. Ivor spied for Russia for years and even though British intelligence knew it they never prosecuted him. If I recall correctly the reason was that it was better to have him watched to see whom he dealt with. Also they also were thinking of his more famous brother, who was considered a hero.

    • Our Sirhan Sirhan?

      Be careful how you fling your mud, someone's liable to mention the Liberty. Would that blood be on your hands?

  • The grotesque injustice of Obama's speech at the Washington synagogue
    • Did anyone else see this opinion piece in the WAPO? It's by David Bernstein (Volokh Conspiracy). And it's not horrible.

      Concerning Obama's nostalgia for Old Israel "To understand how this sounds to someone sensitive to the history of various historically disfavored groups in Israel, imagine a foreign leader had said “I came to know America based on images of Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, the American Federation of Labor, the Daughters of the American Revolution…” Each of these individuals and groups had their virtues, but lots of us would think, “Geez, you’re nostalgic for an America dominated by White Protestants, and you aren’t even sensitive enough about the course of American history to recognize it, or assumedly you wouldn’t say it."

      Yes, an African American president is pining for the days of old White Israel.

    • "The Israelis have deep connections with the United States on every level"

      Yeah, it's called money.

  • Losing public opinion on BDS, activists turn to 'lawfare'
    • Thanks for the input. I think legislation like this is not going to fly. BDS is mainly a grassroots effort, how are you going to force people to buy Israeli products if they don't want to? It's like an elephant trying to stamp out a colony of ants.

    • How is this suppose to work? If a company or financial institution decides to divest for purely economic reasons (it's just not paying) how can you penalize them? Will there be some panel that will sit in judgement and decide if your reasons are valid?

      This ain't gonna fly.

  • Israeli activists meet with FIFA head Sepp Blatter to tell him: Israeli Football Association deserves a 'red card'
    • Well folks, they've done it again! Our beloved PA has taken the red card for Israel off the table! No vote, no nothing. In exchange for taking the vote off the table (under pressure I'm sure) Israel will promise to that Palestinian athletes better in some vague way. Once again the PA undermines the Palestinian resistance.

      Sickening, they need to be boycotted too.

    • Well, guess what? Our senators are on the case! It seems that Mr Blatter's has rubbed some of them the wrong way because he is overlooking one member country's abuse of another.

      "In light of President Blatter’s continued support for Russia hosting the 2018 Fifa World Cup – despite Russia’s ongoing violations of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and other challenges to the post-WWII security architecture – we ask that you reconsider your support for President Blatter’s fifth term as Fifa President," the senators wrote.

      That should light a fire under him.

  • Israel detains Palestinian National Football Team one day after Netanyahu promised FIFA to facilitate travel of Palestinian athletes
    • "Why were they delayed at all?"

      I have notices this about the Israeli government, particularly in the past decade, how they increasingly resort to cheap showboating pettiness to get back at Palestinan uppityness. I seem to recall a West bank prison uprising that the Israelis put down and at the end of which they would only let the guards leave after they were made to strip to their underwear and run out. And there were plenty of pictures taken.

      People comfortable with their power and position do not feel the need to engage in these kinds of mind games.

  • The final straw: The real reason why Palestine wants Israel out of FIFA
    • "But if there’s a way FIFA can change its shattered image with one move, it would be by allowing Palestinian footballers the same rights as footballers other footballers around the world and apply pressure on the Israeli FA."

      If FIFA acts against Israel it will be treated as yet another incident in the "rise of the new anti-Semitism." They will be excoriated by the elite media for daring to take the side of Palestinians, the most unworthy of victims. Our representatives in the congress and senate will be fighting for the mics to denounce this travesty of sportsmanship. I'm pretty sure some legislation will follow, maybe all the teams in the MLS league will have to salute an Israeli flag before taking the field.

      It would be ugly but don't worry, FIFA doesn't have the balls for this kind of a fight.

  • Zionism is tired
    • bintbiba, dare I call you sister, hang in there. I know it seems bleak but I really think that a subtle change is taking place. There are plenty of us out there in the world keeping the waters troubled. There was a time when you NEVER head about the Nakba, now no Israeli "independence" day can go by without demonstrations and that use to never happen.

      The winds are blowing in your direction, no doubt about it.

  • Netanyahu cancels controversial 'apartheid' buses plan, but there have been segregated West Bank buses for years
    • It bears reminding that the plan has only been "suspended" not killed. Suspended like the Prawer plan which they are getting ready to restart.

    • Has Lahava ever addressed the issue of Jewish men swapping bodily fluids with gentiles? Aren't most of the women in Israeli brothels gentile?

      It's all about controlling the sexuality of Jewish women and Arab men.

    • I have to say that reading the settlers' justifications for why the untermensch need to be separated has made for lively entertainment. At first they raise the specter of SECURITY! but very quickly the real reasons come out. One man said the buses were needed because his pregnant wife got on one and none of the Arab men would give her a seat! Another man was concerned about all the reckless eyeballing (I love that phrase) of young innocent Jewish women. Who knows where that will lead? First you let them ride the buses next thing you know they're shacked up with your daughter in a secret apartment in Netanya! Then there was the women who was upset because two Palestinian dudes on a bus were laughing at her in Arabic. Well, she doesn't speak Arabic but she's pretty sure that is what they were doing.


  • Maybe next time it's Arab Americans who will be interned by U.S. gov't -- Rand Paul launches filibuster
  • Netanyahu eulogizes settler movement founder convicted of manslaughter
    • You people have it all wrong! The settlements "protect" Palestinians! Where there are settlements there is peace and prosperity for the Little Arabs. Read the words of Ariel Kahana who wrote an article in Algemeiner last November if you don't believe. Here's just a sample:

      "With the loss of the settlements, so too was peace with the Arabs of Gaza lost. No, not a full peace, not a rosy-hued peace, not a platonic peace, but rather peaceful relations that allowed one to live a relatively quiet life, the heart’s desire of any sane person – and certainly if they live in the Middle East."

      The Arabs in the West bank have it so much better.

      "Today, in Judea and Samaria, relative peace prevails. Settlements are helping tens of thousands of breadwinners, to the benefit of local Arabs and for mutual profit. (The Palestinian Authority withdrew its plans to stop Palestinians from working in settlements two years ago, after it realized how damaging and painful that would be.) Thousands of others, thanks to the Israeli presence, are allowed to work within Israel “proper.”"

      If not for the civilized Jews and their underlings the natives' animalistic natures would take over.

      "Thanks to the connection to Israel, the Palestinian Authority is the most democratic entity in the Arab world. The IDF presence prevents the rise of Hamas and guarantees a secure and relatively peaceful life for Arabs of Judea and Samaria."

      Makes you wonder why they need those segregated bus lines, don't it?

    • That'll happen when you force your neighbors to walk on the "Arab" side of the street.

    • The settlers are definitely in high cotton, as they say, but they have hit a little bit of a snag. Yesterday, with much fanfare, Yaalon announced that the government would go ahead and start its "study" about segregating Palestinian workers from settlers in the West Bank. There he and all the usual lunatics were hailing this triumph against the reckless eyeballing of Jewish women.

      And guess what, within hours Netanyahu rescinded the order.

      Now why would the Butcher do that? Probably because (as Richard Silverstein suggests) the timing is bad, can you spell FIFA?

      Yet another victory, albeit temporary, for BDS.

  • 'NYT' obit turns the murderous settler rabbi into a 'contentious firebrand'
  • Israeli military attacks Nakba Day protests with live fire
    • Personally I don't think FIFA has the guts, but I can only imagine how our toadies in Congress would react. Dear Lord, they will be falling over themselves to "stand with Israel" with self righteous speeches on Jewish hatred, the holocaust and how deplorable it is to mix sport with politics. Then they'll check their email to see how Sheldon liked it.

  • What if the Times had sent Rudoren to Selma in 1965?
    • "She made statements in the heat of war, they either were misunderstood or she thought better of them, and then retracted them."

      What about when she alleged that Arabs in Jaffa torched a Jewish cemetery? Was that also in the heat of the moment? Or is she simply incapable of getting her facts straight before pronouncing sentence? Great instincts for a "justice" minister.

      She's a fascist and Israel deserves her.

  • Yossi Beilin's back to the future confederation
    • They need to be pressured and the best way to do that is to force them to pay for their occupation. Right now too many are subsidizing them. Hit them in the pocket book, that'll get their attention.

    • "Precisely because of its vulnerability — in Israeli politics, and in the opinions of the wider world — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government may feel pressured to show a commitment to peace. "

      Mr Beilin is obviously confusing this world for the alternative universe he regularly visits.

      "Law-abiding Jewish settlers..." Now there's an oxymoron for ya.

  • 'So wait, the Nakba is…?': Listening to Israelis discuss the Nakba
    • "This drumming up of recognition for the Nakba is partly but significantly a manifestation of “Holocaust envy”

      Oh, my dear Lord.

  • Adelson primary heats up -- fawning George Bush gives him a painting of his casino
    • "According to the Times, the painting is of Adelson’s Marina Bay Sands resort and casino in Singapore, which is one of the most expensive buildings ever constructed."

      These people are beyond parody.

  • The 'New York Times' is now a pro-Israel weapon. Who decided that, I don't know
    • It's in line with other observations about threats to Israel I've notice. One example was Andrew Sullivan. Writing in the wake of the Gaza war he commented on the threat Hamas posed to Israel, discussing the killings they would commit if allowed free reign. He was more upset with imagined massacres of Jews than the real massacres against Palestinians.

  • 'NYT' plays shameless propagandist for Israel's threats to kill Lebanese civilians
    • Ivri seems to believe in a hierarchy of humanity, that the superior races have the right to tell the inferior races what they can or cannot do.

    • Whoa boy...

      "Hezbollah in fact violated its promise in the aftermath of the previous war and rearmed itself."

      Who are you or Israel to tell Lebanese people how they should defend themselves? BTW what about Israel daily violations of the "truce" in Gaza?

      "Better warn and avoid bloodshed" We saw how that worked in Gaza, people fled and still got killed. Again why does Israel have the right to tell Lebanese what they can or cannot do?

      "Hezbollah bases its calculations on the asymmetry that they can bomb civilian targets in Israel and Israel will not do that – deterred by the “international community” outcry" I'l let this absurdity stand on its own.

      "Why on earth should they risk all that for a fight that they cannot win (just cause damage to Israel)?" Because there is an army invading their country?

      This is the current Zionist position: allow Israel to do whatever it wants to whomever it wants.

    • I mean, if they couldn't take Gaza, Gaza for God's sake, what makes them think things will go better in Lebanon?

      I've said before, we're in a very dangerous era with Israel. After Gaza they know that there is nothing their supporters will not allow.

  • Putting Israel's cynical humanitarian work in Nepal in the proper context
    • "It’s typical of extremists and fanatics to refuse to see any shades of gray, any nuances."

      Thank you for not saying "it's complicated."

      I believe that everyone on this planet EVERYONE should be treated with dignity and respect. Yes, even those wretched settlers. I do not believe that anyone should have rights or privileges based on race, religion or ethnicity. Ask my parents who grew up in a segregated south what that feels like. If these views of equality make me a fanatic or extremist so be it.

    • Don't give me that "illegal squatting" excuse. Plenty of settlers "illegally" squatted on Palestinian land in the West bank and the government did nothing.

      Let me phrase the question another way: Why doesn't Israel use those millions to provide their OWN Palestinian citizens with decent housing?

      I'll wait.

    • Would all our detractors please answer this question: why is Israel pledging to rebuild a Nepalese village while knocking down Bedouin ones at home?

      I'll wait.

    • Do any of our Zionist regulars have an answer for why Israel has pledged to rebuild a Nepalese village why knocking down Palestinian ones? And don't tell me this is about not aiding people who fire "missiles" because these Bedouin are Israeli citizens. Who do they think they are fooling?

      They can take their phoney "compassion" and shove it.

  • It’s time to boycott Ben & Jerry’s
    • I stopped eating it back I the seventies when I heard by owner gave money to Kahane. You mean it's safe to eat now?

      Damn good ice cream.

    • How hard is it not to do business with the settlements? They should keep the heat on.

  • Why readers interested in balanced coverage of BDS should avoid the New York Times
    • "Many of the terrified women at the luncheon sought cover under tables while other terrified women fled from another door."

      Oh my dear Lord, were they dangling spiders as well? Wimps.

    • "To win the hearts and minds of young American Jews, we must define a revitalized, moral and liberal Zionism"

      You might want to rearrange those deck chairs while you're at it.

  • 'This is where we are, and we are not leaving here' — Notes from BirthWrong
    • Since I frequent the Jewdas site I understand where they are coming from. They are a bunch of lefty, anti-Zionist Jews who are tired of hearing how Jewish history began in 1948 and is centered on Palestine/Israel. They are very much into Jewish culture and wanted to conduct a trip that would expose them to Jewish life and history and not how much you love Israel. Also to highlight the fact that Jewish history is not a litany of massacres, pogroms and horrible oppression. Zionism must play down those eras and places where Jews had it pretty good because they believe it underminds the Zionist creed that Jews can live NO PLACE but Eretz Israel (wherever that it, the borders keep creeping about.)

    • You know, it's almost like you're enjoying reciting stories of oppression and death, like you're trying to find justification for your own hatred. "Look, look, how they hate us! This is why we must do what we do!" Don't try to find our common humanity just find out how much those people hate you.

      Very sad.

  • Scott Walker's foreign policy education begins w/ lesson: East Jerusalem is not occupied
    • I recall that when Sharansky arrived in Israel in the late 80's he said all the right things about working for peace and learning Arabic. There was a hue and cry at this because his wife was thick with the settlers and they were having none of that. It seems that someone took Natan into a room and after rubber hosing him for a while he came out spewing the garbage he currently speaks. I cannot fathom why so many people admire him.

  • In Israel, racism is standard procedure
    • The DJ needs to be confronted with what was going on at the gate. And if he does not then he needs to be held accountable.

  • Ilan Pappe on the western awakening and what it means for Israel/Palestine
    • Marnie said : "What it means is that the Jewish society will not easily give up the privileged position it has – concealing the real motive for their stubbornness with national rhetoric of survival."

      That puts me in mind of Judge Taney, when he ruled on the Dred Scott case: "...they (blacks) had no rights which the white man was bound to respect." At this point most Israeli Jews will not except equality with non Jews.

  • Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities' 'hostility toward Jews'
    • Anti Zionism ethnically cleansed Jews from the world? Well that's news. I thought that Jews leaving their native lands and going to Israel was what Zionists wanted. But In none of the countries you cited are the governments deliberately driving their Jews out. Unlike Israel their politicians do not routinely malign them, or appoint ministers of justice who advocate war on the entire Jewish community. In none of the governments you cited are the rulers targeting their Jewish citizens with vile threats and discriminatory laws. Most leave because of economic issues and not because of anti Semitism, because the presence of Israel keeps it from getting out of hand, according to you. Too bad those pesky Palestinians won't get with the program.

    • "JeffB May 10, 2015, 6:37 pm

      Anti-Zionism also has a long history of successfully ethnically cleansing most of the countries on the planet that had a Jewish population of that Jewish population. Venezuela, South Africa, France and Iran being the latest 4 examples at various stages of being cleansed of their Jewish population."

      I have no idea what you are going on about. It is Netanyahu who is telling French Jews to leave France and come to Israel to get incinerated by an Iranian bomb. As for Venezuela, South Africa and Iran the Jews there are not treated as badly as the Palestinians in Israel.

      In fact show me one country that treats its Jews as badly as Israel treats its Palestinians.

      I'll wait.

    • You have to wonder, if the BDS movement is so ineffectual and marginal why are so many people wasting their breath over it? With their laws and million-dollar campaigns they disprove their own arguments.

    • At one of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations (I think it was in Baltimore) an Israeli student turned up to join the protest...draped in an Israeli flag. Apparently several of the protestors make him feel decidedly unwelcome and he left scratching his head at their hostility. He said that he just wanted to show that a good Zionist like him supports African Americans seeking justice. No doubt DS (see above) will see this as another example of anti-Jewish sentiments in the minority community. But those demonstrators were right to be offended: how anti-racist can you be if you support racism in Israel?

      Personally I think the lad was looking to provoke the reaction he got.

    • "militant" minority groups..

      I think the word you're looking for is uppity.

  • 'Israel should extend the right of return to all Palestinian refugees' -- Jebreal in 'The Nation'
    • “The big nightmare is if the Mizrahi start to realize that they have more in common with the Palestinians than the Ashkenazi ruling class who lord over them.”

      That is why the anti-Arab rhetoric is important, it keeps the Jewish masses focused on the "enemy" rather on the people who really control their lives.

    • There is only one reason why Israel must maintain a Jewish majority: the keep the Ashkenazi elite in power.

      In Israel you can live a very un-Jewish life: eating forbidden foods; working on the sabbath; boinking the occasional gentile. Why would Israel, a country that proclaims its duty to preserving Jewish life allow Jews there to live the same un-Jewish life they could have if they'd stayed in Boston or New York. In fact many Jews there complain that Israel has done a piss poor job preserving Jewish cultures from around the world.

      It's got a new mandate now, preserving the country as a cozy, cushy world for the oligarchs that run the place and their friends.

  • Netanyahu deputy charged with administering Palestinians says they are 'beasts, not human'
    • I think Moshe Kahlon, the finance minister, is relatively sane. That being said none of them are going to fight for minority rights in any form.

  • No Palestinians need apply to new Israeli government-- and American liberals don't notice
    • There's been plenty of shooting and imprisonment in the West Bank, you know that place under Israeli control where the untermensch can't vote. No, the war that began in 1947 is not over since Israel continues its ethnic cleansing to this day. But the thing that really bothers me about you is the sneering disrespect you have for a people who had their country taken out from under them. It's not enough that Zionists like you can kill, imprison and steal without hindrance you have to add ridicule to your vices. You're pathetic.

  • Netanyahu’s coalition: Who’s in, who’s out
    • Remember that they raised the threshold to prevent smaller parties from threatening to pull out and ruining the coalition. Oh, and to get rid of the Arabs. Talking about biting yourself in the a**!

  • 'Most reactionary government in Israel's history' -- when will liberal Zionists hit bottom?
    • Back in the 80's Livni and Benny Begin were considered far right, now they sound like islands of sanity compared to some of their peers.

  • As presidential field broadens, GOP candidates race to show their love for Israel
  • Shit Israeli soldiers did in Gaza
    • What is it with the IDF and bodily secretions? I recall how some soldiers during their WB rampage back it 2002(?) smeared their feces into a fax machine.

    • Is it me or does a lot of this testimony sound less like shoot and cry but shoot and "eh?" (shrugs shoulders).

      Also did any see Burston take on the testimony in Haaretz? Stomach churing. Most of these guys don't sound the lest bit tortured to me.

  • Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shaked—who called for genocide of Palestinians—as Justice Minister in new government
    • "May the day come when a single Arab Prime Minister..."

      Hopmi, the Joint List got 13 seats and NOBODY came calling asking for their support. So why would you think they would let one of those people become PM? The Joint List ran on a platform of equality for ALL Israeli citizens and the Jewish majority said a resounding no. What they want are their privileges and the status quo, and they don't want to pay for any of it.

      But congrats on working Hamas into the matter. One thing those people have never been accused of is killing out of boredom.

    • She's for Gaza independence? Is that before or after she's killed all the little snakes?

    • I applaud the appointment of Little Snakes. I predict she will do much for the BDS movement in the coming year.

  • Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
    • "As long as the security situation remains relatively calm, and we don’t have a repeat of last summer"

      Remains calm? Do you know how many Palestinians have been shot this past year? Do you know how many people have been arrested without charge and houses demolished. It is not calm at all!

      Excuse me, I forgot that Arabs don't count as human.

  • MSM's platform for Pamela Geller is equivalent to normalizing David Duke and Nazis

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