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  • Hillel Int'l doubles down, smearing campus critics of Israel as anti-semites
    • It's more chilling - it unquestionably links up with the Amcha Initiative (Tammy Rossman Benjamin) moving directly from videoing students and professors to communicating directly with university administrators/donors regarding "antisemetic" activities. This is McCarthyism on steroids: Professors and students being surreptiously captured on video (which may or may not be edited) and then branded anti-Semites. Even without such intrusive shadowing, several California professors have undergone intense investigation after Amcha-like accusations (Dr. Benjamin is reported as a repeated complainant) . They were cleared after broad faculty support and outrage at violation of faculty senate procedures for such investigations. If tenured faculty have difficulty withstanding such an onslaught of accusation, can we expect students - for whom the power is asymmetrical and who have few resources/supports for opposing such smears - to take risks in class discussions. Food for thought: Amcha has listed 218 professors as "anti-Semites" - encouraging blacklisting of these individuals. How much longer will this list grow? Will it be accompanied by similar lists of students - of course, targeting activist students, those active in student government who may not be trustworthy on Palestine issues and, of course - given the anonymity of the accuser, a great method of settling personal scores.

      Mooser, I have the greatest respect for you and your impressive insights, but in this case I would disagree.

  • Shmuley Boteach taunts Palestinian solidarity demonstrators in NY
    • The sad part of this is that our ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, is the protégé of this openly racist rabbi. His influence on US middle eastern policy is enormous, inversely proportional to his sense of humanity and unbiased knowledge of foreign affairs. Is it any wonder we are stumbling blindly to World War III.

  • Jordanian-Palestinian resolution to the UN Security Council gives US and Israel wiggle room
    • The US State Department/White House have just guaranteed
      Netanyahu's re election. He will continue to run on the platform that he alone can manage the US - "a country which is easily led." Had the US abstained it would have given sufficient ambiguity for other candidates - Kahlon who is allying with Lieberman and the Herzog/ Livni candidacies to assert that they can reset relations with the US, moving forward with at least a figleaf of addressing the peace process as well as approaching middle east conflicts with some, very marginal orientation toward diplomacy. Given this US response, one can expect exponential increase in settlements (Haaretz reporting Yaalon), continued ignoring of the Protective Edge peace agreements, continuing (albeit clandestine) support of ISIS with medical, intelligence, and tactical support (as well as ordnance and outright bombing of Syrian positions.)

      Palestinians will go to the ICC - which will grind on forever as Israel
      again mows the lawn in both the West Bank and Gaza (carpet bombing as suggested by Bennett and Feiglin), settlers continue to rampage, maiming and killing with impunity and the IDF/IOF continue to arrest children and minors subjecting them to "intense" interrogation techniques. Targeted assassinations will increase exponentially as well as random sniper killings by adolescent soldiers who have been strongly advised 1) "to take off the gloves" and 2) that Palestinians are subhuman (compared by Ayelet to
      snakes) and thus disabled, women and children (not matter how young) are appropriate targets. The US will, of course, continue to provide 8.5 million military funding per day, bunker busting bombs to be used on homes, hospitals and UN schools, and provide whatever political cover Netanyahu demands, on call.

      When will this end? Only when the US is bankrupt (which it is now),
      has lost significant standing as a major world power (currently rapidly eroding) and when the BRICS and their affiliates (think Turkey, Iran, SEATO) have sufficient international power to place curbs on Israel's rapacious actions. This will be done financially.

      Netanyahu, seeing this coming, will have distanced himself from the US, and pivoted to Russia and Asia, which he already beginning to do (significant IS/weaponry contracts with China.)

  • PA to seek UN Security Council resolution giving Israel two years to end the occupation
    • I am not sure why there is no discussion of one or more members of the Security Council invoking Resolution 377 to move the Palestine
      proposal to the General Assembly. This is the protection of peace
      resolution, invoked when a member of the Security Council invokes
      their veto indiscriminately and significant threats to peace or life occur. This requires 9//15 votes. The increasingly brutal bombings of Gaza, described by Israel as "mowing the grass," as well as the failure of either Israel or Egypt to move forward with follow up to the ceasefire agreements, the sealing off of Gaza which is becoming increasingly uninhabitable, the regular killing/maiming of Palestinians by the IOF/IDF, etc - all represent pervasive, regularly occurring violations of both UN resolutions as well Geneva Conventions.

      Netanyahu has spoken forcefully: If the US does not veto any proposal, Israel will retaliate, and given events of last summer in both the West Bank and Gaza, it is a certainty against whom the Israelis' will retaliate. Naftali Bennett and Moishe Feiglin speak clearly regarding the intentions of Israel. Both of these fine politicians argued strenuously for the carpet bombing of Gaza last summer, as well as the necessary transfer of Palestinians, with death to those who refuse.

      If 377 is not invoked now, when?

  • PA considers ‘re-defining security coordination’ with Israel in wake of Palestinian govt minister death
    • @Walid - there's no reply button for your comment so it will appear above. The Geneva meeting is at Abbas' request. Coming into the Security Council with the Arab proposal, backed by validation of Israel's violation of the Geneva conventions gives him a strong hand with the Security Council. Also, I think, he needs 9 of 15 votes to move the proposal from the Security Council to the General Assembly, the majority of which will have participated in the Geneva meeting. This gives him considerable regional and international support as well as underscoring the need for some international political structure such as a UN Protectorate for Palestine (which is not in the proposal). Israel, under the auspices of Feiglin, Bennett, Netanyahu et. al. can be expected to behave badly as this process progresses - and he may well not wish to give an opportunity for Israel to take any further control of "security" processes since this usually results in significant escalation of Palestinian arrests, imprisonment, wounding and, outright, killing.

      To put it simply, he is maintaining a well-cultivated image of being the rational actor as opposed to his Israeli counterparts who appear to be unable to adhere to even minimal standards for humane and lawful participation in the international community.

    • Abbas has been pressured not just by the US but also the EU, Netanyahu and al-Sisi. The context in this situation is important: Next week is the Geneva meeting (December 17th)
      -requested by Abbas, boycotted by US/Israel/Australia but with the rest of the world being well represented. Obviously, the murder of Abu Ein is the icing on the cake regarding Israel's continuing violations of Geneva conventions. Then, after the first of the year, moving to the
      Security Council with the Arab proposal and potentially the ICC. I would opine that Abbas has moved with great care to present the Palestinians as non violent, using appropriate means of protest against the occupation in contrast to the overwhelming incitement and violence on the part of Israel. That an Israeli soldier can knowingly (they were briefed on Ein's participation) kill a major Fatah leader with no provocation whatsoever but with total impunity cements Abbas' case for the need for international action in ending the occupation.
      He is not going to prejudice these crucial upcoming meetings with an abrupt termination of security arrangements with Israel, which can then be politically manipulated against him by Israel and the US, who are pretty much standing alone in support of Israel's policies.

    • Also, according to the Independent, several of his front teeth were knocked out, indicating a high level of force was used, in addition to the bruising on his neck from being choked.

  • Palestinian minister dies after Israeli army assault during olive tree planting ceremony in West Bank village
    • The photo is iconic and can be expected to serve as a visual symbol for Israeli-Palestine relations. Some news sources indicate that those soldiers had been briefed on Abu Ein's presence at this non violent demonstration, thus knowing exactly whom they were attacking.
      The message in this picture speaks loud and clear.

  • Palestinian flag is an 'enemy' flag-- Netanyahu's latest crackdown
    • The format of this site gives me no space to comment below your last comment so here it is above. The composition of the Security Council changes significantly in Palestine's favor with the new rotating members coming on board. 377 is set up for situations where the security council is hopelessly deadlocked as it will be. Virtually all those countries rotating in have been burned by the US or Israel. I would predict they ally with Russia and China and force the issue to the General Assembly. The US representative is Samantha Power whose diplomatic skills are significantly attenuated, naively seeing her own role as to protect Israel. My question, Walid, is the US still the elephant in the room or slowly and inevitably in its bankrupt state moving toward becoming a paper tiger?

    • @walid. This is a continuation of my comment. Abbas/Arab League and others are ramping up to obviate the US Security Council veto by invoking a UN 377 resolution known as " Uniting for Peace". For example it was used during the Suez crisis years ago. Netanyahu, his Likud and far right cronies by their ever increasing attempts at Palestinian defenestration are making this an ever more credible possibility.

      I applaud your sarcasm regarding Netanyahu's shaking in his boots. He is too blind sighted to see that the the building blocks are in place to move around the US (whose foreign policy can be summed as blind and incompetent, fettered to our own military-industrial oligarchs).

    • @walid. Netanyahu, Feiglin and Liberman's actions and comments speak for themselves. Adding to the article above, Netanyahu has appointed the creator of the Dahiya doctrine to head the IDF. Not only has he learned nothing from world outrage at "Protective Edge", but he has also frantically hunkered down to only two responses to the current complex Israeli situation: Incitement and force (Shoot to kill orders, mayhem with total immunity and arming already violent and out of control settlers).

      Abbas? More and more I am beginning on think of him as a Kasporov level chess expert playing the devilishly complex Sicilian Defense wherein you give away a lot of pieces but corner your opponent to have few, if any effective moves in the end game. Haaretz announces today that the Arab league is taking Abbas proposal to the Security Council - in January, of course, when new members Venezuela, New Zealand, Spain, Angola and Maylasia are seated, all sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Then, in Mid December the Genevan convention. Finally, with all paperwork in place, signing up for the ICC if all else fails. With the new configuration of the Security Council and ratification of Israel's war crimes by Geneva, he stands a solid chance of moving his/Arab League proposal to the General Assembly. Netanyahu' s ever increasing levels of state sanctioned apartheid, racism, facism and violence speak volumes about the need for these measures. Only a few Israeli politicians understand that Bibi has no endgame (former heads of Shin Bet IDF) .

  • Israeli occupation stoking 'holy war' in Jerusalem
    • Actually there is a rest of the world. At Abbas request, Geneva, as in the Geneva conventions , is convening a mid December meeting on Israeli/Palestinian occupation issues with emphasis on the carnage that occurred during the last Gaza "war". 200 nations have agreed to attend and unlike the last meeting of its kind after the second intifada, the Palestine authority is a signature country. This may be one of the reasons Abbas is stalling on his request to the Security Council. Naturally Israel, the US, Canada and Australia are seeking to derail it. However, the US and the five eyes have so managed to alienate the rest of the world. The US,particularly as represented by Susan Rice, John Kerry and Samantha Power, can be expected to project limited power over the larger group, dominated by the BRICS, only Modi can be expected to break ranks and align with Israel. Strong criticism as well as validation of Israel's violation of numerous Geneva convention violations against a signatory country would create powerful momentum for the Security Council to move Abbas' proposals to the General Assembly. A much more powerful scenario than a Third Intifada. Inquiring minds wonder is this is one of the reasons Netanyahu is going crazy?

  • David Remnick undermines Israel's one-state president
    • Per point number four: Yosef Ben David, mastermind of the Abu Khdeir murder, most assuredly is not expressing either regret or remorse for the horrendous incineration of this minor. Nor are the settlers expressing either regret or remorse. They are simply following the dictates of their beloved rabbit Yosef Elizur who advocates strongly for the murder of gentiles, be they adults, children or babies. His so-called confession luridly describes his goal was to torture a soul. Although they are not widely discussed, their have been further attempts to abduct Palestinian children living in Jerusalem. Also, one cannot easily forget the arrests and beatings of family members, not the least of which was his American cousin. Then, of course, are the 500 children dead and 1,000+ maimed for life in Operation Protective Edge. Finally, in Charlotte Silver's excellent column in today's Electronic Intifada, she lists
      the children of Palestine most recently maimed or killed by minions of Netanyhu's government. Please Mr. Remnick do not speak of remorse and regret for the murders and massacres of Gazan/Palestinian minors. The evidence to the contrary is all to evident, even if it is not covered in your preferred media of record.

  • Netanyahu's 'battle for Jerusalem' can't end well for any of us
    • To change your quote somewhat: "Those who kill innocent women, children, the disabled, the elderly and infirm in cold blood in deep-seated hatred of the Muslims have forfeited the right to a state. The series of massacres in Gaza (Operations Cast Lead, Pillar of Fire, Protective Edge)
      are a game changer - for the emerging Palestinian state, the region and the world."

    • An impressive, well articulated analysis.

  • 'Zionism' is now a dirty word for American opinion elite, Frank Luntz concedes
    • Luntz' largest mistake is that he's concerned with verbiage. We live in a visual culture - and the tacit consensus is that visual representations are far more truthful than verbal. Cellphone cameras which directly connect to the Internet, security and video cameras have been most contributory to the delegitimization of israel and its US/European claques and disruptive to its claims to be an innocent victim of violence and antisemitism. The apocalyptic destruction of Gaza in Israel's most recent incursion is a case in point. The images of F 16s raining bunker busting bombs on UN schools where innocent civilians had taken refuge and wherein the UN had repeatedly given the IAF the coordinates says it all. The deliberate bombing of the children playing on the beach has become an iconic photo that appears and reappears. These, as well as grainy videos of Palestinian children being brutally physically assaulted by large, well armed Israeli police and the also iconic videos of a few being executed in cold blood - are more and more defining Israel. Hasabara has few if any tools to counter these bloody, graphic images.

  • Caltech prof says Israeli scientist passed NASA rocket secrets to his government
    • Troian needs to be widely praised for her actions. Her research is in micro and nano systems with widespread military, medical and space applications. One of the most important components of this work is the development of lithographic techniques for fabricating optical and photonic microarrays in which the growth of nano structures is controlled by patterned gradient force fields. (Troian Research).

      This is no small theft - the commercial applications are worth millions if not more. It's also unclear how much more Gat stole from Cal Tech.
      The school is desperate to cover up because a full and comprehensive investigation could identify further breeches of federal technology transfer policies by not only post doctoral researchers but also professors.

      These thefts directly threaten the military and economic security of the US. Readers of this site should press for extradition of Gat from Israel (Israeli refusal and lauding of Gat for his daring theft could be expected to raise serious issues regarding of Israeli researchers being given high level security clearances.) Also posting Mr. Weiss' excellent article widely is important since these thefts have not been covered by the mainstream media.

  • Netanyahu announces return of controversial punitive home demolitions widely viewed as collective punishment
    • Well done. It has always been my impression that persons or countries with such disorders function most effectively with high levels of structure, well enforced boundaries, high levels of positive reinforcement for behavior approaching appropriate and repetitive and consistent correction of distortion, if possible. This is the opposite of US/European foreign policy: No structure, no boundaries, apologies issued profusely for any corrective feedback (which is noisely castigated as anti-Semitic); no implementation or enforcement of rules/laws/moral rubrics that other persons or countries are expected to follow (blatant apartheid, murder, torture, etc.) and finally and tragically, high levels of positive reinforcement for wildly inappropriate antisocial, injurious behavior, causing widespread loss of life, liberty and happiness of others. (Think of US subsidies to Israel, US/German transfer of high tech weapons systems such as bunker busting bombs, Dolphin class submarines - all provided so that this country with its blatant antisocial behavior can intensify and expand its range of action.) US foreign policy, especially at the UN, is designed so as to strongly reinforce and enforce the collective delusions, with the result that the atrocious behavior and the world view on which it is based are inextricably embedded in the cultural meme. A tragedy for the Jewish people, Israeli or diaspora.

  • ICC believes Israel may have committed war crimes in flotilla attack, but not of 'sufficient gravity' to justify formal investigation
    • @just 4:23 pm. I believe somewhere she has stated that she is waiting for the actions of
      Protective Edge to be referred to the court. This possibility appears to exert some leverage over the Israelis, who appear to be splitting on the current incitement policies of Netanyahu. The interesting aspect of this situation is that it may very well pull in the US as well as a counterparty to the war crimes. Any semblance of even handedness or non participation was eliminated with the explicit arms transfer to Israel (was that a second order of bunker busting
      bombs which were transferred?). Expect interesting times as all of this moves forward.

    • Her comments need to be contextualized. The Palestinians have stated that if the Security Council vetoes their proposal for an independent country, with Israel withdrawing to '67 lines, they will sign up for the ICC and request an investigation of Israeli war crimes during Operation Protective Edge. The deaths on the Mavi Marmara represent war crimes no where near the scale of the last Gaza war with its 2,000+ deaths, the majority of which were women, children, elderly and disabled. The Amnesty report details Israel's callousness in using 21st century weapons against a caged, essentially defenseless population, whose only weaponry (albeit creatively used) were tunnels and bottle rockets -18th century weaponry at best. The documentation of these war crimes is extensive and well recognized internationally. Also, this issue is also being investigated by Navi Pillay and the UN rights council.

      One does not have to be a fortune teller to predict that the US via Samantha Power, that
      unrelenting proponent of ongoing Jewish genocide, will cast a veto, thereby precipitating ultimately an ICC investigation with all the fanfare that entails. The public relations blow to Israel will be as great if not greater than the actual outcome of the investigation, and possible criminal trials. In this context, it is not surprising that the ICC would find this case of "insufficient gravity" when compared to the incoming case of the Operation Protective Edge warcrimes. However, targeting the Mavi Marmara Israeli operation as a war crime,
      sets the stage for the findings to come regarding Operation Protective Edge.

  • Ambassador Power to kick off 3-hour event on 'never-ending' genocide of Jews
    • One needs to anticipate what will happen when she attempts to return to her secure,
      tenured niche at Harvard. More probably than not, there not only be student demonstrations but given her hypocrisy, cowboy diplomacy and support for last summer's massacre in Gaza
      (Israeli's have the right to use every weapon at their disposal against these caged people), she
      has lost the respect of the majority of the faculty. I would predict that rather than take the heat she relocates to a Kagan directed think tank, where she can continue unimpeded with her hyprocrisy.

  • The UN can bring peace to Jerusalem by moving its headquarters there
    • Jerusalem has the capacity to be in impressive international city. The failure of the Israelis
      to recognize what constitutes an truly international city is obvious when one compares the
      current status of Jerusalem to New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Vienna,
      Berlin etc. I have chosen US and European cities since Israel self identifies with the US and Europe. None of these cities experience the religious intolerance (think of the Haredi spitting
      on European females, western Christian ministers and priests), the level of strife and tension
      (young adolescent being kidnapped and burned alive, summary executions, beatings), and the lawlessness of the dominant culture. A secular, international city, open to persons of all
      persuasions of religious and political belief in the heart of Israel, with its own legal jurisdiction, would be an important model for the country which purports to be represent the "only" democracy in the Middle East. Was it not the case, that when Israel was created the vision was that Jerusalem be an international city? Wherein comes the documentation that it is reserved exclusively for those of Jewish ethnicity?

  • Al Aqsa mosque is closed off for first time in 47 years as tensions flare
    • Annie - I can't embed links from this computer, but you might want to look at the article in Electronic Intifada - by Albunimah, "Who Killed Yehuda Glick?" Just as there were major
      questions about the kidnapping of the three rabinnical students, there seem to be major
      questions about the accuracy of Knesset Member Feiglen's comments as well as prior commentary that only an act of violence would set forth a situation wherein Palestinians could be banned from Al Aqsa and the temple rebuilt. Also, when I read comments from bystanders about the "terrorist" whose car spun out of control and hit bystanders at the light rail station, I was reminded of comments made by Richard Clark, security guru, about the strange accident of journalist Michael Hastings, that the computers in any late model car can be easily hacked and the steering system taken over remotely. Not surprisingly, all of the alleged perpetrators of these acts - the kidnappers, the driver whose car spun out of control and now the alleged drive by motorcyclist - were all immediately killed by IDF.
      Perhaps more astute readers can help me with this, Palestinian terrorism does not appear to involve drive by shootings; however, Palestinians have accused Israeli forces of drive by
      shootings and assassinations. Just wondering.

  • Sh*tstirring Jeffrey Goldberg dumps diplomatic sh*tstorm with 'chickensh*t' quote
    • or to so antagonize Jewish bloc voters who usually vote Democratic to swing to the Republican side in outrage at the White House' cavalier treatment of Israel's prime minister. Again,
      Netanyahu as the victim of conniving, inciting, closet anti-Semites. Where have we heard this before?

    • The Obama administration defames the Prime Minister of Israel, shortly before a national election in which Democrats and Republicans are neck in neck for senate control . Something is indeed going on. A truly Rovian intervention - by the time the dust clears, the election will be

  • Allegations of anti-Semitism used to cover up anti-Palestinian hate crime in Brooklyn
    • Actually Petlakh's actions could be construed as criminal. Punching a woman in the stomach is a felony; in concert with stealing her Palestinian flag as well as affiliation with sexually threatening associates, this could well rise the the level of a hate crime. Finally, the made up story that he was himself a victim of a hate crime could be construed as obstruction of justice. I believe most tenure contracts have clauses allowing dismissal for felony conviction. And moral turpitude. Both appear operative here. I hope Mondoweiss will continue to publicize this case, following from arraignment to trial and to closely monitor Hunter college's action. Inquiring minds would wonder if Petlakh would not have known who she was given that she is also a Palestinian activist. Also, one wonders about the YMHA response - is this man their chosen role model for Jewish youth?

  • In the last days of 'Operation Protective Edge' Israel focused on its final goal -- the destruction of Gaza's professional class
    • Amigo you are being generous - in not making all borders impermeable, so that there is no
      place to run, no place to hide. Those targeted are simply trapped - a fact that makes the
      deaths and injuries - for men, women, and children skyrocket.

      Perhaps, astute readers can think of other wars (not Israeli vs Gaza) wherein the occupied
      were sealed in, bombed, burned and, for some lucky enough to escape these, killed in revenge by howitzers and sniper fire. Even when reviewing the apocalyptic scenes in Syria, one is aware that civilians most usually had the opportunity to flee to other countries.

      Also, astute readers, please help me understand what these beleaguered people - particularly the children - have done to deserve such treatment.

  • British Parliament to vote on recognition of Palestinian state on Monday
    • For Israel, the issue is not one state for all or two states. Both are an anathema. This country is founded on free land, free resources, cheap labor. Not surprisingly, when peace efforts are made Israel is most concerned about resources, particularly water and energy, and most defensive and immovable regarding borders or land. Obviously, any peace effort is going to have to deal with the thorny issues of the uncompensated land dispossessions as well as the uncompensated plundering of natural resources. I have yet to see any information in years of peace discussions that deal with any of these, despite these issues being areas wherein Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are most apart. Israeli assumption is that "might makes the right" as they continue to dispossess Palestinians in the West Bank and in Gaza . ( Realize that they have already contracted with international energy companies regarding Gaza's share of the natural gas in the Mediterranean basin. )

      Netanyahu has populated the occupied areas with Israel's most fanatic, violent citizens - reinforced their violent tendencies, armed them as citizen soldiers, educated their children to see Arabs, Palestinian and Israeli, as enemies and allowed them to aggress against the occupied - be they man, woman or child - with impunity. In the case of an international body decreeing the '67 borders, the few reasonable would move if compensated but from the rest, the world would most probably see a massacre beyond that which most recently took place in Gaza. The only solution is an international protectorate for Palestine and Gaza,
      with boots on the ground to provide protection for the occupied, an option which is also an anathema for Netanyahu.

  • Abbas calls on UN Security Council to end the occupation
    • I think it is important to contextualize Abbas speech with Rouhani's eloquent speech on Islamaphobia, colonial aims and the West. Also thanks to US disastrous foreign policy, the dollar is moving toward oblivion as reserve currency, the EU is finalizing negotiations with Iran for oil delivered through Austria and Poroshenko is is subtly aligning with Putin realizing that otherwise Ukrainians will freeze. The world center of gravity is rapidly shifting away from the US. Abbas timing may await the next US diplomacy disaster - which is not if but when. Given the Israeli centric teams in the White House, it can be expected in weeks not months. That Netanyahu is being feted at the White House despite his well documented war crimes tells the world all they need to know about US foreign policy.

    • @harrylaw I think the situation now is very different. While our mainstream media has blocked out the horrors of the most recent Gaza massacre, world news has not. Abbas is riding the crest of world wide aversion to Israeli war crimes. The assignment of the term genocide to Protective Edge did not originate with Abbas. Palestine is unified despite the Netanyahu government's best efforts to derail it. This government has the support of the EU, all the BRICS, Iran and many nonaligned nations, as well as the Arab league. Israel's prime support, the US, is an economic dustbin with a mostly incoherent foreign policy as well as having a UN ambassador of less than marginal competence. I wonder if Abbas, Erekat and Ashwari are not using the ICC threat as a feint while they back channel some means of getting Abbas proposal before the General Assembly which would without reservation approve the proposal. The US and the UK already stand isolated as Netanyahu's "poodles." Snowden's revelations of the unfiltered metadata dumps of all US communications including those of the US senate, house and government agencies to Israel's 8200 intel units explains much of why this is the case. One has to wonder how much of this information Israel has sold internationally as they did with the trove of data stolen by Pollard. Again, the US has never had less world wide credibility than it does now.

  • Did Snowden blow the whistle because of the US special relationship with Israel?
    • @Citizen and Danaa. We know from other sources that NSA is scooping up phone/email/communications of our senators, congress people and potential political candidates. We also know, from California operations against AIPAC several years ago, that AIPAC maintains files on most politicians for purposes of assisting them in "seeing the light"
      toward slavish support for all Israeli requests large and small. We also know from media commentators that our politicians deeply fear AIPAC - but when you connect all these dots,
      it would seem that its not only financial fear, but also just as with the Palestinians, they keep track of who is sexually transgressing from stated norms, who has family problems, whose kids are in trouble, who has financial problems, who has strayed into gray areas of the law or behavior that can be exploited. Could Snowden be aware of this? If you read between the lines is this something that might cross Bamford's mind, but would, of course, not be publishable anywhere in the US. Does this not strike at the heart of any possibility of democracy in this country?

  • Israel has three years to end the occupation -- Abbas
    • Abbas position is very difficult. For those of you who know David Cohen, Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism Funding, he has been adamant that paying the long past due salaries of of Hamas civil servants, which Qatar has offered to pay, is funding terrorism. Prior to the most recent Gaza war, Lieberman called out Robert Serry who was trying to identify a correspondent bank through which to channel the 20 billion dollars. Cohen and his US and European colleagues have threatened (and have to power to do so) to crash the Palestinian banks if the Hamas civil servants are paid. This financial warfare, rarely makes it into either the media or blogs. If the Palestine banks are crashed, then Israel simply pockets the millions they collect in tariff duties for Palestine, since Palestine no longer has any correspondent banks with which to work: They are collectively shut out of Israeli, US and European banks. This is the financial leverage with which US/Israel pummels Abbas. Interdicting Palestinian banks means total collapse of the Palestinian economy (already on life support), and massive additional suffering for the Palestinians of every stripe and political belief.

      However, consider this: The BRICS have started their own version of the IMF: the BRICS Development Bank, which within the next two years should be a strong and powerful
      anodyne to the IMF, the Israeli banks, the US Federal Reserve and the Euro banking system.
      Also, given the US disastrous financial sanctions on Russia, there is a high likelihood that the dollar will no longer be the international reserve currency (Many oil deals are, as we speak, being consummated in the ruble, the yuan and gold). Under these circumstances the value of the dollar and the shekel which is tied to the dollar can be expected to plummet. The result - Abbas, who has recently returned from Russia, allies with the BRICS, and Egypt which is moving into their sphere, as is the Arab League. A hollowed out US is far less powerful in the Security Council and a viable Palestinian state becomes a far more likely possibility. Although I know little of foreign affairs, I would suggest that Abbas, Meshaal, Erekat and other are reading the tea leaves and know that with tectonic shifts in the international financial structure which will greatly disadvantage the US, they have far more leverage since the strongest BRICS players have considerable Islamic populations (Russia, China, India) and could gain considerable political leverage from a fair resolution of the Palestine/Israeli issue.

  • Salaita firing turns into a 'catastrophe' for University of Illinois
    • DePaul University is a small private university. The University of Illinois Urbana is a large, well known public - taxpayer - funded university. Academics all across the country are paying attention to Dr. Wise attempt to flush tenure rights down the drain. She has managed to provoke a firestorm involving tenured professors in the U of Illinois system as well as across the country. By her ineptitude, she has managed to conflate criticism of Israel with tenure rights, a most sensitive issue in academia. While the BoT is supporting her now, when this is resolved a resignation based on health or family needs can be expected. She is finished as an administrator - most likely the capable Nigerian-American physicist who is vice chancellor of academic affairs will replace her as pro tem - if he stays. she by passed him completely in this affair. (One email and he said he had heard nothing about it; she never replied)

    • Generous donations? The university of Illinois at Urbana has a total annual budget of 1.9 billions dollars - that someone who donates half a million can secure a named chair as well as call the shots on who is or is not allowed to teach there is unbelievable. The university has @44,000 graduate and undergraduate students, thousands of alumni and an impressive faculty. Neither Mr Miller, Dr. Wise or the board of trustees has given any credence to these stakeholders as well as the carefully written protocols for vetting and hiring. "We just don't want him at [our] university" opines the chairman of the board. Dr. Wise catastrophe is only beginning - if letters of commitment of tenure mean nothing neither does tenure. As we speak talented and prestigious faculty are scenting the air for other offers. No one wants to put their energies into getting a doctorate and building a solid teaching and research reputation - only to find they really work for Steve Miller and his ilk. Within the next two to three years the luminaries of this university will have moved on. Capable graduate and professional students are crossing this university off their list and are being advised to do so by professors inside and outside the university. This is truly a catastrophe which will keep on going for the next several years, plunging this fine university into a sea of politically correct mediocrity.

  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • Given the changing demographics of the US, one has to be very careful about analytics. Also, for all intents and purposes Elizabeth Warren has stated that she is not running. Consider - Ms. Clinton has been running at full speed since she left the state department with extensive assistance from Mr. Clinton (asset/liability?) and their data bases and their well-oiled political machine. So its not surprising that in a small poll she out polls all other democrats. It will be a long two years to 2016 - particularly with Europe economically unstable and further destabilized by US Russian sanctions, and energy destabilization across the US, Middle East and Europe. The middle east is a tinder box - and there are not going to be US brokered solutions to the Gaza crisis, the ISIS crisis and then the internal crises in Israel (see Haraatz today re
      youth are young, Jewish and glory in their racial superiority). Then, the wild card is the persistent rumor that Mossad/CIA are responsible for ISIS. All of these problems germinated in the Clinton state department.
      This would suggest a tempered response to Ukrainian, Syrian and Gaza events as opposed to her full-throated war mongering.
      This country is broke, unable to provide jobs, medical or mental health for its veterans and finally, war weary. Ms. Clinton is on the wrong side of all these issues. Ferguson events tell us that domestic and foreign policy are merging. When gas is $15 a gallon at the pump, they will be enmeshed.
      Finally, Ms. Clinton is running as though it were 2008 - bad mistake.
      Look at the Gallup poll that Phil Weiss has cited and then recognize that the demographics of this country have shifted - the mean age of Caucasian males and femaless is 37.7, Hispanic 24 and non Hispanic persons of color (Asian etc. 30.2). This is not the demographic that gets its news from the mainstream media. These are also the demographics most against our current Israel-o-centric foreign policy decisions, particularly our unfettered military and economic support for Israel which is apprised at $149 billion over the lifetime of the country.

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism
    • Thanks Philip and Annie. Helpful information. I would hope that Tapley and Brown would consider screening the pseudonyms for other athletes,
      campus luminaries whose names Beck has used. Then, they need to at least inform them of the alleged defamation, since there could well be unfortold consequences for the defamed. For example, the various De Shawn Williams may have real difficulty with their background checks as they move into professional levels in their sports since on line presence is routinely reviewed. I would find it hard to believe that Beck, a Harvard graduate, would be unaware of this - I suspect he felt that he was untraceable. While the trolling is repellant, the capacity to further down the road disrupt the lives of those whose identities he usurped is not only unethical but definitely illegal. At the least, the victims of this sociopath should be informed.

    • De Shawn Williams is a well respected, black football star at Clemson university. The polymorphous perversity involved in 1,000's of trolling, antisemetic messages under a variety of pseudonyms - to which he can then righteously justify the overt presence of anti Semitism suggests deep-seated pathology. Also, Mr. Williams is reasonably well known in college football circles. (He's a top draft candidate for 2015.) Did Mr. Beck consider that he was defaming Mr. Williams? Did he overtly set out to defame others in his choice of names? Does this choice suggest a racial flavoring to his choice of "designated" anti-Semites?

  • Air strikes and rocket fire resume as Gaza negotiations collapse
    • If Abbas steps out of line, he can be expected to suffer an immediate fatal illness or accident, particularly with the Netanyahu government. His successor approved by Hillary, Kerry and Netanyahu is already in the wings - Muhammed Dahlen, ever corrupt, ever ready to toady to Netanyahu. Giving away all of Palestine and Gaza would be ok so long as he gets his cut.

    • Palestinian reports indicate a major shift in the Israeli position at the end of the ceasefire. I wonder if this had something to do with the fact that Netanyahu withheld the longer term ceasefire proposals from his cabinet, who were not informed until Lieberman brought a copy to the cabinet meeting. (Haaretz) A strong number of this cabinet strongly urge the annihilation of Gazans or displacement to Sinai and reoccupation of Gaza sans existing people. They indicate that the area is ripe for development, particularly the seaside areas. Given that the UN and the larger international community appears helpless to intervene in any manner, is this the predictable outcome? Is this the requisite for Netanyahu to retain power? Who in this cabinet have under the table deals with Israeli developers for those - so valuable - waterfront sites?

  • Hillary Clinton's 11th-hour diplomacy
    • Unless of course Elizabeth Warren is the candidate. Also, given the pace of world events, 2016 is light years away and Netanyahu never misses a chance to spiral even the most minor crisis into incitement - Jerusalem and the West Bank are burning with Israeli violence to non Jews.

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 1, ducks question on Gaza, 2, plans trip to Israel, and 3--
    • That poll doesn't exactly say what you imply it says (also has some statistical problems as well) A repost of a former comment:

      @Donald. You are absolutely correct. Most people have forgotten that Gallup is the group that predicted a Romney win in the 2012 election. Nate Silver statistics these are not. The sample size is very small - 1016 people, representing 50 states and DC - about 20 per state. The stratification into age and education groups, if equal (no numbers of group size given) are approximately 250 per group, again stretched across 50 states. You have approximately a consistent 20% of those surveyed stating, "No opinion" this is a high percentage for such a small sample. Trending in this data should be worrisome to Israel given the changing voting demographics in this country - women, nonwhites, individuals under 50 appear to find Israel's actions unjustified. Both independents and Democrats find Israel's actions unjustified by substantial percentage points. Again, group size is omitted. While this wobbly data may not translate into support for Gaza and Palestine, the trend would suggest that there are substantial subsections of the US demographic wherein Israel's "brand" is problematic. It would also suggest that those subsections represent demographic patterns which constitute a substantial part of the electorate.

      Finally, without group size numbers the educational statistics cannot be interpreted with any degree of validity. With reference to post graduate, it would be important to note that Unjustified and No opinion constitute 47% of the responses as compared to 53 % seeing it justified - This could not be expected to produce a strong correlation.

  • Hamas equals ISIS in 'grisly creeds and grisly deeds,' Netanyahu tells a nodding Cuomo
    • I didn't save the links, but I have read in the dark corners of the internet, that ISIS
      is a reincarnation of Al Quaeda (a cia creature) and that al Baghdadi was trained by Mossad. It would be helpful to pull together a summary of these articles, with references. Comparison of Gazan resistance, fighting for freedom in their homeland and fighting to break a genocidal years long siege is entirely different. But then Netanyahu never misses the opportunity to exploit and reexploit a crisis for maximal fear mongering and incitement. His track record on this is exquisitely clear and consistent. The larger question is what price will be paid by our pandering politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Cuomo, etc. at the ballot box?

  • Serving Israel's aim of lowering civilian deaths, 'New York Times' Gaza tally says 15- to 17-year-old's aren't children
    • Readers of this column should refresh their memories of Phil Weiss great column on Ms. Rudoren's New York times article implying Gazans are ho hum about the death of relatives. Gives good context for her stripping away three years from the childhood of Gazan and Palestinian children, while Israeli adolescents do not attain mature, legally mandated adult status until eighteen. I believe this is also the policy or practice in the military courts in the territories. link to

  • Tough Hillary Clinton says 'dreadful' pictures of dead women and children make it hard to get at truth-- Hamas is to blame
  • The Greenhouse propaganda—How Gazan history is being rewritten to dehumanize Palestinians
    • Not only has Israel strangled Gaza's agrarian economy but also virtually all other industries. The day after the ceasefire began, Haaretz ran an article pictured with trucks going into Gaza with the headline, "Gaza is big business" (for Israel) who because of the blockade stops any competing products from entering. They also take a hefty tariff off donated supplies and materials and are reported to assimilate appropriated goods to their favorites. Note that, given the 44% of mostly agricultural land Netanyahu has appropriated, imported food prices have been significantly raised, with large profits going to the providers. That Gazans are starving is according to Israel "their own fault." While the US and Europe can airlift medicine and supplies to Iraqis, their planes would be shot out of the air by Israel
      who demands that Gazans be kept on a diet.
      Mr. Schlegel has written an important article - more articles like this one on how Israel has made billions off the blockade to the grave detriment of the Gazan people would be helpful.

  • How the Israeli discourse on terrorism seeks to justify blatant war crimes
    • Netanyahu is one of Frank Luntz' most ardent and skillful students. This article is an important analysis of why, particularly in the US, there is less outrage than one would expect given Israeli war crimes. The tragedy is that the verbal obfuscation actually becomes "real" in the minds of those using it and those hearing it, thereby obscuring their ability to accurately perceive events. Thus - the enemy has no civilians in war, opposing armies are terrorists looking to storm kindergartens with
      machine guns, soldiers who die in battle are kidnapped by terrorists. Netanyahu and his political fellow travelers from Likud and other extremist parties have extended and elaborated the Israeli narrative defined by Sharon and Ben Gurion of a small, beleaguered nation surrounded by a host of bloodthirsty, barbaric, virulently anti semitic neighbors, held off only by the racial, moral and military superiority of the plucky Israel Defense Forces. Given this percept which is reinforced every day by all of the state controlled media, and in a culture which suppresses any dissent, it is not surprising that Israel is country which is best characterized as having a collective psychosis, tragically one which since its inception has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths of innocent civilians, whose greatest crime is that they are not Jewish.

  • 'NYT' is furiously rewriting history of Gaza conflict
    • Wow - as Riyad al-Maliki meets with prosecutors at the ICC, Netanyahu captures a Hamas operative who -confesses to the masterminding of the kidnapping under the direction of his brother in Gaza, who is according to Israel but no one else, a top Hamas operative, who funded the operation. Also, other Hamas international leaders were also in on the plan. How fortuitous an arrest when Netanyahu is under fire in his own country for not being more aggressive with Gaza. This situation kills many birds with one stone - Israel can exit or hardline the negotiations with Gaza/Palestine on "security bases" (Don't second guess me about Hamas), bring the kidnapping back to the forefront for further incitement purposes, and, finally, accuse Hamas of war crimes at the ICC. What a lucky stroke of fate! Hopefully, the tragic deaths of the three young men will erase any international concern regarding the 2,000 (70% civilian, 450 children) deaths in Gaza.

  • Moshe Feiglin's vision of liberating Gaza by driving Palestinians into the Sinai --Updated
    • Herewith from Ma an indication that the buffer zone is has been enlarged from prewar 15 % to to

    • Perilously close to genocide? Killing all who are perceived as combatants, irrespective of their actual status, and shoving all the rest with no food, water or other resources into mostly uninhabited desert, whose denizens are legendary for their rapacious behavior. See accounts of the asylum seekers of their treatment at the hands of those desert dwellers. This is genocide, pure and simple by any definition. ... and this is from the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. I would underscore that the Palestinians, West Bank and Gaza, are under total political, economic and geographical control by Feiglin and his party, Likud.

    • This is an important article. When Feiglin is represented in US media, if at all, his prime position in the Likud power hierarchy is never mentioned. He is well and truly the voice of Likud. It is to him that Netanyahu apologizes that he cannot act more forcefully because of "international" constraints. The manifesto printed in this article, as the author so eloquently points out, is the roadmap for the Israeli government, the government to which we pay 8.3 million dollars per day, the government which complains endlessly about "security" while murdering thousands
      (in the three Gazan wars over 4,000 people have been killed, the vast majority civilians, including approximately 1,000 children.), and the government which now has ursurped 44% of Gaza territory.

  • The selected writings of Samantha Power
    • Well said. This article is an excellent complement to the Vox article on the ratios of Palestine to Israeli deaths. link to Also, the whistleblower who reported that many of the civilians deaths in Gaza were revenge has been arrested.

  • Israel, your brand is tanking
    • @Donald. You are absolutely correct. Most people have forgotten that Gallup is the group that predicted a Romney win in the 2012 election. Nate Silver statistics these are not. The sample size is very small - 1016 people, representing 50 states and DC - about 20 per state. The stratification into age and education groups, if equal (no numbers of group size given) are approximately 250 per group, again stretched across 50 states. You have approximately a consistent 20% of those surveyed stating, "No opinion" this is a high percentage for such a small sample. Trending in this data should be worrisome to Israel given the changing voting demographics in this country - women, nonwhites, individuals under 50 appear to find Israel's actions unjustified. Both independents and Democrats find Israel's actions unjustified by substantial percentage points. Again, group size is omitted. While this wobbly data may not translate into support for Gaza and Palestine, the trend would suggest that there are substantial subsections of the US demographic wherein Israel's "brand" is problematic. It would also suggest that those subsections represent demographic patterns which constitute a substantial part of the electorate.

      Finally, without group size numbers the educational statistics cannot be interpreted with any degree of validity. With reference to post graduate, it would be important to note that Unjustified and No opinion constitute 47% of the responses as compared to 53 % seeing it justified - This could not be expected to produce a strong correlation coefficient.

    • @Hopmi. I am a naïf as regards statistics. Could you please cite the documents with the actual statistics numbers, sample size and reference questions. Then, for those of who struggle to match statement to number - it would be very, very helpful if you could attach the actual numbers to your statements. As well as explaining exactly how Mr. Weiss takes them out of context.

      I am deeply grateful for your attention to this matter. I am looking forward to your data-based elaboration of your ideas. Giving the correlation coefficients would also be helpful e.g. "strong correlation between educational achievement and support for Israel." Again, I would underscore my thanks for your help in this matter.

  • Israel calls Obama's tune
    • One would suspect that there is considerable pressure on Israel that is not overtly being discussed. Obama has been known to give his full support to Israel in sound bites, while at the same time authorizing actions that move in the opposite direction. He has certainly had enough experience with Netanyahu to know that pushing him into a corner can be expected to result in his doing exactly the opposite. So Obama gives support and, surprise,
      Netanyahu suddenly discovers he has closed all the tunnels.

      This war is being spoken of in Israel as far worse than the Lebanon war in its execution. Given this perspective, in concert with his extreme rightwing government, Netanyahu cannot afford to come to any negotiating table - he's already lost in the eyes of the Israelis. Also, the unity government continues to stand. Abbas has filed complaints with the ICC and requested that Geneva explore convening a conference of its signatories on Israel's war crimes. Then, Navi Pillay and the UN Human Rights commission have launched an investigation of both Israeli and Hamas war crimes. Only the US voted against this measure. Given the disproportionate death ratio, it is no secret whose war crimes are greater. Finally, Netanyahu's insistence on continuing the siege, makes Israel legally the occupier, with that issue bringing into play even further leverage to the war crimes charges against Israel. All of this moves the demands of Palestinians, in the West Bank and in Gaza from a war negotiated truce to international consideration. This is an arena wherein Netanyahu and the US have been thoroughly discredited by their insouciance to the brutal and devastating carnage of this war.

  • Cease-fire breaks down: Israeli shelling kills 50 after reported capture of soldier
    • Hamas is denying that they captured a soldier. Is this a revisit of the lies that surrounded the abduction of the 3 teen agers? but which "entitled" Netanyahu to tear apart the West Bank? Is this the lie that entitles/justifies the genocide of Gaza. Israel's history would suggest that they have not adhered to any previous truce agreements with Gaza, including the ones negotiated in this war.

  • Reprint of Yochanan Gordon's "When Genocide is Permissible" (Updated)
    • Just a historical note - when the Japanese began their invasion of China,
      it was on the pretext that the Chinese had captured a Japanese soldier. They then want on to kill millions of people - all in the name of Japanese racial purity. This Israeli action has the same feeling. Do people remember Moishe Feiglin's (Deputy Speaker of the Knesset) Solution for Gaza?link to Do his proposals fit with the Israeli actions during this war?

  • Israeli military announce they will bomb al-Shifa hospital in Gaza
    • ... and is this not a deliberate, provocative war crime? Israel is speaking with clear and direct voice to the entire international community - we can kill, maim and destroy anything within our reach - and we double dare you to do anything. If this is not genocide, what is? If this is not a "holocaust", what is? If the US, Europe and the UN do not immediately sanction Israel, cut all subsidies, close down their access to the US supplied emergency armory, and immediately begin a humanitarian airlift in defiance of the siege, they are all complicit.

      Santayana said those who do not read history and understand its lessons, will live it over and over again. This planet sustained an incredible death toll in World War II
      to stop the crimes of two countries, Germany and Japan, whose political bases were built on racial purity, who carried out crimes of mass destruction and death in the name of that racial purity (while German crimes are in our minds, we should not forget the brutal Japanese occupation of Manchuria, the Nanking massacre wherein tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers, civilians (women, children) were brutally massacred by the Japanese). This act, in the context of Israel's previous actions in Gaza and the West Bank, would suggest that we are facing a similar situation in
      Gaza. This time the international community has an opportunity to act to end this slaughter, to take command of the situation - the choice is theirs. If not today, when?

  • Will 'Protective Edge' galvanize the US mainstream, as 'Cast Lead' galvanized the left?
    • Fortunately for Gaza/Palestine, pictures are worth minimally a thousand words
      and ones such as the deliberate strafing of children on a Gaza beach, at least
      100,000. Frank Luntz dealt only with words and we are very much a visual
      culture. Iconic images overpower even the best of propaganda slogans.

    • Impressive and accurate.

  • With nearly half a million displaced in Gaza, UNRWA head calls on Israel to take responsibility
    • The siege needs to be lifted now! It is pure fantasy to think that the country who put an entire population including children on a "diet" causing chronic malnutrition, are going to do anything. Particularly now that Israel is complaining bitterly about the financial cost of their military operations. The UN needs to realize that Israel's current government has so incited the Jewish population that the majority of them feel all Gaza is Hamas and all Gaza deserves to die. They also need to realize that Gazans have spoken clearly with their death and wounded count, that they would rather be dead than under Israeli occupation, which appears to guarantee a "Cast Lead/ Mighty Cliff" every 24 months. Both Iran and Qatar have offered extensive and deep resources for these beleaguered people: Netanyahu has called for international supervision of Gaza borders - why not take him at his word, place an international protectorate over Gaza and then let these two countries, joining with the many other countries who have volunteered to immediately bring in medics, supplies and temporary equipment and housing. A make shift airport could be constructed in a matter of days; there is a harbor and beaches for amphibious craft. Supplies, personnel and support need to be airlifted (remember Berlin?) and shipped in, owing to the continuing instransigent behavior of both Israel and Egypt. One thing is clear in Gaza's history: Israel, the US and Egypt cannot be trusted to be honest brokers in service of these heroic people, particularly the children. All security issues can be addressed through the international military forces stationed in Gaza. Ultimately, Gaza will need to become a UN protectorate as in East Timor.

  • Blitzer and Rudoren pump Israeli tunnel fears (and AIPAC cashes in)
    • The tunnels are just another vehicle for Netanyahu incitement. There have been several Hamas infiltrations into Israel - with opportunities in each of them for the killing of civilians. Hamas operatives have not killed, attacked or otherwise wounded Israeli civilians, despite being given easy opportunity. On the other hand Israel, has wantonly killed over 1,000 civilians, striking hospitals, clearly marked refugee centers, UN personnel, children, and shoppers during an Israeli-declared ceasefire. This is an important distinction between Hamas and Israel. Hamas' poorly-guided rockets pose little threat, and so little terror, that Haaretz yesterday indicated that Israeli citizens were back in the malls, shopping (a huge distinction here between life in Israel under supposed Hamas threat and life in Gaza.)

      However, Algemeiner and other Israeli press present "fictional" stories of Hamas'
      purported attacks on Nahal Oz and other kibbutz. This, of course, allows Netanyahu
      to state that irrespective of any ceasefire, Israel has the right to continue destroying the tunnels. In the BBC yesterday there was a picture of Israeli soldiers pumping a
      gas of some sort into the tunnels. It would be helpful to know a little more about
      this - like what type of gas is being used and its levels of lethality, and whether this action represents yet another war crime.

  • Slaughter is not self-defense: The assault on Gaza and the corruption of language
  • Video: If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you, says president of NY Board of Rabbis
    • For Naftali Bennett, and his right hand helper, Ayelet Shayet, all Gazans -
      children included (the little snakes), are Hamas and therefore right and proper targets for the IDF and IAF. In assessing the situation, it is important to remember the dictates of the Kings Torah, which are regularly being promulgated to the troops. For the unknowing, this is holy war for Israel and thus all atrocities are permitted, so long the targets can be embraced under the umbrella of Hamas/terrorist. We are privileged to be seeing the Dahiya doctrine in action. And non dare call it genocide . . .

    • Correction: "But if the escalation does not happen, instead we should remember that those who prevented it are three people the Obama administration loathes (?): Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi, Benjamin Netanyahu and Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. " (RobertB - Mondoweiss - Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt: Daily Contact Over Gaza)

  • As night follows the day, deaths of 10 Israeli soldiers lead to deaths of 30 Palestinian civilians
    • @SShenfield. Even with these ratios, with percentage of civilians including women and children hovering at 70 to 80%, to the best of my knowledge Hamas has been the party showing restraint as regards civilians deaths. To my count, which may not be accurate, there have been three (two non Jewish Israeli, one of which was a Bedouin who had no place to shelter) from their poorly guided rockets. However, there have been numerous incursions into Israel, several of which appear to be near civilian kibbutz, who could have provided ample target had they been so inclined. But they have targeted solely soldiers. In one case they were reported to have waited a considerable time to locate a military, as opposed to a civilian target. This level of restraint in the face of the devastating massacre of their own families, women and children shows true discipline - as compared to IDF snipers who simply killed civilians in Sujaiya for revenge, sport, to dissipate the boredom.

  • How many would be alive today if Obama had not quashed Goldstone Report?
    • Thanks Robert B for your two posts. The above link is invaluable. One would wonder what levels of support Netanyahu has that enable him to shove a shiv into both Kerry and Obama. Your sources suggest that with Egypt and the Saudis behind him, Netanyahu feels that the US is a country that is "easily lead." Given the current Gallop polls, and the solidarity marches which are larger than those which protested Iraq, one wonders if actions don't have consequences politically. Could Israel's behavior/ the genocide of Palestine become a major issue in the 2016 election cycle? Could the 8.6 million per day we pay this "ungrateful ally" (Robert Gates) become an issue? Given that the majority of the F-16's, Hellfire and Jericho missiles, Merkava tanks are funded by the US, does that create an issue when Israel faces the ICC? Will we still have Israel's back when Security Council members and Geneva propose sanctioning Israel?

  • Kerry is off the Israel bandwagon
    • Thank you Crone. They are all Palestinians and therewith lies one of the problems. If the siege of Gaza is lifted with international (UN) supervision of entrance and egress of people and goods, with all of the territory of Gaza available to its residents and with the economic freedom entailed by trade agreements throughout the world, what can be expected to happen in the West Bank? Not surprisingly, being unified with Gaza they will expect the same opportunities. De facto, Hamas' demands apply not only to Gaza but also to the West Bank. Netanyahu and his cabinet are fully aware of this. The end result is that the years of peace talks through which Netanyahu lied, obsfucated and obstructed, are all for naught if Palestine "wins" through this war, which ironically was started by Netanyahu himself.

      The tragedy of this situation is Gazans, like the people of Carthage, have resolved to die rather than continued under the jackboot of the current Israeli government. Furthermore, as has been well documented, the majority of the Israeli public, politicians and religious establishment, not only don't care about the 800+ civilians killed (150+) children, but openly agitate for the extermination of all Palestinians (Feiglin, Shayet, Rabbi Lior, et. al.) It is also well documented that military rabbis are casting this as a "holy war" with religious obligation to kill the other, be they civilian, women, child or elder. The images of the impact of these "orders" on impressionable adolescent and young adult soldiers armed with F-16's, Hellfire/Jericho missiles, Merkava tanks, mortars and high powered sniper rifles are devastating: Parents picking up the body parts of their children in shopping bags, bedridden patients seared with missile burns, whole families incinerated as they sat down to dinner, shelling hospitals, well marked UN refuge centers strafed. The magnitude of the carnage, in this war with was started with WMD-equivalent levels of deceit by Netanyahu, marks the moral nadir of Israel.

    • Thank you Crone. They are all Palestinians united in one government. Therein lies one of the problems in this situation. If the siege of Gaza is lifted with international (UN) supervision of entrance and egress of people and goods, with all of the territory of Gaza available to its residents and with economic freedom entailed by trade agreements throughout the world, what can be expected to happen in the West Bank? Not surprisingly, being united with Gaza, they will expect the same opportunities. De facto, Hamas' demands apply not only to Gaza but also the West Bank. Netanyahu and his cabinet are fully aware of this. The end results is that the years of peace talks through which Netanyahu lied, obsfucated and obstructed, are all for naught if Palestine "wins" though this war, which ironically was started by Netanyahu himself.

      The tragedy of the situation is Gazans, like the people of Carthage,
      have resolved to die rather than continue under the jackboot of the current Israeli government. Furthermore, as has been well documented, the majority of the Israeli public, politicians and religious establishment, not only don't care about the 800+ civilians killed (150+ children) but strongly urge the extermination of the Palestinians (Feiglin, Sahyet, Edelstein, Rabbi Lior, et. al.) It is also well documented that military rabbis are casting this as a "holy war" with religious obligation to kill all the "other" be they civilian, women, child or elder. The images of the impact of these "orders" on impressionable adolescents and young adults armed with F-16's, Hellfire/Jerihco milssiles, Merkava tanks, mortars, high powered sniper rifles are devastating: Parents picking up the body parts of their children in shopping bags, bedridden patients seared with missile burns, whole families destroyed as they sat down to dinner, shelling of overflowing hospitals with no notice, well marked UN refuge centers strafed. The magnitude of the carnage, in this war which was started as a result of an WMD-equivalent deceit by Netanyahu, marks the moral nadir of Israel.

  • (Updated) In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza
    • I would agree. However, that could take years. This is a more immediate but temporary solution to the massacres occurring in Gaza - see Haaretz article wherein families huddle in one room, waiting for the slaughter, so all die together, leaving no one behind. Two advantages of a protectorate: Palestine can go to the ICC while its citizens are not only safe but enjoying freedoms usually accorded to citizens ( secure property rights , right to movement, right to secure livelihood). Second, they are not subject to the murderous predations of Netanyahu, Bennett, Lieberman, Yalon, Pardo et al. If operation Mighty Cliff is their response to a unity government, what escalation would occur as a result of bringing in the ICC? Israel is not only a facts on the ground country, but also authors the Dahiya and Samson options.

      Palestine needs protection now, as is obvious.

    • @Jaber. This may be slightly off topic to your excellent comment and if so I apologize. Ma an news reports that Abbas has handed a letter to Ban Ki Moon requesting that all of Palestine, now under one government, be put under a UN Protectorate. Not only is the situation in Gaza dire but there are numerous, troubling report of ever increasing Jewish violence to Palestinians, particularly women and children. The concept of UN protectorates was developed by Dag Hammerskjold when he headed the UN. This was a time of considerable post-colonial unrest and the procedures were set up to allow the possibility of by passing the Security Council (for reasons that are clearly in evidence today), for the more democratic General Assembly. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to strip Israel of its occupying powers, to provide safety for the woman, children, elderly and disabled of Palestine, to lift the siege of Gaza and to remove Israeli jackboots from
      the economy. These protests need to not only be against the current Mighty Cliff operation but strongly in support of Abbas, and his unity government's demand for a protectorate. International supporters, activists, diaspora constituents from throughout the Middle East and beyond need to make their voices heard - in the streets, on social media, in the halls of government and on the airwaves. Now is the time for all of those who have called out for an end to the unending Nakban of the Palestinian people to make their voices heard in every politically effective way they know.

  • PLO official Hanan Ashrawi: Israel's assault on Gaza is 'state terrorism' and should be referred to the International Criminal Court
    • Thanks Hostage for the background to the Vanity Fair article. Very

    • @w.Jones. Appraisal of Abbas needs to occur in the context of Israeli, US and Egyptian goals for regime change. Discussion exists among this triumvirate about replacing Abbas and his entourage with Mohammed Dahlan, who was identified by Joseph Massad as "viewed, by many Palestinians, as the most corrupt official in the history of the Palestinian national movement (and there are many contenders for the title.)" The article from which this comes was considered so controversial it was removed from Al Jazeera where it was originally
      published, but resurrected on the Electronic Intifada. Readers who want to know what's waiting in the wings, once Gaza and the West Bank are smashed should read this excellent article link to

  • Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza'a
    • Ms. Harf, former spokesperson for the CIA, now representing our state department, can rest assured the US is to our great shame and detriment standing alone with Israel.

  • Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted
    • This is exactly what Israel wants to happen. The reason for this war is the Palestinian unity government, which is holding together. It is important to remember that Hamas, a political party, has been designated at Israeli insistence, as a terrorist organization, and thus the US, UK and European countries are prohibited from interacting with them, also at Israeli insistence. Abbas has shown impressive acumen in navigating the treacherous shoals of both Israeli and Palestinian politics. Readers of this site well know that confrontational Palestinians have a habit of unexpected death or imprisonment. He adhered to all of Kerry's requests for the peace initiative, thereby highlighting Netanyahu's consistently instransient behavior - evermore settlements, failing to release prisoners and rampant incitement against Palestinians. After the peace process collapsed, Abbas rapidly moved forward to consolidate the gains made by Palestine being a UN observer state: Appeal to Security Council and UN for protectorate (of which nothing is said), enrollment in the Geneva Conventions and on July 7th signed the paperwork to join the ICC. This has enabled considerable Palestinian leverage in the UN to present their concerns and to maneuver, further calling out the isolation of the US in its full throated support for the genocidal atrocities currently being committed by Israel. Hamas, on the other hand, is providing a sturdy defense as best they can, against the most militarized state in the world. Gazans have spoken clearly that they would rather be dead then under Israeli occupation. While there appears to be little movement among the prime time players (Israel, US, Egypt), the BRICS, the Arab League, SEATO and South America are looking on in horror. The question of political blowback to the US/Israel position is not a question of "if" but of "when."

  • 'No food, no water to revive awaiting certain death...': Horrifying report from Khuza'a village following Israeli attack
    • Then they will simply move on to occupy portions of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, and of course, Sinai as well as the Suez canal. This will, of course, be undertaken in the name of security, with the rationale that the existence, integrity and safety of Eretz Israel is severely threatened without these additional territories.

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • @Jon66. "No one seriously thinks Israel is interested in taking Gaza." What
      about the proclamation from Moishe Feiglin, who is Deputy Speaker of the Knesset who called for extermination and expulsion of Gazans - this was featured in great detail in Arutz Sheva news; what about numerous posts across the internet
      regarding Israel's goal to take control of the extensive gas deposits off Gaza;
      what about Israel's repeated and consistent destruction of water and sewage infrastructure so as to make Gaza uninhabitable, thereby available for Israeli
      Finally, what about the military threat to Gaza from Israel? Were all those "peacetime" killings really about security? What is Israel's track record in upholding peace treaties with Gaza? Is it not Israel's mantra, "There are no civilians in war." Hamas infiltrations to Israel have offered them several opportunities to kill unarmed civilians, have they done so? (Just to keep the record straight, the answer is no, even though it has not been in their best military interest.) What about Israel? I believe the civilian death toll is well above 500,
      with a great many being children.

  • Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis
  • Massacre in Gaza: At least 60 killed in Shuja'iyeh, over 60,000 in UN shelters

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